Anne Schanz, Ph.D.

Anne Schanz, Ph.D.


You don't need to have an anxiety disorder to feel stressed about specific situations. If work is something that's causing you a lot of trouble, there may be things you can do to make it easier for yourself.
Stress is a normal part of life, but it can become overwhelming if we don't learn ways of managing it. Some ways of soothing physical symptoms also have an effect on the mind.
One way of understanding emotional dysregulation is that it is an unhelpful triggering or prolonging of the stress response. Recognizing when this is happening helps go a long way toward managing it.
When you need help, it's important to be clear about what you want. Some people are better at meeting different needs.
Regret develops when there is a discrepancy between how we live, want to live, and think we ought to want to live. Often, regret fuels symptoms of anxiety.
Stress is a normal part of life, but a lot of mental issues stem from having too much of it. Gaining a better idea of what dives it helps us keep it manageable.
An emotion is not a direct response to something external, but to how it is filtered through our perception. This is what gives us an opportunity to decide whether our emotions will lead us to an outcome we want.
Even when we're aware that our instinctual responses are often unhelpful, it can be hard to remember to override them in a stressful moment. Part of the benefit of counseling is being able to practice other responses until they become automatic.
Like most feelings, anxiousness can be useful in certain situations. Whether or not it's a disorder depends in large part on whether it's helping you.
Recovery isn't always easy. Talk to your therapist about developing ways of soothing yourself after difficult sessions and don't feel guilty about taking things at your own pace.
It's not unusual to feel a bit nervous at the prospect of a lot of social interaction. But one thing that will help is to choose to focus more on things that you can control in the present and future, instead of regretting the past.
Mindfulness therapy is used to alleviate both mental strain and physical symptoms of distress. It is usually a form of talk therapy.

Coaching for Couples & Groups
Counseling for Individuals (TX only)
Specializing in Relationships Proven techniques to relieve symptoms.

Relationship Rescue- Coaching Program.
-Learn Collaborative Communciation skills to turn conflict into resolution with enhanced trust, vulnerability, and intimacy.
-12 weeks of couple sessions with Dr Anne, video tutorials, and reading assignments.
-Contact us for details and availability. Dr Anne: (972) 822-5901 [email protected]

Anxiety Relief in 3 Steps- Coaching Program
1. Clarity Key

Operating as usual

3 Tips to Stay More Present in the Present 02/04/2023

3 Tips to Stay More Present in the Present

Staying mindful of the present helps us to avoid getting lost in irrational thoughts. This requires us to practice being aware of bodily sensations.

3 Tips to Stay More Present in the Present These techniques reduce free-floating anxiety.


How often do you turn towards bids for connection in your relationship? 💞

Bids are requests for connection. They might take the form of an expression, question, or physical outreach. No couple is attentive 100% of the time, but regularly showing interest and attention can work wonders for your relationship.

Want to learn more? Take the guesswork out of connecting with your partner with these tips from our blog:

How TikTok and Twitter Get Trauma So Wrong 01/28/2023

How TikTok and Twitter Get Trauma So Wrong

There's a lot of information about trauma on social media, but a lot of it isn't very good. PTSD varies by case but has some specific symptoms, and it takes extended time with a professional to get an accurate understanding of it.

How TikTok and Twitter Get Trauma So Wrong Understanding mental health misinformation on social media.


Nutritional deficiencies are the most overlooked biological element to someone’s mental well-being. Read more:


When did you start fawning?


Understanding your partner’s perspective is necessary for good relationship communication.

Timeline photos 01/21/2023

Great advice. Let’s treat each other like this.



How Your Fear of Criticism Could Be Limiting Your Life 01/21/2023

How Your Fear of Criticism Could Be Limiting Your Life

Most people don't like being criticized, but having an irrational fear of it holds us back from doing what we need or want to do. Learning how to handle it is one of the skills we learn through therapy, counseling, or coaching.

