Elemental Wellness

Elemental Wellness


Started a new season of Being Brunswick. Had a great time filming Beth Mincher with Elemental Wellness Linda Stinson with RLS Focused Solutions and Maria Denney with New York Life. Thanks to sponsors Surf Unlimited & Dane Delane Salon Studio. Always fun working with ATMC TV!
Join us this Saturday ~ Contact us to register.
Movement Works is looking forward to Elemental Wellness' workshop tomorrow ~ lots of valuable information to be exchanged ~ Happy Weekend everyone!!

Hi Beth...Kelly Sexton told me about you and your site. Hoping to get some info on oils. Psoriasis, energy, insomnia are three main concerns right now.
On the road again soon.... Follow the travels on Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness Event and soon to be posted blog: www.gfafwellnessevent.com
I love this quote by Gloria Steinem.

"God may be in the details, but the goddess is in the questions. Once we begin to ask them, there's no turning back."
~Gloria Steinem

You do have the answers, asking the right questions is the key. The support of a good health coach can guide you to ask the right questions which leads you to your answers.
Self discovery....with a little nudge ;)
Why IS nutrition so confusing? Why IS it so tough to eat the right thing? Why IS it tough to lose weight sometimes? Well...I'm glad you asked my opinion (You did, right?!?) I TRULY believe that a key to optimal health, wellbeing and overall nutrition lies FIRST within your MINDSET. Lose your external and internal mind baggage, and lose some weight. Clear your mind of excess thoughts and chatter and gain clarity and focus so you can clear the way for your body to achieve optimal nourishment.

Need help clearing your path? I have an awesome guided Mindset Reset Program - Email Me for details!!
What inspired you this weekend? Take that into Monday for a kickstart to your week!

Beth Mincher is a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Specializing in Mobile Concierge Health Coaching. Beth Mincher is focused on helping people achieve optimal wellness through a whole body approach; emphasizing the importance of not only diet, but other factors such as: physical activity, personal relationships, career, emotional wellness, lifestyle, prevention and the use of natural therapies.

Operating as usual


Yes please and thank you, Mom. I will have a donut 🍩 As long as it’s low calorie, has sprinkles ….and it squeaks!!! 😂


Delicate pastels to start the day!

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INVENTORY CLEAR OUT - I only have a few of each left in the ORIGINAL Long Sleeve
‘Be Sunshine’ shirts!

$15 each. (Originally $25)
Flat rate $5 shipping.

Message me!


Navy - 3 M, 1 L, 2 XL
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First come, first serve; direct from me to you,
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“I don’t always cook, but when I do, it’s for my dog!” It’s a half truth…. The truth IS… I DO always cook!
For BOTH of us!! Because it’s all about what you put inside your body! And…. I have a saying in Health Coaching, which is “Health Begins with Happy”. And a happy life is…good food and a naturally clean house - no chemicals! Good stuff on your plate and in your bowl!

Miracle Diet has literally changed Chinle’s life!! 🐾Seriously!!! She’s a vibrant, soon to be 15 yr old, who loves life and still gets compliments like, “Cute puppy!” as she runs around with the youngsters and still bounds up and down trails here in Colorado!

She gets exactly what she needs for her kidney support and Lori with Dr Harvey’s helped us tremendously to get her diet dialed in. She’s amazing.

Thanks for the Awesome Apron!!


Spend more time alone in nature, aligning to the frequencies of the elements. Tune in to the simplicities of life.


Embrace Your Journey. Which is created first in your thoughts! Think, feel, do, live.

We live in a world of thought.

Our thoughts create our experiences, and thus, we experience what we think.

It is the quality of our thoughts, then, that create the quality of our life. 

“If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.”—Eckhart Tolle

Timeline photos 08/27/2022

Announcing our Exclusive Fall Oils Collection - Available Today! 🍂🍁 - https://mailchi.mp/69628fb1524b/augustoilsnews-9164802

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Sometimes the best conversations happen with your feet, not your mouth! Digest your day. Take a walk.

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Reflection. A beautiful thing!!

“As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.” Proverb

“You attract what you are, not what you want. So if you want it then reflect it.” Tony Gaskins

Life is only a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see.

Finding peace in steady, calm rain tonight. After a short walk around the lake, “reflecting” ❤️

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Still one of the most majestic color shows of the Summer up here last Sunday evening. And as we sit here tonight in the same spot, enjoying the peace of the water, same view, different weather. But who knows what the evening and sunset will bring tonight. It’s great to be in awe of nature and in sync with its sounds

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Night and Day Color Show. Natures Majesty. Grateful to sit and reflect amongst the pure beauty.


Our brain is wired to confirm our beliefs and manifest them into our physical reality, so by creating our own ritual of repeating positive mantras we can build motivation, confidence, and love for ourselves.

