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Bussey Holistic Therapy Holistic Mental Health Counseling How each person defines these concepts are individually unique. I view each client as a whole person–mind, body, and spirit.

Bussey Holistic Therapy is founded on the premise that all human beings have an innate desire for balance, healing, and growth. I meet each client where they are in order to help them meet their personal goals. As a therapist, I am here to partner with you on your journey. Although life has the potential to be joyful and fulfilling, at times we all face challenges. This is part of the human condit

ion to which none of us are immune. While we may generally have the resilience to cope and to move through difficult experiences, there are those times when we become aware that additional support and resources may be helpful in navigating difficult circumstances, healing from painful experiences from the past, or when we become aware of thoughts, feelings, or behaviors that we would like to address in order to live a richer life. Therapy can be a constructive resource offering a safe space to heal and grow.


Maybe things aren’t as catastrophic as you think they are. Maybe you just need a nap.




"I didn't want to be like them. That was firmly fixed in my head."


1. Mourn the lost fantasy of what change would have meant.


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Internalize the good stuff and take credit when it's due.


95 Allens Creek Road, Ste 324, Bldg 2
Brighton, NY


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