How Your Fear of Criticism Could Be Limiting Your Life Assertiveness is the key to freeing yourself from worry.

Self-Regulation Definition and Skills to Practice 01/18/2023

Self-Regulation Definition and Skills to Practice

Self-regulation goes beyond self-control. It's our ability to guide ourselves toward certain goals by caring for our emotional and mental health.

Self-Regulation Definition and Skills to Practice The ability to manage your emotions and behave in line with your values is called self-regulation. Learn strategies to develop self-regulatory skills.

The Painful, Long-Term Effects of Parental Abandonment 01/14/2023

The Painful, Long-Term Effects of Parental Abandonment

Rejection from a caregiver has an emotional impact that lasts for a long time, and trauma recovery often requires us to understand how it has affected us. This is true even if we were in the latter half of needing care when it happened.

The Painful, Long-Term Effects of Parental Abandonment A trauma with lifelong impact few others understand.

What if You Don’t Know You’re Anxious? 01/07/2023

What if You Don’t Know You’re Anxious?

Anxiety disorders have a hereditary component, so people who have them often think of them as normal. Mental health professionals are trying to educate more people about the signs of anxiety and how they can get help.

What if You Don’t Know You’re Anxious? 10% of the adult population in North America doesn’t know they have anxiety.

How Panic Disorder Is Treated 01/04/2023

How Panic Disorder Is Treated

Treating panic disorder is usually done through a combination of therapy and medication. Patients may also learn new relaxation techniques and make lifestyle changes.

How Panic Disorder Is Treated Panic disorder treatments may include prescriptions, therapies, and other options. Learn more about your choices.


Are you doing Dry January or reconsidering your relationship with alcohol in the new year? 🍷🍺

Although these findings paint a grim picture of alcohol’s impact on the brain, the effects don’t have to be permanent. You are not stuck with the brain you have. Brain imaging studies at Amen Clinics show that the brains of heavy drinkers and alcohol abusers have the potential for recovery. Before-and-after SPECT scans in patients who follow a brain rehab program show remarkable improvements in blood flow and activity in the brain. Additional scientific evidence has found that the cognitive deficits related to damage to the prefrontal cortex recover more rapidly than those associated with the hippocampus.

To rehab your brain, follow these tips:

Stop poisoning your brain with alcohol.
Love your brain.
Fuel your brain with nutrient-dense foods.
Avoid sugar in all its forms.
Eliminate things that lower blood flow, including too much caffeine or smoking.
Learn to kill the ANTs (automatic negative thoughts) that steal your happiness.


Removing the illusion of separateness…

Timeline photos 12/31/2022

Such an important perspective shift. The body is temporary, the soul is forever.


Timeline photos 12/31/2022

Timeline photos

How to Eliminate Work-Related Anxiety From Your Weekends 12/31/2022

How to Eliminate Work-Related Anxiety From Your Weekends

If you spend Sunday dreading Monday, there may be some things you can do to reduce your anxiety. Those may include anything from limiting email access to more seriously looking into different work.

How to Eliminate Work-Related Anxiety From Your Weekends Don’t allow the Sunday 'scaries' to spoil your precious weekends.


Sharing your inner world with your partner doesn't have to be all about big realizations. It can be just taking a few moments to share how you're feeling, what you're thinking, or what you need. It can be hard to get into the habit, but with practice, sharing appreciation as well as your needs and wants can get easier.




How to be happy.


Happy Holidays!



What to Know About Delayed-Onset PTSD 12/24/2022

What to Know About Delayed-Onset PTSD

People can suffer certain trauma symptoms without meeting the criteria for PTSD. But those symptoms may become worse later on, making therapy a valuable resource.

What to Know About Delayed-Onset PTSD Learn about delayed-onset PTSD, its symptoms, common events that cause it to occur, and treatment options.


“Your kindness has a ripple effect in the universe.”

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Gingerbread for nerds😁


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