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Operating as usual

Dr. Jenny is on vacation this week, but still eating her 4-6 cups of veggies a day!!!!!🥗🫑🥒🥬🥦🥕🥑

We will be back in action on Monday!!!

Happy New Year!! Thanks for letting us be part of your health care team!!!!!

Adjust my child? Why?!

Why not?!? Everyone wants to feel and function their best!!

Sometimes labor and delivery are rough on little ones.

Sometimes their bodies go through challenges like immune, digestion or latching difficulties.

A chiropractor trained in these areas might just be what you’re looking for!!

We are accepting new patients for the new year, in both locations!

Call 727-667-BEAR to schedule!

Merry Christmas!!!🎄🎁

May you all feel the true spirit of Christmas.

Teddy and I send you our best wishes!!🥰

It’s Christmas Eve, Day!!!🙌

Momma Bear has officially closed for the rest of the year and have begun our holiday with loved ones.

Thank you all who gifted Teddy and I this holiday. 🎄 Not only with gifts, but your presence in both our offices. ❤️

We are BEYOND grateful for all of you that have spread the word about what we do. Every child and women helped, makes a huge difference!!💥

See you in 2021!! We will have more staff to better serve you and lots of love, help and hope to you and those you love that we serve!!


Mindful Monday:💥

Follow. Your. Heart. ❤️

2020 has been full of unexpected surprises.

As we head into this unprecedented holiday season, Dr. Jenny still urges you to follow your heart: 🫀❤️

1. Make the baby. 🤰🏽

2. Book a safe getaway 🏖🚤✈️

3. Read your scriptures. 📚

4. Make new friends. 👯‍♀️

5. Invest in your health. 🙌

6. Make self care a guilt free experience.🥳

Just to name a few.

The point? These things build health. Some are physical. Some are spiritual and some are mental. Some are all the above.

May the Christmas Spirit be alive and well in you!!!🎄❤️

Reminder: Office is open two more days of this year!! 2️⃣

Teddy and I are getting taken out to lunch and look forward to seeing you later today at our CW location!!!

Reminder that both offices are closed December 25-January 2!!

Babies AND puppies!!!!!!💥🥰

How did I get so lucky?!?!🎉

This Little Cub got adjusted soon after birth! Mom knew that her body needed some help so she could eat, poop, latch and sleep as best as possible!!!

It was an honor to celebrate the holidays with them and see how much she has grown!!

Do you have a Little Cub who could latch, poop or sleep better? We are here one more week before we close for the holidays, so come on in!! We want everyone to have a great holiday!!!🎄

Venice or CW, call: 727-667-2327!!!!

Sassy Saturdays!!!!!💥💥

You know that moment when you get homemade bread as a Christmas present and you can’t eat just one bite?!?!?

Any ways....We are wishing you a wonderful weekend. 🎊🎉

Reminder that Venice and CW offices will be closed December 25-January 2nd.



You know what makes fridays fun?!??? Looking forward to a weekend of fun!!!

The nervous system looks forward to a chiropractic adjustment much the same way!!!!🎉

The body is more at ease and functions better!!! 🙌👏

So come on in!! We are still accepting new patients at both our Clearwater and Venice locations!!!!! 727-667-2327!!!!🐻🥳

Photo credit: Alex Scott


Keeping humans alive is TOUGH!!!💪🏻💪🏻

Teddy (my 4 legged child) is teaching me sooooooo much about parenting.

I know that sounds dumb, but I’ll tell you that things have come out of my mouth to his chiropractor, are things ya’ll have been telling me for years!!!

The funny thing.....I THOUGHT I understood you. I THOUGHT I was empathetic.

I. Was. Wrong. 😩

I had NO clue. 😭

The good news? I’m honestly becoming a better provider for you and your family by the day because of the lessons Teddy is teaching me. 👏

Please keep spreading the good word about our office. We are so thankful for what we do and the gift of better function to those you love.

727-667-BEAR or 🐻❤️ to learn more about us!!! We are in Clearwater and Venice!!!

Examples of what Dr. Jenny is doing when not adjusting!!!!

If you have ever thought of being a midwife, I CAN’T stress how awesome this school is for your education!!!!❤️

We love our creative hands on experience here at Heritage. 🙌🏼

One of our new students is creating a DNA model for her Anatomy and Physiology Course. 🧬

We love when Dr Jenny at Momma Bear Chiropractic teaches this course! She adds so much fun into learning. ❤️

Fantastic Friday!!!!💥💥

We did a thang, ya’ll!!!!!!!

Momma Bear, Venice location had opened its OWN doors!!!!!!!!🤯💪🏻🥳 (4 doors down from where we started!)

We no longer share space with anyone else!! The office is 100% kid proof now (and we are working on it being Teddy proof!! 🐾🤣)

We have also expanded our hours and will continue to do so as we grow!!!

Tuesdays: 4-7pm

Thursdays 10-1pm

We can’t thank everyone enough for supporting our office and continuing to tell your friends and family about us!!!🙏🏻👏☀️❤️ Thank YOU!!!!!!!

Wednesday Wisdom!!!!💥

Did you know Dr. Jenny was a Firefighter?

This was from a fellow female firefighter in 2008 when Dr. Jenny was going through all her training. ❤️

What does this have to do with Chiropractic?!🤯

💪🏻When your house is on fire, you send in the firefighters.

