Forward Healing Tribe

Forward Healing Tribe


At the start of July two dear friends and now soulmate clients set out on an adventure moving to Colorado!

It was a joy to travel with them, experience the magic of their new home and assist with creation.

Miki is an amazing intuitive reader & writer while Scott channels his magic into sound Bath healing and more.

While they both offer amazing in person services, (I highly encourage you check out Forward Healing Tribe )
we wanted to explore more ways to share their magic beyond the one-on-one experience.

I wandered around their new Colorado environment with them, along the way we recorded several Sound Baths aligning with the intention to assist the 🔮Third Eye 🔮

Yesterday the album was officially released online and it's an amazing tool to keep in your phone or on your speakers. 🎵

I'm grateful to say there's so much more to keep an eye out on from these two!

Visit to see the album and experience a preview of the songs! 🥳

It's such a cool and unique experience to be a part of the world in this way, I really enjoy expanding and building with the missions of those who want to hold space for healing. 💫
Today I went to the mountain with and we started the creation of some amazing healing tools. 💫

It's an honor to help them share their story and be behind the camera for some of their AMAZING creations! 😍

I encourage you to check out their Instagram:
facebook: Forward Healing Tribe
and website
for all the magic we are about to release with you... 🔮💫💜

Services provided: Guided Meditation, Readings using Tarot and oracle cards, Reiki, Vibrational Heal

Operating as usual



Scott Vanwinkle & I have been talkin' and have decided to offer a combination session- Reading & Guided Meditation/Soundbath! We are going to open up a raffle today through through December 1st. To enter, all you need to do is comment "I'm in!" in the comments below. We will announce the winner on Wednesday! This is a public post. Feel free to tell others who may be interested.

Love you all! 💛🥰-Miki & Scott


This one is freshly completed and will not last long!!💫

Photos from Forward Healing Tribe's post 10/20/2021

We have been busy! Here are a few spacial energy pieces💫 that have been custom ordered/delivered. There are also a couple that are up for grabs!! Reach out for inquiries!

Photos from Forward Healing Tribe's post 10/19/2021

Happy Two Years to Us! 🥰🏔️🍂🌲💛


New Development in the World of Miki...YouTube Channel is in the works!!!

Topics to be covered monthly:
💫 Readings for each Zodiac Sign

💫Divine Partnership Readings

💫"Pick a Card" weekly spreads

💫Intention Based Readings

💫New Moon & Full Moon Readings

*Stay tuned* 💛💛💛


We navigate the world a little more open to it's wonder & magic when we experience peace & clarity.

Readings are a blessing to tap in and sit with the messages your higher self has been asking you to see.

You are a divine being, embodying that is your BIRTHRIGHT and we are here to support you on your journey. 💜

We approach healing through several modalities including:
🎵Sound Bath
Send us a message or explore even more of our magic at (Link in bio!)


A new round of Medicine in the Mountains is here! 🥰

Welcome to all of the magical rooms! 😍💫🔮

Would you vibe with a getaway here? 🏞



I am really enjoying these. Tomorrow is completely booked! Let's keep this rolling! I am being led to offer another Intention Based Reading Session for next Friday 9/10.

I have six 30 min slots available. Pre-pay locks in your time.

🌟💫Healing Path Spread💫✨

Questions to ask the cards/higher-self:

💥What is emerging out of me as I grow?

💥How can I better nourish myself as I heal?

💥What tools do I have to transmute trauma into healing?

💥How can I lean into my softness and vulnerability from a place of strength?

💥How do I better practice fierce love for my truest self?

💥How do I use this as fuel to practice that love in community?

Message me to book! 💛


Holding space for healing can take time, and we understand it.

The only way we "speed up" the time is when we pour in energy.

It is a lot of love and holding space for ourselves that allow us to hold space for each other and then others.

Honoring and loving the process is the gift we have in perspective.

