Orangetheory Fitness Beavercreek

Orangetheory Fitness Beavercreek


Great workout Tyler!! Best workout music!!!
Great workout this morning with the family! Erica Meyer Lynn Eviston Brielle Eviston Thank you, Tyler ... loved the jams 🎵
I’m new to OTF. The last week of October classes just became available on the app, but every one I try to book says “error occurred”. What’s up?
Coach Mike challenged me to use more weight on deadlifts today. So I did. Now I can’t stand up out of my camp chair at my sons baseball game without help!! 🧡 OTF but oh my goodness I’m sore.
I saw the email that we could book classes starting today! How do we go about doing that? I went in the app and it said no classes available 😞
I read on the a West Chester OTF page you can continue to suspend your membership up to (I think) an additional 90 days. How do we go about doing that?
Gettin’ our burn on @ our NEW home studio ... aka The Thirsty Beaver ... stay healthy Orange Nation!
We got this guys!! #otfstrong
Hey!!! I miss everyone and I am missing the great playlists with great music!! Can any of my awesome coaches share some/part of your playlists? Tina Grone Michael Ross Becky Herndon Erin Shouse Trying to get motivated at home.
Just a friendly reminder to be considerate to your neighbor and ask to use their weights - don’t just take without knowing which weights they may be using! Love to all!!
So today and yesterday I’ve only gotten ten splat points.. does anyone know that if I go for a five minute run to add to those previous ten will I still get the after burn? Or do I need to do 12-20 at one time?
Hello! I’m thinking about signing up but I’d like to know what time afternoon classes are. Can anyone help me or post a screenshot of times available during afternoon weekdays. I’m a single mom and daycare closes at 545 so I’m just trying to see if this would be worth it for me since I have limited availability. Thank you in advance!

Orangetheory Fitness is the leading high intensity training gym. Our innovative workouts make us a health studio that you will see results at.

Orangetheory Fitness is the leading fitness gym near you. It offers group personal training workouts based on high intensity interval training that blend cardiovascular and strength training. Call our Beavercreek, OH fitness studio today!

Operating as usual

[02/09/21]   🚨🚨🚨 Due to a major power outage in the area, our systems at the Beavercreek location are down.

Classes are cancelled through the rest of the morning. We will reassess this situation at 11am. 🚨🚨🚨


You asked, @TrainingTall answered! What’s a healthy body fat percentage to lose over the course of the #TransformationChallenge? You might be surprised at the answer. It’s crucial to remember that body loss doesn’t necessarily equal weight loss. This is so important for empowered goal setting and injury prevention.

Heart Rate Monitor

Why use a heart rate monitor? Are you training smarter or harder? Let’s talk about using a heart rate monitor with Coach Ben!

You all came to crush the benchmark yesterday! It was amazing seeing so many PRs. Check out the leaderboards for the 12-minute Benchmark 🔥🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

Let’s give the heart some love today as we come together to raise awareness about the most powerful muscle in the human body. #WearRedDay #OrangetheoryHeartsFitness

#orangetheoryfitness #orangetheory #otf #morelife #squadgoals #workout #fitness #fitfam

The secret to success: Pour your heart into anything you do. Life is going to give you what you put into it, so always make your best effort. And, remember — the heart is the only muscle that gives you more life, so keep pouring love into each and every workout. #OrangetheoryHeartsFitness


Jaclyn London Shares Her Tips.
You guys have been flooding our DMs with questions about the best foods to eat during a high-intensity training schedule (aka: the Transformation Challenge). Luckily, @WW’s Head of Nutrition, @JaclynLondon, has you covered!
Check out her tips for planning your meals around a killer workout schedule.

Orangetheory Coach and YouTube legend @TrainingTall makes a special guest appearance on our next episode of Under the Orange Lights — Transformation Challenge Edition. It airs this Tuesday at 6 p.m. on YouTube. Make sure to subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss out on all the tips and tricks!

In honor of the benchmark today, #WouldYouRather explode through the clock, or conquer some serious distance? That extra 0 makes all the difference.

