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Safety tips when shoveling snow

Just a friendly reminder;

newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org Shoveling snow can mean taking on more than your body can handle. And ignoring signs that you need to take [...]


Studies suggest 4 vitamins to lower risk of severe cases of COVID-19

Even the mainstream media is now saying what we've been saying for months!

fox26houston.com Dr. Peter Osborne offers advice on how to take in the vitamins you need to help fight and prevent COVID-19.

Things are Very different here this year. There’s not a day goes by that we don’t miss Mike. It has been especially hard during all of the recent holidays. He loved being at the office and seeing all of the people he loved interacting with. I know he wants us to carry on... and we’re doing our very best.
The elves who usually helped Mike decorate did it all themselves this year.

We ARE still collecting NEW Hats 🧢 and Gloves 🧤 🧣 to donate to the children of Greene County. We will be collecting them through January.

We are truly blessed to have each of you in our lives and we love to be on your health care team.
🙏🏼🎄We hope each of you enjoyed a Blessed and Merry Christmas!!🎄🙏🏼

Like everything else this year, our office Christmas was completely different. For many years we had been going together to LaComedia....but this year we couldn’t fit it in our schedule. Besides, Michael wasn’t here to go with us, and we couldn’t get my Mom out of her assisted living.
I surprised them by making plans to do something completely different and we all really enjoyed it! We went to Busy Beaver Arts and Crafts just down the street from the office to make something with fused glass. Dr Cook, Jennie, and Christie all decided to make the gorgeous winter birch scene. I made a serving plate, which will be fired so that the edges turn up a little.
All of these pieces will be fired. I’ll try to remember to post pictures when we pick them up!
This is a very easy project and they also have a very cute selection of ornaments you can choose to make. We’re even thinking of taking the kids to make something!


More than 80 per cent of hospitalized COVID-19 patients had vitamin D deficiency: study

We can help you with a quality Vitamin D3 and other immune boosters!

ctvnews.ca More than 80 per cent of COVID-19 patients at a hospital in Spain had a vitamin D deficiency, according to a new study.

[10/22/20]   Food for Thought: If taking perscription drugs was the path towards good health, shouldn't the people on the most drugs be the healthiest❓⁉️❓⁉️


Melania Trump said she chose to go 'a more natural route,' relying on 'vitamins and healthy food' to treat her COVID-19

We all have an immune system. Are you doing things to keep your immune system functioning at it’s best? There are great tips in here. If you need any of the nutritional supplements mentioned, we’d like to help you with the best options!

businessinsider.com The first lady didn't specify the supplements she used in her "natural route" to treat COVID-19. Here's what we know about vitamins and COVID-19.

Every year on September 18 our profession celebrates Founders Day! In 2020 we are celebrating 125 years of helping people with their health goals. The first adjustment was given September 18, 1895, in Davenport, IA. My Grandfather graduated from Palmer in 1939.... and so it began in our family! This year Dr Ferguson celebrates 28 years in practice and Dr Cook celebrates 14 years! We count 12 chiropractors in our family, with the two of us being 3rd and 4th generation chiropractors. I also found out years ago that Michael had an Aunt in Pittsburgh who was also a chiropractor, so Dr Cook has chiropractors on both sides of her family!

Please takes a minute to tell us how you have been helped by Chiropractic adjustments!

Some great tips for homeschoolers or after school homework!
You will Not see either of us attempting to recreate what my friend is doing here, but she makes great points!
Thanks Dr Maria for this handy demo and for helping everyone stay healthy!!💜

It’s time to do school at home! Dr.Maria has some suggestions for working on the computer that’s will help you prevent spinal stress.

First is what NOT to do followed by some that can be done for 15 minutes or so, and lastly followed by the BEST position for at home learning.

Last, but certainly not least, in our busy month of office birthdays...please help us wish Dr Ferguson a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!! 🥳🧁🎁🎂🎉🎈

Time for some fun! We have been enjoying our lunches dining in! All day today we also celebrated Dr Cook’s Birthday! (Her actual birthday is Saturday.)
Please join us in wishing Dr Cook a very Blessed and Happy Birthday!💗❤️🎂🎉🎈 💗❤️


You Shouldn’t Be Wearing Gloves to Go Grocery Shopping

Have you noticed that we’re not wearing gloves in our office? Please read!

prevention.com It’s totally unnecessary—and it may even be bad for you.

How Does A Good Night Sleep Keep Your Heart Healthy? – WellAdjusted™

Here’s something you can lay your head on! 💤 😴 💤

welladjusted.co We all know that high levels of inflammation in our body lead to a higher risk of heart disease.1We also know that an active lifestyle helps sustain – a “healthy ticker.”But did you know that a good night’s sleep, is not only a proper counterpart to an active life, it helps to battle inflamm...


Obituary for USAF TSgt. (Ret.) Mike Ferguson | Belton-Stroup Funeral Home

Here is Mike’s obituary💔

beltonstroup.com Share memories & support the family


Study: Elderberries Block Flu Virus From Attaching To and Entering Human Cells

If you’re interested, we can hook you up with local people making Elderberry Syrup and Gummies with local honey. We’re using it and it’s delicious!

returntonow.net New study explains how elderberries stop the flu virus dead in its tracks Scientists have identified a chemical compound in elderberries that immediately immobilizes the flu virus. Previous studies have already shown elderberry extract can ease flu symptoms and cut the duration of the illness in hal...

