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Using acupuncture for better health: to reduce pain, minimize stress, improve energy, boost the immune system, support digestion and increase well being.

[05/26/20]   Thrilled that I passed the Jing Fang herbal exam. Will now be officially listed as a Jing Fang practitioner!

Preparing Chinese Herbal Formulas.

New Acupuncture Hospital, Tianjin University of TCM

First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin University of TCM with Dr Li Shi Jun, acupuncture stroke protocol.

[11/08/17]   CONGRATULATIONS Americans!! The 2018 ACA (Affordable Care Act) enrollment period is Nov 1-Dec 15.
You're not seeing advertising about the enrollment window online or on TV because the Affordable Care Act’s advertising budget was cut by 90 percent by you know who...
Fortunately, your friends are posting this and using the word "congratulations" so it gets posted more frequently in Newsfeed by FB algorithms.
Please consider copying and pasting (don't share) on your own timeline...and send to Public.

At the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences. Enjoying being a clinic supervisor.

[10/03/17]   Enrollment for the 2018 Affordable Care Act (ACA / Obamacare) starts November 1 and ends December 15. Trump reduced the advertising funds to announce when people can enroll by 90%. He also cut the open enrollment time period from 3 months to 6 weeks. If enough people don't enroll, the program doesn't work... this is one of the ways that this could be destroyed. I believe we need to do the marketing ourselves.
If you or anyone you know relies on the ACA please make sure people know about Open Enrollment. If you miss open enrollment there is also opportunity for special enrollment (e.g. if you lost your employer based insurance).
Please copy and paste to circulate. #SpreadTheWord

The new sign is up. Check it out on your next acupuncture treatment!n

NAF NorCal: Book Presentation by Boris Dittrich The Northern California Chapter of the Netherland-America Foundation and the University of Amsterdam Alumni invite you to a Book Presentation by Boris Dittrich W.O.L.F. Chosen as best Dutch thriller of 2016! Friday, September 15, 2017 6:30 - 8:30 pm Join us for an interactive discussion with author,...

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund - GHCF

We all need a helping hand at times.

6,000-Year-Old Knee Joints Suggest Osteoarthritis Isn't Just Wear And Tear

Different thought on Arthritis. Even after a Harvard team took into account differences in age and weight among ancient specimens and knees today, they found that modern humans tend to have more osteoarthritis.

[08/09/17]   Ran into an old patient of mine. As we started a casual chat, she made my day saying:"you where the one that connected me with my place of wellness, I've been getting better ever since"!

THIS is The Real Reason Wheat is Toxic (And It’s NOT the Gluten...

This makes sense. Here's why you need to stop eating toxic wheat even if you do not have a gluten...

Thinking Humanity

We share the bigger picture of us!

We live in a time where we quickly put people in boxes. Maybe we have more in common than what we think.

Credit: TV 2 via Truth Inside Of You


A newly discovered role for lungs: making blood.
Learn more here ➡️

[01/25/17]   I found this helpful, sharing in case others do as well.
For those celebrating the forthcoming repeal of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare): Just a reminder that even if you are safely ensconced behind employer-provided insurance, the protections set forth in the ACA apply to you, too--and if those protections are repealed along with the rest (or any part) of the program, you will also be affected.
That means you may be trapped in a job, because your pre-existing condition may mean you will not qualify for new insurance offered by another employer, and the cost of private insurance would be prohibitive. If your employer shuts down, lays you off, or even changes insurers, well, you are out of luck. (The Senate GOP voted this week that they would not require an eventual ACA replacement to protect against discrimination for pre-existing conditions, which was the standard before the ACA.)
It means that you (a young adult under the age of 26) or your adult children (over 18) may find yourselves without the protection of insurance, as the Senate GOP voted last night that an eventual ACA replacement will not be required to allow young people to remain on their parents' insurance up to the age of 26.
It means that if you have a high-risk pregnancy, or life-threatening illness such as cancer, you may not be able to afford all the care you need, because you may hit lifetime or annual caps. If you have an infant born with any kind of severe medical condition, or premature, they may hit their lifetime insurance cap before they are old enough to walk. The Senate GOP voted last night that an eventual ACA replacement program would not be required to prohibit lifetime insurance caps.
It means that if you are a struggling parent who is un- or underinsured, you will no longer be able to count on at least your kids getting the routine medical and dental care they need under the Children's Health Insurance Plan (CHIP). The Senate GOP voted that CHIP is not required to be protected by an eventual ACA replacement.
These provisions of the ACA affect everyone in this country, not just those without insurance through their employers.
If you are not okay with these changes, call your representatives and let them know what's important to you. Nothing has been set in stone yet, but our legislators have shown us a map of what they plan to do if constituents don't make their voices heard loud and clear.
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The Acupuncture Room

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Sacramento, subject matter expert for item writing workshop CA acupuncture exam. Taking a break!

Bridges climbing competition finals.

[12/27/15]   Come in for a Stress Relieve Treatment to help navigate the Holiday Season.

Best of Berkeley two years running!

[12/06/15]   Acupuncture Room receives Best of Berkeley 2015!

[06/25/15]   The Acupuncture Room will be closed from June 26 till July 14, while we're enjoying vacation time!

[02/24/15]   The Acupuncture Room Receives 2014 Best Businesses of Berkeley Award

Berkeley Award Program Honors the Achievement

Berkeley, February 6, 2015 — The Acupuncture Room has been selected for the 2014 Best Businesses of Berkeley Award in the Acupuncture category by the Best Businesses of Berkeley Award Program.

Each year, the Best Businesses of Berkeley Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Berkeley area a great place to live, work and play.

Tylenol use during pregnancy linked to ADHD in kids, study finds

Looking for a safe way to relieve aches and pains: Acupuncture! Facing a world full of potential dangers for the babies they carry, pregnant women hear regularly that acetaminophen can be trusted to reduce fevers and relieve aches and pains without causing harm to a developing fetus. But a new study reports that the children of women who took the drug during pre...

[01/28/14]   My new website is up, let me know what you think!

[12/28/13]   Getting ready for the last 20 Minutes of Bliss for the Season. Let go of the stress, relax into the body, re-align with the flow.

Alleviate Grief with Albizia, "The Tree of Happiness" Albizia is one of my favorite herbs because of its real and unique ability to nourish the spirit in a way no other herb (or chemical substance, for th...

20 min of Bliss continues
hosted by Jeanie Phan L.Ac. and Henriette Lenssen L. Ac.
Come join us on Saturdays in December
for an acupuncture Treat
800 A Delaware St | 5th St Entrance
$20 donation, share the fun!
In the heart of the 4th Street Berkeley shopping district. —

20 min of Bliss, a Stress Relieve Clinic, hosted by Jeanie Phan L.Ac. and Henriette Lenssen L. Ac.
Come join us Saturday Dec 7, 800 A Delaware St
5th St Entrance | $20 donation
In the heart of the 4th Street Berkeley shopping district.

[12/04/13]   20 minutes of Bliss on Saturday Dec 7, hosted by Jeanie Phan L.Ac. and Henriette Lenssen L.Ac.

[12/04/13]   Getting ready for a new event: The Stress Relieve Clinic!

Winter Season Session at The Acupuncture Room, Reset your personal space in Vibrant Health, Celebrate the Season. Experience a unique combination of The Ancient Chinese Body Work Modality "Tui Na" and Acupuncture. Call Today 510.786.8872

A 4-Year-Old Girl Asked A Lesbian If She's A Boy. She Responded The Awesomest Way Possible. It involves pajamas and pancakes and equality.

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