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The Coalition Against Overmedicating Our Youth provides comprehensive assessments to help parents find causation for childhood ADHD symptoms & depressive behavior.




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America's children consume over three times as many Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Psychiatric drugs than the rest of the world's children combined, according to data collected by Scientific American. The book entitled Over Medicating Our Youth: The Public Awareness Guide for ADD and Psychiatric Medications provides physicians, parents, and educators the knowledge they need to make informed decisions regarding the use of stimulant and psychiatric medications in children. During the last fifteen years the greatest percent increase of drug consumption and death due to adverse effects was in the child population age 4 - 18. These are statistics that jeopardize the health and well being of our next generation if not immediately addressed. The prescribing of stimulant and psychiatric medications in children prior to ruling out nutritional, physiological, and environmental causation to their behavioral conditions must be reformed. The Public Awareness Guide (PAG) for Attention Deficit Disorder and psychiatric medications will unite parents, educators, and physicians to lead this reform.

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