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Thank you to the Hole Sponsors for our 33rd Annual Golf Classic! Lifepointe Chiropractic and Wellness Center, Farm Bureau Insurance -The Milner Agency, Neiman's Family Market Clarkston, Rochester General Surgery PLC, Regiani Holistic Dental Center, Springfield Urgent Care, and Whitney Findlay, Findlay Investments!
I just wanted to let you know that my three big kids like to play "chiropractor." I noticed it last week. Maddy was bending Samuel's knees and raising his feet and saying, "Samuel, how are you doing today? There you go! Power is on!" 🤣🤣🤣 They were cracking me up. Giving each other adjustments. Maddy even tried to do Samuel's sinuses.
When you take your 2-year-old's hooded shirt off for the night to put Pjs on and find this flying out.... Haha. We hijacked a bear face. We'll bring it back at our next visit.

I'm glad my girls feel "at home" whenever we come. :)
You just need a baby....

Offering comprehensive chiropractic corrective care and wellness care from newborns to athletes to

Operating as usual


Happy New Year🎉Start it with healthy choices💕
Get adjusted(kids too), get outside❄️, move your body🏋️🤸, eat nutritious food🥑🥩,be grateful☺️,love yourself❤️
We can help you💕💯



We even got a real game in on the ice🏒 The kids have definitely surpassed Dr Greg in the speed area of the game😜 Building healthy memories with family is everything❤️ See you next week🎉💯


This is what our college kids (still) do when they are home at Christmas❄️🎄Adjustments all around when they were done❤️💯✅
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Success stories with kids!
Our bodies are designed for health💯 When there is interference and stress on our nervous system, healing can be challenging. Chiropractic adjustments remove that stress and interference to our nervous system and allow our kids bodies to express health❤️


Wellness care/Preventative care are truly what HEALTH care is❤️It is PROactive care💪🏼✅Like brushing your teeth. Waiting for pain, numbness, digestive issues, difficulty sleeping, lack of energy, etc is Reactive/crisis care. There is a big difference💯

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Adjusting the head coach of the team 🏒 between periods. GVSU beat LSSU 4-2.


In honor for all the veterans who have served, Happy Veterans Day 🇺🇸

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Pumpkin 🎃 decorating contest 2022🎉 Thanks to all the kids for the festive decor this year 🤩Everyone ❤️ it. Congrats to William L for winning the Target Gift Card🎉


Did you know we adjust little, future astronauts 🚀 at LCC💕Sol is feeling great and healthy after her adjustment ❤️
~who do you know that wants their kids to be healthier, have better focus, better posture, better behavior, less ear infections, better immune function?💯❤️


Written on Lifepointe’s kids chalk wall! ❤️Such insight by a little one💕 Health shows physically and emotionally when you get adjusted! Chiropractic kids just seem to “have that healthy something”☀️💯 ❄️


Kids health should be a primary priority❤️How their brain and spine develop will ultimately determine ‘who’ they are when they are raising their own family🍁💪🏼💯 We help families become the best/healthiest version that they can be😊💫. AND kids LOVE being adjusted🎉

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Hey kids! C’mon in, take a pumpkin, decorate it, and bring it back to display in our office by October 24th and you will be entered to win a $25 Target gift card!


It’s important to build your body up, care for it, make it stronger, and move it TOWARDS health❤️ The choices you make for you and your family are everything 💯😊💕

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Part of our team at Taste of Clarkston today😊Helping to create Healthy families & a healthy community❤️💯💫

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Dr Greg & Dr Becky are learning more about the brain, nervous system, spine, and health this weekend💯💕😊
Infants, toddlers, and teenagers thrive with Chiropractic care💪🏼❤️Can’t wait to see you next week💫


We think Lily liked her adjustment 💕 Happiness happens here at LCC❤️ This is a healthy way to grow. A healthy brain, spine and nervous system could be the biggest contributor to optimal health💯


You just have to love it😊 Kids innately know the benefits of getting adjusted💫💯 Kids are in growth and development for a relatively short time in our life. That period of time sets the stage for what the rest of life might be like in terms of focus, energy, behavior, ability to adapt, motor skills, athleticism, and health💕A healthy spine and nervous system is truly PRICELESS❤️ Don’t let another week go by. We are here for you.


