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Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon located in Crested Butte, Basalt, and Rifle Colorado. He is certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons.

Dr. Moore received his medical degree from Indiana University in 1981 and completed his orthopedic residency training at the University of Minnesota. He received specialized training in sports medicine, completing the Rocky Mountain Sports Medicine Fellowship at the University of Colorado in Denver and Aspen in 1994. He then traveled to Australia, where he had been selected for the Australian Spor

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Please Help Us Welcome Alison Chick, PA-C to the Crested Butte Ski Area Clinic!
Alison Chick is a Certified Physician Assistant. She earned her Masters at Red Rocks PA Program in Denver and her Bachelors at UC Santa Barbara. Alison recently moved to Crested Butte from Breckenridge with her husband. Prior to becoming a PA, Alison was an EMT for the Breckenridge Ski Patrol and a family practice medical assistant. Her special medical interests include prevention and lifestyle management, nutrition and weight loss, women's health, and orthopedics. She really enjoys seeing all ages! Alison is also fluent in Spanish and has spent time abroad serving as a provider on multiple medical trips to Central America. Outside of the clinic, Alison loves skiing, going to the gym, hiking with her puppy, and baking!


Moore Orthopedics's cover photo


Moore Orthopedics's cover photo


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Fluoride in Water | What You Need To Know About Fluoride

Did you know that our water here in Crested Butte is not fluoridated? Here are some helpful links about fluoride for healthy teeth in children: Despite conclusive science on its benefits, fluoride remains a hot topic of debate. Get the facts and find out what the debate is all about. Click here now. 05/10/2016

Juice, Other Drinks Can Manage Mild Gastroenteritis in Children

Here is an interesting study for the parents of younger children: Children may be more willing to drink juice and other favorite fluids instead of a less-palatable electrolyte solution, authors wrote.




Moore Orthopedics (@mooreorthopedic) | Twitter

Dr. Moore is now on Twitter! The latest Tweets from Moore Orthopedics (). Crested Butte ski clinic providing quality orthopedic and urgent care. Open 7 days a week. Walk-ins welcome. For appts, call 970-349-2677. Crested Butte, CO 01/13/2016


Head's Up! Concussion Information for Parents. Visit for in-depth information regarding children's head injury and concussion. If you have any questions about head injury or concussion, please contact Dr. Tom Moore or Dr. Vance Felton at 970.349.2677, available 7 days/week. Keeping children and teens healthy and safe is always a top priority. Whether you are a parent, youth sports coach, high school coach, school professional, or health care provider, this site will help


Moore Orthopedics and Crested Butte Ski Area Clinic would like to introduce and welcome Vance Felton, MD, who is joining our practice. Dr. Felton is available to see any existing or new patients. With the addition of Dr. Felton, the clinic will have a physician available 7 days a week during ski season.

Dr. Vance Felton is a board-certified family medicine physician. He graduated from Wake Forest School of Medicine and completed his residency at St Anthony North Family Medicine in Westminster, Colorado. His specific medical interests include integrative medicine and sports medicine. He provides primary family medicine care for patients of all ages including preventive care and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses. He has a professional working proficiency in Spanish.

His philosophy of care involves collaborating with his patients to improve their health using an integrative approach. This approach recognizes the interconnection of physical, emotional, relational and spiritual health and emphasizes healthy lifestyle changes involving exercise, nutrition, sleep, and stress management used in conjunction with evidence-based medical therapy.

Dr. Felton enjoys road and mountain biking, skiing, hiking, and camping among other outdoor sports.


Happy 2016! To kick off the new year, Dr. Moore is offering complimentary 2nd opinions. As always, if you're injured on the mountain, be sure to ask Ski Patrol to take you to Dr. Moore's clinic! 09/23/2015

Could Simple Protein Reduce Head Injuries? | Orthopedics This Week

Brain Damage Reduction in Athletes

As you are probably aware, head injuries and concussions in sports are a hot topic. The long term effects of these injuries have only recently begun to be recognized. Researchers at Harvard Medical School have found a link between head trauma and brain damage. An abnormal protein has been discovered in the brains of mice after experiencing head trauma that could possibly be a precursor to brain changes called neurofibrillary tangles which have been detected after an athlete dies. Antibodies for the protein have now been created in the laboratory. Mice that have received this antibody are showing promising results that suggest brain damage can be prevented. If you are interested in learning more about this study, please go to the link below.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding a head injury you or your child may have experienced, please feel free to give us a call or come in to see us. Could Simple Protein Reduce Head Injuries? 05/13/2015

