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Board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Ashley Gordon, Dr. Dustin Reid, and Dr. Luis Rios discuss celebrities with obvious plastic surgery and why they seek to avoid that overdone look with their patients.
Rios Center for Plastic Surgery Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre
Join us in sunny San Diego at The Aesthetic Society's The Aesthetic Meeting for an informative course on how 6 plastic surgeons do social.

Steve Cohen, MD Faces+
Dr. Troy Pittman, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Jay Calvert, MD
Ashley Gordon, MD Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre
Karen M. Horton, MD
Dr. Alfredo Hoyos

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Why choose a board-certified plastic surgeon? Extensive training, attention to the latest research, and ability to manage complications are just a few reasons to look for a board-certified plastic surgeon when making decisions about your breast augmentation.

To learn more about Sientra breast implants visit the link below.

Dr. Ashley Gordon, M.D. – Austin, TX Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre
Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon
Sientra advisory board member. Not compensated for this video.


The patient/stories highlighted here are only examples of patient results. Individual results may vary and cannot be guaranteed. Read more about our product safety information
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Christine Hamori Cosmetic Surgery + Skin Spa Bajaj Plastic Surgery and Dr. Ashley Gordon of Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre discuss “the Instagram face” and if using social media that makes you look perfect affects the expectations of plastic surgery patients.
This touching testimony from one of the mothers on our recent Guatemala trip shows the power of Austin Smiles's mission. Her daughter, Ana's, life has been forever changed by her cleft lip surgery. Allowing Ana to become the person she was always meant to be. This is just one story of the 46 lives that were changed this Fall. Thank you to all of our Guatemala 2021 medical volunteers and trip sponsors for helping make these life-changing surgeries possible.

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On the latest #PSCUncut, board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Dustin Reid of Austin and Dr. Kristi Hustak of Houston discuss the treatment areas targeted by lasers and when patients might see benefits from utilizing them.

Kristi Hustak, MD Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre


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Have you heard the news about Month of Smiles! This month proceeds from select filler services booked at participating plastic surgery offices will go directly to Austin Smiles.

How you can get involved?

1. Follow the participating Plastic Surgery offices Social Media pages to be alerted when their Month of Smiles services start booking.

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2. Or make a straight donation in honor of your favorite participating plastic surgery center here:

Your generous contribution is greatly appreciated! You can help change a child's life forever.
Our mission helps ensure no child born with cleft lip or palate is denied access to life-changing surgeries and support. Learn more about how Austin Smiles began by tuning in to our 35th Anniversary Documentary tomorrow at 7 pm on our Youtube & page.

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Are you stuck at home in this crazy Texas weather? Place your bids on our Online Auction. This video is just one many packages we have available. We have an extensive list of auction items available, with new trips, cosmetic procedures, things to do in Austin and art! You can bid now as well as share on social media with friends.

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Thank you Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre for joining Austin Smiles Corporate Giving Circle and providing sustainable funding to our program and mission in Texas and Latin America. Your philanthropic leadership will help Austin Smiles continue to provide life-changing services to children in need.

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Find out how to keep skin merry and ✨bright✨ this holiday season! Skin care experts and influencers join us to talk about common winter skin concerns and share how to achieve an instant glow. Sign up to watch the conversation with SkinCeuticals, Catt Sadler, and Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre.
Get toned, turn back the years, brighten your smile, and more! Bid now on Beauty treatments donated by Synergy Plastic Surgery , The Piazza Center, Dr. Jennifer Walden, Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre, Austin Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Georgetown Plastic Surgery , Austin Plastic Surgeon, Dr. med. Christine Fischer and more!

Dr. Dustin Reid and Dr. Ashley Gordon, Board- Certified Plastic Surgeons, understand that every patient is a unique individual with very personal desires and opinions about appearance, and very important needs for privacy, comfort, and guidance.

Our goals are to provide you with honest information about plastic surgery, help you determine if Restora Austin is the right choice for your plastic surgery journey and educate you on the benefits of our Skin Care, Laser, Botox, and Injectable Filler practice.

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 10/14/2021

Don't miss out on these BOO-tiful specials! 🍑 👈

Photos from Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre's post 10/11/2021

This is Lauren E., one of our super talented nurse injectors! She enjoys anything and everything outdoorsy so she loves a good sunscreen to keep her young and safe! ☀️🏔🌴
Did you know @colorescience has Vegan-friendly sunscreen options too?

Feel good about your skin and how you protect it by wearing Colorescience sunscreens. Defending against the sun’s harmful UV rays is a must! You shouldn’t have to worry about harming the life of an animal while protecting your own vitality! We offer all natural sunscreen that’s 100% cruelty-free and made without any animal ingredients. 🐰♥️

Shop ethically.
Think critically.
Shine brightly.
Why do you look for when selecting a sunscreen for you and your family?

