Dynamic Strategies Acupuncture dba Be Well Baltimore

Dynamic Strategies Acupuncture is a full service acupuncture practice currently seeing paitients in Towson at Satori Wellness Center. Dynamic Strategies acupuncture was started in 2011 by Idalee Wagman DiGregorio.

It is a full service acupuncture practice that concentrates on serving our clients whole selves, body mind and spirit. Idalee uses all kinds of techniques to relieves physical, mental and spiritual symptoms and to help people find their way through the complicated maze of life. With the use of needles, gua sha, cupping, floral acupuncture, aroma therapy, moxabustion and life style coaching Idalee creates a healing environment that serves each individual patient.

Operating as usual

news-medical.net 01/02/2021

Researchers receive $2+ million grant to study acupuncture in emergency departments


news-medical.net Jeffery Dusek, PhD, Director of Research at University Hospitals (UH) Connor Integrative Health Network and Associate Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at Case Western Reserve University, and colleagues were recently awarded a 3-year, $2+ million grant from the Nati...


Just finished my second level of NeuroAcupuncture certification. I can now help people with stroke or MS, PTSD and other neurological disorders find their cure. Give my office a call to make your appointment. Call Satori Wellness and ask to make an appointment with me 410-296-4222.

[07/21/20]   I am back in practice with limited hours. We are very safety conscious and have changed our procedures. We are using hypoclorous acid to disinfect and fog our offices. See the video below to get more information. Also in an effort to make sure everyone is safe and healthy we are doing temperature and Pulse Oxygenation checks as well as staggering our appointments so no patients have contact. please Contact our office, Satori Wellness Center 410-296-4222, for more information on our changes and to schedule an appointment.

youtube.com 07/21/2020

How to make hypochlorous acid (HOCl)

youtube.com Where to Buy: http://www.EcoOne.us Learn how to make hypochlorous acid at home using just table salt and water. The Eco One manufactured by EcoloxTech can ge...


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66.media.tumblr.com 11/26/2019


Take Control of your mind and body.


sciencedaily.com 09/04/2019

Acupuncture boosts effectiveness of standard medical care for chronic pain, depression

I have had much success helping people with Depression and Anxiety. Call to schedule your appointment today!

sciencedaily.com Acupuncture treatment can boost the effectiveness of standard medical care, lessening the severity of chronic pain and depression, health specialists have found.

cms.gov 07/16/2019

CMS Proposes to cover Acupuncture for Chronic Low Back Pain for Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in approved studies | CMS

This is very good news!

cms.gov Proposed decision would add new access to acupuncture for Medicare beneficiaries, as a potential treatment alternative to opioid use, while data is collected on patient outcomes

pbs.org 06/08/2019

FDA proposes that doctors learn about acupuncture for pain management

pbs.org The Food and Drug Administration released proposed changes Wednesday to its blueprint on educating health care providers about treating pain.


Satori Acupuncture and Wellness Center

Feature Friday! This past month we welcomed yet another amazing new acupuncturist to Satori Wellness Center: Idalee DiGregorio.

We are delighted by the unique perspective, expertise, and joyful spirit she brings to our group practice. You can read her full professional bio on our website: http://satoriwellnesscenter.com/acupuncture/acupuncture-practitioners

She is now accepting new patients, so reach out to that friend or family member you have been encouraging to try acupuncture, and tell them to call us to schedule their first appointment today!

Idalee's Schedule:
Tuesday 10:00 am - 6:00pm (starting January 8, 2019)
Wednesday 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Thursday 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Friday 9:30 am - 4:30 pm


For true acupuncture consider coming to see me. I am currently practicing at Satori Wellness at 200 E Joppa Road in Towson MD. Our phone number is 410-296-4222. Ask for Idalee and our receptionist will be happy to schedule an appointment for you.

Everyone deserves a real acupuncturist!
"Dry needling" is acupuncture, learned in only a weekend course.
A true acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner earns a Masters or Doctorate degree in 4+ years of Grad School and hundreds of hours in classes and clinic --not in a weekend.

[12/19/18]   Yesterday I closed my office on 25th street. From now on you can come see me at Satori Wellness Center at 200 E Joppa Rd in Towson. I will be seeing patients there Tuesday through Friday. Call 410-296-4222 and ask to make an appointment with me! Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

[11/20/18]   Starting January 1, 2019 we will be moving to Towson MD. I will be joining Satori Wellness Center. I hope you will come visit me there!