Light Exercise Trumps Intense, According to Study | Orthopedics This Week


How much exercise is optimal for a longer and healthful life? Danish investigators have found that light joggers, not marathon runners, have the lowest death rates. In a 2013 study published in the Lancet, it was found that moderate exercise, along with a healthy diet, helped promote the growth of telomeres. Telomeres are the part of DNA that influences aging. The Danish study suggests that extremely strenuous exercise causes telomeres to shorten. According to cardiologist Peter Schnohr, if your main goal is to improve life expectancy, “jogging a few times a week at a moderate pace is a good strategy”. Anthony D’Silva, MD a cardiovascular science clinical research fellow said, “evidence suggests that beyond an optimal level of fitness, the principle of diminishing returns applies. Exercise appears to most benefit people who are least active,” in other words, moderation is key. Light Exercise Trumps Intense, According to Study


We still have some spots left for the Safety First Helmet Program on Saturday November 15th. Call 927-8080 to reserve your spot!


The Safety First Helmet Program in Basalt is this Saturday! Call and reserve your spot on the list for a free children's helmet. There are only 100 helmets available. See attached ad for details.


Information on Ear Infections

The most common ear infections affect the middle ear. They usually occur in conjunction with an upper respiratory infection (URI). Because of a cold fluid can build up in the middle ear, this fluid serves as a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. As more fluid builds up it pushes against the eardrum which causes pain and can cause diminished hearing. In children fever typically lasts a few days. Sometimes the pressure can build up enough to cause the eardrum to burst, which does reduce pain. Children may experience a loss of appetite due to pressure causing pain upon swelling. Other symptoms include trouble sleeping, loss of hearing, discharge from ear, or a sense of spinning.

If you or your child experiences these symptoms come on in and let us take a look at your ear to see if an ear infection is present. Ear infections can often be treated with antibiotics which may reduce the long term effects of fluid build up behind the ear drum.


The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) connects the tibia to the femur and helps to stabilize the knee. Activities that lead to ACL tears include hard sideways landings or abrupt changes in direction --the kind of movements that are common in sports like basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, skiing and hockey. Female adolescent athletes have the greatest risk of ACL injuries. ACL strain is significantly reduced with conditioning of the hamstrings. The most successful training programs include these three components: progressive strengthening for the core and lower extremities, plyometrics, and feedback-driven technique modification. Prevention is really the key!


If someone visiting Crested Butte has the following symptoms, they may be experiencing Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), or Altitude Illness.
- Headache
- Shortness of breath
- Nausea
- Difficulty sleeping
Adequate hydration, maintaining caloric intake, and avoiding strenuous exercise can help. If the person develops shortness of breath at rest, a severe headache that is not relieved by aspirin, or changes in mental status, come on in to the clinic and we can help. 970-349-2677


Common Health Concerns for Our Patients:

Viral Infection versus Bacterial Infection
What is the difference between viral and bacterial infections? When do you need antibiotics? These are very common questions that can be difficult to answer at times.

The common cold and flu are caused by a virus that can last 7-10 days. Did you know that the majority of bronchitis and respiratory infections are also caused by a virus? For viral infections, the recommended treatment course is plenty of rest and staying well hydrated, not antibiotics. Antibiotics do not work for viral infections. Also, by making sure to wash your hands after touching surfaces such as door handles, telephones, shopping carts, and other commonly shared items you can help decrease the spread of viral illnesses.

Sometimes, a secondary bacterial infection can set in, which may require an antibiotic. Illnesses such as strep throat (if tested positive in the office), sinusitis, ear infection, or pneumonia may require an antibiotic. It is recommended that children stay home for the first 24 hours while on antibiotic treatment to reduce risk of spreading the infection to others. A concern with antibiotics is overuse, which is one reason why antibiotics are becoming less effective. This makes infections harder to treat.

