Back To Basics Log Cabin

Back To Basics Log Cabin


Amanda, do you guys carry honeysuckle oil?? I smelled the lotion the other day, and it's AMAZING!
Ask for it. It will change your life!
Amanda.. are you open for pick up orders? I’m needing some probiotics.. thank you😊
For Thursday challenge! Pigeon Forge , TN. WE went in "off season", but unreasonably warm for February. No crowds, just us in the woods.
North Carolina
I would like to try the honey!
What are your hours today? Do you have any hand sanitizer left? 😊
So happy I had the chance to visit today! Those Raspberry White Chocolate scones always hit the spot!
I keep this handy in the car. It’s perfection to just spray, relax and enjoy in the small space.
I got my order today!! My Christmas gift from my daughter. Best body butter ever!! 🧡 Thanks Amanda!
I see you were closed on Christmas Day, I just tried calling and was unable to reach anyone. Are you open today and if so, do you have any elderberry syrup? ☺️
I'm addicted.

We are beekeepers who make all of our own bath & body products from scratch using healthy ingredients We sell quality handmade items that have been made as local as possible.

We make our all natural handmade soap on site and Randy is our resident Beekeeper who provides us with all natural chemical free honey. Amanda is our herbalist whom creates our all natural line of soaps, salves, lotions and essential oil blends and teas. Call for any custom orders!

Operating as usual

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It’s a beautiful Saturday here at the cabin!! Stop in for fresh Pumpkin Spice Scones!
We also just got in our Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Espresso Beans.
We have partnered with a woman that will help me keep unique products stocked that we don’t make. She follows our natural ideas for making products as clean as possible from toxic substances. We have her Lotion Bars in and they smell incredible in Citrus and Lavender blends.
Stop in for freshly made Sea Moss, and Black Seed Oil!

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Stop in to see a new vendor we have! They make beautiful Earrings and Pens made from recycled River Wood, Barn Wood and Deer Antler. Some of the wood is over 400 Years old sourced locally from the 1830’s dam in Athens, when the logs were cut for the dam, they were already over 200 years old! Wear this piece of history in style!
We just made our Lavender & Mint Tea, enjoy this sweetened with our freshly harvested Honey and pick up a bag of Candied Ginger to help with stomach upset, help aid in digestion or help with nausea. Or do as I do and enjoy the flavor of the gooey goodness left at the bottom of the cup!
We also just milled our incredible smelling/tasting Hazelnut Decaffeinated Coffee! Brand new product as a gift for yourself or a friend.
Stop in and see us today!


Look! It’s SOAP day!!!!!
Breathe Easy Soap, Oatmeal Honey Soap and Green Tea & Tea Tree are all cut and out on the shelves ❤️
We also have the FFA Fruit Order forms in!!!!!


The best way to treat you, is to heal you. Not sure if I came up with this phrase, but I’m claiming it for today!

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It’s Saturday and everybody is coming in for our Immunitea, and Elderberry Cough Syrup today. If you are sick, we have the remedy! If you are not sick, stop in to get your preventative care package! We have a variety of options to choose from, herbal teas that boost your immune system, syrups for sore throats & viruses being made right now, V***r Salves for congestion, natural antibiotics, vitamin C, Zinc, D3. You name it we have it! Stop in today since we are closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
Check out how purple our Elderberries are from a local fresh source!!

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A new Product is now available! It’s a popular Anti Viral Blend that was shown to work through Covid. It’s immunomodulatory, bacteriostatic that contains polyphenols that help to destroy free radicals and also assists to inhibit formation of inflammation. This works with vitamin C, enhancing synergistically with our antiviral tea. I have managed to gather all the hard to obtain ingredients and this is a bulk batch that makes a gallon at a time. Make once for the whole family to use or make ahead of time, freeze and warm as needed!
Cistus, Pine Needle and Red Clover are just a few of the ingredients that help make this tea so good for you.
Our Eczema Salves are ready to pour and I’m jarring them now. This I only make in small batch, it’s as fresh as possible for best effectiveness. Essential Oils of Chamomile & Rosewood help to calm the inflammation and itch associated with Eczema. Safe for babies and adults!
We just got our new Christmas themed bags in! You get one complimentary, and we charge a small fee for extras. Let us make your Christmas shopping easier for you!
Come visit me at the cabin today, I am here until 5 PM.~Amanda


It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!! This little guy was sunning himself on our hives. Our yard is a safe haven for bees and butterflies!
Our Sea Moss Gel is now restocked since we sold out on Saturday and the Black Seed Oil has been bottled.
Stop in Wednesday through Saturday 10-5.

