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‘sunk in the grass of an empty lot on a spring Saturday, I split the stems of milkweed and thought about ants and peach pits and death and where the world went when I closed my eyes’
- Toni Morrison from The Bluest Eye
Thank you for this picture
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The Leap! We literally have never sent an email to our contact list - EVER! Until today. Just did it. We have built our thriving practice literally in person on the ground from patient to patient and it has grown & grown through the years. Organically, personally. And! we have this very robust contact list from a decade and a half of serving the Bay Area and today we sent an email! Well, not too you all but to everyone on our list since we’ve had our new online system. Working on it. It really felt daunting and then we just jumped. Inspired by the Zoe & Stella’s grand jumping and being connected through time & space. DM to add your email to our contact list.
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This Guy, the man who gives our practice its name. Beyond amazing an accomplishment of his 50th year - Jason just completed The Death Ride - 129 miles, 5 passes in the Sierra Nevadas and 15,000 elevation gain in 1 day on bicycle. And now he’s back to work serving our community with acupuncture & meditation; helping break the cycle of crime, broken families and homelessness caused by addiction. And being the best Papa ever! So grateful to him for giving our girls the foundation of love, care, presence and time.
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Whole Family Love - Pediatric Acupuncture now offered at MFA! Our incredible team of acupuncturists especially Janet and Lauren have built up a thriving pediatric practice here. Needles (like this dearest love, Amy’s Midwife’s daughter) and needle free treatments. Full circle with this one whose Mama helped usher in Zoe and Stella and has touched so many of our patients lives. Brave and resilient girl, We Love You! @j_birdies @therootmidwives @themidwifeandthebaker
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The beauty of Cesarean birth. Our eldest daughter Zoe was born out of Mama’s belly into the light just as her Papa dreamed. Footage like this helps deepen the layers of acceptance for the rightness of what is. Zoe means life. We are so grateful for how she was birthed. We are so grateful she is alive. @wombservicemidwifery @j_birdies @therootmidwives
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Any day now this view I have loved my whole life so deeply will surround me. It is sooooo easy to leave now and really unplug because our team at Mitchell Family Acupuncture, @alisonwintersacupuncture, @janetacu, @wellinthewest, @zenresources take care of everything and most importantly everyone so beautifully! A super special shout out to the my esteemed colleague, the beautiful and talented and soon to be Dr., Alison Winters, L.Ac., who came to our clinic to cover my vacation to Higgins Lake in 2016 and that was when our magic together began. So blessed with you, Beauty @alisonwintersacupuncture !!
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The news! We will be raising our office visit rates August 9. For our established patients you are welcome to pre purchase any number of visits at our existing rates before that time. We are so grateful for you all!
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Lush gratefulness today - feels like this. Today especially for the newest member of our team @janetacu Janet Thomson, L.Ac. We are so lucky to have her here and everything came together in just the right way. She specializes in pediatrics and women’s health! Link in bio for all her info & to book.
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We are beyond honored to be part of your journey to becoming, dearest one. We wish you a life of love, connection, health & peace. With Love & Grace, Amy, Alison, Lauren & Janet @berkeleyacupuncture

“Where would we be without you? We are so thankful to all the ancient, powerful, energizing work you did on us to help usher in our Star Baby. We are over the moon with him. We are so thankful and blessed to have Su chef up with you and your practice and will always hold our sessions together so close and dear to our hearts.”
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@ Berkeley, California

Days off...
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Flower’s Heal! Amy @berkeleyacupuncture is over the moon to be part of the Mandala Project Flower School @bewilderfloral . Deepening her love of foraged flower design and making beauty that goes to the grieving & dying.

On most Sunday mornings, May through October, Bewilder opens it’s doors to volunteers to arrange left over florals from weddings. As a “flower dojo” model, this is a space for designers looking to get a foothold in the competitive floral industry through hands-on experience. The group is led by Bewilder’s lead designers who cover new industry topics each week and do hands on demos of all the elements of wedding floral design. As either a drop in or curriculum based model, they are available to answer any floral or industry questions and guide volunteers in their design work.

Completed pieces are then donated to grieving individuals in the Bay Area. Additionally, they believe flowers can be very healing to work with, and they gladly welcome anyone who is working to recover from grief or trauma themselves.
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Expanding our deep plant love to indoors. Our baby pileas all happy in their pots, first time away from the mother plant. Lots of nurturing happening here. And light.
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Happy Summer Beautiful Ones.
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Yes yes yes

