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Who would have ever thought I'd be doing yoga yet alone be able to do a separate leg stretch in a pair of jeans?👖🤷🏼‍♀️ I've learned so much from taking classes at #BreatheInSerenity and the virtual classes with #BreatheWithAsherdee. #momofseven #IfIcandoityoucandoit #BelieveInYourself #yogaeverydamnday
Do you offer prenatal massage?
I've been meaning to post this review for a while, better late than never. When I look for a massage therapist, of course I read reviews. If I have a friend in the area, I ask for their recommendations too, and that is how I found Asherdee. My first massage with her, I could tell I was going to be "beaten up," but oh good Lord how I was able to breathe! I had not realized, until she fixed me, that I was holding so much tension in my neck and shoulders. Other massage therapists that I have been to will basically give you a rub down. Asherdee finds the dysfunction and works to take it away. For her there is no "algorithm" to follow. Instead, she uses her palpation skills to find where there is tension, works the tension out, and actually takes it away. I would recommend her highly to pretty much anyone I meet who is in need of a massage therapist who will tackle a physical ailment.
Asherdee is very kind and informative. I believe she has a gift for healing. She unlocked my neck and shoulder muscles and taught me how to breathe. I feel fantastic! I am so impressed with her, I will travel the three hours from where I live to have her work on my husband and daughter. Trusted her from the start!
I just had a shiatsu massage it was amazing it really helped a lot thanks
The shiatsu massage was absolutely wonderful. My legs have been very achy, tired and stiff. Asherdee Is amazing. I feel revitalized. I highly recommend this massage. It will be the best gift you give yourself. Thank you
Looking forward to tonight’s class as last night was so detoxing! 🔥🧘🏻‍♀️💦 I found this on WebMD and I could not agree more. "Heat actually increases the blood flow into the muscles so they're more pliable," says Michele Olson, Ph.D., professor of exercise physiology at the University of Auburn in Montgomery. "You're less likely to get injured with warm muscles than cooler ones. Think of a warm rubber band. It stretches easily. In contrast, one that's cold is stiffer and more likely to pop when pulled." - Holly St. Lifer
Receiving the best luxury treatment by far!!! I recommend the Himalayan salt scrub, French clay wrap and hydration treatment!!! To top it off it's all natural ingredients, which is hard to find these days. 🙏💆🏻💃🏻❤️
Interested in the hot yoga. Sessions? Cost? Thank you !!
Treat yourself!
Just had my second neuromuscular massage with Ash. Life changing!
I've been fighting back pain for years. Tired of medication and injections I'm working with Asherdee Lyn. I have been going to her for treatments for over a year, so when she started suggesting specific treatments for my back I listened. First trigger point... ok a little pain but still a fun massage. Then she suggested the stomach detox. After going back and forth with myself about someone massaging my stomach (let alone touch my stomach!) I booked the session on the app, committing myself. I just left the stomach detox, IT WAS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE FOR MYSELF! I literally feel like a million dollars. It was so healing, body, mind, soul💓 Sometimes we have to go out of our comfort zones and trust someone's valued opinion. Thank you for your wisdom Asherdee 😘

The heart-centered practice. Focused on healing from within and throughout.

