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Corpo Excellente Medical Spa Personalized Body Sculpting at Corpo Excellente Medical Spa.

truSculpt ID is the latest body sculpting technology, giving you as a patient a powerful, non-invasive treatment of abdomen and any other body areas simultaneously.


During a truSculpt treatment, the hand pieces rest on top of the skin, heating it for a period of 15 minutes. The device continuously monitors the skin temperature to maintain patient comfort and safety throughout the entirety of the treatment.⁠⠀ ⁠TREATMENT DETAILS:⁠⠀
▪️ Uses heat to permanently eliminate fat⁠⠀⁠⠀
▪️ Safe for all skin types (and tattoos)⁠⠀⁠⠀
▪️ Fits virtually any body area⁠⠀⁠⠀
▪️ Non-invasive⁠⠀⁠⠀
▪️ No downtime⁠⠀⁠
The Skin Studios


꧁ Wednesday Wellness ꧂ Absolutely amazing results with truSculpt iD

😍 reduces fat with just one treatment*. This patient had 2 treatments 3 months apart. However, many people obtain optimal results after one treatment.

✨ Final results take about 12 weeks.
✨Results are proven, noticeable, and permanent
✨Decreases the appearance of cellulite
✨Approved by the Federal Drug Administration to reduce fat, andyield a circumferential reduction of treated areas

⏰ Treatment time 15 minutes
💰 Cost: LIMITED TIME $1999 for 6 applicators
☎️ Call 281-846-6454
✅ Free consultations

✨ *Individual results may vary✨
Mary Moosavi, DNP, APRN, CRNA, Dream Aesthetics Med Spa


Today is National Bikini Day. All bodies are bikini bodies, so grab your favorite two-piece and rock it. 👙


? The treatment is customizable based on your fitness level, shape, and . Whether you want to firm your buttocks, tone your thigh muscles, or get rid of a stubborn lower-belly pooch, truSculpt can help you achieve your . Tap to find a truBody provider in your area →


We’ve all got some trouble spots. You know, those stubborn areas of fat that won’t go away with diet and exercise…

That’s where comes in. Our newest treatment duo pairs truSculpt flex with truSculpt iD to maximize results and help you reach your body goals sooner. It’s your perfect body personalized. Tap to get started →


They taste like candy, and you're going to want to eat them all. the. time.


truSculpt iD results never cease to amaze us! Check out these before and after photos from Manhattan Aesthetics.

→ 15-minute treatment time
→ 0 Downtime
→ Fat reduction ⚡

*After 2 truSculpt iD treatments. Results vary.


Getting rid of extra inches was never so easy! is a complete body sculpting solution providing fat reduction and muscle sculpting so that you can get started on your now. Contact us today to book a complimentary consultation.

The ONE face and body bar


Be a goal-getter 👏🏽 What gives you the fitness motivation you need to stick to your goals?
1) Set a realistic deadline
2) Make changes to your routine to keep it enjoyable - like running in the park instead of on your treadmill
3) Find partners -- friends, family, co-workers, neighbors -- who will encourage you to stay on track
4) Reward yourself when you accomplish a goal - like buying those cute leggings you’ve been eyeing to show off your legs


Just a few minutes of each day can boost your positivity and well-being. – Take 10 minutes right now to do something nice for yourself. 💜


Even with a clean diet and daily workouts, it can be hard to reduce your trouble spots. We’ve got a solution: by Cutera. truBody can permanently slim and sculpt your body - abdomen, flanks, buttocks, thighs - starting with just one 45-minute treatment and NO downtime. To find a provider in your area, visit


Your summer body is calling. 👙 couples the power of truSculpt iD and truSculpt flex technologies to target stubborn fat on your abdomen and flanks and reshape and contour your arms, legs and back and strengthen, firm and tone your muscles.

Let Cutera help boost your ! To find a provider in your area, visit


Say goodbye to stubborn fat 👋🏽

truSculpt iD is a nonsurgical body contouring procedure that uses monopolar radiofrequency energy to destroy fat cells throughout the entire fat layer, from just below the skin down to the muscle. It can be used to sculpt the abdomen, love handles, thighs, under the chin, and the upper arms. Call, text or use the link in our bio to book your consultation! Privé Salon & Med Spa


Kika Rocha te trae todos los detalles de este tratamiento para reducir hasta un 24% de grasa y rollitos en 15 minutos.