#TransformationChallenge2021 has started! And it’s your chance to start new. Yes, we’ll all come from different places, but we’ll move forward together. Use our trackers to stay accountable! All you have to do is screenshot each image to use it!

Grab your OTbeat™ and let’s prove we’re taking steps in the right direction.

The Transformation Challenge is starting soon, and we've added a little bonus. Complete 3 classes per week for ALL 8 weeks of the Transformation Challenge to earn this special edition shirt.

Visualize yourself wearing this after 8 weeks of awesome workouts
Visualize setting a goal and smashing that goal for 2021
Even if weight loss isn't your goal, let's help you transform your MIND.

A birthday burn for Michelle and a class goal for Todd! You guys crushed it yesterday 🔥

Join in January & stick with it for three months and your fourth month is on US! 💥

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TC 2021

2021 is your year to finally experience positive change — in your body, in your mindset and in your life. Join us for #TransformationChallenge2021, an 8-week workout program full of motivational coaching and the added accountability you need to fast-track your fitness goals. All we ask is that you bring your best self, and together, we’ll make you even better. Register in the studio (just $35). Let’s do this!


Ah, the best news you've heard all year. No matter what's in store for 2021, just know this: We will go All Out — together. Cheers to a safe, healthy and #HappyNewYear from your Orangetheory family.

“You can momentum shift up positively or momentum shift down negatively in life,” Latham says. Our 2021 New Year’s resolution is to momentum shift up! Not sure what that means? Click on the link to find out more.

Miss a workout or two this hectic holiday season? It happens. Give into those holiday treats? We’ll forgive you. Remember, each day is a new opportunity to start fresh and make a comeback. So get up, show up, never give up and be #StrongerThanTheHolidays. What’s one goal you hope to achieve before this year ends?

Holiday Bundles

Calling all last-minute shoppers! Gift a friend or loved one the best of Orangetheory, all wrapped up into one holiday bundle. And remember, there are different bundle options for everyone on your list — a 3-pack of classes or 5-pack of classes with your choice of an OTbeat™ heart rate monitor. Call or visit our studio to get the goods before December 31st, while supplies last!

Merriment will fade. But the results you get from sticking to your Orangetheory routine through the holidays? Those will last forever. What are some great tips that have helped you get in your workouts during the busiest time of year? Share them in the comments. ⬇

Holiday Bundles

A fitness gift? Put it top of the list. Grab 3- or 5-packs of classes, plus add-on options like the OTbeat Core™ and OTbeat Burn™. Call us or stop by the front desk for details. #strongerthantheholidays

Whether you’re striving to love your new mom bod or run that extra mile, remember one thing: Goals are lighthouses on your fitness journey. Keep your eyes on the prize and take it one burpee at a time. Tag a friend who needs a little motivation. #NeverMissAMonday

You’re the boss of your own fitness routine, and now it’s time to add “nutrition expert” to your repertoire. Tune into our next episode of #UnderTheOrangeLights to get real-time nutrition tips from WW’s Head of Nutrition & Wellness so you know what to eat to feel your best.


To squat, or to swing? To swing, or to squat? That is the question. #OTFWouldYouRather

Want a little extra fun and motivation this month? Looking to get an early start on any 2021 health resolutions? Join us for OTF holiday bingo, and three lucky members will win a prize. Start completing squares and tackling our challenges on December 1st.

Use the boards below starting December 1st to tackle our challenges and get one step closer to winning a prize. Mark off any applicable squares as you complete them. Finish your board? Send a text with a screenshot/picture of your completed board to 937-986-1000. Our team will keep track of how many raffle tickets you will receive!

You've got until December 25th to complete as many boards as possible. Each board gets you a (1) raffle ticket for our drawing. Winners will be announced on January 3rd on social media and in our newsletter.

Home for the holidays? Check out our daily #OrangetheoryAtHome workouts to stay fit, festive AND safe. Whether it’s November 23rd or January 1st, your body doesn’t know the difference. So get your mind in the game and gift yourself some results this season.

