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I want to give you a break. I want to help ease your worries, melt away your stress, inspire your cr

Helping people live in health, happiness and creative flow, using Reiki, energy healing, tarot readings, meditation and creative exploration. I specialize in:
Highly sensitive people
Chronic illness
Chronic pain
Spiritual development
Releasing creative blocks
Opening to love
Managing change

Operating as usual

Badass Mystic 03/28/2019

Badass Mystic

Hi. You can find me at Badass Mystic on Facebook or www.badassmystic.com

Badass Mystic You are a badass mystic. Reiki, tarot, healing. Online and Austin TX.

Badass Mystic 11/17/2018

Badass Mystic

Hi lovely people, you can find me at Badass Mystic page these days or on my website: www.badassmystic.com

Badass Mystic You are a badass mystic. Reiki, tarot, healing. Online and Austin TX.




I attended a training for basic polarity therapy this weekend. I'm excited to incorporate what I learned into my work and to continue studying this vast new modality.


I'm going live at 1:30 central time today. I will do a free short reading for self love in the new year. Tune in if you would if you have one question you would like me to answer with a free mini tarot reading. Post your question in the comments before 1:30 and I will answer live.

Visit These Fortune Tellers in Austin 10/25/2017

Visit These Fortune Tellers in Austin

I'm now at Badass Mystic on Facebook or badassmystic.com

I didn't even know about this until a friend sent it.

Visit These Fortune Tellers in Austin Stare deep into the crystal ball... What do you see? You probably see National Psychic Week is returning to Austin, Texas. Yep, that's right: National Psychic Week is here again and that means it's time to gaze into your future and unlock your fate. Lucky


Hello lovely Friends. I have changed names and moved to a new page. Please come visit Badass Mystic

Profile pictures 08/21/2017

Hi friends. I am changing my name from Happy Creative Life to Badass Mystic. Please like my new page and receive a free tarot reading for the eclipse.


Meet Montreal's Muslim Mother Teresa

What act of divine resistance will you do today? How will you bring light? Today I will do my work with love. I will show up and support a friend who is struggling. I will hug my sweet pets.


My act of divine resistance today is to show love and support for at least one local business that is owned by people of color, lgbtqia, women, people with disabilities. How will you bring the light today?


Sheryl Sandberg - Find Your Gratitude



A little tarot humor.


What acts of Divine resistance will you do today? How will you act as a force for peace, kindness and understanding?

Today I received some radical acts of resistance against hate. One woman went out of her way to show me an open parking spot in a crowded lot. Someone held open a door for me when my hands were full and stood radiating kindness as I passed through the door.

Being a force for light doesn't have to be hard. What acts of kindness and unitu will you do today?

Life is Beautiful - Keb' Mo' - 12/12/2015 08/13/2017

Life is Beautiful - Keb' Mo' - 12/12/2015


Even when bad things happen, life is beautiful. I hope that you can find peace and beauty today.

As an act of divine resistance, please consider, what is one thing you can do to bring peace, beauty or kindness to someone's day today?

Please comment your act of divine resistance in the comments below then go do it. Take i spiration from each other.

Life is Beautiful - Keb' Mo' - 12/12/2015 Keb' Mo' (with The Rich Dworsky Orchestra) sings "Life is Beautiful" on our December 12, 2015 show Website: http://www.kebmo.com/ http://prairiehome.org/show...

10 THINGS TIME HAS TAUGHT ME - Ladies - Pass it on 08/11/2017

10 THINGS TIME HAS TAUGHT ME - Ladies - Pass it on

10 THINGS TIME HAS TAUGHT ME - Ladies - Pass it on   1. Most of our life is spent chasing false goals and worshipping false ideals. The day you realise that is the day you really start to live. 2. You really, truly cannot please all of the people all of the time. Please yourself first and your loved ones second, everyone else is busy pleasing…

How to Build Resilience in Midlife 08/11/2017

How to Build Resilience in Midlife

How to Build Resilience in Midlife There are active steps you can take during and after a crisis to speed your emotional recovery.