Didn't keep your beach body in shape after the holidays? can help you smash your resolutions with help from our groundbreaking technology. Our unique truBody is a combined treatment using 2 separate state-of-the-art body sculpting platforms.

* 1. PERMANENT FAT REDUCTION: 24% fat reduction on average with our non-invasive truSculpt iD (RF treatment); -- PLUS --
* 2. MUSCLE SCULPTING: 30% increase in muscle mass on average after 4-6 treatments giving an ultimate build and tone to your body with truSculpt FLEX The results we have seen from these devices when combined have been outstanding! We call it the 'truBody' experience.

We have tailored 2 custom packages for stubborn areas of concern:
1. "Ultimate ABDOMEN Sculpting Package"
2. "Ultimate THIGH Sculpting Package" What's more is there is no downtime after treatments, so nobody needs to know!

Academy Face and Body


You work hard for your body, but what if you need a little extra help? In addition to a regular exercise and a healthy diet, – our award-winning truSculpt flex and truSculpt iD treatment combo – can help reduce fat up to 24% in treated areas and sculpt your muscles to give you a more defined look. Tap the link to find a provider in your area and schedule your personalized treatment:


Start your body transformation journey now to look your best by spring. 💜 is the best of both worlds and pairs our truSculpt flex + truSculpt iD treatments into one customizable session so you can have a more toned abdomen, slimmer waist, firmer butt, sculpted arms and stronger thighs. Tap the link to connect with a provider in your area ➡️


You know that feeling when you’re in need of water - your mouth is dry, your skin feels tight and it can be hard to focus on a simple task. Drinking water is uber important throughout the day – even when you don’t *feel* thirsty. Keep a water bottle by your desk as a reminder to hydrate!


On the hunt for healthy winter recipes? Try a dish with cabbage! This veggie is rich in amino acids and an excellent source of Vitamin C which can help boost your immunity. Add a handful of shredded purple cabbage to a salad and top with fresh veggies or cook it into a soup to warm up on a cold winter day.


Because you'll have to save room for more cookies. Obviously.


Smoothies make for great workout fuel. The best smoothies for pre- and post-workouts include a mix of healthy protein and carbs to give you a boost without making you feel overly full. We love this recipe by Whole Lifestyle Nutrition:
💜 6 oz whole Greek yogurt
💜 4–6 ice cubes
💜 1/8 cup of water, milk or plant milk
💜 1/4 of banana
💜 3–4 strawberries
💜 1–2 tsp coconut palm sugar (or sweetener of choice)
💜 1/8 cup wild blueberries
Mix all ingredients in a blender until smooth.


It’s time to fit back into your skinny jeans – and feel and look amazing in them! is a complete body shaping procedure that pairs body sculpting and muscle sculpting to remove fat, rebuild muscle, and renew skin. Ask a truBody provider how they can maximize results and help you achieve your faster.


Find out why holiday stress has become all too common and learn how to eliminate holiday stress and enjoy the holidays as they were meant to be enjoyed.


If you indulged a little too much on Thanksgiving, don’t beat yourself up about it - it! treats the entire fat layer on the abdomen and flanks, resulting in an average of 24% fat reduction. Your provider can customize each treatment to your specific .


Physiological stress can have a negative impact on your overall health and well-being. To combat it, take time for YOU! Work on your yoga skills, enjoy a hot cup of tea in a quiet room in your home or give your pet some extra snuggles before heading out the door.


Let’s face it- no matter who we are or how skinny we really are, we’ve all wanted to get rid of that stubborn excess body fat. We tend to have overly critical eyes when it comes to looking our bodies over and spotting fat. While some are more than willing to go all the way …


Let off some steam.


🍂 It's that time of year again... First comes , and then can't be far behind. What are you most excited about for this year's holiday season?


Nothing like an Autumn run in the early morning to make you feel alive!


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