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Joanne Gotschall is a CPM, and owner of Holy City Homebirth who believes that, Pregnancy and childbirth are natural and sacred occurrences in life.

Breastfeeding Berkshire

Now it should go without saying but, you know, this is the internet in 2020, so I'll spell it out...

If you choose to introduce a bottle for whatever reason that's cool. That's your choice and it's perfectly valid. Top tip- if you're introducing a bottle check out paced bottle feeding. This can help reduce the risk of baby developing a bottle preference. And paced bottle feeding is now recommended for all babies even if they are exclusively bottle fed.

If your circumstances mean that you need to introduce a bottle that is absolutely OK, understandable and valid.

This image is taking aim at the myth that families who do not want or need to introduce a bottle must do so because it's the only way for partners to help out, and bond with their baby. Not just partners either, grandparents, aunts, uncles, freakin second cousin Doris twice removed on your fathers side.... Sorry I digress. But many families are coerced into introducing bottles against their will by this myth even when they don't want to because it's something they're told they must do.

The fact is there are many ways partners and friends and relatives can help out that have nothing to do with bottles. Cook, clean, shop, do dishes, do laundry, offer to take baby for a walk while mum showers...Honestly letting mum sit down with a cup of tea, a plate of food, and put her feet up while she feeds the baby and you run a mop over the kitchen floor is likely to be far more helpful than you sitting on your bum feeding the baby while she loads the dishwasher.

Ditto bonding. You can have skin to skin give cuddles, you can wear baby in a sling and take them for a walk, you can bath them, change nappies, sing to them, talk to them, baby massage...Literally everything except feed them. If you did everything except breastfeed then you would be the primary carer. You do not need to bottlefeed in order to bond.


Why are women buying GOOP? Women’s health and the wellness movement

onlinelibrary.wiley.com Click on the article title to read more.


Risks of CTG monitoring: Part 3

birthsmalltalk.com Does CTG monitoring generate more harm than benefit for babies? Here’s the evidence….


There’s a lot of conversation about Group B Strep (GBS) in medical journals at the moment, and several studies of different types of testing are underway. Which means things might be changing at some point.
That’s something we need to pay attention to. One of the things that I hear most often when talking to women about GBS is that they didn’t realise the implications of having a test. Sometimes, they weren’t even told the test was being done.
Many say that, if they had known how it would impact their care and experience, they might have made a different decision. But even if it wouldn’t affect your decision, it’s important to understand the full picture before deciding whether or not any particular test is right for you. Before you are offered it. And especially if you are likely to be offered it at a time when you might not want to be thinking about such decisions, for instance when you are in labour.
If you’d like more information about GBS, there are several free articles and blog posts on my website. I have also written a book on this. Group B Strep Explained was written to help parents, professionals and others to understand the issues and the evidence relating to the screening and prophylactic measures that are offered to pregnant and labouring women in the hope of preventing early-onset group B strep (EOGBS) disease.
My aim isn’t to try to direct anyone down a particular path. It’s about trying to share all the information that might be relevant to those who need to make decisions about this. The second edition (red cover with signpost) is the up-to-date one. 🙂
You can see my articles and find out more about the book at www.sarawickham.com/gbse/
I hope it helps you make the decision that’s right for you - about all aspects of GBS-related screening and/or prophylaxis.
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The Homebirth of Folk

Hayley and Diego welcome their fourth baby, but first son. Born at home surrounded by love.


A systematic review has shown that vaginal birth, breastfeeding and mother-baby contact do not increase the chance of a baby being infected with SARS-COV-2, even where a mother has confirmed COVID-19.
"Early reports of COVID‐19 in pregnancy described management by caesarean, strict isolation of the neonate and formula feeding." The authors of this systematic review asked, "is this practise justified?"
They wanted to estimate whether the chance of a baby being infected with SARS-COV-2 was affected by the mode of birth (vaginal birth or caesarean), the type of feeding and whether the mum and baby stayed together or not.
They searched the medical literature for relevant studies and found, "49 studies which included 666 neonates and 655 women where information was provided on the mode of delivery and the infant’s infection status.”
Their findings and conclusion? "28/666 (4%) neonates had confirmed COVID‐19 infection postnatally. Of the 291 women who delivered vaginally, 8/292 (2.7%) neonates were positive. Of the 364 women who had a Caesarean birth, 20/374 (5.3%) neonates were positive.
Of the 28 neonates with confirmed COVID‐19 infection, 7 were breast fed, 3 formula fed, 1 was given expressed breast milk and in 17 neonates the method of infant feeding was not reported.
Neonatal COVID‐19 infection is uncommon, uncommonly symptomatic, and the rate of infection is no greater when the baby is born vaginally, breastfed or allowed contact with the mother."
Walker K et al (2020). Maternal transmission of SARS‐COV‐2 to the neonate, and possible routes for such transmission: A systematic review and critical analysis. BMJ https://doi.org/10.1111/1471-0528.16362
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Four vitamin K myths - and the truth - Dr Sara Wickham

sarawickham.com Dr Sara Wickham shares and unpacks four commonly-seen vitamin K myths, explaining why some information sources have got it wrong.


