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How to feed a new baby is a personal choice — but sometimes, choosing is the easy part. When it’s not easy for new parents to get the hang of infant feeding, a lactation consultant can help. See what to expect. Breastfeeding Success Company
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Founded and headquartered in Austin, Texas, The Breastfeeding Success Company LLC (BFS) is Central Texas’ largest lactation services, parent education, and neonatal nutrition services provider. Their goal is to make lactation support, parent education, and infant nutrition services more available and affordable for the health and well-being of babies, mothers and families.

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So grateful for IBCLC’s! Breastfeeding is something so many mamas strive for, but often times issues arise. But there’s help out there! Often seeing an IBCLC in the hospital just once isn’t enough. I encourage all my clients to contact someone with more expertise than me as their doula if there’s a more complex issue at hand. Even when it appears so, so often hope is not lost!
This one's for all the perinatal professionals: join me on Tuesday 5/11 to learn more about Breastfeeding Success Company! Meet our LCs and get information to better support your clients. See event page for details.
Proud to empower families in reaching their lactation goals with knowledge and support, and without judgement.

Looking for support? I can help - work with me through Breastfeeding Success Company

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"Lactation professionals in hospitals and community settings witness many barriers to accessing quality support due to inherent bias of healthcare teams, economic instability in communities of color, and lack of diversity amongst providers. In the Austin community BFS has committed to provide culturally aware and inclusive services to all families and currently delivers over 40% of all care pro-bono. Breastfeeding Success employs a diverse group of lactation professionals from various backgrounds ranging from peer support and students to physicians. We believe that when we are aware of our own biases we are better listeners and practitioners.”
Body/Breast/Chest feeding does not come without its challenges! After all, you & your babe are brand new at this! Issues can arise with latch, comfort, baby’s weight gain, your lactation. Troubleshooting issues like these as soon as they arise is a huge factor in successfully body feeding your babe, whatever that may look like for you
Sometimes info & support from your loved ones is not helpful or they simply don’t have all of the medical training to help you troubleshoot effectively. That’s when it’s time to outsource!
Here is a list of some of our preferred providers when it comes to lactation & body feeding support. All of these birthworkers are local to ATX. Some are offering virtual support as well
Tagging them here for your convenience! Reach out, it takes a village 💛
A quick breakdown for those who aren’t familiar:
IBCLC: International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
CLC: Certified Lactation Counselor
RN: Registered Nurse
RLC: Registered Lactation Consultant
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Breastfeeding Success offers support for families through education and lactation clinics in Central

Founded and headquartered in Austin, Texas, The Breastfeeding Success Company LLC (BFS) is Central Texas’ largest lactation services, parent education, and neonatal nutrition services provider. Our goal is to make lactation support, parent education, and infant nutrition services more available and affordable for the health and well-being of babies, mothers and families. How we serve:
∙ We provide

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Is your baby refusing a bottle? 🍼

It can be frustrating or even overwhelming when your baby does so. A lot of the time, baby may need to take a bottle if the breastfeeding parent returns to work or needs (or wants😉) to leave the house for a few hours. Keep reading for 4 tips on how to acclimate your breastfed baby to a bottle!

1.try having someone other than you offer a bottle
2.keep a relaxed environment
3.try holding baby in different positions
4.try different bottles that are similar to a natural breast

Don't forget to save this post as a reminder for later! And as always, if you are experiencing difficulties with breastfeeding, give us a call at (512) 808-0237 and we will point you in the right direction to best help you- whether that's an in person appointment, virtual class, or phone consult!


Do you have an oversupply and aren't sure how to help yourself??

Then you should check out our latest blog today about hand expression!

Hand expression isn't JUST for people with an oversupply. It's for those that just need a little relief before the next feeding, people with an oversupply, or if you are trying to build up a small freezer stash.

When pumping may not be convenient for you in the moment, sometimes hand expressing is!

Learn more by heading over to or follow the link in our Instagram bio to read the full article!


Baby massage has been proven to have so many benefits!

In our virtual class, you'll learn about the MANY benefits of infant massage, where and when to offer massage to your baby, what oils to use and LOTS of hands-on techniques and strokes.

Massage is a great way to calm your baby, create routines in your daily parenting life, and bond with your baby through touch.

This class is great for parents, grandparents and caregivers of babies under 1 year.

To sign up or learn more about the class, head over to

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This week at BFS! Check out one (or more 😉) of our upcoming classes this week!

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Do you know the right time to start your baby on solid foods?

Baby-led weaning is an approach for babies who are just starting to eat solid foods. It’s about letting a baby explore the taste and texture of foods so you can share meals together as a family.

Join us on Tuesday, March 28 at 7pm (CDT) for our live, virtual class as we discuss ideal first foods. Our registered dietitian in pediatric and neonatal nutrition will teach you how to prepare foods that are healthy for your baby.

Click here to register:

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Have you questioned if your newborn is eating enough?

Swipe through to see how big your baby's stomach is for the first month of life!

It's crazy how tiny a baby's stomach starts out as- but that's why your teeny little newborn can only eat little bits at a time!