Therapeutic Massage A process of manual manipulation of the body's muscular and soft tissue structure through a variety of techniques ranging from relaxation to clinical and therapeutic applications. Massage therapy involves the healing art of touch. Benefits have been recognized to include: increased blood circulation and metabolism, expelling of waste products from cells, reduced stress by releasing tension, easing pain from an injury, and relaxation of muscles. Traditional healthcare systems throughout the world recognize that therapeutic massage can play an important role alleviating illness or chronic ailments, and contribute to a higher sense of general well-being. With ever-expanding research on the beneficial effects of massage, more professionals are advising patients to include therapeutic massage in their health care treatment plans. Massage therapy has become an important part of general health care for many people living in today's stressful world. Massage therapy has also proven beneficial for many chronic conditions, including low back pain, arthritis, bursitis, fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, immunity suppression, infertility, smoking cessation, depression, and more. Massage, bodywork and somatic therapies are beneficial to the muscular structure and soft tissues of the human body and designed for relaxation. Some of the therapeutic effects include increased circulation and flexibility, removal of lactic acid and toxins, relaxed nervous system, and stimulation of the skin. We use high quality moisturizing/nurturing lotion and essential oils in each session. massage techniques and methods may also include the following, among others: Trigger point Swedish medical massage Shiatsu Connective Tissue Massage Amma Neuromuscular Massage Reflexology Acupressure Polarity Therapy *Integrative Massage Combination of Swedish, Connective Tissue, Shiatsu, Reflexology, and Energy Techniques known for balancing the mind and heart. Hot Stone Massage If you want to try something a little different, discover this 5000 year old secret! A great hot stone massage is a specialty treatment. Anma is one of Asia’s oldest massage techniques, dating back over 5000 years. It literally means “to press” (An) and “rub” (ma). Japanese hot stone massage comes out of that tradition, bringing with it roots in acupressure, energy meridians, and chi flow. In the days of feudal Japan, about 500 years ago, Samurai warriors were given these hot stone massage treatments to prepare them for battle. This treatment balanced their chi so they would be in their “Zen” while fighting. By stimulating certain acupoints on the body with smooth, heated stones, the idea is to harmonize the flow of energy in the body by relaxing muscles and improving circulation. Hot Stones incorporated with traditional swedish massage and pure essential oil has been known to harmonize your chi flow and offer the following health benefits: Releasing toxins Releasing tension Improving circulation Improving the immune system Increasing metabolism Enjoy one of our luxury body treatments for skin that radiates with health and is soft to the touch. Our treatments are carefully balanced to both deeply cleanse and replenish your body while lifting dullness and dryness to restore healthy skin. A gentle exfoliation with minerals, vitamins and pure essential oils. Relax in a warm cocoon with a restorative body mask made of selected clays and essential oils rich in anti-inflammatory, desensitizing and healing properties known to replenish and restore the body’s natural balance and vitality. Salt Scrub and Body Glow Invigorating and fortifying salt scrub that leaves your body hydrated and glowing as it should. Our salt scrub's are enhanced with restorative properties of pure essential oils and Himalayan salt, known for its rich mineral content to help tone, cleanse, and balance the skin and body. Himalaya Salt has 85-90 minerals. These minerals are rich in Vitamin A, C, D, E, B12, as well as over 80 minerals. These salts revitalize the skin to prevent premature aging, helps to exfoliate, cleanse, nourish, condition, rejuvenate and refresh the skin. Sugar Scrub and Body Glow Designed to gently exfoliate the skin, removing the outer most layer of dead skin cells, while promoting healthy cell turn over and leaving your skin smoother, softer and well-hydrated. Our sugar scrub is a blend of anti-inflammatory properties, rich antioxidants, essential fatty acids and pure therapeutic-grade essential oils. This is a desensitizing blend that aids in strengthening and healing the skin. The build-up of dead skin cells can clog pores and prevents the skin from growing in a healthy manner. This treatment will stimulate blood circulation, enrich skin with moisture, and help to renew cells. It is known to draw out the impurities, leaving the skin looking vibrant, feeling fresh, healthy and renewed. French Red Clay The most