[11/01/18]   Attending health fair today at Venable in Towson Md. as part of Satori Acupuncture

[10/18/18]   I am excited to let everyone know that I will be moving my practice on January 1st 2019. I will join Satori Wellness in Towson Maryland. I will start transitioning my practice as of October 24. I am very excited about this move and know that all of my current patients will feel very welcome in this practice. If you have questions please feel free to give me a call.

healthcmi.com 07/09/2018

Acupuncture Halts Neck Pain From Disc Degeneration

More reasons to come see me

healthcmi.com Acupuncture proven effective for neck pain relief when disc degeneration or arthritis is involved.

[05/10/18]   Another baby is born!!! Oh I so love my job!!!

allbusinessmediafm.com 04/30/2018

Studio 2

I am going to be on the radio this morning! Check it out!



prevention.com 03/06/2018

10 Pretty Fantastic Reasons To Try Acupuncture

prevention.com Find out 10 research-backed ways the ancient practice of acupuncture improves your health from head to toe.

psychologytoday.com 10/17/2017

6 Lessons We Can Learn From Eastern Chinese Medicine

psychologytoday.com How a Harvard-trained doctor began to appreciate traditional Chinese medicine



Amazing place

baltimoresun.com 08/01/2017

Acupuncture is an alternative to drugs for pain treatment

Have pain? Tired of pain killers? Here is an explanation from one of my mentors as to how acupuncture can help you kick the pain out of your life.

baltimoresun.com acupuncture, ask the expert, Maryland University of Integrative Health

[07/28/17]   Another baby conceived with the help of acupuncture!! That makes 19!!! So exciting to help so many couples find their miracles!!!

pbs.org 07/12/2017

FDA proposes that doctors learn about acupuncture for pain management

So glad the FDA is,finally considering acupuncture a good method for relieving pain.

pbs.org The Food and Drug Administration released proposed changes Wednesday to its blueprint on educating health care providers about treating pain.

pbs.org 05/12/2017

FDA proposes that doctors learn about acupuncture for pain management

My patients are finding much relief. Are you suffering from some kind of pain? Yes. Give me a call to schedule an appointment!

pbs.org The Food and Drug Administration released proposed changes Wednesday to its blueprint on educating health care providers about treating pain.

kttc.com 03/26/2017

Healing the Hurt: Some patients turn to acupuncture for relief from grief

kttc.com Grief is something that impacts everyone. It can be crippling and make day-to-day tasks seem impossible. Some are turning to acupuncture to heal the hurt from grief.



Thought for the day

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apple.news 01/15/2017

Acupuncture Painkilling Effect Found

apple.news University of South Florida rearchers discover how acupuncture stops pain.

[01/04/17]   The new year is a great time to jump start your health regime. Why not add acupuncture as part of your new years resolutions. Acupunture can help with unhealthy eating, trying to get pregnant, getting more sleep, reducing stress, reducing pain, or preventative health. Give me a call today to schedule your appointment.

[12/28/16]   Hey folks! I have signed up for yelp for the coming year but I need some people to review my services. So for all my patients out there please consider going to Yelp and looking me up and writing a brief review.Thanks!

neurosciencenews.com 12/17/2016

Rhythm of Breathing Affects Memory and Fear

I teach belly breathing in my treatment room and my patients report that they get much stress relief.

neurosciencenews.com A new study reports the rhythm of your breathing can influence neural activity that enhances memory recall and emotional judgement.


Dynamic Strategies Acupuncture dba Be Well Baltimore

acutakehealth.com 12/13/2016

How to Lower Stress and Survive the Holidays with Acupuncture

Here's how to help yourself during the holidays.

acutakehealth.com By Sara Calabro Acupuncture is well known for its ability to lower stress. Many people use acupuncture for stress reduction—and even those who don't admit to or notice stress in their lives report a greater sense of lightness and evenness to their moods

bbc.com 08/09/2016

Why are so many Olympians covered in large red circles? - BBC News

More news on cupping!

bbc.com A number of Olympians - including the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time, Michael Phelps - have been photographed with large red circles on their skin. What are they?

nbcolympics.com 08/08/2016

Why does Michael Phelps have purple spots on his back?

Cupping is a great technique for relieving acute and chronic pain. Give me a call to try it out!

nbcolympics.com Some kind of new tattoo? Did he take a nap on a bed of tennis balls?



Standard Process
Medi herbs
Chinese Herbs



200 E Joppa Road, Suite 207
Baltimore, MD

Opening Hours

Tuesday 10:30 - 18:00
Wednesday 10:30 - 18:00
Thursday 10:30 - 18:00
Friday 10:00 - 18:00
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