If you ever have any questions or concerns about how much milk your baby is receiveing, please reach out to a certified lactation consultant!

And don't forget to save this for later!

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Check out our latest blog on infant safety!

Being a new parent or a parent to a new baby can come with many fears- being prepared in case of an emergency, is a must!

To learn more, head over to to read our latest blog or follow the link in our instagram bio!


This is your reminder❤️

Breastfeeding is HARD work. Many hours attached to your baby or a breast pump. Many women feel isolated at times or left out. But know that in the end, your baby loves you and thanks you for all that you have done for them.

For every tough day you may have, there will be hundreds more wonderful ones. Breastfeeding journeys are beautiful experiences!

You are a rockstar, mama!

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Skin to skin contact shortly after birth has so many benefits to both baby and parents!

Swipe through to read just a few! And comment below if you'd like us to share more about the benefits of skin to skin contact!


We learn about pregnancy, then about birth. What about AFTER?

We are often kept in the dark about what we face after birth. Our bodies go through BIG changes, recovery and healing can be tricky and take time, and we get conflicting advice about the best way to do things. Find out how to prepare for this transition and what to expect when the time comes in our virtual class 'What Happens After Birth'! Learn all about postpartum recovery, healing and restoration!

Next class is Thursday April 6th at 7pm CST- sign up by going to or click the link in our Instagram Bio!

Can't wait to see you there!


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What DOESN’T make sense is when formula companies compete with HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY to sell a product. Formula companies do have to compete with each other, but their biggest competitors are mothers making their own milk. This is not a competition that they should win. Many think this is not a competition that should be had at all and that it’s called predatory marketing.

Recently, The Lancet published a series of articles and videos about this topic. For decades, health organizations have been fighting against the marketing of these products. Laws have even been made to protect us from this predatory marketing because it has contributed to a public health crisis.

To learn more, read our latest blog post by clicking the link in our Instagram stories or at


We love our clients and seeing them succeed in their parenting and breastfeeding journey!

Rebekah was part of our Baby Massage class and also took part in our free support group.

Check with your insurance to see what is covered for you and make sure to sign up for our free classes as well!

What class would you like to see us offer in the future?

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Celebrating our team today and all the IBCLCs that are called to serve families and feed the next generation of leaders. Thank you for all that you do. Please show some love to your IBCLC today.

Happy !

Today, we celebrate all the worldwide who significantly impact our communities. are essential members of the global health community and uphold the gold standard of care.

Join as we celebrate the hardworking IBCLCs that make this community stronger.

To access free resources to share your excitement, follow the link below, and don't forget to tag ILCA and spread the love for IBCLCs!

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Have you ever wondered what's actually in breastmilk??

The main nutritional make up of breastmilk is protein, fat, and carbohydrates. The proportions of each are dependent on a number of things revolving around the mother. For instance, usually when there is MORE milk, it is lower in fat and protein but higher in lactose. Someone who makes less milk might have milk that is higher in fat and protein making it more calorie dense so the baby doesn’t need quite as much to get the same amount of nutrition.

The nutritional content of milk also changes depending on the time of day! There is usually less fat overnight and in the morning, and more in the afternoon and evening.

Isn't breastmilk amazing?! To read the full article and learn more about what's in breastmilk, head over to or click the link in our Instagram bio!

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Did you read last weeks blog?! It was all about breastfeeding, medication, and alcohol.

Last week we touched on medication, so let's chat about breastfeeding and alcohol today!

There are so many myths revolving around the topic! A quick and safe resource to check out is the What's Your Time Zero calculator! It's free and tells you based on your weight and how many standard drinks you have had, how long it will take to be safe to breastfeed again. You can find the link in our stories today or make sure you save this post for reference!

When in doubt, please reach out to your IBCLC, OB, or Pediatrician- they always know what's best for you and your baby!

Link for the Time Zero Calculator:

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Check out our upcoming classes for this week!

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Have you heard you must do "this" or definitely do "that" when it comes to breastfeeding and taking medications? Many statements revolving around breastfeeding while taking medications are rarely true!

All medications behave differently in the body and thus transfer into the milk differently as well! The way each reacts is truly medication dependent.

You should always consult with your IBCLC, OB, and pediatrician before starting any new medication. There is a wonderful LactMed database by The National Library of Medicine where you can search different medications and see how they could affect breastfeeding.

Find the link in our Instagram bio for our latest article related to medications and breastfeeding and check out for the link to the database!

And don't forget, most of the time, it's ideal to continue breastfeeding through common illnesses due to the antibodies that are transferred in order to help keep baby protected!


Join us for a class all about self care for moms! This is a live virtual class!

Having a baby can be so exciting! We might get help for the physical care, but our emotional care is also critical. And, it often gets neglected. This class led by Dr. Ellie Wheeler, mom of 4, will help you spot normal emotional changes, and give you ways to prevent and manage stress and low moods so you can find ease and joy in new parenthood.

Sign up at

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"Breastfeeding: crucially important, but increasingly challenged in a market-driven world". That's what a recent article from The Lancet had to say about the formula industry.

