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For over 10 years, I have worked with individuals and families who are going through difficult life transitions. I provide counseling and life coaching services to clients in the Boulder/Denver area, specializing in supporting adults and young adults as they move through difficult emotional states. This includes work with:

Creative Blocks

Chronic Illness and Pain (

Operating as usual


Magic morning with this Great Blue Heron. Thank you for letting me hang out and meditate and learn from you and reminding me of the beauty of being alive.

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“They noticed an alternate path back towards the car and started walking towards it. As they continued to walk, they felt like they were moving in circles. It was a spiral. At the center of the spiral, they became aware of the sound of a ticking clock.

“I don’t know if I am ready to go back home.I can’t believe it’s time.” Allison said.

“Like the spiral you are in, all of life moves in non-linear patterns. It is only the human mind that constructed the illusion of time. ‘Time’  is a spiral, we know this because it is found throughout nature. The galaxy, the shell, the coiled serpent, the pattern of a stone thrown on water, and the human embryo are all reminders. You can only be stuck if you are living exclusively in linear time. How you move through time is the difference between being stuck or not.

You can change the past, the present, and the future simultaneously, when you reconnect with the spiraling quantum nature of reality. I am The Time Master and my message to you is that Time is Infinite. You never left home. There is no going back, only jumping to new timelines or should I say time spirals. ” He said with a smile. “

What do you think would happen if you lived your life this way?

Another lil glimpse of our upcoming book.

Dona and Allison

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Photos from Blooming Edge's post

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You are threaded through time and space, you are a cosmic stitch, embedded in the Quantum field.

Unlearn to relearn what this reality could be. Your dreams create your reality.

And when you clean your brain you can fly high. Some of you are starting to See.

No language has words to describe the experiences you can have when you connect to the light.

No human senses, as we know them, are good enough to describe the richness of the experience of the connection to the light.

Come with me, cross the light bridge. Watch the sunrise and sunset everyday, no excuses, no I’m too tired, plug yourself back into your energy source which is the sun.

Here we go, heading out on the trail, on a manifestation journey, into the red rocks of Boynton Canyon to find the key to the doorway.

Citrinitas is the Alchemy of The Sun, a light which transforms consciousness and reminds you of creation. Why do you need to be reminded? Because you have forgotten that your Spark is Light.

Thank you to all of our inspiring guides and teachers in this realm and beyond.

This is from my upcoming book, the one I am co-authoring with my great friend . Please follow us to find out more of the story and other mojo!!

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“The rainbow is the Timing Fork back to Mu. Go to the end of the road and climb the mountain, ignoring the sign, Do Not Enter. You will hear the chanting and drumming and this is your signal to keep going, that you are welcome. Follow the sound and you will find your way. Keep going until you see the lava stones that outline the foundation of the Heiau, this was the site of the halau, where Hula was performed, on the upper stone terrace above Ke'e Beach. The most important thing to remember is to follow your Piko, your navigational tool, at all times. When you travel between worlds, you may feel lost, but as long as you follow your Piko, your Timing Fork, you will always return home.” Said the old woman, who they must summoned because she arrived with the perfect message, at the most serendipitous moment.

Once again they find themselves asking if this exchange was of this world. And then Dona, asks aloud, “Was she real?”

“What is real anyway? I am starting to feel like our perceptions and understanding are too black and white. It’s all real and none of it is. It’s just how we make meaning into matter. You know what I am saying ?” Allison asks.

A lil mojo from our upcoming book, coming out in February, 2022.

Dona and Allison


The things that we carry can weigh us down or be a wonderful reminder to listen deeply.

After a wonderful inspiring meeting yesterday, I am reminded that my own soul is actually summoning me to expression and to love.

The burden of the soul is a weighted reminder of a great blessing.

We just need to know the profound gift we are carrying and allow it, admit it into our lives and suddenly we are at peace.

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What if you lived each day like you were hunting for your next meal

Keep going. Once you have decided don’t go back into choosing again. Keep going.


Which habits, behaviors, thoughts and rituals wake you up and which make you go numb?

Name one of each in the comments to make a commitment to yourself and let the universe know you are paying attention to your life.


Although most of us seem to naturally know how to fall “in love” many of us don’t know how to create sustainable relationships . Once we recognize this, we can begin to learn and to practice.


The ultimate healing of intimate partnership
Is transcending our ego wounds

There is beauty in the breakdown


Sunrise and sunset
Are the program
Let your heart , your spirit,
And your nervous system reset


What happens when we change our filters and our perceptions of why certain events are unfolding in our lives?

