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Onyx is a professional psychic reader who will use compassion and care with your issues and life coa Games Systems, Stamford, CT 06902. c. 1985 by U.S.

Illustrations from the Medieval Scapini Tarot deck used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Further reproduction prohibited.

Operating as usual


Feel free to share! The Mannequins and I are working tirelessly to prepare the store for our HUGE BLACK FRIDAY SALE. Because our Black Friday is cloaked in the shadows, you must come in and see what we have in store. You won’t be disappointed. We can’t wait to see you tomorrow and on Saturday for Small Business Saturday.

Strange Brew- “Often Imitated, Never Duplicated” because we love you and will always strive to bring you authentic, ethically sourced, original, global mysteries, and unique items and curios. 😘


Huge Samhain Sale from 3:00 pm today until Tuesday November 01, 2022 @ 7:00 pm. We over stocked the 100% Essential Oils and Herbs and much much much more. Old standbys and new product lines. You’re going to love it. Honor yourselves and your Ancestral Dead! We appreciate them and we appreciate you!

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Flip through these. Glorious purple Fluorite and Green Fluorite with purple shadows. Wonderful vendor brought these to us last night. The pics do NOT do them justice. The vendor also brought us an array of other stones in all of their natural glory. We do not, nor will we ever, sell heat treated or dyed stones. Ours are the real deal. Don’t accept imitations from others or online sources.


Join us on October 31, 2022 for our public Samhain Open Ritual. See Facebook Events for more details. This is one you’ll not want to miss, as we’ll be Blessing this giant Cauldron to our Ritual Area and we would love for all of you to be part of that!!!

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Join us on Monday August 01, 2022 at 7:30 for our Lammas Ritual and honoring our departed friend Tammy Brochey, as this is also the Anniversary for her crossing into the Summerland. Click second pic for details.

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We have the very best mailman ever. He dresses for all the holidays. We appreciate you! Thank you for sharing joy throughout your route. It really makes a difference, especially while we’re coming off this pandemic aka the panorama.

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Well come on in. Use your St Patrick’s Day Code and if you don’t have one, wish Jillian a Happy St. Patrick’s Day and you’ll get the discount!


rollin’ in my 6 4 let me ride from Buffalo NY

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Ohhhh The Divination of It All

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We’ve just put our sterling out! We have poison rings, precious stone rings and pendants. Herbs are all stocked up and statuary will be in tomorrow along with some other things mayyyyyybe on the darker sides of your magicks 🖤🖤🖤

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Deadly Nightshade brambling around the homestead ... such a beautiful plant.

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Intense flowers after a beautifully intense last few days. Yes... I’ve been decluttering my office and we have been diligently continuing to stock products so we don’t run out of things anymore. The pandemic impacted small businesses, including shipping time frames and product availability from our wonderful vendors. With that said, thank you again for all the flowers and small tokens of love and care for the community hub of metaphysical and occult supply shop and your go to place for all things spiritual including my services (psychic, tarot, mediumship and Magicks) I appreciate the gifts of living things. I’m going to do my best NOT to instinctively turn them into herbs. I’m getting better at it. We also have a shop Orchid now (I’ll post it tomorrow). I can tell that spring has sprung; save for the prediction of snow, when the people who love me surprise me with flowers and plants. Thank you again. Y’all are the best of the best! We will continue to serve our community and extend our very best to you all. We appreciate you. Love, Onyx and the Strange Brew Crew!

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Chant beads

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Chanting beads only at Strange Brew. These are crazy great 24.99 plus tax Great gift for those who need to calm the hell down

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Yule Journal ..... come get ya some

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Yule candle set at Strange Brew. Come get them while they last. These are incredible!!!

Shop 716 - Amherst Chamber of Commerce 12/01/2020

Shop 716 - Amherst Chamber of Commerce

Shop 716 - Amherst Chamber of Commerce The “WNY Back to Business” initiative is to be a champion of all business, supporting the shop/support local themes in Western New York; to develop business unity and camaraderie to uplift our region.