Photos from Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre's post 10/08/2021

Post-Tox Glow ✨
This patient is now smooth sailing into the upcoming holidays!
🎃Halloween - 3 weeks
🥧Thanksgiving - 7 weeks
🎄Christmas - 11 weeks
🥂New Year - 12 weeks

Are you ready?😬

Book your tox appointment now and be wrinkle-free for the rest of the year!🎉

Photos from Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre's post 10/04/2021

Meet Stephanie, one of our amazing Patient Coordinators!
She’s been here 10 YEARS and counting! She’s a super Restora babe and a ball of radiant sunshine! ☀️
Drop a ☀️if you’ve had the pleasure of working with Stephanie on your RESTORA journey!

-Lip augmentation
-Vertical lines around the mouth
-Nasolabial folds
-Corner lines
-Marionette lines


Louder for the people in the back.🗣
This is a very common misconception about lasers. The thing with lasers and melasma is that the wrong laser paired with melasma can make it worse. If you have deep melasma that hasn’t made it to the surface yet, a laser can bring that out and up to the surface, but lasers do not give it to you. You already have it, whether it’s visible yet or not. The best way to see if you have it is have a VISIA scan and see Jenny so she can tell you what’s going on with your skin and how to fix it the right way!
Them’s just the

Photos from Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre's post 09/13/2021

This Meet the Staff Monday goes to Dr. Dustin Reid!
What are defensins and what do they do?

🧬Defensins are natural messaging molecules found in our body.
🧬Defensins do not cause inflammation or sun-sensitivity.
🧬Defensins are produced in the skin by our immune cells, neutrophils.
🧬DefenAge contains an identical copy of human defensins made via bio-synthesis.

🧬The age-repairing nature of these natural molecules was discovered by scientists at DefenAge® while researching cell therapies for wound healing and Type I Diabetes.

🧬During the course of their research, the scientific team made an extraordinary discovery: two members of the defensin family have surprising benefits for aging skin in cosmeceutical skincare. Alpha-defensin 5 communicates specifically with Skin Master Cells to unlock the skin’s age-corrective potential. Beta-defensin 3 significantly improves skin’s barrier functions. This discovery was so novel and unexpected we are patenting the use of these molecules for anti-aging purposes.


Timeline photos 09/09/2021

Want fuller, thicker brows? We have you covered!

What’s the best way to get results with our RevitaBrow Advanced brow serum? Consistency and correct application!

Apply once a day to clean, dry eyebrows with a few short strokes. Then, let it dry completely before applying any additional beauty products.

With consistent use of this brow champion, brows are transformed to be bolder and fuller-looking. So, what are you waiting for? Try it out now on


Scared of lasers?

Laser treatments can look scary but in the very talented, safe, and well-educated hands of our laser practitioner, Jenny, you can feel more at ease! 😌
Laser season is upon us so get scheduled so your can get that youthful, radiant glow before the holidays! 🎊


Meet the Staff Monday!
Today is for Roxy! Her birthday is Wednesday and you would never be able to guess her age due to her secret anti-aging routine! 🤫
BUT it’s no secret that this serum has really helped her skin healthy and integrity!


Do you BBL?

Do you BBL?⚡️
Prevention is 🗝
BBL (Broad-Band Light) is a corrective phototherapy treatment to target signs of aging, sun damage, and other skin conditions. This process will return your skin to its natural beauty, making clearer, smoother and more vibrant!✨
Who doesn’t love a heathy glow?!


Mid-face and Neck Lift testimonial with Dr. Gordon

Have questions about a neck lift or face lift! Here is a real and raw testimonial!

Have more questions? Leave them below!


Filler Friday! Q/A!



You still have time to donate to this wonderful mission! Help bring smiles back!

Photos from Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre's post 08/16/2021

Meet the Staff Monday AND a Happy Birthday to Courtney! 💕
Protect and hydrate lips and cheeks with a pop of color. Each shade is designed with our EnviroScreen® Technology to provide all-mineral protection from environmental aggressors.

🍓Berry is a deep raspberry hue, great for adding a more vibrant pop of color.
😊Blush is a true nude with pink undertones, perfect for everyday wear.
🔥Bronze is a shimmery golden color, providing a sun-kissed glow.
Perfect for purses, pockets and plane trips! 🛩

Photos from Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre's post 08/13/2021

We’ll let the reviews do the talking on this one.👆👆



Photos from Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre's post 08/10/2021

Dr. Gordon's birthday + a great reason to donate and smile!

Photos from Austin Smiles - The Austin Plastic Surgery Foundation's post 08/09/2021

Photos from Austin Smiles - The Austin Plastic Surgery Foundation's post


Doctor knows best!
Dr. Gordon loves her microneedling + PRP! 🏆
Check out our SkinPen highlight to learn more!