Because it's usually a lot to heal within. A lot of sitting with the uncomfortable shadows of ourself that never deserved to be ignored simply because it "didn't serve."

It's getting to know, understand, love and take a more compassionate accountability with ourselves that allow us to even fathom holding that space to anyone else. It allows us to reach richer levels of relationships & life. 🥰

We all deserve that love. We will hear our own thoughts more often than any one else's words. So who's words are amplified in your thoughts? Are they filtered with your unwavering self-love?

💫May the wisdom and love from my higher self be realized & received by all of me. 💫

💜If you seek more energy & assistance so you're not always alone in this process, we do offer tools that have helped us move mountains (and to the mountains,) in our lives.

🔮Readings provide clarity and help the conscious mind receive messages from the higher self.

🎵Sound Baths & guided meditations help our body to relax and enter a realm of safety as the subconscious mind begins to rewire with these new truths.

🔮💫🎵 Our Divine Blend session takes all of this and gently hands it to you.

Be in the comfort of your own home as we perform this experience at a distance. 🏡

Or come to ours in the Mountains. 🏞

Send us a message if you're interested in giving yourself the time for a 💫Divine Blend💫 session.

Sending our love. 💜


Next Friday, August 27th, I am offering Intentional Based Readings on the topic of:

💥Passions & Purpose💥

Many of us right now feel a lit flame instead but don't know where to go, what to do and/or where to start. A lot of Throat Chakras feel as though they may not be expressed due to the touchy energies within humanity right now. That energy has to go somewhere.

Let's dive in deep to gain some clarity! Let's put that fire in ACTION! 🔥🔥🔥

I'm offering six 30 minute sessions. Prepay books your slot. Message me to book!


Have you experienced the magic of a Miki Reading?

Has it ever helped you? 💜

We'd love to hear how a reading has impacted or made a difference in your life if you'd like to share. 🥰

We're grateful for this tool of clarity & a deeper connection with our higher self.

Sending you love on your journey. 🔮

Reach out if your interested in seeing our monthly reading package. 💫
It would be a joy to assist.


Next Wednesday, 8/18, I am (Miki) being led to offer Intentional Relationship Readings. If you are seeking a larger picture perspective in regards to a specific relationship, let's go there. ⚡✨💛

Pre-paid to lock in a spot. 1/2 hour readings. 6 available. Message me to book.

Public. Feel free to share. 🥰


If a Sound Bath by the river sounds like an amazing way to start the day, we've got the album for you! 🏞👀

On our website you will find the entire Third Eye Sound Bath Album ready to download and send you on an adventure! 💫

🎵 Relax, explore your mind, trust deeper into your full intuition as you meditate and surrender into a flow for your highest and best good! 🎉

Visit (Link in bio) 🥳


There has been a lot of magic flowing through this Miki mind and it's about time to clear more space for that to flow. 💜

In this mission to expand peace, joy, fulfillment and clarity with this ride of life there has been a new surrender to the messages that help align the heaven on earth feeling & experience. 💫

There is deep healing taking place, and we honor that through curiosity, rest, continuing to learn about ourselves and it's amazing to see the tools we develp to assist ourselves and others. 🔮

If a masterclass was birthed to take you through the journey to finding that peace on your ride, what section of life or blocks come up that you would like to spend some time exploring and releasing the stress or pain from? 🤔

Comment it below 👇🏽

We will send you loving energy for the highest and best good over what you decide to share, but it may also help us know what messages to place where. 💜


Enter an adventure as you relax, recharge and have a whole new experience with your third eye and intuition. 🔮

The Third Eye Sound Bath album is available TODAY! 🥳

Visit (Link in bio)

Enjoy sneak peeks of the album or take the entire dive! 🎉

We are honored to share this Sound Bath experience with you!🎵

Sound Bath Healing | My Site 08/01/2021

Sound Bath Healing | My Site

Congratulations to Stacy Hunt, the winner of the drawing for the free, one on one guided meditation and sound bath.
Again thank you all for your support. All those that pre-ordered the Third Eye Album, keep an eye on your email!!
I am so excited to be sharing this with you all and the release will be at 4:44pm MST.

