Tracy St. Croi-Medium

Tracy St. Croi-Medium


Had a wonderful visit with Tracy and the first medium I've ever been to and it was more then expected and when I first learned about Tracy I knew this was the medium I was searching for. I wasn't wrong. She's has a beautiful gift and I can't wait to learn more from her.
Awesome stuff today. So glad you were able to connect to so many people, especially Tabatha! Can't wait to see your next online show!
Here is a sneek peek at what you can expect by attending Connect Virtual Summit.
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I had an amazing healing in my session with Tracy last month where she was able to bring in my newly deceased husband. I was holding a ton of bricks in remorse and guilt regarding circumstances at the time of his death...was able to let that all go when I received his messages of complete and complete love & understanding. I was holding crap that wasn't mine! I get it now, so I can now move forward in my life. Thank you Tracy!!!
How long you in town for?
I am here to let everyone here know, Tracy is the real deal AND a Godsend. I am so very thankful she was put in my path, and it could not have been any better timing. With Tracy’s abilities to connect me with my father, I was finally able to let go of years of heartache and sorrow and debilitating despair. I walked into a group scenario, kind of skeptical and not looking for anything, and enjoying my surroundings. I was truly surprised my father came through so strongly. I gave her absolutely NO direction and there is no way she could have known the things she was telling me. I have chills again typing this out. Suffice to state, with Tracy’s guidance, my father gave me what I could not give myself. He gave me permission. Permission to stop fighting; permission to let go of the anger; permission to actually feel sorry for the evil one; permission to breathe and most importantly, permission to live a life without guilt and despair. I could go on but I think my readers understand........

Thank you Tracy, for everything…….

Tracy St. Croi, is your after-life connection specialist and intuitive. She provides life changing Croi is a highly accurate up and coming evidential medium.

Trained by teachers at the world renowned Arthur Finlay College in the UK, her mediumship is based on providing evidence to clients that the spirits she brings in are indeed the loved ones with whom they seek to communicate. Her readings have been described as "healing," "empowering," and "brought me closure." She helps her clients to walk through the doors they choose to open with compassion, und

Operating as usual


When the winds of change blow through your life, hang on to your hat & be amazed at the surprises Spirit has waiting for you.


Sincere condolences to the common wealth and the family of Queen Elizabeth II. 70 years of faithful service to her empire & people, what a life she indeed Lived.


💯💯💯 Truth!!!


Have a well earned and fabulous Labor Day.
Lets be honest, we have all earned a day off.
. . .

Photos from Tracy St. Croi-Medium's post 07/18/2022

I never know who or what🦎 I will meet when I turn up for a group 🎉 event…life is full of happy surprises.


OMG!! What just happened..


Mediumship & Mystical Q&A

Are spirits around us 24/7? Does my grandmother really know I don't cook her recipes??? All of these questions and more we will be addressing this evening.


Join is at 7pm and bring all your mystal, spooky, magical questions with ya.

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Thank you to all who have secured our freedoms over the centuries.
May freedom, democracy and choices forever be in our hands.


Happy Summer Solstice y’all!! Honor your light and shine so bright the nay sayers gotta say dangggg!!


Got weird questions about the woowoo world?

Ask, don't know what you will receive but we will do our best to answer your weird and maybe a bit out-of-this-world questions this evening. Gather round the digital camp fire and bring your smores with ya.

Timeline photos 06/06/2022

Do you wonder exactly why you keep having a feeing of deja vu? Or you seem to know the perfect time to call your bestie?
We have answers for you, or at least the best guidance to the answers. Join me and Jesse for this campfire stly Q&A all things woowoo!


For all who have, do and will in the future serve this country, I truly thank you from my heart. 💜

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Looking for a good time to kick off your Memorial Day Weekend? I got just the event for ya. Even includes free mediumship demo, classes, entry & parking.
Gather the little ones up and join all the fun.
Message me to see about opening for Saturday, they fill quick so reserve your's now.


Sure..I will try that, thank you😇 😇


Costa Rica ❤️ love. Healing the heart, reuniting the soul & knowing who you are. Just a touch of the magic this country has.


