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Are you getting excited yet? Tomorrow is the big day!

As always candy canes will be available from some of our sponsors today but you can also find us at Meadows Express Car Wash. Just look for the thin blue line flag. (10a-6p) Every candy cane bought there today will get you a FREE car wash, valued at $11. So they're paying you to get your car washed and you're supporting an amazing event! WIN WIN.

Also every ticket purchased comes with $10 off up to $100/max from All Around Auto Care Castle Rock

See you today Castle Rock!

105 West Brewing Company
Iron Mule Brewery
Vitality Bowls
Central Autos
Mountain Man Nut & Fruit
Brews & Q's Wine Spirits
Healing Hands Family Chiropractic

Healing Hands Family Chiropractic offers Activator Protocol Chiropractic care for your family and fo

The Activator Method is a gentle, low-force approach to chiropractic care. The technique utilizes specific protocols to detect spinal joint dysfunction, analyze leg length inequality, identify issues with body mechanics, and test neurological function. Patients of all ages can enjoy the benefits of an Activator adjustment, especially children who have a hard time staying still. Animal Chiropractic

Operating as usual


Thank you to Aligned with Alyce for this reminder!


We all love a little sugar, but keep in mind it will feed the flu and other illnesses that start to pop up this time of year!

Photos from Mama's Chiropractic Clinic's post 09/21/2022

Photos from Mama's Chiropractic Clinic's post


Happy Labor Day Weekend! We will be back in office at normal time on Tuesday September 6!


Container Syndrome is a term used to describe the lack of skill in infants who are not allowed ample movement opportunities. Container Baby Syndrome is the result of an infant being placed in a container for an excessive amount of time during the day. This extended time leads to structural, movement, and behavioral challenges as a result.

Baby containers include baby equipment and items such as:

👣Restrictive playpens
👣Car seats
👣Bumbo seats
👣Bouncy seats and swings
👣Nursing cushions
👣Vibrating chairs
👣Positioning pillows
👣Floor seats
👣Infant swings

All of the time spent in these baby containers adds up! When in a positioning device such as the ones listed above, little ones are limited in the motor development that results from stretching, wiggling, turning, reaching, and otherwise moving.


Timeline photos 08/09/2022

Timeline photos

Baby bouncers, walkers, bumbos, and other infant orthotic devices (IODs) alter a child's natural motor pattern development by restricting proper age-appropriate movements and by offering artificial stability to developing infants before they are ready to reach those milestones naturally.​​​​​​​​
The companies who create these products claim that they "help" children learn to walk, stand, sit, or crawl but research has shown the use of IODs actually delay, alter, and potentially cause long-term motor pattern disruption.​​​​​​​​
Research has shown that the use of baby walkers can delay the acquisition of independent walking and disturb the normal gait pattern in developing children. They can also cause damage to ankles, knees, hips, back, and neck by forcing a child into a vertical position who's body is not yet ready to support such position.​​​​​​​​
Similar is to be said about bumbo type seats or boppy type support pillows. These devices place children in seated or upright positions before their bodies are ready to support them. A child who can not sit without assistance should not be placed in a seated position. ​​​​​​​​
Children should be allowed an age appropriate viewpoint of the world by being given the ability to lay flat on their backs, crawl, crouch, sit and stand when they're ready, and interact with their environments as their individual developmental skills allow.​​​​​​​​
These devices designed to "help" our kids are actually limiting them. The less technology and devices we use to "help" our children move, the better and stronger they will grow - and the better and stronger their bodies will be in adolescence and adulthood! ​​​​​​​​
Some info from this post was sourced from https://capitalchirodsm.com/fromthegroundup/ where more in-depth info and further references are available. ​​​​​​​​
🔗 IG link in bio.


Celebrating National breastfeeding week.


I love making chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, blueberry banana oat bread and some brownies 😉

Make sure you're eating enough! Breastfeeding is hard work!

What is your go to snack during those long nursing sessions or what snacks do you have ready to go to replenish you throughout the day?

Photos from Mama's Chiropractic Clinic's post 08/02/2022

Photos from Mama's Chiropractic Clinic's post

Photos from Well-Rooted Pediatrics's post 07/28/2022

Photos from Well-Rooted Pediatrics's post


It’s a great way to keep your kids hydrated too!

It is HOT out there!
Make sure you're staying hydrated with your water intake but also up the ante with some delicious fresh fruits! 🍉🍍🍊🍓


So moving can never be smooth…with that- our voicemail is not available until sometime on Monday. If you need the office for any reason, please message us HERE or email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can! Thank you for your patience!


Happy Friday everyone! In case you didn’t know, our office is moving, but don’t worry, we aren’t going far! In fact, we will be in the same building but in a different suite!! Starting on Monday, we will be in the street level suite on the right side of the building. This means no more stairs to navigate!!! We are so excited for this move! We look forward to seeing you on Monday in our new space! Have a wonderful weekend!!


It took over 2 years, 200 hours, 60 page research paper, 1 back surgery and 2 babies, but I am now a certified CACCP ( Coucil Academy of Chiropractic Pediatrics)! Thank you to all our patients for your support during this process!