The power of positive thinking and how we can change the environment around us with thoughts and intentions.

Everything around us is made up of energy, which can never be created or destroyed, but can be transmuted through intentional programming. Programming is something that can be done to any object. All you need to do is focus specific thoughts and energy into your chosen object:

* Hold or touch the object of choice.

* Think about what your intention for this object is.

* Visualize and experience how it would feel when this object serves its purpose. 

After programming, the object will emit the same energetic vibration of your intention back to its environment.


No greater peace, no better stillness & quiet tranquility & place to BE for life’s reflections. Tonight you can hear the fish bobbing, birds talking, the wind blowing through the pines in the distance and feel love vibrating across the water ripples.
This is the life in the moment, when you’re present and in tune.

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Fresh Air Sunrise and wildflowers @12,095 ft. to start our day! ☀️ 💐


“Clouds are on top for a reason. They float so high because they refuse to carry any burden!” - Jasleen Kaur Gumber

Be light and free of burden, friends. There will be challenges. But you’re always one shift away from a new perspective.

As my friend .close always says…Our bodies are recreating 800,000 cells per second and 97% of the genetic code responsible for designing those cells is adaptive - influenced by environmental energy.

The way we think and feel is creating the environmental frequency that signals the gene to those cells. If we are thinking and feeling with an energetic frequency of love, abundance, joy and gratitude then the body is being created, cell by cell to reflect and become that body.

The challenge to our health is that most people are operating from a base of stress response, and those 800,000 cells per second are being trained to operate and code themselves in support of anger, fear, worry, frustration, unworthiness or lack.

Understand your body and the power you have to create with your thoughts and feelings directed in the best frequency and vibration to serve you! Float high like the clouds! Carry no burdens today—
BE. IN. LOVE. with yourself and life!! ❤️

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Your main job is life. And your most meaningful relationship is living in it.


A heart in the clouds ❤️ ☁️ ❤️
Find love wherever you go!


Summer Solstice!! ☀️
Make it a great day!


My true wish for the world— starting with each person, is experiencing pure love, peace, gratitude and joy. IN what IS.

So, some musings from the garden earlier tonight. 🪴🌱🥕

👉👉Be so content that no one - no outer influence, shakes your inner peace. Nothing commands your heart but your inner spirit energy.

Your “job” is reducing and eliminating the triggers. The things that previously evoked a heightened negative emotional response. Because your body LOVES to rehearse those moments. Albeit; In total safety and protection mode.

But open up to hurt. Because most hurt and pain isn’t what you’ve conjured up in your head. And you’re letting imaginary scenarios, potential events and past hurt control your present and future.

Listen deep to the purity of silence and love that comes from a steady, calm heart. A heart that only beats into what nourishes you. And makes you smile.

Imagine something so stressful in your past- An ex. A person who traumatized you. An event that hurt.

Then FEEL the love, gratitude, and simplicity of sitting in a different moment of pure, elevated JOY!

Then…you’ll see that the “boogie man” who comes up behind you… doesn’t really phase you anymore.

You’re THAT locked INto LOVE, PEACE, ELEVATION AND GRATITUDE. And THAT is your new vibration.

Soon you will only attract that which aligns with your evolved hierarchy! ❤️🌈💖 ☮️ Ciao & Love!

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Got Collagen??! It's one of our NEW products... along with NEW Essential Oil Blends... Summer Inspired! 🌞 - https://mailchi.mp/7df5ad8edb44/juneoilsnews-9082702

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“Elemental Wellness”
Water + Mountains = Happy 🐾 ❤️


Can you really ever have enough river pics?


Saturday Nights. Rodeo.


Look up into the night sky…..

In this high-paced, sensory-overloaded, technological world, we all benefit from investing more time in the present moment, that place where awe and wonder intersect with our human and spiritual experience. That’s the time life speaks to us.

The present moment’s importance cannot be understated because it’s our doorway to a new future—it’s the place from where we send out and receive creation, as well as where we harness the focus and awareness to create and receive creation. Why? Because where we place our attention is where we place our energy.

When we’re truly living in the present moment, we can’t run the program…what’s the program you say? It’s the thoughts of…

I have to take care of that, I have to remember to do this, don’t forget eggs at the grocery store, which I somehow have to squeeze in between my meetings…

Gaze upwards! The more knowledge you have of the universe the more majestic it is!! The more connected you are to it. Our atoms and molecules are all connected… A kinship with the cosmos….

What does it mean to look up? No matter who answers that question - Looking up is something beautiful. Profound. And it contains our Destiny.

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I am also a Silver Leader with Young Living Essential Oils - our Mission is to bring the highest quality essential oils to every home in the world!

And Check out the BE SUNSHINE movement - the world needs more sunshine!! Positively You, With Intention and Love.



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