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I am so excited to announce that I will soon be adding and to my list of services! Many don't know, but Microneedling is actually an ancient form of cosmetic acupuncture that uses a plum blossom needle. Cosmetic Acupuncture and Microneedling can help with so many things...scars, melasma, stretch marks, sun spots, hair regrowth. Just to name a few😉 More updates to come!!

Coronavirus: team of mainland traditional Chinese medicine specialists to advise Hong Kong on Covid treatments, infection control in elderly care homes — South China Morning Post 03/29/2022

Coronavirus: team of mainland traditional Chinese medicine specialists to advise Hong Kong on Covid treatments, infection control in elderly care homes — South China Morning Post

Traditional Chinese Medicine in the news -


Coronavirus: team of mainland traditional Chinese medicine specialists to advise Hong Kong on Covid treatments, infection control in elderly care homes — South China Morning Post A team of traditional Chinese medicine experts arrived in Hong Kong from the mainland on Tuesday to advise the government on how to strengthen infection control in care homes for the elderly and better treat Covid-19 patients. Chief Executive Carrie Lam…


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As the mask requirements are being lifted in public spaces, many people are catching colds and viruses, some with more intense symptoms than prior to the pandemic. This formula is something I always keep on hand and use at the first sign of colds. When started quick enough it can shorten and sometimes even eliminate the effects of the cold or virus. Take advantage of 10% off and keep your family and friends healthy. Call, text or DM to purchase yours or if you have any questions.


Dis-ease NOT disease (there is a difference)


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Let’s talk emotions… did you know that they can actually harm your qi causing your body to become sick? Swallowing too much emotion can cause illnesses to come to the surface according to ancient East Asian medicine theory. So how could someone possibly prevent such a thing like emotion? I mean life is going to bring about some kind of emotion for the most part, unless trauma has you feeling numb, and that is a whole other post all together…or is it? Grief exhausts the qi, Frustration stagnates the qi, Worry & Fear weaken the qi, even too much Joy can elevate the heart to having to work too much and weaken the cardiovascular qi. If one is too exhausted to feel that’s ok, just means this individual needs more “me” time in their life. Numbness is a symptom of something that is in need of repair, and it just hasn’t had the downtime to heal. Anyway… my point of this was to explain emotional pathogens, and how they have the ability to stress the organ systems when in excess, and how to balance emotion. How does one balance emotion? Meditation. It’s that simple. Meditation will take you out of the web you are in and bring clarity to the situation. Easier said than done!

Timeline photos 03/15/2022

Timeline photos

Have you considered including acupuncture while trying to conceive and improve your reproductive health? Acupuncture has been shown to:

🔹Increase live birth rates.
🔹Increase s***m count, motility, and morphology.
🔹Regulate hormones and menstrual cycles.
🔹Reduce stress.
🔹Improve blood flow to the ovaries and uterus.
🔹Reduce miscarriages.
🔹Improve thickness of the uterine lining.
🔹Lessen the side effects of medications.
🔹Enhance the immune system.

By choosing to work with a certified Fellow of ABORM, you can rest assured your practitioner is well qualified and experienced in reproductive medicine.

Find an ABORM certified reproductive acupuncturist at http://www.aborm.org

The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images and other material contained on this platform are for informational purposes only. It is always recommended to seek the advice of a qualified health care professional regarding any medical conditions or treatment. ABORM does not recommend or endorse any specific tests, physicians, providers, products, procedures, opinions, or other information that may be mentioned on this platform.


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Nourishing Porridge for the Season of Awakening of Insects


黃小米 Yellow millet, 30g
大米 White rice, 30g
懷山藥 Huai Shanyao, 10g (fresh)
炒芡實 Gorgon seeds, dry fried, 3g
陳皮 Aged tangerine peel, 1g
枸杞子 Goji berries, 1g
桑葚 Mulberries, 2g
黑木耳 Black fungus, 1g
芹菜 Celery, 1 split stalk, broken into small sections with hand
小黃薑 Small yellow ginger, 3 slices


Boil the ingredients on high heat until water is boiling, switch to low heat and cook until the beans and seeds are thoroughly cooked and softened.


Best time to use this formula is between Mar. 5 and Mar. 19. Most suitable for the next five days (一候 phase one).

According to 「月令」 “The Monthly Orders,” 物候 the seasonal material manifestations of 驚蟄 Awakening of Insects are:

1st Qi Phase: Peach Trees begin to Blossom 桃始華;
2nd Qi Phase: Orioles Sing 倉庚鳴;
3rd Qi Phase: Hawks Transform Into Cuckoos 鷹化爲鳩。

For the year of 壬寅 Yang Water Tiger, Wind-Wood Qi is deficient in general, which means it tends to grab Qi from its paired channels (Shaoyang and Yangming). Shaoyang Ministerial Fire governs the first half of the year, while Jueyin Wind-Wood governs the second half of the year. We are entering the last quarter of the 1st Qi phase of this year. How time flies!! Currently Host Qi is Jueyin Wind-Wood, and Guest Qi is Shaoyin Imperial Fire. If you have skin issues related to Juyin layer you may experience some outbreaks. Wood and Fire Qi support each other and manifest a harmonious force/energy. Weather is still cold these days, seems that Water Qi is supporting the Wind-Wood Qi to bounce higher later in the year. Earth Qi has shifted upwards; peach blossoms almost finished blooming and leaves are sprouting out. It will turn warm quickly from now on, and warm diseases may happen more frequently. Pathogens tend to harass the upper burner; bleeding, cough, headache, chest and costal problems may also happen more frequently.