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Goodbye Yellow Brick Road... er I mean 2019! Come on 2020! We’ve been waiting 🖤🖤🖤 @ Strange Brew

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Himalayan Salt Lamps are here!!!! Wooohoo!!!! @ Strange Brew

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Introducing our new packaging for our Love Spell kits. These are made exclusively for Strange Brew. These boxes will be packed to order with half dram oil, an herb, a small spell candle, and a stone. Instructions will also be included. The blank "walls" of the interior serve as "intention space", where you (or if you wish, Onyx) will write your intentions to specifically call for your desires. That of which you seek in a love older than time. The box is then burned and your magick is released, so it can do all the work for you. These kits will give you the love your soul has only imagined. The timeless kind of love that you've searched for your entire life. We can't wait to assist you in your beautiful endeavors and find your "someone". ❤️ @ Strange Brew

Onyx Siniardi on Twitter 11/29/2015

Onyx Siniardi on Twitter

Candle Burn Ritual sign up. Here or on Twitter.
Strange Brew

Onyx Siniardi on Twitter “I'll inscribe your name to a candle on NYE to get rid of 2015's baggage/negativity so you can start 2016 fresh. ”

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"I tell you now, Mr. Edmond. Heed my warning. Don't treat her any differently than you want you own daughter treated. You don't have daughter now, but when she is born, ask yourself this while looking into her eyes... "Do I want a man like myself to court my daughter when she's older?" If your answer is no, you purchase large riffle and fend off your bad men who want that princess of yours hand in marriage; and hope she doesn't fall victim to the lessons she learn by watching you as she grows into womanhood.
If your answer is yes, then enjoy meeting nice potential male suitors for her and invest in stock for her wedding; or be secure knowing she will choose wisely based on the lessons she learn by watching you as she grows into womanhood. The choice is yours. I go now... I have other matters that need my attention. Your destiny is not your own. Destiny belongs also to your children."

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Be alone with your thoughts. They will manifest. Everything you have, see and experience... was once just an idea.

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The new shop will have it's grand opening labor day weekend. The location will be 2703 Elmwood Ave Kenmore NY 14217. Phone 716-871-0282 (same phone number). We may do a soft opening mid August. If you need my services prior to that time, I will be able to facilitate phone readings or if you're a regular patron, face to face readings/sessions in an agreed upon location. Contact via this page if needed. Thanks to everyone for your patronage and loyalty not only to myself, but to the magickal place that we've known and loved for 25 years... here's to another 25 years of magick, love and community support at our new location.

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"Midnight Rue for you and I ....bundled together to paint the sky" good night everyone! Share this sprig of rue tonight to secure protection and safety for yourself and your loved ones.

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I've added days to my work schedule. I'll now be at the shop Tuesday through Friday from 12-7 and Saturdays 12-5!!
Opening my schedule to include more days will allow me to stop overlapping appointments and give better availability to my clients. Thank you for trusting me with your sensitive situations. It's my honor to help. Love, Onyx

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Mobile Uploads

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Tonight.. we're working with career and finances. My lovely deck has presented you with the 4 Swords. This energy is that of stress and anxiety prior to a much needed change. You've been spinning your wheels either searching for the golden egg, (I promise, not an Angry Birds reference) that promising promotion or new job. REST and DO NOT make any leap yet; this includes banking on assumptions... and acting in haste. Those things are not productive and quite frankly, will blow up in your face. Haven't you felt the heat of the explosion before? Who picked up your pieces? You did. So why, with this prior knowledge, would you let yourself fall apart again?

I can answer that for you. It's because you are a creature of habit. In order to break your self destructive habits, you need to change. First, clear your head and breathe. This might take a few nights of mourning the loss of the drama you've created. Let it go. Give yourself a week (I think that's a fair amount of time when it come to career and finances- you don't want to take a huge rest and miss an opportunity. It's a delicate balance). After this period of rest, you can walk back to the drawing board and figure out what you NEED to do vs. what you WANT to do. We have all said that to someone at some point in our lives: "Do you need that.. or do you want that?"