Photos from Well-Rooted Pediatrics's post 06/07/2022

Try to replace screen time with outdoor play. Being in the sun helps increase Vit D, being in nature has shown to decrease anxiety and depression, outdoor play stimulates creativity. So many wonderful reasons to enjoy the summer weather outside!


Why take your baby to see a chiropractor? Here are a few reasons! Ask us about scheduling an appointment, we treat newborns to adults!

How do you feel about chiropractic care for a newborn?

The first time, 10+ years ago, a parent told me they were taking their newborn to a chiropractor, I almost fell out of my chair. Most pediatricians will tell you that you shouldn’t take your child to a chiropractor, but I couldn’t deny the results some of my patients were seeing. So I Took the time to get to know a few that I trust wholeheartedly to not harm a baby. And I’ve seen just too many good results to think it’s a coincidence.

One thing I promised myself when I was a younger physician was that I would never get stuck in a rut, that I would never stop learning, that I would always keep my mind open. I’ll never be perfect, but I’ll always be improving.

And, like any good health care, you shouldn’t just take them when there is an issue.

What have you take your baby to a chiropractor for?

I’ve referred for:
-sleep issues
-after a fall or accident
- ear infections
-and more


Photos from Well-Rooted Pediatrics's post 05/24/2022

Summer is a time for camping, playing outdoors, hiking, swimming…you name it! It’s also time for the bugs! Many big repellents are filled with harsh chemicals. There are more naturally based ones that work well too that you can buy or make yourself!


This is very real. It’s not something to be ashamed of. There are plenty of support options. If you feel you may be suffering from PPD/PPA please speak with us!

May is mental health awareness month and with 1 in 7 women suffering from postpartum depression, we've compiled some statistics that hopefully remind those suffering that you're not alone.

Timeline photos 05/16/2022

Food for thought

A child who eats 2 cups of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, a small bag of Skittles, and 8 ounces of Crush Orange will consume 102 milligrams of artificial food dyes. Behavioral tests found as little as 30 mg can cause adverse reactions. https://www.cspinet.org/new/201405071.html


“Do you know a common reason parents quit breastfeeding? It's not what you think.

It's perceived low milk supply. Perceived. Not actual. And who can blame them? Stores sell 9oz bottles. Social media bombards us with ads for fancy drinks and cookies with pictures of happy moms and overflowing bottles of milk.

But we're here to tell you the real story. Your body is only supposed to produce an ounce of milk an hour. And that's both sides combined. After 4 weeks, your baby will take 20-30oz of milk for their first year. You never have to increase your supply again. The content of the milk changes over time, but the volume doesn't.

Milk has a circadian rhythm, meaning different amounts get made at different times of day. It's normal to pump much more in the morning than in the afternoon. That doesn't mean there's something wrong.

When you leave a bottle for your baby, leave 1-1.25oz/hr you'll be gone. Small, frequent bottles help keep your baby's expectations realistic. If they're getting two 5oz bottles in 8hrs, they're still getting 1.25oz/hr, but do you only nurse your baby twice in 8hrs? They'll start to expect large volumes from you, which can make them impatient or fussy. Some babies refuse to nurse and will only take bottles. Keeping the bottles realistic and having a clear understanding of a healthy milk supply will help you meet your feeding goals.

Save this so you can remember how much to leave in bottles, and to remind yourself you're doing a great job making milk!”

Timeline photos 05/06/2022

As summer approaches, remember to run barefoot in the harass everyone once in a while!

👣 Feet weren't designed to be in shoes more than hands were designed to be in mittens! 🧤​​​​​​​​
🦶 For kids, getting barefoot time is even more important because their bodies are still developing natural gait patterns and deep body stabilization which depend on feedback to the brain from nerves in the soles of our feet sensing the ground.​​​​​​​​
🦵 Wearing shoes prevents any motion in these joints and leave the shoe-wearer blind to the environment. Nerves in your feet are also sensing other environmental cues like temperature and terrain. When we expose our nerves to new, different environments, the stronger and healthier they become by being forced to adapt to these subtle changes.​​​​​​​​
🧦 Take time to *feel* with your feet! Kids and adults!​​​​​​​​
Consider making your home a shoe-free zone and encourage the safe exploration of different areas without footwear, especially outdoors as the weather starts to warm! 🌞​​​​​​​​
https://www.nutritiousmovement.com/barefoot-not-just-for-adults/ ​​​​​​​​

Photos from Well-Rooted Pediatrics's post 05/04/2022

Photos from Well-Rooted Pediatrics's post

Steve Smith Memorial Fund, organized by Tanya Smith 04/26/2022

Steve Smith Memorial Fund, organized by Tanya Smith

Please consider donating to this family. He was a wonderful servant to his family and this community

Steve Smith Memorial Fund, organized by Tanya Smith Steve Smith was the Fire Marshal for West Douglas Fire and had been a firefighter for West Doug… Tanya Smith needs your support for Steve Smith Memorial Fund


Happy Wednesday! Please remember we do not have a formal winter weather policy. With that in mind, we are keeping a close eye on the storm brewing for tomorrow. If you are worried about the weather, please consider rescheduling your appointment earlier than later. If we decide to close there will be a message here and on the voicemail. We will then call all the scheduled appointments to reschedule them. Thank you and enjoy the day!