What illnesses have we been seeing patients for recently? Here at Moore Orthopedics, while we of course have seen ski injuries, we have also seen a number of cases of the flu, common cold, stomach illness, strep throat, pink eye, and of course altitude sickness. Please feel free to come see us at the clinic if you have any concerns about any illness symptoms.


What is a frozen shoulder?

Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) is a condition in which the tissues around the shoulder joint stiffen, scar tissue forms, and shoulder movements become difficult and painful. It can develop when you stop using the joint normally because of pain, other injury, or a chronic health condition such as diabetes. Any shoulder problem can lead to frozen shoulder if you do not work to maintain its full range of motion. 07/25/2013

Krutch Pack LLC Krutch Kaddy Features Krutch Kaddy is the perfect crutch accessory, keeping your personal items safe and secure while providing you increased mobility.


What is tennis elbow?

Lateral epicondylitis, commonly known as tennis elbow, is inflammation of the tendon that connects the muscles of the forearm, wrist and hand to the upper arm at the elbow. The tendon on the bony outside (lateral) part of the elbow (epicondyle) is most often irritated by overuse during physical activity.


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What are muscle spasms?

When a muscle becomes inflamed, they can also spasm, or contract tightly, as a response to injury. While they are the body’s way of protecting itself from further injury, they often produce excruciating and often debilitating pain. Muscle spasms are common in the low back (lumbar) muscles.


What are Shin Splints?

Shin splints are an inflammation of the periosteum, a fibrous sheath that surrounds the bone, in this case the surrounding bone is the shin bone or tibia. Shin splints are usually accompanied by pain and swelling in the lower leg. Most frequent in runners, this overuse injury is caused by the repetitive stress of running on hard surfaces.


What is a separated shoulder?
A shoulder separation occurs when the outer end of the collarbone separates from the edge of the shoulder blade because of torn ligaments. This injury occurs most often from a blow to the shoulder or a fall on a shoulder or outstretched hand or arm. 02/11/2013

Skiers, snowboarders are putting a lid on it | ASPEN — Dr. Thomas Moore has given approximately 2,200 free ski helmets to kids in Crested Butte and the Roaring Fork Valley since 1995 and is (read more)


A stress fracture is a microscopic crack in the bone that occurs from overuse. Muscles normally absorb the shock of physical activities but when they become too fatigued to do so, the stress is transferred to the bone resulting in a hairline fracture. Stress fractures usually occur in the weight bearing bones of the feet and lower legs. They occur more often when wearing worn out athletic shoes or shoes that do not fit correctly and often after the rapid increase of the duration or intensity of exercise.


What is the difference between a strain and a sprain?

A strain occurs when a muscle or tendon is stretched or torn. A sprain occurs when a ligament is stretched or torn. Strains are often the result of overuse or improper use of a muscle, while sprains typically occur when a joint is subjected to excessive force or unnatural movements (e.g. sudden twists, turns or stops). Sprains are categorized by severity in degrees.

A first-degree sprain stretches the ligament but does not tear it. Symptoms include mild pain with normal movement. A second-degree sprain is characterized by a partially torn ligament, significant pain and swelling with mild to moderate joint instability. A third-degree sprain is when the ligament is completely torn with mild to severe pain and significant joint instability.

Sprains are quite common in skiing injuries.


The Safety First Helmet Program will be on Sat. November 10th! We will be giving out helmets to the first 100 callers. To reserve a helmet call Aspen Snowmass Sotheby's International Realty 927-8080.


Morris Design, Inc.

Client: Moore Orthopedics :: Aspen Times ad 09/13/2012

Love Of Sports Can Start Early; So Can Injuries : NPR

High School Sports Injuries - Concussions Concussions make up about 15 percent of all high school sports injuries, according to Children's Hospital Boston. But how can parents decide whether children should play sports, and how to keep them safe? Host Michel Martin talks with three "sports" moms, including a pediatrician who studies concuss... 09/06/2012

Marathons Safe for Aging Boomers, Study Finds - US News and World Report Signs of heart stress in 50-somethings resolved within a week, tests showed




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