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Lots of questions about the post from yesterday on Sea Moss. I personally add 2 Tbsp Sea Moss with 1/2 tsp of Black Seed Oil into my meal replacement shake every day.
These superfoods help is a variety of ways, instead of asking why should you take these, the question is rather why wouldn’t you?
The skin benefits alone!
Speaking of skin, I created a brand new Mud Mask!! Tammy and I saw a difference right away when I tested it first on my one hand. We saw tightening of pores immediately when compared to the hand that didn’t get the mud mask.
It’s called Coconut Aloe Mud Mask, come check it out if you would like to rid yourself of acne, help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

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Freshly made Sea Moss is back, we only make small batches of these so it is completely fresh.
Contains 92 of the 102 minerals your body needs, helps with Thyroid problems, joints etc.
I finished making a new batch of Thieves Soap last night and it’s already cut, wrapped and out on the shelf! You know this doesn’t last long.
Come see us today, we would love to help you!

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I was busy late last night making more of our Body Butters that are flying out the door! I had a little helper taking the photos today!
We have a brand new blend called Açaí Berry!!! You have to smell this! A fruity blend with hints of Vanilla, a new favorite to be…I’m sure! Also Pumpkin Spice is on the shelf along with Hazelnut Vanilla!!!!
Our Pumpkin Spice Soap contains only essential oils, unlike most pumpkin spice blends on the market, ours is made with true 100% essential oils And fresh pumpkin purée, pair this with our Pumpkin Enzyme Facial Mask and your skin will thank you.
Stop in today for Fresh Apple Cider and visit with Tammy, Allison, Melissa and Myself!


It’s FALL TIME at the cabin!!! We are cutting our Pumpkin Spice Soaps right now and putting them out. Randy and I just picked up items from Amish Country, we have more Leather belts, Door Bells, The best ever Fly Swatters, Natural Dog Treats, and I’m serving ice cold Apple Cider by the cup!!!!
Stop in to see us to get your Pumpkin Spice Body Butters!!


Hormone balancing has been a hot topic lately and we had a variety of different people emailing and asking questions about our new Hormonal Blend. What affects your hormones? Chronic stress, diet, excess smoking and drinking, sleep deprivation, and age are just a few. Having balanced hormones is one of the most important parts of keeping our cells functioning at an optimal level, and today this is harder to do with the amount of toxins and hormones in our foods and surrounding us environmentally. That’s why at Back to Basics Log Cabin we try to eliminate phthalate fragrances, and other unhealthy ingredients from our products, as they can mess with your endocrine system as well as other body functions. The essential oils in this blend can assist with a multitude of different things to work with your body. We recommend that you use it regularly and every day for the best effect. Inconsistency with essential oils will give you varied results. So every morning when I get ready before I put on my natural deodorant I am applying the hormone balancing blend. Another area that is affected by hormones is the perineum area, if things are tight or uncomfortable for you there, then apply a cool compress for a maximum of 30 minutes with a few drops of this essential oil. This essential oil also helps as an anti-anxiety and anti-depressant and if you suffer with hot flashes, it’s possible to assist in this area as well. It is important for stress management in order to prevent the production of excess cortisol. If you are producing cortisol then you aren’t producing as much estrogen and serotonin, so stress really can take over your life and body.
This blend can also help reduce menstrual cramps, boost your libido, assist with PCOS and low progesterone levels. This blend could help reduce cortisol by as much as 36%, and even more if you incorporate stress management tools. We will also provide this concentrated essential oil blend as a Massage Oil that you can rub over your body.
❤️What do you do for stress relief? What works for you? I like to go hiking, especially at new places!!!❤️
Any questions, please stop in and see us!
I’m making Pumpkin Spice Body Butters today!


I have been working on a formulation for Hormonal Balancing. Clary Sage is great, but this is better!! Can’t wait to share it with you, it’s being put on the shelf now.
Next on the list I am making our Sage Eye Shadow and Gold Dust Eye Shadow. Also getting put out on the shelf our Peony Garden Blush! Such a soft shimmery look, great for all skin types!
Did you know that we make our make up in-house? And we add lavender essential oil to help with inflammation, and it smells great too.
Pick up your bug repellent spray if you are headed to Sterneheel Festival or going to Paddlefest!
Stop in and see us today!