Despite recent shortages, the formula industry continues to target the fears that many new parents have. They seem to use "predatory tactics" in their marketing strategy.

The articles are very clear that they are not criticizing parents, but rather the baby formula industry who seems to not be very transparent about the real life struggles and the shortages happening nation wide.

We will have the link to the articles in our Instagram stories today- what are your thoughts?

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Check out our classes this week!

Call us at 512-808-0237 if you have any questions about what class is best for you or sign up at


Baby Development Milestones In The First Year

Join us virtually for a live teaching by Dr. Ellie Wheeler, a mom of 4, who will help you understand how your child is growing, developing and learning during the first year of life so that you can make informed parenting decisions and choose parenting strategies or approaches that are right for both you and your baby.

Next class is Wednesday Feb 22nd at 7pm virtually!

Want to sign up? Head over to


Happy Valentine's Day to all of the wonderful parents out there! We hope you feel the love today! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

❤️Tell us in the comments below, what do you LOVE about breastfeeding?

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Check out our upcoming classes this week! It's a busy week over here at Breastfeeding Success!

We have some free support groups along with other class options that most insurances will cover!

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Tongue ties can make it more difficult for babies to breastfeed.

What is a tongue tie? It's when the piece of tissue attaching the tongue to the bottom of the mouth is shortened. This causes baby to have a harder time latching, which in turn can cause difficulty nursing and/or sore ni***es!

When a baby has difficulty nursing, it can lead to even more issues such as low or slower weight gain, being more irritable and fussy, or gassiness.

And let's be honest...when baby isn't happy, no one is happy!

If you suspect your baby to have a tongue tie, please reach out to one of our certified lactation consultants. They can check your baby's latch and point you in the right direction so you have a successful breastfeeding journey!

Call our office at 512-808-0237 with questions or to schedule an appointment!


Formula use has some drawbacks including recent recalls and shortages, but if you can't provide breast milk, it is still your best option.

Our next virtual 'Baby Formula 101' class will be Friday, February 17th from 7-9pm!

In this class you'll learn:
-How to safely and properly prepare and use formula
-What's in formula
-Where to find a formula supply
-Safe handling and storage of formula
-How much to give your baby at each age and stage
-What to mix –and not to mix–with formula

Head over to to sign up!


As a first time breastfeeding mom, a lot wonder if this is normal. Should my breasts be different sizes?! They didn't use to be like this!

The answer? YES! Although this may seem strange, this is completely normal!

Breastfeeding is all about supply & demand. So if baby prefers being held on a certain side, you always latch on one specific side first, or you pump longer on one side, your body will tell that side to produce more because it is being used more frequently!

If you have one side that you feel like doesn't produce as much, you may want to consider having baby latch on that side more frequently for a short period of time, or pump from that side more frequently.That will tell your body that that side needs to produce more.

If you have other breastfeeding, pumping, or formula questions, reach out to one of our many IBCLC's! Our certified lactation consultants are here to answer all of your questions so you have a successful journey!

Get up to 15 minutes of support anytime you need help with lactation or breastfeeding, 24/7! If further care is needed, we’ll help you book it. Call us at 512-808-0237 or schedule an appointment at


Check out our upcoming classes this week!

We have some free support groups, along with other class options, that most insurance plans will cover!

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Clogged milk ducts can be very uncomfortable! Here's 3 tips on how to get rid of them!

Feeding more frequently helps as baby is usually the best of loosening a clogged milk duct! You can also try dangle feeding- utilize gravity!

Typically a warm and gentle massage where you feel the clogged duct, not only gives some relief, but also helps loosen the clog. A hot shower is great for this!
Manual pumping while massaging is also a great trick! This allows you to manually massage the area while applying the right amount of suction as you work on the clog.

What other things have you tried for a clogged duct? What worked for you and what didn't work? Tell us in the comments so other moms can learn too!

*Remember: if they are not going away, the areas are hot to the touch, or you spike a fever, please reach out to your Dr*

Welcome to Breastfeeding Success!

The Breastfeeding Success Company offers comprehensive lactation consultation services from International Board Certified Lactation Consultants including hospital, clinic, in-home, video, and telephone consultations. We also offer corporate lactation training programs and lactation specific classes for healthcare providers and families alike in the Austin Area. Once you have had your baby, we would love to see you at our Bosom Buddies Support Group.

We are proud to have two lactation clinics in the Austin Area. Our primary location with three clinic rooms and a large classroom space is located just off Stassney Ln between South 1st Ave. and Congress Ave and our additional clinic is locate at Seton Medical Center on the 8th floor with one clinic room and a pump rental depot. It is important to us that we are able to provide lactation care to all families regardless of financial ability. Lactation clinic visits are billed at a lower fee and allow us the time to see more families each day.

Breastfeeding Success Lactation Consultants are in-network with Aetna, United, and Seton Health Alliance. This means that all Aetna, United, and Seton Health Alliance patients will have access to our services with no out-of-pocket expense. Being in-network allows us to bill your insurance provider directly. We are still able to serve families using other health insurance providers. For those families there is a fee at the time of service and we will provide a super bill that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement after our visit.

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