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This is long over due. I came to Infinite Wellness out of options and no help. I had sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury through a bicycle accident in August of 2020. I was revived in the field and taken via ambulence with no memory of the accident or the events following.

This was my sixth concussion and by far the most serious. I began to discover how little is understood about TBI, how few appropriate treatments, and what resources are available along with a somewhat apathetic approach to TBI with western medicine. Thank goodness my Integrative Medicine Physician sent me to Infinite Wellness as it has truly been a game changer for me.

Within a few weeks of treatment I began to experience marked change. I had been experiencing tremors, severe uncontrollable headaches, dizziness, motion sickness, insomnia, word aphasia, short term memory loss, balance issues, as well as lacking control of emotion. I had every symptom listed for TBI, some of which were severely impeeding quality of life for me. I am professional athlete and was facing the possibility of having to retire as an athlete and perhaps as a coach. Many of the above symptoms are now just distant memory.

I feel rescued. Truly. I won't take time here to talk about the accomplishments that happened after treatment. Those matter little except that, what I was having to contemplate giving up have been restored to me. I wish I could effectively articulate how indebted I feel. I will also add that I was skeptical but without options...don't question the ability of Infinite Wellness. Take that leap of faith.
Wonderful customer service Bailey was great and promotion of your other location was the best. I'm about to try the California location now.
Seriously, do you know anything about Adult Stem Cells, any 'M.D.'s in Colorado, who take a persons ''own'' out & uses it on them, much less 'this' approach?
I just saw this site mentioned in comment section on a private group website {Cannabis OILSuccess Stories} to someone fighting stage 4 of squamous cell carcinoma, & has done chemo, & now has huge large infected lymph node/tumor on her neck, which was told to leave it alone. She reached out to this ''community'' since she is now attempting to do it 'healthy'/natural which includes applying cannibus OIL topically also. Anyway she was given the suggestion of trying/use these 'teas', also. Ever heard of them? curious
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What in the world?

Providing natural, homeopathic care in Castle Rock, Colorado. Also specializing in nutritional and f Clients are seen by appointment only.

Whether you are a firm believer in Alternative Medicine or a newcomer seeking relief that Western Medicine has failed to provide, Infinite Wellness can help you to reach a new balance of health and physical harmony. Infinite Wellness offers the most progressive technology and comprehensive medicine in Alternative Medicine today. From a warm and welcoming environment in Castle Rock, CO, the clinic

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Back in stock!


Inflammation is at the root of most health issues. Consider a diet change to help you treat, or prevent, future health issues.




Morning orders are ready. Please pick up as soon as you can. The front counters are overflowing.

Thanks so much.


Back in stock.

Timeline photos 07/10/2022

Timeline photos

An overwhelming number of urine samples from adults and children in a new health study contained glyphosate, the active weedkilling chemical that has been linked to cancer, according to a report by a unit of the CDC.


Back in stock.


A reminder that the Castle Rock office will be open on Wednesday and Thursday this week, instead of Tuesday and Thursday.


We have more of the organic soy- and corn-free eggs available at the Castle Rock clinic today.


The Castle Rock office will be open on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Please have your refill orders in by Wednesday morning.

Thank you!


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This is a fantastic product that works for food sensitivities when added to the proper gut protocols.


Back in stock, but temporarily!

The company has sold, and I am purchasing what is left in their stock, after the closing of the company. It is the very best, I know, but I promise I will find a replacement. There are 100 available through the clinic.




🌞 How are you going to self-care this Sunday?

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Why You Should STOP Counting Calories (And What To Do Instead)

Weight Loss and Macros

I talk so much to clients about counting macros for weight loss, especially after menopause. This video is a great explanation as to why this is so valuable. The hormone regulation/weight loss when you have reached menopause (or at any time), can be helped by diet/macro counting. If you are working out daily and not losing an inch, there are food reasons why.


Simple Mills is a great choice for gluten-free products. They have bread, pizza crust, muffin, cake, cookie, and brownie mixes. Their products are sold at most grocery stores and are quite good. You can also order their products online.


Back in stock!