Details and link to the album 👇

Sound Bath Healing | My Site

Sound Bath Healing | My Site 08/01/2021

Sound Bath Healing | My Site


You have until 4:44 p.m. CST this afternoon to pre-order your digital download of Scott's album! If pre-ordered, you will receive a bonus track and be put into a raffle to win a one-on-one Guided Meditation and Sound Bath Session with Scott!

For those who have already ordered, be on the look out for your email this afternoon!

Sound Bath Healing | My Site


🌟✨⚡TODAY🌟✨⚡ is the final day to preorder, which will automatically enter you for a chance to have a custom Sound Bath experience one-on-one with Scott where you can set your own intentions. 🎉

We are thrilled for this release and encourage you to take a look at your emails around 4:44 pm for this release!💫 The drawing will be at 3:33 p.m.

Preorder on our website at

(Link in bio.) 🥳


Five days until the release of the Third Eye Sound Bath album! 🎵

This is where you explore an entire new space within yourself and intuition.

This is the gift of honoring your gifts. 🔮

If you choose to restore & replenish with this Sound Bath, you can find the link to preorder in our bio & on our website at

We look forward to the release this Sunday 08.01.21 🎉

Thank you to everyone who has already pre-ordered, we are filled with excitement for you to hear the full experience. 💜


Do you believe in geographical frequencies?

Here is a checklist to consider when you're in different locations to see how you may energetically or emotionally respond when considering these questions.

This is just a peek at one of the new digital mini-books that will soon be released sharing some Miki thoughts!

We can't wait to share these brain snacks with you for your personal healing journey!


Happy Full Moon in Aquarius!! 🌕🌟⚡



Leo Season is here and I'm inspired to move, create and teach! I was led to Teach a Tarot Class via Zoom beginning next month.

For those who are unfamiliar, I have been a professional Tarot Reader since 2017 and have been teaching Tarot since 2018 with 50 students to date. This has been my main source of living and I'm so grateful to be living out my passion!

We will connect beginning on Sunday, August 8th @ 11:00 PST/12:00 MST/1:00 CST/2:00 EST covering the history of Tarot, what it has meant on my journey and the Minor Arcanas. The 2nd Class will be on Sunday, August 15th @ 11:00 PST/12:00 MST/1:00 CST/2:00 EST covering the Major Arcanas and going over any and every question one may have. We will conclude the course on Sunday, August 29th where we will practice spreads, shuffling and reading the energy of the cards.

It will be nice to have a group community setting where everyone may connect. If you are unavailable one of the dates, I will make sure to record the course to have available.

Price: $100 for all 3 Courses. $50 deposit due up front to grab your seat. Only 10 slots available. If you refer someone, you will get an additional one-on-one course with me at your leisure. 😀

I'M EXCITED FOR THIS!!! Reach out to me with inquiries and booking your spot!!⚡🌟✌️ Public, feel free to share!


Scott Vanwinkle & I will be going LIVE *TONIGHT* (on Miki's personal FB page) at 7 MST/8 CST for a Collective Guided Meditation/Sound Bath & Reading!
Happy FULL Moon in Aquarius!!


We are getting closer to the release of an entire album intended to assist & align the experience with your third eye.🥳

Intuition is a gift to us all. 🔮 We have beautiful insight that deserves the same nourishment and respect we give our more physical senses.

This Sound Bath album is intended to ground, restore, replenish & connect you in a safe and healing space through this sound. 🎵

If you want access to the entire Third Eye Sound Bath album upon release 08.01.21 you can 💫Pre-order💫 on our website under "Sound Bath Healing"
(Link in bio)


Scott Vanwinkle & I will be going LIVE Friday (23rd) night at 7 MST/8 CST for a Collective Guided Meditation/Sound Bath & Reading! *Find me (Miki Rose) on my personal page.*
Happy FULL Moon in Aquarius!!