This is literally one of the most sacred and simultaneously challenging practices: to take complete responsibility for my life and the manifestations of content within it.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to practice and to clear this pattern. I am the creator of the reality which I see.


What if we trusted our wounds to take us exactly where our soul needs to grow?

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Vulnerability is often the antidote to a power struggle

Drop the power struggle and drop in to your vulnerability.

What does idea bring up in you?


when we return to the body and keep practicing dropping the stories and the identifications to roles and to norms and to how we need to behave to be accepted we enter the realm of deep intuitive earth based soul centered spirit guided knowing

-in a sense it is true we are nothing - nothing like what/who we thought we were - but actually something far greater


Do you know what I mean?


This is my magic bridge that I cross every day on my morning walk..anything can be a way to wake up .. to make a prayer of an action you take everyday ...everyday when I cross that bridge - I am reminded of Magic - I cross the threshold everyday to remind myself of the greater than seen world.. anything is possible !!


Join us Thursday at 12:30 PT to join a conversation about the June 24-27th retreat at Civana Wellness Resort And Spa in Carefree Arizona.

We will offer you an experience of who we are and what we do to help women transform their lives from “normal” to “magic.”

Will you say yes to crossing threshold?


What do we fundamentally really want in our lives ?

We want a life beyond survival mode, a life of creativity, of transformational change, of aliveness, and of nourishment, right?

Sometimes we feel blocked and need more tools and more support. Support can be a group field to hold us accountable, experienced facilitators, and calling on the cycles of nature to support us.

Join myself and Dona, at our next Full Moon Women’s Retreat at Civana Wellness Resort and Spa. We will be there at the end of the month if you are ready to say yes to yourself completely.


I am a New Yorker - I think magic is Bu****it... everything important exists only in the intellect... mind over matter right?

1998 -Leaving my four story walk up studio apartment - $1000 rent - Putting on my long black trench coat and platform boots and hitting streets. I will walk from the Upper East Side all the way to the Village if you give me day.

Watching all of us and myself in the storefront windows ... is that really me? Is this everything? All that I can buy and see and hear and hustle through ? Is this it?

The anxiety, the depression, the loneliness of this huge ,expansive, crowded, beautiful audacious, juicy, smelly and loud city is flooding my nervous system...

For years... I allowed myself to be swallowed whole by the machine, by the mind, by the material and I forgot - actually I didn’t even know that anything else was possible

I didn’t really know I had a body, the word embodiment would have left a blank stare on my face... meditation, spirituality, yoga , psychedelics, just new age avoidance for those hippies ...

Until the synchronicities started and I began to hear ... I began to really listen ... What I found awed me... there was actually more than this... so much more...

and yes the drugs helped ... the legal ones which numbed me and the illegal ones that woke me from the stupid survival stupor ... the contrast- the contract -the commitment to finally wake up

To leave the mentalized material and truly enter the matrices... to delve into the webs ... to feel my place in the infinite networks ... to finally find my place in things ... not to make meaning but to be the meaning in the energetic essence of my very heartbeat radiating out in ever widening circles and magnetizing an entire alternate reality

So maybe I do , now , believe in magic


💥3T : Tools to Transform Your Life💥

💥1- CLARITY: Clarity of intention

💥2-CLEARING: Tools to clear psychological imprints, preverbal narratives, recognitions of predominant behaviors/ habits to create space for new nervous system patterns and neural pathways. Engagement in somatic embodiment practices to reconnect to cellular knowing . Recalibration of our information and guidance system for our lives.

💥3- CODE: Practices to rehearse and to write new code and programming in our lives through meditation , Hoponopono, mantra recitation , yoga , breath work, ritual, ceremony, drumming, and other ways to create new vibrational patterns in our lives.

💥What do we fundamentally really want in our lives ?

💥We want a life beyond survival mode, a life of creativity, of transformational change, of aliveness, and of nourishment, right?

💥Sometimes we feel blocked and need more tools and more support. Support can be a group field to hold us accountable, experienced facilitators, and calling on the cycles of nature to support us.

💥Join myself Dona Morgan at our next Full Moon Women’s Retreat at Civana Wellness Resort and Spa at the end of the month if you are ready to say yes to yourself completely.


So often when discomfort arises we take that as an indicator that we are in the wrong place doing the wrong thing. The truth is that sometimes the greatest discomfort exists right on the edge of the most profound change and path to fruition. Knowing how to discern the difference between pain/discomfort telling us to stop and pain /discomfort that is a protector of our most profound gifts is one of the most essential questions and practices we can be engaged in. When a retreat participant or a yogi sits for hours or months - we can imagine all the emotional and physical states that come and go ... it is in the willingness to stay no matter what that we transcend the games, the narratives, the habits and protections of the mind/ego . The bliss we seek is on the other side!


