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The awakened/awakening divine feminine wants more. She craves your depth of consciousness. Your stillness. Your rock like presence in her life. Your leadership. She's looking for the structure to her beautiful chaos. Her compliment. Not some wishy washy man who doesn't know how to keep his house in order or not know when or how to stand up.

Even deeper... She wants a man who knows how to sit down. She craves a man who can sit with himself, and so with her. She craves a man who knows how to face what most men aren't willing to face. To sit in the shadows of his consciousness and get to the root of his issues. To be still enough to hear the beckoning voice inside.

She craves a man who is courageous enough to do what he KNOWS he must do to serve this world with his heart. To step fully and presently into his purpose. To devote his life to his mission. And to commit to his growth and his true Benevolent heart, fully.

She wants a man who is here to serve THROUGH his depth. And she won't settle for less. Not this woman. Not the one who has spent her whole life getting to this moment of realizing who she truly is and what she truly wants. Settling is for the birds. She wants a man. Not a boy. A man has gone through the initiations into another dimension. A higher level of conscious creation. He has risen from the child within and has claimed his stake in the world. He moves with agility, adaptability, purpose, and love. He leads with a fire inside. To serve those within his circle and expand his kingdom. To reflect the love he has for himself into the world around him. To reach down and pull others up by penetrating them so deeply they can't help but to see the truth of WHO they are. She wants a man who can lead her. Not tame her. But claim her. And she won't be "claimed" by someone who hasn't even claimed himself.

I see women all over the world growing at an exponential rate.
Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.
For their "man" to DO the same. Yet she won't wait forever. Because she KNOWS what she's worth now. And she will only give herself open to someone if she can trust him. And she won't trust him if he doesn't even trust himself. Who would? A man who trusts himself KNOWS. He is in tune with his intuition. His beautiful mind. His loving benevolent heart. And his fiery depth.

She's had enough of watching her "man" play small. She's had enough of watching him crumble away doing the things he hates. She's sat through enough grief watching the potential get wasted. The potential of what both she AND he KNOW he can be. The boring conversations. The lack luster attitude. The aggravation and anger from a life unfulfilling leaking into every part of his life and hers. It's time for men to own their s**t. It's time for men to be men again. To take responsibility. To lead their OWN life. A life that THEY choose. A life that THEY create through their conscious action. It's time for men to put themselves through the trials, the initiations and the rights of passage necessary to be able to rightfully claim his crown. 👑
And so his Queen.

She wants a man, not a boy. A magician, not a prankster. She wants a lover. Not someone who takes something from her. She wants a warrior. Not some hero seeking validation. She wants a King. Never a tyrant. She may have put up with the fun little games before. She had to go to the deepest depths of herself to find out who she really is. And now she knows what's possible. Now she is hungry. Now she's calling you out. Now she is telling you to claim what is yours or BE GONE!

She wants a good man. A loving man. A caring man. A man on a mission. A Benevolent man. A wise, conscious, and intelligent man. And the WORLD needs these men more than ever.

✒ Ryan Polin
Artist: unlnown

Sacred Divine Masculine


Speak your truth to feel healing within


The way out is through...



I am coming back from the other place...

Birth is the death of the life you once knew.

Birth is the death of the life you once knew.


Death is a most natural experience, not to be feared. It is a quick transition from the physical world to the astral plane, like walking through a door, leaving one room and entering another. by Gurudev


Have you noticed that your Life and its decision does not always happen the way you truly want no matter what you do and try!

That's why i say your Life and what you are meant to do on earth only happens the way the God wants or the Source/ Lifeforce wants, it for you, as you come from Source.

Because of this, Naturally, it is normal for human beings to have suffering on earth as they are so limited in all ways.

This can be prevented no matter what your belief system is. Be it Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, etc.

So just Be and Try to live beyond your limitations that is of your body and mind.

(As you know suffering is in our body and our mind which is unevitable as this is part of duality process on earth. No matter what both sadness and happiness exists in humans due to brain thoughts accumulated with memories.)

The answer is Meditation. a specific guided Meditation. It is the best way to help you sense and feel the silence and experience things beyond your own 5 senses, and experience life beyond your physical body, brain and mind. Here you learn so much more of a nonphysical life. This is called Spiritual life. A person who is in that state is called Spiritual.
Anyone can do this with some guidance. Thereafter you can do on your own.

And when Spiritual teachers seekers, Siddhas have attained certain years of experiences in the higher realm reached the 5D to 12 D and beyond, here certain healing processes takes place. For some magically, beyond experience, in this place you are beyond your limited body and mind. Once you experience this, you may feel surreal. You will have a deeper meaning of life that of both physical and nonphysical. You wont feel happy or sad but know the yoga the union to existence. That's the place you want to be if you want to move to a higher dimension. There is no separation and you simply understand that we are all one.

For private One on One sessions, i take my clients to this beautiful sacred space of a higher realm heading to next dimension of existence.The experience is nothing but that of divine, pure, sacred serene, peaceful and blissful. Lots of healing takes place in all vortex in all dimension.

Here you will directly experience a deeper soulful healing taking place within and plus gain an insightful knowledge of nonphysical world and experience pure love and light and truth.

Love and Light

By Oeh healing- RD


"LEARN FROM YOUR PAST! BUT DON'T KEEP GOING BACK TO YOUR PAST AND KEEP THINKING OF IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN. ( Esp. mistakes, something you feel you could have fixed or taken a different choice.. etc)( Another example events, places, and people that remind your past problems esp. gossips) (Another example is the thought that reminds you of past such as others thought and its association involved, or may be a movie that reminds you of such things etc)

BECAUSE IF YOU DO GO TO THE PAST MORE OFTEN, YOU ARE LIVING IN THE PAST. WHICH MEANS YOU ARE NOT LIVING A TRUE LIFE.” ( You are Not living in the present or Wanting to create a life you are meant to live for a better future"


RMTP Rupal DeSai


Austin, TX


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