The proper treatment is to treat the Guest Qi – Shaoyin, supporting it with salty flavor, draining it with sweet flavor, and gathering it with sour flavor. In general, eat mainly red grains, blending with a lesser portion of beans to prevent heat invasions.

Weather tends to shift rapidly at this time of the year. Be prepared.

The best foods and drink for this season include:

Chinese yam & dark leaf porridge 懷山藥青菜粥:
Chinese yam: white rice = 5 : 2.5

Hawthorn & goji porridge 山楂枸杞粥:
Hawthorn fruit: Goji fruit: white rice = 1 : 1 : 5

Preparation is the same as making other porridges.


陳皮普洱 Aged tangerine peel black tea (Pu’er)
檸檬普洱 Lemon black tea black tea (Pu’er)
紫蘇普洱 Perilla Black tea (Pu’er)
逍遙散 Xiaoyao san


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Sound familiar? Think you might have some Spleen qi deficiency? Give me a call and we can look into it!

The Spleen and children function similarly.
They like regularity.
They like simple (rather bland), clean, and warm food.
They get sick in case of starvation or overeating.
They get sick easily (immunity compromised) when stressed.


It's National Retro Day! The days before cell phones, internet and all the modern conveniences we have today. What do you miss from good ole days? Tell me in the comments below!

Thyroid disorder: Can Acupuncture help to balance the level of hormones? - Times of India 02/25/2022

Thyroid disorder: Can Acupuncture help to balance the level of hormones? - Times of India

Do you have thyroid problems? Acupuncture can help!


Thyroid disorder: Can Acupuncture help to balance the level of hormones? - Times of India It can affect people of all ages, but women are more likely to be affected because it is often inherited from family members and also results from iod

Acupuncture provides relief for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis 02/24/2022

Acupuncture provides relief for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

Thank you Jaci for such an informative article!

Acupuncture provides relief for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis How has winter been treating you? Can your aches and pains predict the weather? Did you know that acupuncture can help reduce the pain associated with both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis?


How can Acupuncture help you? - Avalon Acupuncture 02/17/2022

How can Acupuncture help you? - Avalon Acupuncture

Have you ever wondered if acupuncture could help you? Here is a list of just some of the issues I can assist with. Don't see what you're looking for? Give me a call or send a message, I would be happy to chat and see what I can help you with.

How can Acupuncture help you? - Avalon Acupuncture How Can Acupuncture Help You?Current research shows that acupuncture is effective in treating a variety of conditions including: Pain Stress, Anxiety, Depression Menopause Digestive Issues, Including Nausea & Vomiting Maternity Support Fertility Insomnia, Low Energy, Fatigue Headaches and Migraines....


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This has been my go to method of stopping anxiety attacks for many years. I teach it to my patients that need an easy to remember tool. You can do it anywhere, out loud or silently. My process is slightly different, but use what works for you. I use see, hear, feel and usually name 5 of each and then go from there, 4, 3, 2, 1. Don’t worry if you have to name the same thing more than once. In the beginning you may need to repeat the whole process but soon you will find you barely have to go through it once. Thank you Jacy for this great graphic!

Feeling anxious?
Take a breath and focus on your senses.

Black History Month | The Yinova Center 02/03/2022

Black History Month | The Yinova Center

When we think of Acupunture and TCM, our minds automatically go to Asian culture, but Acupuncture has a place in African American History too. Click the link below to learn more. https://www.yinovacenter.com/blog/black-history-month-people-in-medicine-and-science-who-inspire-us/

Black History Month | The Yinova Center In honor of Black History Month, we've gathered together a few highlights on people in medicine & science who have inspired & impacted us.


I am a Nationally Board Certified and Licensed Acupuncturist and East Asian Medicine Practitioner. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Natural Health Sciences and a Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA.

My training at Bastyr University has given me a well rounded education and rigorous hands-on training in acupuncture and complimentary modalities, Chinese herbal medicine and Western medical sciences. I have extensive experience working with patients in the areas of women’s health, fertility, oncology, pain management, psycho-emotional health, as well as many others.

I look forward to providing the tools necessary to build and maintain your health and well-being. I would like to be a partner in your journey toward the best version of you. East Asian Medicine focuses on the symptoms of disease but just as importantly it looks for the root cause. By using this approach I will be able to help bring you into a place of balance and ease. The result will be less pain, more rest, energy and wellness.

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