Dr. Ana-Maria Temple, MD Discussing the latest facts on Coronavirus as seen on Fox46

Just 5 minutes of wise advice on ways to avoid the Corona Virus!!!❤️

“Instead of buying masks... people need to buy more vegetables... and stop eating sugar”

Mic drop moments from Dr. Ana-Maria Temple

Corona Virus: Separating facts from fiction


Cortisone injections for hip and knee pain are more dangerous than was thought

If you’re considering cortisone injections, here’s something else you should consider!

telegraph.co.uk Cortisone injections for hip and knee pain lead to more complications than previously thought, research has found.


Fluoride Kills Magnesium

Are you using a fluoride toothpaste? Are your children or grandchildren using a fluoride toothpaste? Do you get fluoride treatment at the dentist? If so, you should read this!!!

fluoridefreesudbury.wordpress.com Fluoride Kills Magnesium On April 7th, 1997, the USDA stated that all fluoride toothpastes sold in the U.S. must carry a poison warning on the label. It reads: “WARNING: Keep out of reach of childr…

Wow! These are as delicious as they are pretty! Thank you Marisa! (Some “May” have already been tried before I took this photo! 🍓)
Are you looking for something unique and Local... and FRESH and DELICIOUS for your Valentine ❤️?
Do you need a nice thank you that can be shared with a group or your doctors office?
These are perfect! And, you’ll be supporting a worthy cause. (Details in the photos.)

We can verify how tasty these are! Hope this helps you with a new gift idea this Valentine’s Day ❤️..... or any day!


Why is chiropractic care becoming so popular?


f4cp.social5.net Chiropractic care is becoming more popular every day. Have you tried it?

Well Adjusted

Great article with info that applies to all ages and concludes with helpful advice.

""Poo Tips" For Adults & Children"
#wellness #familyhealth

Click below to read...


Third Trimester Tips from a Chiropractor

Third Trimester tips from a Chiropractor!

peggyomara.com Pregnancy is sure to bring on certain triggers related to labor and delivery and sometimes just the thought can bring on anxiety and doubt. The inside of the body and the outside are going through …

We just wanted to share this letter we received today from Greene County Children Services thanking all of you for your generous donations of Hats, Gloves, and Scarves to help keep the children of Greene County warm this winter! You can see that they are greatly appreciated!

We are blessed to have such wonderful patients! We received many large bags of donations and even handmade items! Last year and again this year, when our FedEx driver saw what we were doing, she even dropped off a large bag! You have all been quite generous and we are so thankful!

Here are two versions of the same report released by the DOD following a study on Chiropractic care for military members!
(I highlighted the first one!)
I would be so happy if TriCare would provide Chiropractic care for more active duty and also for family members and more retirees!!

When someone tries to tell you that your Doctor of Chiropractic is not “a REAL doctor”. Tell me how not? Just because we dont give you meds and we DO work to help keep you and your nervous system controlling everything properly? Just look at the postgraduate education of both!

Chiropractic first, because it's easier to stay well than to get well.

Dr Melanie Cook’s son Owen took these and sent them to me tonight. (The first 3 belong to Dr Cook. The last 2 are Christie’s)

I told him “Cute! Thanks!❤️”
Owen replied “You’re welcome put them on Facebook and say #grandkids”

Here’s a note Santa left just for you!


FDA warns of breathing risks with popular nerve drugs

Do you know someone taking this drug?
Show them this and ask them if they have tried Chiropractic!

wjbf.com U.S. health regulators are warning that popular nervous system medications can cause dangerous breathing problems when combined with opioids and certain other drugs.

Thanks to our wonderful patients, Monica from Greene County Children Services Just stopped by and picked up the first load of donated hats and gloves and even baby blankets to help keep the children of Greene Country warm this winter. Our walls are still full and we are still accepting more donations. 🧤 🧣

🎄Every year for 12+ years we have been collecting NEW hats and gloves that we give to Greene County Children Services! Our patients are so generous and we thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts! (This week someone even brought some new baby blankets!)

🎄 We will continue to accept any donations of NEW winter wear into January (which I was just reading is supposed to be very cold!)

🎅🏼 We also want to thank some elves (Branden and Ciara) who have been sneaking in at night and decorating for Christmas!

2:35 YAY! 🎉 Our phones lines are back up and working!!! Thanks to the workers on this cold day!

edit: We found the source of the problem and talked to a worker. A truck pulled down a wire at this location on North Fairfield so they’ve been running a new cable!
The worker seemed to think they were close to being done, but we still do not have phones or Internet here at the office!

Our phones lines are down! We are working on getting them fixed as quickly as we can! Please keep trying!

I just wanted to say a HUGE Thank You to Dr Cook’s wonderful husband Thad for painting this office bathroom today!!

Today is a day that we remember and say thank you to all of our veterans!🇺🇸
If you are a veteran, please proudly tell us your branch of service below!🇺🇸🇺🇸

Last year we decided that it’s important to close on Veterans Day in honor and remembrance of all veterans. Today we were invited to attend the Veterans Day Program at Fairborn City Schools FIS where two of our Grandchildren, Christie’s daughter Cydnie and Dr Melanie Cook’s son Owen sing in the 5 Th grade chorus. It was extremely well and honorably presented by all and all of us veterans were honored to be there.🇺🇸🇺🇸
(Kudos to Mr Steck who streamed it throughout the school so all of the students could watch!)

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