Being PROACTIVE is always better than being REACTIVE. A healthy, balanced spine, brain, and nervous system is VITAL💫💪🏼 Chiropractic is 💯the way to go!


At Lifepointe , we help keep student athletes strong, robust, and healthy❤️. We understand how to keep them on the field, on the court, and on the ice. 🏒 🏈 🏀

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A couple weekend Michigan trips. Breathe in as many diverse biomes as possible ⛅️ 🌳 🌲 💦 Your body will be more resilient and stronger because of it💪🏽Give your body/mind the BEST chance to be HEALTHY, ENERGETIC, and WELL❤️. BE your medicine.


Birth trauma can also cause the spine to shift, change, misalign. A spinal check-up can be a very beneficial way to ensure a Healthy start to growth and development❤️


Scoliosis develops during childhood. The framework for healthy adulthood begins with being a healthy child❤️ With 3 children of our own, we understand the value of a healthy pregnancy, a healthy infant, and a healthy child💕. Contact us for a pediatric spinal exam for your little ones✅ They will be grateful that you did😊


Just a part of a healthy lifestyle💧😊 Ask us for other healthy tips you can do at home✅💕


Thanks to elevate nutrition in Waterford for providing their amazing drinks for our patients this morning🎉

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Drew wearing his LCC shirt and hat on today’s hike(Alum Cave Trail to Mt. LeConte peak)


💥 Happy 4th of July from our family to yours❤️😊 🎆 (photo taken today on Baskins Creek Trail 🥾)


Happy Canada 🇨🇦 Day and a Happy, Healthy Independence Day 🇺🇸


It’s about giving children the best possible chance to be Strong, Well, & Healthy💕 When you do this, there are better long-term outcomes❤️💯


Saw this written by a little one on our chiropractic kids chalk-wall today❤️ How precious and positive and beautiful😊💕


Share with friends that want Optimal Health for their kiddos💯❤️ A healthy spine and balanced posture reduce stress on the brain 🧠 and nervous system.

Reduced stress on this most vital system allows our body to develop, operate, and grow in a state of ‘ease’…a state of HEALTH😊
A healthy start for children are lifelong💕


When it comes to health, chiropractic is one of those steps!


Courtesy of paigepayne_creations


Natural health & wellness solution for the whole family💕💯


At Lifepointe Chiropractic & Wellness, our mission and focus is on educating and adjusting families toward Optimal Health❤️


Healthy moms raise healthy kids😊 It’s much better and healthier to receive Chiropractic care than eat pills. Kids watch our habits 💕


It was an amazing day of healing yesterday! Sybil and Brendan are still smiling at the end of it. It feels good to help others heal in a loving, natural, Healthy way❤️


LCC wishes all the mommas a Happy, Healthy Mothers Day💕❤️☀️


Baby Ezekiel enjoying a gentle, healing spinal check-up❤️ His twin brother just had his turn too😊 Beautiful family!


Jenn had her baby☀️🥰 Here is Sutton getting her spinal check-up. What an amazing, healthy start to life❤️

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Jenn had her baby☀️🥰 Here is Sutton getting her spinal check-up. What an amazing, healthy start to life❤️
Beautiful day to be outside. Breathe in the cold air. Get your body moving. Be in nature. You won’t regret it❄️❤️
Round 47😄
A little stay-at-home fun! The
Here’s what the docs are up to! Try to get some movement in your day. Try to get some Nature in your day. It will give y...
Getting outside for some brotherly bonding. Movement is great for the brain and your state of mind!
Backyard rink is up and running! Perfect day for it today:)
Happy Mothers Day to all of our amazing Moms!!
This is what a night off from hockey looks like at our house:-)
Funny video of Brendan!!The power of chiropractic!





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