Peace and Wisdom 08/09/2017

Peace and Wisdom

Peace and Wisdom Today I ask each of you to take a moment to breathe. Take a few deep breaths consciously relax your muscles release what little bit of tension you can. Relax your jaw. Try to find a moment of peace in your own heart. Then pray, visualize, send thoughts or energy in whatever way you do, for peace and...


How the food you eat affects your gut


The myth of Cupid and Psyche

Wishing you happiness in love. Welcoming you to schedule a tarot resding if you have questions about your love life


You are called


This Spider Is Dancing To Save His Life

Wishing you a colorful and happy day.

On Grief and Love 08/02/2017

On Grief and Love

On Grief and Love Grief Love Change Stress Depression Reiki Healing

Chanting Reiki Symbols 08/02/2017

Chanting Reiki Symbols

Chanting Reiki Symbols Chanting Reiki Symbols: Changing the surrounding vibrational field to enhance the Reiki experience.

Halloween Parties 07/31/2017

I just booked my first Halloween party of the season. If you would like me to do readings at your party, please contact me while I still have some open time.

What Type Of Witch Are You According To Your Sign? 07/29/2017

What Type Of Witch Are You According To Your Sign?

According to this I would be a green witch. What about you?

What Type Of Witch Are You According To Your Sign? The position of the plants when you were born actually gives you insight into the type of witch you are, your strengths, your weaknesses, your likes and dislike


Too Emotional?

Sensitive people, I love you. I am with you. I hope you enjoy watching this.

Timeline photos 07/25/2017

When doing Reiki for women who are trying to get pregnant, I like to help them experience deep peace and calm. I like to help them to feel safe and comfortable in their own body. It is my belief that caring for her own body and treating it with compassionate care so that she feels safe and comfortable in her own body makes it a more welcoming nest for a baby.

I also love doing Reiki on pregnant mamas.

The Lightworker Syndrome - The Obstacle That Traps A Lot Of Highly Conscious People - Conscious Reminder 07/24/2017

The Lightworker Syndrome - The Obstacle That Traps A Lot Of Highly Conscious People - Conscious Reminder


What this article says about overcoming "Lightworker Syndrome" is what I call the path of the badass mystic. That ability to balance ones worldly priorities with one's spiritual and creative callings so that the whole person flourishes. You don't have to sacrifice one for the other.

I love to help people find this balance.

The Lightworker Syndrome - The Obstacle That Traps A Lot Of Highly Conscious People - Conscious Reminder One obstacle that traps a lot of highly conscious people is what I call Lightworker Syndrome. This is what happens when someone wakes up to a higher level of consciousness, but they can’t figure out how to live on purpose and feed themselves at the same time. Such people have a lot of trouble stayin...


Pineal Gland - The Gateway to Expanded Consciousness - Human B...

home 07/23/2017


I love helping people through transitions in their lives.

home Find your balance, with Reiki, energy healing, tarot readings, meditation, reiki classes, events


Today in an Amaranth Reiki healing session I got to help someone release anxiety and recognize where they want to set boundaries.

None of this deep work is accomplished in an instant. But I am honored to be part of a support team for people.

I can help bring things to awareness and start to break up old energies so people know what other supports they need on their team. Whether a doctor or counselor, friend accupuncturist.

Then I stay on the support team and help bring peace and comfort to their process. And help keep the momentum going.


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Today was a lovely day of healing sessions and tarot readings.  I got to help a busy working mom strategize for how to i...
Have you been livin like a couch potato but wanting to transform into a more fit person?Depending how much of a couch po...
I love doing Reiki on a rainy day.  My office is a lovely space in general and I love doing healing every day. On these ...
Self care and food
Gratitude as self care
Self care
Wishing you a day filled with magic and silliness.
This snail has chosen a direction and is moving on her path. Have you? A tarot reading can help you choose your directio...
Welcome lovely souls. I'm so happy you're here. Sending each of you some healing energy today. May it serve your health,...
Reading for Kim.
Questions about tarot and a card for you for the new year.
Tarot Reading for Lisa




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