Colorado has been sweet to our souls and we continue to feel gratitude for this healing space!

If you're in love with these mountains as much as us, we're excited to announce that we are extending out ONE more 🏞Medicine in the Mountain Package 🏞 for the individual or pair called to join us in Colorado while experiencing a range of our healing services in-person!

Choose from:
💫Sound Bath
💫Guided Meditation
💫Reiki Attunement
💫Tarot lesson
& more 🔮

This is the opportunity to see what a week of holding space for your own healing and expansion looks like. 🎉

Please reach out if this calls to you. 💜


A peek at the Third Eye Sound Bath album by Scott Vanwinkle! 👀

Relax, restore, see. 💫

💫Album Release: 08.01.21
💫Pre-sale open at 1:11 MST TODAY!


Ready to release that relationship karma cycle? 💫

There can be pain involved in relationships 🙃

Something that has helped me to keep healing instead of staying in unwanted cycles💫 is to identify where there may be a mirror dynamic involved!🪞

This is not to take away accountability from anyone who may have done wrong, but to ask at the root of the conflict is there an opportunity to see where I may be offering that same energy in some way? 🤔

Once you can begin healing that energy in yourself... See how your mirrors change 🪞💫🔮

If you would love to explore this further (📖like in a mini book?) 👀
Let us know in the comments below! 👇


We are thrilled & honored that ONE of our TWO Medicine in the Mountain packages is reserved! 💫🎉🥳

Here is a peek at the meditation room & some of the magic we can't wait to share within this package!

If you feel the second spot is meant for you, send us a message and let's see if the details align! 🔮


Enjoy being transported by a stream on a Colorado mountain in "The Flow of Growth" Sound Bath! 🔮

Experience the full Sound Bath at our website (Link in bio) under the instant resource section!

Download it & access instant relaxation from anywhere you have your phone! 📱

We hope you enjoy this. 💜


Cherishing the work and life balance while here in Colorado! 💜

Today we adventured to a beautiful spot close to our new home and created new tools to help those seeking conscious & divine relationships! 💫

We can't wait to show you what we worked on, but until then enjoy the magic of the space we created in! 🥰


Getting prepped for sound baths!! Remember you are manifesting your realities all the time! Focus on what you want in your life and stay in it! Much love 🙏🔥💪

Photos from Forward Healing Tribe's post 07/07/2021

If you have loved seeing our new home in Colorado as much as we've enjoyed sharing it we would love to share it more literally... 💫

🎉Introducing our
🏞Medicine in the Mountains🏞
One week package where we are...
💫Opening the entire lower level of our Colorado home for you to enjoy!
💫Including a magical meditation room (pictured.)
💫Providing a series of deep healing services. 💜
💫Including skills for you to continue your own path as a healer!

We want you to experience the vivid dream that is Colorado and take home peace and self-love on a whole new level. 🥰

Reach out and let's talk about how this experience could align with your soul growth journey! 🔮

You deserve all the magic of this world and it is an honor to contribute to that. 🎉

💫Please note💫
We can only accept 💫TWO💫 magical humans for this package, so please reach out quick if you would like for us to reserve and start planning your week in the mountains!



💫 What it took to get our dream! 💫

Our eye had been on Colorado and we are finally immersed in these sacred mountains. 🏞

Behind the achievement of every dream is always... the work! 👀

This wasn't always easy for us, but well worth the process (a daily ongoing process.)

Our mission is to share our message and tools so you may achieve your dreams on the other side of deep healing too!

Do you feel called to the mountains?


Sit by the river and relax anytime when you have The Flow of Growth Sound Bath downloaded on all of your digital devices! 🏞🎵📱

The intention for this drum session is to start much like this stream, starting out in such a small way and through determination and never giving up it turns into a gigantic roaring river that shapes the earth.

Open the door to your daily adventure at


Let's talk Geographical Frequencies!