The very best delivery system available for vitamin D.

All other orders are ready for pick-up on the front counter. The clinic closes at 5 p.m. today.


STOP EATING These Foods To Lose Belly (Visceral) Fat TODAY!

Very good information regarding glucose.


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For your protocols that are treating food sensitivities.


CVD2 is back in stock. Remember to use this one if there is cough and severe phlegm.


What a lifesaver Psy-stabil can be when stress takes over your day!


CVD Phase 2 arrived last night. I am here today, and then not again until January 4.


I am getting tons of calls, and emails, regarding protocols to help with cold and flu this season. These are general, and you MUST include the zinc. The Cold Arrest I and the CVD-2 are not available again until January 4.

Please remember that I am out of the office this Wednesday until January 4.


Sleep and stress...we get to the core.


All orders are ready for pick-up. All mail orders will be going out tomorrow morning.

A reminder to get all refills ordered no later than Monday, December 20. The office will be closed until January 4.

Thank you.


CVD Phase 2 is now on backorder. Please be aware that CAI, CAII, and CVD Phase 1 is available now.


Back in stock.

Please get your refills in early. The office will be closed December 22 through January 4.


If you are needing refills, this week, please get them ordered this morning. The clinic will be closed the rest of the week.


The Biases Of Western Medicine | Dr. Gabor Mate

There is more to healthcare, and disease, than you might be aware of.


For those of you stocking your shelves, please remember that Bronchi-pertu is for deep airway issues with congestion, apo-PULM is for cough and profuse phlegm, and apo-TUSS is for a constant dry cough.


Food is your life force.


The new "Immune" contains the SRF of the most current cold/flu this season. This works extremely well with the prevention protocol.


Aomega is back in stock! I have a list of 32 people who are picking it up today. Please email me if you want to be on the list.


Available at the Elizabeth, and Castle Rock, location.


Pathways of Pain

Pain always has a source. It is not always simply a structural issue. So many times pain comes about, or is sustained, due to an internal/systemic issue.

High-Quality Ingredients 09/09/2021

High-Quality Ingredients

A great new gluten-free bread.

High-Quality Ingredients Happy Campers breads are gluten-free, USDA Organic, vegan, and made from wholesome, non-GMO ingredients!


All refills, and orders, are ready for pick-up today in the Castle Rock office. Pick-up for the Elizabeth location is on Wednesdays.


Cold Arrest II is back in stock!

So many people have been using Cold Arrest II to keep their lungs open, and clear, during all of our smoky days. It can also be purchased on the website at

Photos from Infinite Wellness's post 08/02/2021

If you have chronic pain and are looking for alternatives to medication and surgery, you have a lot of options. Alternative pain treatments that doctors once scoffed at are now standard at many pain centers.

Acupuncture is rapidly becoming a mainstream treatment for pain. Studies have found that it works for pain caused by many conditions, including fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, back injuries, sports injuries and more.

If chronic pain is preventing you from living life the way you want, give us a call today or visit our website for more information or to set up an appointment!


The respiratory (cold and flu) products are now available at the Elizabeth location, along with the acid reflux products.


Our new satellite office is now open at the Elizabeth Family Health Center. Please call us at 303-274-7979, or visit our website at, to schedule an initial testing, and treatment, time.

We look forward to bringing our unique, and effective, alternative healthcare to the community of Elizabeth.

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I am getting tons of calls, and emails,  regarding protocols to help with cold and flu this season.  These are general, ...
Sleep and stress...we get to the core.
Pathways of PainPain always has a source.  It is not always simply a structural issue.  So many times pain comes about, ...
POTSWe have great results in supporting the treatment of POTS.  We love positive results and happy people!
I love my patients from Wyoming!  I own my own farm, so I can appreciate her skills with this trailer!  Lol.
That amazing acupuncture...I know many of you love this acupuncture point.  It works so well for animals too.
Please wear a mask when you have to leave your home and go into public.  Yes, it can help protect you.  If you have not ...
Amazing Results with our New QI5 Scanner/Laser!Our new QI5 Scanner/Laser has helped us in getting some pretty amazing in...




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