Now that you have your needs in front of you... start working on them. Toss the "want" pile for now. If this is financial.. yes, that means to stop spending frivolously; even if you reason it out with the failing logic of "It's only a dollar! I deserve it!" Guess what? Deserving something falls under the WANT category! When you feel impulsive, do the exact opposite of what you were just getting ready to do. Yes, it will go against your grain. Yes, it will be painful. Try it once and you'll see the results. That's confidence building. That's financial planning and being responsible for your own keep and the well being of the family or people who look to you for support or an example.

For the career areas... do the same with your needs and wants. Revamp your resume if searching for a new job. Cut it down to just facts. If your resume is 5 pages long, you have an issue and your resume will hit the circular file before you even get the chance to be noticed! If this is an issue of wanting advancement in the company that you are currently working at.. STOP looking at what everyone else is doing. Stop pouting over the girl with the short skirt and the low cut blouse. Who cares how she got there or who she's sleeping with? You're operating from the level of assumptions when you do that. You want to be noticed for your maturity and logic. That's what will get your promotion or your pay raise or even the ability for YOU to see what kind of company you're working for. Are they shallow? You won't know until you calm down and see what is really going on around you. As it stands, with the anxiety and discontent.. you may just be turning into another one of THEM.

Choose carefully. Operate on your frequency based on what you need. The "wants" will come later.. after you successfully accomplish your goals. If you refuse to do so, you'll enjoy a life of stagnation with sorrow and anxiety to keep you company.

Illustrations from the Medieval Scapini Tarot deck used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, Stamford, CT 06902. c. 1985 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Further reproduction prohibited.

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Someone, or several people, need to use this as their mantra today... have a beautiful day everyone! I'll be flipping a card this evening. Stay tuned!

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Today... we have the Queen of Coins (inverted): This card is to remind you of your obligations to your physical environment. Your stubborn streak has taken a beating recently and it's time to regain your power and control over yourself. Doing anything less than what you're made of, will raise concern in those who love and respect you. It's time to stop wallowing and move forward. If this is a health matter, don't wait. Early detection is the best cure for any health malady. Now... stop reading facebook and get moving. Life is waiting for you. :)
Illustrations from the Medieval Scapini Tarot deck used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, Stamford, CT 06902. c. 1985 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Further reproduction prohibited.

Home 06/13/2015


The website is still in the baby stages... lots of updates still to come. Please bookmark/save to favorites for future updates! We're really excited!


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Always be aware of people. A kind word, a warm smile, holding a door open, asking "how are you?" and taking pause to actually hear how they are, a gentle hand on someone's shoulder and yes, even a hug...could change someone's life. Make it part of your purpose to be aware of others. Most often, it only takes a small gesture to pull a person out of a funk. Be blessed and remember, we're all connected.


Thanks everyone!! Great start to the new year!
Today January 1st... We hit 777 people today on this page!!! That's an angelic number!

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Before lighting these candles, I blessed them, recited the petitioner's names (257 people this year!!) and included the following: .......and all petitioner's who are wishing and hoping for a fresh start to the new year. Goodbye 2014. Welcome 2015!! Bring it with kindness and strength. Let all anger diminish; even for our enemies and those who haven't learned to love themselves yet.To those we've loved, those we've lost...and those who we love still....that they find the universal light and begin their journey. Let all find happiness and peace in the coming year. Let these candles carry away what we no longer need and bring us what is for our higher good.
So mote it be!


Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays! We are drawing to the close of 2014. Some of us had great things happen, some of us had horrible things happen and some have to deal with the reality of some garbage following us into 2015. You guessed it.. it's time to gear up for our annual New Year's Eve Candle Burn event. For those of you who aren't familiar with this, it's a virtual event that I conduct each year in my home. All you need to do is reply to this thread and I will add you to the list. Each person gets their name inscribed on a candle. This year, switching it up a little and using larger pillar reverse candles. Due to the volume of last years requests, I was stepping into the risk of house fire. You will get the same love and care as usual. Just before midnight on NYE, I light all of the candles and help you rid yourselves of 2014 years junk, garbage, baggage and heartache. Start 2015 with a clean slate. Please contain your requests to THIS THREAD ONLY. If you post your request to the page as an independent post or if you inbox me, it will be difficult to keep track of everyone's requests and I will not be able to include you. Thanks for your understanding and here's looking forward to a bright and beautiful, healthy new year!




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