✨⚡✨ I am close to a stream...hopefully my voice carries loud enough. 💛

I would love to hear your experience with how you feel in different geographical frequencies below! 💫👇


Buena Vista LOVE!! The energy here is MAGICK!!! ✨⚡💛


We have moved from the Natural State of Arkansas to the Colorful State of Colorado!! ⚡✨🏞️🏔️🌲


Miki, Scott & Zeus 🌿🌞💛


Happy Full Moon in Scorpio! Feeling a bit intense? Truth coming to the surface? Let's embrace this transformation! 🌟

Be easy on yourself. Rest. Love. Relax. 💛

Photos from Forward Healing Tribe's post 04/22/2021

✨Scott & Miki✨


I, Miki, was recently asked to be a part of a podcast with ShiftHer where the topic of perfection was highlighted. Scott's response was taking it a step further with his perspective of perfection.

I was intrigued and it prompted us to ask all of you...

What is your definition of "perfection"??


Happy New Moon in Aries! 🔥🔥🔥🌑
Cheers to breakthroughs and realizing dreams are meant to come true. *Believe it, believe yourself*

Timeline photos 04/08/2021

🌟✨⚡ Make sure to tune in! ⚡✨🌟

Let’s talk about PERFECTION, ladies.✨

Today’s podcast episode is one you don’t want to miss! Our guest Miki Rose talks with Tharwat about her journey to finding truth in her life. 🎙

She shares the breaking point that led to her breakthrough, that she was living a lie, and how her journey to self discovery brought her to where she is today.

Miki is a Tarot Reader and Reiki Master on a mission to surrender to where she is led in order to help others find truth, love, and healing.

Be sure to listen in! 🎙

You can find her on
Facebook @

Photos from Forward Healing Tribe's post 04/05/2021

Enjoying this beautiful day 🥰🌞🌿


It's that time of year! 🪴🌿🌱

Photos from Forward Healing Tribe's post 04/03/2021

Scott & I love to take pictures...especially of beautiful Colorado. 🥰🤩 Where are some of your favorite places? Share pics in the comments!! 🌟✨🌟


So grateful these two studs are a part of our tribe. *Father & Son* *Zeus & Atticus* Post pics of your sweet fur babies! Let's see em'! 🥰🥰🥰


🌟Balance is here!🌟

Affirmation: ✨I embrace change and am open to receiving prosperous energy✨


*I spy Scott, do you??* ☺️💚 Colorado has our hearts.

Videos (show all)

This one is freshly completed and will not last long!!💫
We navigate the world a little more open to it's wonder & magic when we experience peace & clarity.Readings are a blessi...
A new round of Medicine in the Mountains is here! 🥰Welcome to all of the magical rooms! 😍💫🔮Would you vibe with a getaway...
If a Sound Bath by the river sounds like an amazing way to start the day, we've got the album for you! 🏞👀On our website ...
🌟✨⚡TODAY🌟✨⚡ is the final day to preorder, which will automatically enter you for a chance to have a custom Sound Bath ex...
Five days until the release of the Third Eye Sound Bath album! 🎵This is where you explore an entire new space within you...
⚡🌟LET'S LEARN TAROT!!🌟⚡Leo Season is here and I'm inspired to move, create and teach! I was led to Teach a Tarot Class v...
We are getting closer to the release of an entire album intended to assist & align the experience with your third eye.🥳I...
Colorado has been sweet to our souls and we continue to feel gratitude for this healing space! If you're in love with th...
A peek at the Third Eye Sound Bath album by Scott Vanwinkle! 👀Relax, restore, see. 💫💫Album Release: 08.01.21 💫Pre-sale o...
Ready to release that relationship karma cycle? 💫There can be pain involved in relationships 🙃Something that has helped ...
We are thrilled & honored that ONE of our TWO Medicine in the Mountain packages is reserved! 💫🎉🥳Here is a peek at the me...




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