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Went to my first appointment here yesterday. Everyone was so pleasant and helpful. Dr. DeLuca, Kelly and Alex made me feel like an old friend, answered all my questions and concerns and even made an appointment with an eye surgeon to remove my cataracts. Thank you all for your excellent care and compassion.
Thank you for your continued sponsorship year after year Family Vision Care! We appreciate you!
If you’re in the market for an eye check up, go see Dr. Deluca and staff. They are amazing!
Dr. Amanda Cook is proud to be offering PanOptix to her cataract patients, giving them 20/20 near, intermediate, and distance possibilities.
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Thank you Baden Vision Care for the beautiful glasses. You are a fine bunch!! Couldn’t of picked out a better pair!!🥰👓

At Family Vision Care, our friendly team of eye care professionals is dedicated to improving the way you see the world.

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For a team that puts your vision needs first, you can trust the doctors at Family Vision Care - Vision Source. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


Myopia management is designed to provide a stable prescription and clear vision for your child with nearsightedness. Look at the difference a prescription can provide!


Family Vision Care

Did you know that vision screenings can miss up to 75% of vision problems in children? It's important to schedule a comprehensive eye exam with an optometrist to get the most accurate information.

Family Vision Care At Family Vision Care, our friendly team of eye care professionals is dedicated to improving the way you see the world.

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Come see us during the Baden Yard Sale for a complimentary donut and hear about our new treatments!! Happy Saturday!

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Cataracts have several types to them - one of which is the Intumescent Cataract. Among the more serious Cataracts, this type may lead to acute glaucoma and vision impairment if not attended to immediately. Book an appointment today at Family Vision Care - Vision Source.


You don’t have to suffer from dry eyes! We can help.


What's the difference between Neurolens and Regular lens? Glad you asked! Book your appointment today today get fitted for your new set of Neurolens.

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Take back control of your eyesight with Family Vision Care - Vision Source quality LASIK services. With our ophthalmic excellence, your eyesight will be clear in no time! For more, call (724) 869-1870.


Happy birthday Sara! We hope you have a great day, you deserve it! 🥳


As fall sports begin to start, consider specialty contact lenses for your child so they don't have to worry about seeing clearly while playing the game they love!

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Have you been using the same glasses for a while? Consider upgrading the look. Stop searching because we have so many options available! Come by and let our experts assist you.


Today is Fight Procrastionation Day. Here is your reminder to stop putting off scheduling your eye exam! We've made it easy, you can request an appointment here:


Happy Labor Day! Our office is closed in honor of today.

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Sending good wishes of Labor Day to all the deserving workers of the world. May you achieve all that you work so hard for. 😀


Did you know you can treat your child's nearsightedness at night? We offer specialty contact lenses called orthokeratology to help improve your child's vision!

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Refractive errors are the most common type of vision problem. More than 150 million Americans have a refractive error — but many don’t know that they could be seeing better. You should periodically have your eyes tested for this reason.
If you have a refractive defect, your eye doctor can recommend contact lenses or glasses to improve your vision. Call us today at (724) 869-1870.


Digital devices have become apart of children's learning and it's important to protect their eyes. Invest in blue light blocking glasses to keep their vision strong all year long!

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The longer you delay your eye treatment, the higher the risk of possible loss of vision.
Visit us today to eliminate this risk and give yourself the gift of sharp vision and healthy eyes.

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Don't ignore your discomfort symptoms; instead, let us examine your situation and determine the best course of action for your recovery. Call (724) 869-1870 to schedule an appointment today!

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You may sometimes see small specks or clouds moving in your field of vision. These are called floaters.
What causes floaters? Are floaters serious? Can floaters be removed? Do you have all these questions? Discover all the answers with us.
Head over to Family Vision Care - Vision Source online.

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: Each component that makes up tears protects and nourishes the front surface of the eye. The mucin layer spreads the tears equally across the surface of the eye, and a thin oil coating keeps the water layer from evaporating. Call us at (724) 869-1870 if you are experiencing any eye-related issues.

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: your eyes are comprised of rods and cones. Rods allow you to see shapes, while cones are responsible for detecting and deciphering colors.
For more interesting facts, make sure to follow our page!