Our pediatric acupuncturist, Lauren cooking from The First Forty Days to freeze some nourishing snacks for when bebe comes! Can you see her toes down there under that beautiful full belly?
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It’s Summer Baby! It has seriously been such an honor to soak up the new mama vibes as our beloved acupuncturist Lauren has grown week by week. Happy maternity leave, Beauty! @wellinthewest The view is expanding from here...
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Just in! How to Breathe by Ashley Neese @ashley_neese . Come get your copy today and stay tuned for Ashely’s How to Breathe class here in September. It’s Saturday September 14th 4-6. Save the date. Loving!!!! this [email protected] the simple, accessible and very profound guidance it offers.
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Summer’s in the air! Feeling it! Here is Zoe, Amy’s daughter, our beloved acupuncturist Alison’s @alisonwintersacupuncture patient, in the wilds of the Berkeley Rose Waldorf School Farm @berkeleyrosewaldorfschool, Three Springs. On the cusp of summer, in her element. Nature is medicine.
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TURMERIC Paste is Back! Come get it while we have it! Made fresh in house organic goodness by our STAR intern @starnavarre who is pursuing her masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine at @actcm_sf . It is absolutely delicious and can be eaten traditionally by the spoonful or in milk as golden milk. For sleep, pain, inflammation, digestion, liver health, anti-oxidation, endocrine health - yes basically all the things. All around amazing delicious medicine.
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This is what a weekend with no plans looks like.
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THE ULTIMATE nutrient dense! Local oysters, sautéed scallops in pastured butter and all these beets and veggies. Mmmmmm...
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Let’s love ourselves at every single season, ya??! So easy to do with the peony.
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More mugwort on this oh so luminous day.
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The first home of Chicken & Qi, Amy’s home in Bernal Heights where she lived and practiced while training to be an acupuncturist at The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in SF. @actcm_sf Many chicken bone broths made, bowls of soup eaten, treatments given in that front room with the high ceilings and light streaming in and where she lived when she met her love, Jason Mitchell. The first home built on the north side of Bernal Hill. A little haunted but kittens helped with that. So much learning, discovery and love happened in this home.
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Beautiful letting go
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Oh peony season we love you so...
The root of the peony plant is an powerful herb for women’s health & fertility that we use every single day in our clinic!
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EXHALE & ready for the weekend...
So so so happy to have this work of grace and love, this beautiful book in my hands. How to Breathe by Ashley Neese @ashley_neese. The book shares 25 simple practices for calm, joy & resilience. Especially ready to learn the practices on self healing, anger!!! (yes and thank you) and resilience. And always - letting go & open heart.
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From our beloved @kayamindlin who graces our website with her baby on the inside. We are so blessed to know you, learn from you, be at your side. Always.
“This is the moment I couldn’t believe finally arrived. The baby I had been waiting for. I love children. I love my babies. I love life. I am a nearly life long vegetarian for the non-harm of animals. I will never own a gun. I carry bugs outside to safety before I smash them. And I wanted to have children before I wanted anything. Before this birth, two souls attempted to come my way. One we weren’t ready for. It was a hard decision and the very right decision to have an abortion. I wanted to love a child and raise a child with capacity. Guess what? Almost every woman I told about this had had an abortion. The second pregnancy was desired. But the fetus didn’t survive and wasn’t miscarried naturally. No heart beat in my womb meant a surgical abortion performed by an OB. It was heartbreaking. And I thank God I didn’t have to go on continuing to carry that fetus bereft of life in my womb. It is because I love life, children and birth that I am PRO CHOICE. And anyone who is against the choice of a life is not pro life. They are pro power, they are pro prison industry, they are pro medical industry, they are pro wealth disparity. They are anything but pro life. Not in the least. The government has no business in my body, or my children’s bodies. We are sovereign.”
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All the rest is commentary
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Alabama girls 💔💔❤️

Today’s surprise present delivered to our door. “You are the best! I cannot thank you enough for your extraordinary care and support! Much Love. “
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First Forty Days - Megan Markle is considering adopting the ancient Chinese practice of “postnatal confinement” after the birth of her baby.
The Duchess of Sussex was sent a book called The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother by Helen Ou her mum Doria.
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Wildcrafted Mugwort drying & readying to be made into Mugwort Oil.

Medicinal Uses: As a tonic, Mugwort is highly sought after for its affinity for the female reproductive system. It is commonly used as a uterine stimulant that can both bring on delayed menstruation and aid in the balance and support of a regular menstrual cycle, which can be achieved by taking Mugwort internally or applying it topically onto the lower abdomen. It also halts excessive menstrual bleeding caused by deficiency, circulates the blood to the pelvic region, warms the womb, pacifies the fetus, and arrests threatened miscarriages. Further, Dioscorides recommended a decoction of Mugwort in a bath if there is trouble passing the placenta after birth. This, and most of Mugwort’s female tonic actions, is achieved by a warming and thinning effect.

The use of the down of Mugwort leaves is a very popular practice in TCM, Japanese, and Korean medicine for cases of rheumatism. Once formed, the cottony cones are placed directly onto the skin and then ignited for use as a counterirritant. The cones (or sometimes the mugwort is prepared into a sort of cigarette form where a hot ash can build on one end) are left on the arthritic spot until it becomes hot, and then are moved to the next spot, and back and forth until the areas become red, but not blistered. Through this process, the veins in the areas of pain or “congestion” are dilated, promoting circulation. Commonly referred to as Moxas or moxabustion, this is a good method for quick pain relief in cases such as injuries or bruises, and for long-term rheumatic pain support. It can also be thought of as a sort of “tonic process,” as it can be used at any time to stimulate the flow of qi. In general, it especially dispels cold and dampness.
Thank you to #herbally for the info and @mythicmedicine for the inspiration to make #mugwortoil #tcm #moxa #localmedicine #wildcrafted #dreammedicine #protection

Hi Darlings,
You should come!!
Come by for some self care for YOU! and send along your friends for spring tea, seasonal wellness reminders, acu-seeds and acupressure. Lauren is our resident pediatric specialist and seasonal wellness expert so this is a great time to meet her if you are interested in care for your children & self care for YOU!

Spring Social with Lauren Kaneko-Jones
Lauren will share seasonal wellness wisdom, tea and seasonal acu-points that you can activate yourself to stay healthy this Spring & Summer.

Wednesday May 8th 7-8pm
Mitchell Family Acupuncture
1738 Solano Avenue

See you here!
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We can’t wait to see you!! Look at all of these opportunities coming up this month to learn w Lauren Kaneko-Jones @wellinthewest . Here is a #repost from her-
May is looking so cute! First event is Saturday in Petaluma with @herbfolkmedicine - we will be doing an herb walk, tasting herbal concoctions and learning all about how to stay vibrant during Spring & Summer
If you miss it there are a few other opportunities to learn in person about Seasonal Wellness and how it affects you. (Co-teachers and hosts tagged on corresponding events!)
Join me at any of these fun events before I take a 🤰🏻👶🏻 break. Link in bio!
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