Rainbow ring around the sun🌈☀️WHAT…only in Costa Rica???


Tell me this won’t get stuck in your head…you’re welcome🌈


During beginners mediumship development this was 💯my experience.


Do you love free stuff & hot rods?🏎 You’re in 🍀 2 gold Standard mediums doing a mediumship demo, plus, cars & carbs hot rod show starts at 6pm in the parking lot. Free entry and classes all weekend ✨ link to book with me in bio🤩🤩


That is the stupidest thing I ever freaking heard😳😳


Intuition, yep you got it!!!

You got questions and we have the answers for ya, with intuition and developing these natural gifts. Now is your chance!!

Timeline photos 02/16/2022

We are BACK!!! This time its all about In=tuition development and what It is and Is not. Got Questions? We are going to do our best to answer them:) Join us live!!!


From my heart to yours, happy valentines day.
Love is everywhere and it emanates from us daily, especially when we are with loved ones; both pets,plants & people
Let your heart lite shine today & all days.


Answering your burning questions about all things Mediumship

Now is your chance to ask away about Mediumship and all the "what about, and my friend told me.." Me and Jesse are clearing the air and dropping nuggets of spiritual know how at ya!!


Are you a Medium??

We are answering your questions live about mediumship and the misconceptions around mediumship. Load up your questions and have a pen and paper handy!!

Timeline photos 01/19/2022

Do you have Questions about Mediumship and all the signs Spirit gives to you? It's your lucky evening!! Join me and Jesse as we answer all your questions about mediumship and how to develop your skills.


Question & Answers with Intuition Development Classes

Let's get real and down to business. I am here to answer your burning questions about what to expect with intuition development classes.

Timeline photos 01/03/2022

Going live to answer your burning questions about intuition development & energetic management classes this weekend.
Don't be shy, ask your question get your answer.


Cheers to 2022 and all the blessings it is sure to bring us all.


What is Intuitive Development & Energetic Management?

Answering your Questions about Intuitive Development & Energetic Management.

Timeline photos 12/27/2021

Joing me as I go Live to chat about up coming Intuitive Development & Energetic Management classes in January.

Timeline photos 12/25/2021

Cheers to a joyful, safe and surprised filled Christmas season. Tell me, what has been your favorite gift you gave or recived this season?

Timeline photos 12/21/2021

Who wants a Free 55" TV & vendor goodies valued at over $400?? Yes, I know you do!!
How to get your entries:
1) Purchaces a session with me and get entered automatically
2) Make a purchace of $25 or more at Red Feather Healing a get an entry.
YES!!! You can get multiple entries for this massive giveaway!!
Go on, get your entry today!!

Timeline photos 12/17/2021

Christmas GiveAway Contest😱 Alert!! 🎁Purchase a session with me or spend $25 or more at Red Feather Healing LLC to get entered. Prizes vauled over $400!!!


How big is your brave…scaredy-cat


May this day be filled with loved ones, great food and laughter.


Did ya see it? Do you have photos, please post them. 🌝 I was fast alseep in vastness of dreamland surrounded by the fur babies.
Ohh yea, Dream world was popping🌈🤩


With a big dose of gratitude I thank all those who serve this country🇺🇸 and those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. 😊 Thank you

Timeline photos 10/31/2021

Happy Halloween 👻 yep candy and costumes for the kids 😉 😉. Take a moment and say hello to a loved one in Spirit who is always near you. 😇

Timeline photos 10/26/2021

Give them to me, your top 3 and why???


Make that wish…let it go!!


May freedom forever ring!! What do you love the most about 4th of July?


Thank You to all the men who took time to mentor,guide and love us.


Take a moment and thank the sevice men & women 🇺🇸 who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.
🙏 Thank you.


Guest vocals on an album..😲alrighty then😇🌈


Messages and signs are for comparison queen allowed.


Update on 2 psychics and 1 abandoned mansion

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Intuition, yep you got it!!!
Answering your burning questions about all things Mediumship
Are you a Medium??
Question & Answers with Intuition Development Classes
What is Intuitive Development & Energetic Management?



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