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It’s noon on a Thursday, and we are packaging up our Honey as well as Butterscotch Foundations. Elderberry Cough Syrup is also in the pot boiling down, it should be ready to go very soon. It is not just for coughs, it is packed full of vitamin C and we use our honey to sweeten it so the kids as well as adults love it.
I am doing my best to catch up on everything we have run out of. Currently, I am making our Irish Moss Gel today. This has been incredibly popular, and for those of you doing our Detox Program, this would be a wonderful addition to help feed your body! It contains 92 of the 102 minerals our body needs. Stop in today I’m making many other products and we will be here all day!


We are looking for a new neighbor! The house across the road with the white fence rails, horse barn and separate mother in law suite (currently rented) is going to be listed for sale! I believe they are asking $425,000. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…..won’t you be my neighbor?
Edit** it’s around 5 acres


It’s Saturday! Stop in for a fresh batch of Thieves Soap! This soap helps to keep colds and flus at bay., perfect for everyone going back to school.
Our Fall Pumpkin Spice blend is making its way back into the store, we have the essential oil blend that is a complete natural made from only essential oils no fragrances like the commercial brands. Smells incredible if you would like your diffuser to start smelling like fall stop in and pick them up they are always an Item that goes quickly. I just made a new batch of sea salt scrubs we have a few in the Pumkin Spice, as well as Blueberry Lemon, Himalayan, CranberryPomegranate, Coconut Lime, Roses & Cream and so many others!
Tammy and I are here till 5! 


Come check out our Detox Kits, I’ve lost 4 lbs in 8 days and feeling so much more energy!!!!!!
Here until 5 pm today, stop in and see us!


I am on day 7 of my Detox Kit, so far I have managed to confuse myself. Why do I let myself slide backwards so far? I feel so good on this program in a matter of days. Sometimes I lose a lot of weight, sometimes I lose a little, but every time I feel increased energy, clarity of thinking, and many more benefits. One thing that keeps coming up that I find frustrating is how many times people bring in their supplements to see if it’s good or beneficial for them. Most times the supplements have been heated or are non-organic and this is a huge game changer in how they work and their effectiveness.
Feel free to stop in, I am here until five. Bring your supplements in and we can advise you on whether or not they are truly viable. Don’t waste good money, I did that for too many years. Only to find the “high quality” supplements I was paying top dollar for were not doing anything but making me gassy.
We research all of our supplements each year to ensure that they are still high-quality and viable options, sometimes companies will bait and switch. This is what I use for my family because I have found these companies produce the highest quality for the best prices.


Our Theives Soap is back in stock, just in time for cold and flu season, also with the kiddos being back in school. Have you picked up your vitamin C, D3 and Zinc yet? These are a sure fire way to help avoid getting sick. If you are like me, and don’t have time to get sick, stop in today to get yours.
I’m making more of our deodorants, the adjustment I made over the last six months to these deodorants have been great for people that are sensitive to sodium bicarbonate. Ours is highly deodorizing and doesn’t contain the harmful ingredients that commercial brands contain. Give it a try!
I will be in the cabin at least until 5 today with Allison, stop by and see us!


Just took my first supplement in our Detox Kit, better late than never!
I’m going to get rid of my extra weight and my autoimmune disorders that are creeping in! I have the choice, and my choice is not to get on medicine. Autoimmune problems can be reversed or stalled with proper diet, exercise and supplements. I’ve reversed my daughters Thyroid problems. I’m going to fix my health, who is with me!?!? It’s never too late.
Our Detox, Meal Replacement and Probiotics/Enzymes are kick starting my weight loss goals. I usually lose 5-7 lbs in 12 days, I’m going to try for 10 pounds this time!
I may fail, but I also may succeed!
Stop by today to get your kit and join me in the “Back To Basics back To healthy” group and we have giveaways and encouragement for those of you that purchased our Detox Kit at the cabin.

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Come check out our Detox Kits, I’ve lost 4 lbs in 8 days and feeling so much more energy!!!!!!Here until 5 pm today, sto...
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