effective anti-oxidant and anti-aging formulation! This blend purges toxins, leaving the skin soft and re-mineralized with a noticeable glow. Vitamin E, Grape Seed, Bladderwrack, Irish Moss, Sage Essential Oils are infused into Sedona Clay and French Red Clays, rich in magnesium, Vitamins A, B, B12, E, Iron and amino acids Seaweed & French Green Clay Stimulating and detoxifying! French Green Clay and selected marine clays are infused with amino acids, Vitamin E, Green Tea Extract, Grapefruit Extract and Kelp and is designed to be massaged into the skin resulting in skin cell stimulation and detoxification. Hands-on (energy) Healing/Healing Touch Compassionately administers ancient healing traditions of Christianity, based with integrated prayer, laying on of hands and the use of therapeutic-grade essential oils. Hands-on-Healing is a heart-centered energy therapy that is relaxing and nurturing. It balances your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, while working with your energy field to support your "natural" ability to heal, restore and enhance your health and wellness. Some sessions can include guided imagery/or creative visualization to facilitate a relaxing journey out of the mind and into the heart where one can work to change from the inside out by experiencing a deeper awareness through the healing presence of Christ. Aromatherapy A wonderful form of alternative healing through the use of essential oils. Essential Oils are the lifeblood of the plant with very similar chemical structure to human blood, which gives them the unique ability to penetrate cell membranes. Essential Oils are subtle, volatile, concentrated liquids distilled from plants, flowers, trees and roots. Therapeutic-grade essential oils are oxygenating and help transport nutrients to the cells of our body, helping us to maintain optimum health and well-being. When topically inhaled or applied to the body, essential oils can travel throughout the body in a matter of minutes. Essential oils (the lifeblood of the plant) and human blood share several common properties - the oils support the body's natural defenses and assist in maintaining normal cellular regeneration and support the immune, circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, digestive and the nervous system. Raindrop Technique Combines the art of aromatherapy, with the techniques of massage in the application of essential oils to various areas of the body, bringing balance and harmony to the body - physically, mentally and emotionally. Raindrop Technique is a powerful, non-invasive tool for assisting the body in correcting defects in the spine. This technique is widely recognized for its outstanding ability to aid healing of sciatica and chronic back pain. It is an invaluable tool to promote healing from within and is used by a number of medical professionals throughout the United States for treatment of various pain, emotional trauma, cancer and diseases. Vita Flex Technique means "vitality through the reflexes," particularly those located on the feet that correspond with virtually every organ, gland, bone, joint and muscle throughout the body. It is a specialized form of hand and foot massage that is exceptionally effective in alleviating pain, discomfort, digestive disorders, illnesses, headaches, muscle aches, and strains, while stimulating energy that circulates throughout the body to help with healing, or as a way to stay balanced and stress free. *Please Note: Massage Therapists do not diagnose illness, disease or any other physical or mental disorder; nor do they prescribe medical treatment of any kind. Massage is not a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis or treatment. Massage/bodywork practitioners do not perform spinal or skeletal adjustments, diagnose, prescribe, or treat any physical or mental illness. It is recommended that one sees a physician for these services. GROUP CLASSES Guided Meditation Incorporates awareness and useful tools to aid you on your personal journey to self-healing. Each class offers a wonderful way to reclaim what breathing is really about. Through soothing music, diffusion of therapeutic-grade essential oils, warm stones, guided imagery and use of breathing techniques, you'll find it quiet easy to ease into pure relaxation and use your natural ability to restore quality of life. Hot Yoga Detox for whole-body wellness. Each 90 minute class allows for tired, achie and stiff muscles to move more easily into postures, release muscle tension, promote good posture, build muscle tone, increase strength and stimulate circulation of interal organs and glands. Breathing exercises are taught and practiced to help deepen the breath. *Please inform the instructor about any injuries or conditions that may affect your practice, or if you are pregnant. It is advised you to check with your doctor or healthcare professional before beginning any of these practices.