"Transvaginal ultrasound examination has the potential to transmit vaginal infections, including human papillomavirus (HPV). Areas of particular concern are the use of probe covers with high rates of leakage, use of disinfectants that are not effective against HPV, and use of coupling gel from multiple-use containers. We review these issues and recommend four steps to reduce the risk of transmitting infection. First, during every transvaginal ultrasound exam, the probe should be covered with a sterile, single-use "viral barrier" cover or a condom. Second, sterile, single-use ultrasound gel packets should be used. Third, after every examination, the probe should be cleaned to remove any visible gel or debris. Fourth, after cleaning, the probe should undergo high-level disinfection using an agent with proven efficacy against HPV, including hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorite, or peracetic acid. Glutaraldehyde, ortho-phthalaldehyde, phenols, and isopropyl alcohol have virtually no efficacy against HPV."

In addition, we could limit their use and use them - now brace yourself for this radical set of thoughts - only when (a) they may offer genuinely useful information which could not otherwise be obtained through the use of a less invasive procedure carried out by a skilled and respectful professional who trusts women's bodies, (b) there is a specific purpose for using them and it's a part of individualised and not routine care, (c) there is (and I do know this is a particularly hard one for some people to grasp) good quality evidence showing that their use in that particular context is (i) effective and (ii) the potential harms are outweighed by the potential benefits, and (d) someone actually wants this to be used on them and hasn't been persuaded, bullied or coerced into saying yes, but has made a genuinely informed decision.




Facts about Covid-19

swprs.org Fully referenced facts about Covid-19, provided by experts in the field, to help our readers make a realistic risk assessment.


‘Surely you’re not still breastfeeding’: a qualitative exploration of women’s experiences of breastfeeding beyond infancy in the UK

bmjopen.bmj.com Objectives To explore women’s experiences of breastfeeding beyond infancy (>1 year). Understanding these experiences, including the motivators, enablers and barriers faced, may help inform future strategies to support and facilitate mothers to breastfeed for an optimal duration. Design An explor...


Response to NYT Op-Ed

nyhomebirth.com A Letter to the Editor of the New York Times regarding the Op-Ed “Don’t Be Afraid of Giving Birth in a New York Hospital.” By the NYC Homebirth Collective May 6, 2020

Raised Good


U.S. Coronavirus Advice Is Failing Pregnant Women

sapiens.org An anthropologist explores how her current study of COVID-19 and childbirth reveals profound and amplified problems with the United States’ maternity system.


Amid coronavirus, some pregnant Baltimore moms are choosing home over hospitals, spurring debate

baltimoresun.com In recent weeks, doctors, midwives and other health professionals in Baltimore have reported a surge in interest in home births. Many of these expectant moms fear that going to the hospital could expose them to the coronavirus.



timothycloppphotography.wordpress.com While the world staggers through the cornea virus it is a relevant thought that in the next 8-9 months we will see a spike in babies being born. Surely not being out to eat and at nightly events ha…


Midwives are Essential:

link.medium.com A place where words matter


Perspective | Covid-19 exposes the need for midwives

washingtonpost.com Covid-19 is reminding us that birth doesn’t require hospitals or doctors.

World Health Organization (WHO)

Close contact and early, exclusive breastfeeding helps a baby to thrive.

A woman with COVID-19 should be supported to
• breastfeed safely
• hold her newborn skin-to-skin
• share a room with her baby


How I’m Reconsidering My Birth Plan Because of the Coronavirus

Apparently Homebirth wit Midwives are in Vogue now!

vogue.com In the third trimester of my second pregnancy, I’m weighing options I hadn’t even contemplated before.


How to share content so everyone benefits... - Dr Sara Wickham

sarawickham.com How to share content so that everyone benefits? Sara Wickham offers some suggestions and tips to help you stay generous, friendly and legal.

Berkeley County Government

If you or someone you know is pregnant, see what preventative health measures the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends to protect against contracting #COVID19. https://www.who.int/

For all #BerkeleyCounty news and updates on the #coronavirus, visit berkeleycountysc.gov/covid19.

#OneBerkeley #factsoverfear


The Coronavirus Isn’t Everywhere. God is.

thejesuitpost.org The Coronavirus seems omnipresent, but only God truly is.





Remind Yourself To Be Grateful Today

higherperspectives.com ​3 Zen Life Lessons on Gratitude





My Prayer For Today



Pregnant Women Turn to Home Births to Escape Virus

thedailybeast.com “Would you want to go to a hospital right now? It’s pretty terrifying.”


Free Workshop: Sign-up today, space is limited!

traumaconsciousyoga.com In this webinar we'll discuss the impact of unresolved trauma on conception, pregnancy, labor and birth, and the ways that we can support healing and embodiment for ourselves and others throughout the reproductive health journey. Nityda has a special surprise for everyone who attends. Space is limit...

Scott Hahn





Kate Middleton Reveals She Did 'Hypnobirthing' for All Three Kids — and 'Quite Liked Labor!'

yahoo.com Kate Middleton Reveals She Did Hypnobirthing for All Three Kids

Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine

Read 'Communication and Connection' by Rebecca Thompson Hitt, MS http://bit.ly/2MHsM9i


Natural Morning Sickness Remedy

pregnancyvideo.net Morning sickness may cause malnutrition in the mother and baby, and therefore it must be controlled in order to foster the health of mother and child. Here’s how to make a natural morning sickness remedy smoothie.

AmoMama Nostalgia

Remember this!


"You can't spoil a baby!" research says to comfort crying babies

theheartysoul.com Research has found that children will grow into healthier and happier adults if they have parents who are affectionate, sensitive, and playful towards them from birth.

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