Photos from Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre's post 07/29/2021

The question we get asked most is ‘how do I know I need filler?’ and the answer is… it depends on what you want and what you already have! 👄
Schedule your consultation and find out which one (or both for a magical combo) works best for you! 💋


A little throwback!

Photos from Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre's post 07/15/2021

It’s World Plastic Surgery Day!
There are a lot of new followers so I’d like to take this time to introduce our team of amazing plastic surgeons!🥼
Dr. Ashley Gordon was the first board-certified female plastic surgeon who is also fellowship trained in aesthetic surgery to practice in Austin, Texas. Her unique perspective and intimate understanding of the realm of aesthetic facial and breast surgery allows space to create her signature ‘Mystery Look’. 🤫
Dr. Dustin Reid is double board-certified. He combines classic plastic surgery training with outstanding surgical skill and often utilizes non-surgical treatments to optimize your outcome and limit your recovery time. His specialties include rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, top surgery, and body transformation.💪🏾
If you’re looking for a in Austin, TX, we’ve got you covered! 🤍
Happy World Plastic Surgey Day to all of our fellow surgeons out there, today is a reminder of why we do this everyday!

A New Skincare Line is Available at Our Practice + Buy 6, Get 2 FREE On... 07/14/2021

A New Skincare Line is Available at Our Practice + Buy 6, Get 2 FREE On...

Sizzle with these hot July Specials! 🔥

A New Skincare Line is Available at Our Practice + Buy 6, Get 2 FREE On... These before and after results are amazing! FIT, FAB AND FLAWLESS ELEVATE YOUR BODY CONTOURING RESULTS WITH EMSCULPT NEO is the first and only non-invasive body shaping procedure that provides simulta

Watch this reel by needlesandlasers on Instagram 07/08/2021

Watch this reel by needlesandlasers on Instagram

Check out this before and after!

Watch this reel by needlesandlasers on Instagram 10 Likes, 0 Comments - Restora Austin Aesthetics|ATX (@needlesandlasers) on Instagram: “Oops, we did it again! . Can we just marvel at this together?😳 They look like two…”


Can I get an ?!
Social media is a tough place to be sometimes. All the comparing. All the comparing. It can get toxic, quick!
Here at Restora, we don’t judge. We don’t compare. We are with integrity, science and a kickass team!💪🏾
📸 @sasa_elebea


Stay safe this weekend! 🇺🇸


✨stay lit, y’all ✨

Photos from Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre's post 06/22/2021

“I was involved in a boat explosion on May 21st with first and second degree burns to my upper body, face, neck and scalp. I was taken to the operating room for a debridement (surgical removal of skin) and then hospitalized for 5 days for treatment of burns. Two weeks after accident my AMAZING work fam/ boss did 1 PRP treatment to face, neck, and chest. I’ve only been using the Alastin Skin Nectar to face, neck, and upperbody for the last two weeks and have been using the SkinBetter 75 sunscreen. Due to the explosion burning some hair around my hairline, I’ve been using Nutrafol and 1 round of PRP to scalp. The hospital told me I would maybe start to look normal in 6 weeks…these pictures are at FOUR WEEEEEKS!!! Wooooo!”
- Lauren, one of Restora’s own nurse injector
The results are real.
The products are real.
The science is real.
We do not carry or recommend products and services that aren’t real.
Period. 🔴

Alastin Skincare


No matter what they means for you, today is your day to celebrate how you want and deserve!
Make it a good one! ☀️


Have you met QWO yet?

Photos from Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre's post 06/18/2021


KYBELLA® may be right for you if:

- You’re bothered (unhappy, self-conscious, embarrassed) by fat under the chin, also known as submental fullness
- You feel the condition makes you look older or heavier than you actually are
- You don’t want to have surgery
- You eat well and exercise, but submental fullness does not go away

How KYBELLA® works:

The active ingredient in KYBELLA® is synthetic deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. When injected into the fat beneath the chin, it destroys fat cells, resulting in a noticeable reduction in fullness under the chin. Once destroyed, these cells can no longer store or accumulate fat, so further treatment is not expected once you reach your desired aesthetic goal.💉


DUDE-SPORT with Dysport
Father’s Day is around the corner and what better to gift them is the ability to scowl a little less! 😂
This treatment is to soften and lessen later deepening of lines and wrinkles in the face.
Common areas treated on men:
👉🏾 Glabella (between the brows)
👉🏾 Forhead
👉🏾 Crowsfeet (around the eyes)
👉🏾 Jaw (reduce clenching)
Let’s normalize men doing preventative treatments and make it less about it being a female-only offering.

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Scared of lasers?
Do you BBL?
Mid-face and Neck Lift testimonial with Dr. Gordon
Less cellulite in 9 weeks? Yes please!
Get rid of cellulite in 9 weeks!



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