F normal, I want Magic:
A Journey To Remembering -
for the uncensored version join us in person June 24th-27th at Civana Wellness Resort and Spa ... we will have clothes on but that doesn’t mean we won’t expose ourselves. The willingness to really expand, to grow, to evolve and to breakthrough our own bullSh*t can be fun, uncomfortable, and down right mysterious. See the link in my bio for my information or feel free to DM me here!


What is possible is beyond our egoic minds? We have become overly logic and rational in our humanity and forgotten our creative essence .... what would happen if we began to remember ?


It’s not that I haven’t suffered ... it’s just that so much of the anxiety, the depression, and the dis”ease” of my ego development or my familial history has never been resolved enough by the usual therapies . The most powerful and potent “healing “ I have experienced has come through nature, cellular knowing, embodiment, intuition, spirit, and synchronicity. The work I cultivate and offer to others is a culmination, up to this point, of all have experienced and studied as the possible ways to alleviate suffering. Also to understand and to actually lean into the suffering or profound discomfort of change - to continually ask which one is this: the good transforming/alchemizing pain or the one that that is telling be to actually stop what I am doing and redirect my course. “Magic” for me is not some other worldly experience but instead the removal of the beliefs, stories, and structures that block us from our own inherent goodness. Magic is our birth rite 🌔


The future enters into us, in order to transform itself in us, long before it happens. ~ Rilke


We don't actually heal in many of the ways that we have been trained to believe. 🔥Techniques , cbt, embr - whatever the healing modality - the actually healing happens in a safe and attuned relationship. 🔥It is not that these techniques have no utility - many of them are wonderful and powerful tools when used with the midst of a healthy and scar relationship. 🔥What does this mean about what Healing looks like? 🔥It means that although we can be concrete about goals and about steps to achieve those goals - which is the masculine / patriarchal paradigm that we also need to integrate the feminine fluid relational non - hierarchical paradigm of change and growth. 🔥We heal in relationship and how do we accurately measure that change?
🔥Many clients will say that things are changing and they don't know why. 🔥Somatic/ body/ intuition/ relationship these are the immeasurable non verbal domain of the feminine principles . 🔥We are not favoring one over the other but simply trying to create a balance that has been very much skewed in western culture. I don’t know if this exactly the same as what you originally sent to me...



F*ck Normal. I Want Magic! :
A Journey To Remembering

I'm excited that you are here reading this and you are already envisioning yourself joining us... your journey has already begun!

Please feel free to reach out to set up an informational call with other Dona or Allison so we can personally answer any questions you may have.

🌕The Super Blood Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius is coming up on May 26th. 🌖This is a rare celestial event.

🌔Not only will the Moon look huge in the sky, it will also appear red as it is eclipsed by the shadow of the earth.

🌕Eclipses are about change…transformation…and so is our retreat.

🌘So we are inspired today to offer you and a friend $500 off ($250 each) off the Civana Retreat when you sign up by the Full moon .

🌗Don’t miss this powerful window to say yes to your personal transformation!

🌔Between now and the next full moon you can invite a friend and you receive $500 off the cost of the retreat. So, that is $250 off for each person plus we are giving you all the gift of one spa massage on us!!! So almost $400 dollars in gifts and savings!!
What’s included :

A three night stay, June 24th-27th at Civana Wellness Resort and Spa in Carefree, Arizona

With Your Retreat Transformation Guides:

Dona Morgan is an Author, Transformational Coach, Midwife and Buddhist trained Psychotherapist.

Allison Weliky is an Intuitive Guide, Change Agent, Activation Coach and Buddhist trained Psychotherapist

Included for All Participants :

-A Civana Spa massage on us

-Two half days and two full retreat days on the Civana property with our own private meeting space plus ceremony at the Labyrinth and use of the entire property. We have a lot of Mojo planned for sure with time for you to book spa services, yoga, and other classes they offer or just hang out at the pool and chill!

-Two fully licensed therapists /coaches/ transformation leaders, facilitating group process and Repatterning/ritual/ceremony and education of the heart and spirit and psyche.

-One three course dinner

-One smoothie breakfast

-Amenities and classes listed below on the Civana website at

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Which habits, behaviors, thoughts and rituals wake you up and which make you go numb?Name one of each in the comments to...
Vulnerability is often the antidote to a power struggle Drop the power struggle and drop in to your vulnerability.What d...
Sometimes we just need to ask to believe and to allow ourselves to feel worthy of receiving.




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