In between the canceled birthdays, the rescheduled weddings, and the postponed travel plans, life at home has opened our eyes to what really matters: our friends, our families, and our own physical and mental well-being. We challenge you to make time for what matters this week. Get a workout in, facetime a friend, or maybe just write down a few things you are grateful for. ❤

No matter what distance you set out to conquer this #MarathonMonth, let your mind take the lead, and your legs will follow. All you’ve got to do is cue up an out-of-studio cardio workout on the app, and get moving. How many miles have you crushed so far?

The Marathon Challenge is on and, you can do it from anywhere!

Get moving! Go to the “At Home” tab within the app, and click to view all of the workouts available. Select any of the following eligible out-of-studio cardio workouts to count toward your overall distance during #MarathonMonth: Outdoor Run, Outdoor Walk, Indoor Run, Indoor Walk, 5K Race, 10K Race, Half Marathon and Marathon. (Psst… you’ll have to wear your heart rate monitor to track your distance; you won’t be able to input it into the Challenge Tracker if you are doing it out of the studio.)

Track your progress. Visit the performance screen (the bar graph to the right of the plus sign), select “Challenges,” and select the “Marathon Month Original” badge. Your accumulated miles will automatically load on this screen. To complete a half marathon, aim to complete 13.1 miles. Itching to run the full thing? That’s 26.2 miles. Want to brag about running an ultramarathon? Make sure you cover 31.1+ miles.


Like many of you, we watched the Governor’s announcement yesterday and digested the new information. We share our communities’ concerns. As of right not, nothing has changed regarding new guidelines for gyms and fitness facilities like Orangetheory.

We have always followed the guidelines requiring masks for staff and patrons except during the workout, which has been part of the state guidelines for gyms since reopening. We applaud the increased focus on enforcement of these rules across all businesses.

We expect there will be changes announced next week, as the Governor mentioned. Anticipated changes may include a potential mask requirement at all times, reduced class capacity, or worst-case scenario; we are forced to close again. Once we are aware of the potential changes, we will let you know as soon as possible.

We will make changes based on any new guidelines and our team and members' health and safety.

If we are forced to close again, your membership will be automatically put on freeze and unfrozen when we reopen.

If you wish, you do have the option to place your account on freeze for 30 or 60 days. If you choose to cancel at this time, the 30- day cancellation notice will still be in effect. If we are forced to close, we will provide revised account options to you.

We are here with you going through the challenges and adapting and learning right along with you. We are hopeful that our community will stay strong, healthy, and vigilant in our fight for a healthy community.

Please be sure you are opted-in for our emails by going to get all official announcements moving forward.


Our Cincinnati and Dayton studios raised $4,717 towards the fight against breast cancer heart and it's all because of YOU 💕 All proceeds will go to Pink Ribbon Girls to ensure "No One Travels This Road Alone” for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Stay tuned because raising $4,717 means the staff have almost 5000 burpees to do! Coach @ross_boss93 at Beavercreek took the lead and earned himself 500 of 1867 burpees earned. Coach @adam_dobrozsi is taking on ALL of the burpees Fairfield earned and doing 946 for the team.

@pinkribbongirls was founded by breast cancer survivors and serves Central Ohio, Midwest Ohio, Southwest Ohio/NKY, St. Louis, Missouri Area and, San Francisco Bay!

#orangetheoryfitness #workout #fitness #burpeesforboobies #breastcancerawareness

Day 2 of Marathon Month is already here! We've got a tracker for you to use so that you can stay on top of your goals ✨

If you haven't registered ($25) stop by the studio today. It's never too late to get started 💪🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️


We don’t care if you’re a power walker, jogger or sprinter — Marathon Challenge is back and we want you to get it done your way. Log your distance during the month of November and see how far you can push it. The treads are waiting and our coaches are ready to cheer you on. All participants score a shirt to prove you went the distance. Register ($25) by calling or texting your studio or stop by the desk next time you're in! #otfmarathon

Orangetheory Fitness Beavercreek's cover photo

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Heart Rate Monitor
TC 2021
Holiday Bundles
Holiday Bundles
We're back!
Mayhem Run Row
We're Back!




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