As we take this time to be with those we love and enjoy this beautiful weekend, let us be sure to take time to honor those that served our nation and those who are not able to be with us today.

How cute is he? Even the sun zoomed in for a closeup.

Representing #breatheinserenity #BreatheWithAsherdee #kidswear #gapkids #gapkidsmodel #sunshineonmymind
#letthesunshinein #beautifulday #freshairtherapy

Happy Mothers Day to all the patient, hardworking, sweet-as-honey, tough-as-nails, and all-around amazing moms out there - every last one of you!💐✨

Easy ways to eat healthy with your family and feel good about it. #souphappyhour #breatheInserenity #soupforhealth #BreatheWithAsherdee #thianoodlesoup #veggiesoup #supersoulyoga #soupforeverymeal #soupforthesoul #positivevibes #positivenergy 🍲✨

There's something amazing that comes out of your 1st Hot Yoga class. An experience that often leaves people hopeful, laughing, and coming back for more. Noticing the benefits can easily be gained within 1-3 classes and can shockingly encourage so many to keep going and believe in the process of feeling their best self with noticeable changes.

It's been weeks and many of us #hotyogajunkies are ready to get back to our heated classes and we didn't want to wait and avoid a series that can be used without heat even though ideally we practice between 102 to 105 F

No matter your level, please do not get discouraged if you fall out of a pose just get back in and remember, there is enough alignment to always return and pick up at any point without feeling lost.

This class is for everyone, including other yoga teachers. I want you to know that even in this virtual setting, tuning into your breath, using proper alignment, and honoring your body's current ability and limitations, you may be surprised at how much you can and will achieve.

We are ALL a work in progress and when we come to accept this, we are able to be more comfortable in trying new things and grow outward to achieve what once seemed impossible.

Who knows, you might catch me falling out of a pose with you, but together we will learn to just to back up and realign to achieve our own goal.

Let's support and encourage each other through some fun! ✨🤸🏻‍♀️✨ Please share your positive experiences and what you learned and enjoyed when we go FB Live, this Wednesday at 6:30 PM .

Your experience may encourage someone who deserves to feel they belong and they don't need to be perfect, in shape, or be a professional yogi to join this class - You're beautifully capable of all things!

If you missed us on Facebook Live last night, here's a 3M sneak peek of our 30M power class.

We are so grateful for you, and we love that you have become a part of the Breathe In Serenity family. We appreciate all your messages and encouragement to teach yoga live here on Facebook.

This will be my 1st time going live, but I am willing to push past the nerves and go for it!

It is my hope that Thursday evening's yoga class will provide you a perfect opportunity to come back onto your mat and into embodiment. I believe through alignment and trusting that no matter your level of practice, this is a great opportunity to listen to your body, get more centered, allow for creative and positive shifts to take place.

Feel free to tag a friend. We are in this together #wegotthis!

[04/01/20]   Hello everyone! 🌸

Sweet Hello Bridal of Watertown, NY would like to provide FREE bridal bags to anyone who is interested in sewing medical masks to support our local hospitals and staff.

If you are interested in being a part of this wonderful opportunity and would like to put your sewing skills to good use, please contact Sweet Hello Bridal today! ✨🙏✨

Are you a health care worker, first responder, grocery/drug store employee or delivery driver? ⛑👩🏻‍⚕️👨🏻‍🔬🥽

We know it is especially important at this time to find ways to reduce stress, anxiety and boost the immune system.

With the proven health benefits of yoga, we believe this is an important time to stay healthy, happy and strong. Breathe In Serenity LLC would like to make that happen with Jade Yoga's help.

Please email Jade Yoga directly at [email protected] with your full name, job title and where you work. They will send you information on how to get you a ✨ FREE ✨ demo yoga mat and 30 days of FREE online yoga 🧘🏽🧘🏼‍♂️🧘🏻‍♀️ to the first 250 qualified individuals who request one yoga mat.

*Unfortunately mats can only ship within the US.

Motivational Monday! ✨🙏✨

Journaling or creating a gratitude jar is a wonderful way to shine a light on all the good that has come into your life and made it more beautiful than you may have realized in times of uncertainty.

Go ahead, and give it a try! write down three things you are grateful for in the comments below.👇 I believe your comments will help others by reminding us of what may have gone unnoticed in our own lives.

Let's be the light and inspiration that keeps everyone connected.

Today, with a grateful heart, I am thankful for my son's childlike sense of fun, wonder and eagerness to learn new things.

Motivational Monday! ✨🙏✨

Journaling or creating a gratitude jar is a wonderful way to shine a light on all the good that has come into your life and made it more beautiful than you may have realized in times of uncertainty.

Go ahead, and give it a try! write down three things you are grateful for in the comments below. 👇 I believe your comments will help others by reminding us of what may have gone unnoticed in our own lives.

Let's be the light and inspiration that keeps everyone connected.

Today, with a grateful heart, I am thankful for my son's childlike sense of fun, wonder and eagerness to learn new things.

First and foremost, our hearts go out to anyone who's been impacted by the virus, either directly or indirectly. Our thoughts are especially with those who are sick, to whom we extend our heartfelt wishes for a full recovery. And we're truly inspired by the selfless healthcare workers around the world who are on the front lines working tirelessly to care for people in need.