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Think there might be something in your eye? No matter how tempting, DO NOT rub your eyes and instead try to gently rinse away the debris. If you need help give our office a call at (720) 336-4737.

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"I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed my visit with all of the staff. It’s very heartwarming when you can feel a group of people genuinely happy in their field/job. That’s exactly how it feels when visiting this office. I will be recommending to everyone I know" —Haley L. Thank you for choosing Family Vision Care - Vision Source Haley!


Happy parents day!


Why is UV Safety important for the eyes?

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Are you suffering from dry eyes like millions of others are? We have a variety of treatment plans available to help relieve this issue. Visit our website today to learn more!

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We know that not everyone has insurance coverage. That's why here at Family Vision Care - Vision Source we offer promotions to help you save on items such as glasses and contact lenses! Visit our website to learn more.


Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla?

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“I opened two gifts this morning. They were my eyes.” —Zig Zagler


UV Safety Tips - Make sure your sunglasses offer 100% protection. Wear a hat and don't be fooled by a cloudy day. Be sure to never look directly into the sun.


Where is your favorite spot to get french fries?

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With so many contact lens options, how do you know what lens is best for you? Our team of experts at Family Vision Care is here to help! Give us a call today at (724) 869-1870 to get started.


Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes!

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Look great, feel great. Here at Family Vision Care, we have a collection of designer frames and lenses available to choose from. Find your perfect pair today!


What kind of chocolate will you be eating today?


Did you know 30% of diabetics are affected by diabetic retinopathy? It's important to get get your eyes checked annually, even if your diabetes is under control.


Happy 4th of July from our wonderful doctors! 🎆🎇

Go pirates!

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Happy 4th of July from the team at Family Vision Care - Vision Source!


Happy 4th of July! Be sure to wear eye protection while watching fireworks. Have fun and stay safe!

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You can have a different view of the world if you wear the right eyewear. Quite literally! Whether you need contact lenses or designer frames, we at Family Vision Care - Vision Source have the perfect fit for you.


UV Safety Month - We are spreading awareness on how important it is to protect your eyes and skin from harmful UV rays. Make sure you pack your sunglasses and sunscreen before going out this weekend!

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A cloudy or blurry vision can make it hard to plan your day. You can, however, restore your vision and see clearly following practical methods. Give us a call to learn how. (724) 869-1870

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Dry eyes are not only uncomfortable, but they can also be harmful to your eyes' health. To discover relief, make an appointment with Family Vision Care.

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We've added some exciting deals that are only available for a limited time. You may save a lot of money on lenses and frames from various brands. To learn more, click on the link!

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To all the wonderful dads out there, Happy Father's Day from the Family Vision Care - Vision Source team! We wish you all the best in everything you do. Cheers!

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Contact lenses are ideal for people who need vision correction but don't want to wear glasses all day. We offer a wide selection at our Pittsburgh area offices, and our experienced team of eye care professionals can help you find the right contacts for you. Visit us TODAY!

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: Diabetic retinopathy affects roughly one-third of diabetic people over the age of 40. And the rates are even higher among African- and Mexican-Americans. If you suffer from diabetes, call us today to schedule an online appointment for a comprehensive eye exam. (724) 869-1870

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Check out our eyewear collection today!✨
Our optical studios offer a carefully curated selection of designer frames and high-quality lenses that you wouldn't want to miss.
Call us at (724) 869-1870 to book an appointment and let our team help you find the best.

Family Vision Care

If you’re in need of a reliable optometrist in Baden, PA, Vision Source – Family Vision Care is just a phone call away. For more than 20 years, our name has become synonymous with custom vision care and treatment. Whether your child needs an eye exam for school or you’re having difficulty seeing due to age or injury, our facility is equipped to offer personalized care.

What We Offer

We’re the number one network of private practice optometrists. Our professionals utilize some of the latest treatment options and procedures in their efforts to provide a high standard of care. When you visit us, you’ll find a modern, fully equipped facility and some of your favorite names in vision correction accessories. At our practice, we focus on offering quality care with a personal touch.




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