Over 100 snacks better than Goldfish for kids 02/25/2022

Over 100 snacks better than Goldfish for kids

We are always looking for healthy snacks for kids, here are some options

Over 100 snacks better than Goldfish for kids If I can stop one goal of the BIG food industry in the way I raise my daughter it would be this: Refuse to buy junk food designed to be addictive that has no nutritional value. And refusing to feed my daughter Pepperidge Farm Goldfish fits the bill brilliantly. But why is this snack something … Re...


Am I excited for Spring/Summer grilling…? Yes, yes I am! You can also use Coconut Aminos instead of soy sauce to make these even more healthy!

Use your judgement on how much marinades you will need and mix them accordingly.


Tylenol/ Panadol - Why to avoid it:

Tylenol/ Panadol depletes Glutathione in our cells; Glutathione is our own internal antioxidant. We don’t have to eat it, we make it. As a matter of fact it is the most powerful antioxidant, without it all of the food based antioxidants you’ve heard of would be useless. Every cell in the body experience stressful forces everyday that result in a drive toward oxidation (think about rusting metal or an apple slice that turns brown if left alone for a few minutes). Oxidation is what aging, cell damage and disease are. Oxidation results in inflammations and dying cells.

Oxidation is a normal process in the body that happens when we use oxygen to create energy for the cell. The byproduct of oxidation is the creation of “free radicals” which are unstable molecules. Free radicals are “bad” because they can damage cell DNA, potentially causing permanent mutations. The body uses anti-oxidants to “scavenge” free radicals, neutralizing them so they can’t damage the DNA or any other part of the cell. Glutathione stops inflammation.

Studies show a direct correlation between a breakdown in the Glutathione system and autoimmune disease. Glutathione is an immune regulator. Immune regulation is necessary for proper immune responses to any immune challenge. Immune challenges from food antigens, environmental antigens, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and even 💉 💉

Glutathione depletion in an infant or unborn child may be the mechanism for developmental challenges we see increasing at alarming rates. The damaged or deficient Glutathione system may precede an abnormal immune response in children who are presented with immune challenges like viruses, bacteria and even 💉 💉

Tylenol/ Panadol is actually somewhat famous for depleting glutathione. It has to do with the way it is processed in the liver – the chemical it is converted to requires a HUGE amount of glutathione to make it less toxic.

➡️ Liver failure: Side effect of Tylenol/ Panadol

Glutathione is involved in one of the major detoxification pathways used by the liver to rid our bodies of waste products. The depletion of Glutathione is the mechanism for liver toxicity.

➡️ MTHFR defects

Much has been said about the relationship between a genetic SNP called MTHFR and autism, autoimmunity and other chronic disorders. This is a common defect of a chemical reaction in the body called methylation. 30-40% of the population can have a defect that can reduce methylation from 20%-80% depending on the type of genetic presentation you have.

Methylation is a key step in the internal production and recycling of Glutathione. If you have been diagnosed with elevated homocysteine in your blood, there is a good chance your Glutathione is depleted.

White Willow Bark, Tumeric, or Arnica Montana would be a few healthy alternatives that work very well.


Good Snowy evening everyone! We are monitoring the weather for tomorrow and as of now, we are planning on being open. If things change we will post the notice here and on the voicemail. If you have a scheduled appointment we will call you. Please stay warm and safe!

9 Shoulder Exercises to Do at Home That Dissolve Any Sign of Tension 01/24/2022

9 Shoulder Exercises to Do at Home That Dissolve Any Sign of Tension

Changing your posture can help alleviate headaches and neck pain!

9 Shoulder Exercises to Do at Home That Dissolve Any Sign of Tension Try these shoulder exercises at home, when you're looking to strengthen your upper body and help correct postural issues that come while WFH.


Ear infections don’t have to be your child’s normal!


Please be careful in the morning! If you have a morning appointment please plan accordingly! Everyone stay safe !

**Weather Alert**
***Winter Weather Advisory Issued***
From 5AM through 8PM on Wednesday January 19, 2022

The alert has been issued for difficult travel conditions due to initial ice accumulation followed by snow accumulation on top of ice. Road may become very slick during the morning commute tomorrow.

Please plan on exercising extreme caution when driving, leave a ton of space and take it slow. The ice accumulation threat is greatest before lunch time on Wednesday so that should give you a timeframe.


We hope everyone is safe and warm this evening! DCSD is on a 90 minute delay tomorrow morning but this does not affect our appointment times. Your appointments will be at the time as scheduled. If something changes we will let you know as soon as possible!


First and foremost, meltdowns are not a choice, they're the result of unmet needs. Second, there are many ways to help a child get their needs met.

Here's the original source that includes an EXCELLENT article discussing each point in greater detail...


Credit: Raising An Extraordinary Person

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Onesie pajama day!!
Ugly- uglier- sweat day #2!






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