Guided Meditation - Set aside a designated time to relax within a quiet space and enjoy a little less stress by breathing in Serenity.

Do you need to relax and make the cares and stresses of your day melt away?

Dim the lights & relax with a soothing candlelit bath. ✨🛀✨

Add at least (2) cups Epsom salt with an aromatic touch of 6-12 drops of essential oil and (1) tablespoon (15 ml) of hydrating carrier oil such as jojoba, coconut, or almond oil.

Essential Oil Suggestions:

Germanium essential oil to help reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness, fatigue, tension and alleviating pain, thereby enhancing the general sense of well-being.

Lavender essential oil to help promote relaxation, soothe anxiety, inflammation, cold symptoms, and stimulate the body's immune function through its anti-microbial properties.

*Always check with a doctor before using essential oil.

These steps, along with personal cautiousness, will help play a role in keeping our community safe and healthy.

Please let us know if you have any questions, we are always here for you.

Thank you!

Breathe In Serenity LLC

It can't get better than this! ✨🙌✨

Don't forget to experience Breathe In Serenity’s NEW facial exfoliant. ✨🧖‍♀️🌱✨

Our entire product line is plant-based and made from 💯 all-natural ingredients.

Breathe In the Benefits of Hot Yoga to Combat a Common Cold

Breathe In the Benefits of Hot Yoga to Combat a Common Cold

Download the Breathe In Serenity app to join us this Wednesday at 6:30 pm. 🔥✨ Experts weigh in on using hot yoga as a cold remedy.

Sneak peek to one of the changes we've made to the lounge area. ✨

Yoga Anatomie

Thoracic outlet syndrome is a group of disorders that occur when blood vessels or nerves in the space between your collarbone and your first rib (thoracic outlet) are compressed. This can cause pain in your shoulders and neck and numbness in your fingers.

ANATOMY OF PRANAYAMA 04.03-07.03.2020
YOGA ANATOMY BASIC 1 25.03.-29.03.2020
YOGA ANATOMY BASIC 1 06.05.-10.05.2020

[email protected]">[email protected]

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Sharing what I do is always fun, but building new friendships and creating new relationships in the process makes things so much more rewarding! #massage #massagetherapy #spa #relax #wellness #beauty #health #massagetherapist #selfcare #hotyoga #skincare #relaxation #love #integrativemassage #sportsmassage #deeptissuemassage #neuromuscular #energyhealing #bodyscrubs #reflexology #meditation #essentialoils #sweethello #breatheinserenity #instagood #breathewithasherdee #liveyourbestlife

Congratulations & best wishes to @sweethellobridal on their grand opening. It was an honor to take part in celebrating all your hard work and passion. I wish you many years of success - you deserve it! ✨


We all have moments of needing to turn inward and find our balance between our workflow and family.

Join us this Wednesday night at 6:30 pm to achieve a unique level of growth that is noticed through each yoga practice. Feel stronger physically, less anxious and more content emotionally.

A mother’s love begins before her child is born. It is when we nurture our health and well-being that we provide support and safety for the genesis of new life. Massage is a safe way to relieve the physical and mental stressors of pregnancy. Improve relaxation, sleep, and serenity with a prenatal massage for a mother-to-be.

This is for those who inspire us and don't even know it, "Thank you for another sold-out class." I look forward to seeing you on the mat! #downloadtheapp #BreatheInSerenity #1000islandsny #BreatheWithAsherdee #travelyogini #practicehotyoga #liveyourbestlife 🌱✨

✨From my family to yours, we hope you enjoyed spending time relaxing with your friends and family this holiday season. We thank you for being one of our treasured customers and would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the business you have given us throughout the year. We hope you will continue being one of our valued customers in '2020. ✨

Someone is enjoying a little morning practice and living up the holiday season. #familyiseverything #merrychristmas #selfcarefirst #yogainspiration #breathewithasherdee #kidsyoga #windreleivingpose #mindfulliving
✨Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas! 🎄✨🙏✨


When holiday stress arises, remember you are not alone. Come out and join us for a warm and relaxing evening this Sunday, December 22nd at 6:30 PM.

✨ RSVP on the Breathe In Serenity App! ✨

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