In the world of the body, that’s when you may seek traditional medical care.

☀️But what about after? You don’t keep sending in the firefighters, you send in the clean up and prevention crew.

That’s me, as a chiropractor. I help your body get back on track and help achieve the most optimal function your body will allow.

Find out more at: 🐻

Sassy Saturdays!!!!💥

Just like this cutie, you can NEVER have too much tulle or too much sass!!!🤣

We are at the CW office today until 1, and look forward to seeing you!!!❤️❤️

From Teddy and I, we wish you all a marvelous Thanksgiving!!!🦃🍁🥳❤️🎉🍗🥗🥧🍽🐾

No additional words needed......

This is from one of my Mentors......

Chiropractic is a victim of its own simplicity. We, as a people, are so disconnected from our own bodies that we assume healthcare to be complex, to be understood by only the smartest and well-learned minds. So we expect the intervention to be complicated...a new medication, an invasive surgery, etc. That’s why so many people dismiss chiropractic - it’s too simple! A restriction in spinal motion can disrupt the nervous system and interfere with its normal regulatory and adaptive function?!?! No way, right?!?! A gentle chiropractic adjustment can facilitate better function throughout the body and allow it to heal on its own?!?! It HAS to be more complicated, right?!?! The reality is our body has an innate ability, facilitated through our brain and spinal cord, to perceive and adapt to an ever-changing environment. A restriction in spinal motion disrupts that nervous system and contributes to dysfunction that, over time, leads to dis-ease (we call this a subluxation). Chiropractors adjust subluxations, thereby allowing the body to work better. And it works for babies, children, pregnancy, athletes, elderly and everyone in between. It really is that simple!

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Happy Thanksgiving Eve!! 🦃 🍁

Dr. Jenny & Courtney are THANKFUL to have been apart of your lives this year.

Both are thankful for the opportunity to spend Thursday and Friday with their families and loved ones and will be back Saturday for normal office hours!!!

There are 3 openings left for today if you need to be checked!!!🥳

Wishing you all a very blessed holiday.



(It’s really ‘Teddy Tuesday’, let’s be real!!🤣)

☺️We are thankful that we get to bring people joy at each visit.

🥳We are thankful that we have created a safe space where kids can be kids.

🥰We are thankful for YOU, the members of our practice and the voice you have used to spread the word about our office.

We. Are. So. Darn. Grateful!! Thank YOU!!

Mindful Monday!!!🙌

Live with Dr. Jenny!!!🎉

Thanksgiving is more than just the Turkey and Mashed Potatoes!!!!

Tune in about filling YOUR bucket!


This week, and every week we are so thankful for the 100’s of people we have already been able to help in the last year.

🙏🏻I’m thankful to the Midwives and OB’s who refer to us.

🙏🏻I’m thankful for all the families that refer to us. And those that have allowed us to be part of their health care team!

🙏🏻I’m thankful for Facebook and Google so we can be found.

🙏🏻I’m thankful to be in a profession unlike any other!! That allows me to help tune people into their bodies own innate intelligence so each can have the most optimal function possible!

Teddy 🐾 & I will be posting every day this week to say what we are Thankful for. Please do the same on your pages!!! It spreads love, and Lord knows we can all do with a bit more of that!!❤️❤️

Toot your own horn, Tuesday!!!!🎉

When I look at this picture...I see love. ❤️

This little cub has been under Dr. Jenny’s care since birth. His parents see how vital it is to keep his nervous system checked.

So when this little guy decided to jump off a ledge and Mom caught him just in the knick of time, she knew to bring him in! (And herself too for the flight/fight response she had!)

He knows his body feels better. He knows Dr. Jenny cares for him so much and his parents know they are in good hands and helping their son lead the best life possible!!!

Sound like something you or your family could use? Call us at 727-667-2327 to schedule!!! We are accepting new patients in both our CW and Venice locations!!!🙌

Mindful Monday!!!

Sassy Saturdays!!!💥💥🤣🤣

We love Saturdays!!

We get to help the families of Clearwater and we couldn’t be happier doing so!!!!


You know that first roll off the bed your first baby makes?!?!🤯🤯

You know that heart attack you have because of it?!!🤯💪🏻

Yup. Teddy and I had our first fall experience yesterday and I. LOST. MY. MIND!!!!!!

Once we ruled out he was overall ‘ok’, you bet my first phone call was to his chiropractor because I knew ‘something was off!’

Here we are after his adjustment and he’s So. Much. Better. Already!!!!🙏🏻💪🏻

Yay for chiropractic!!!!!!🙌❤️🎉❤️

[11/12/20]   Venice office:

Weather permitting, we will still have office hours tomorrow, (Thursday) 3-8pm.

We will call you by noon if we need to cancel.

Toot your own horn, Tuesday!!!

💥Dr. Jenny has been a chiropractic patient since a teen.

🎉At 18 she knew she wanted to be a chiropractor, but choose a different career that allowed her to help others and travel the world.

🙌At 34, Dr. Jenny answered her calling and began her chiropractic education.

Fast forward to today:

🎊When people first come to receive care by Dr. Jenny two comments are often made:

1. You have so much passion for what you do & 2. What you do is so different! Both are true!🤩

💪🏻Dr. Jenny has literally seen miracles take place within people’s bodies as a result of how the body used that adjustment. She has seen the words ‘the body can heal itself if there is no interference’ time and time again.

Find out for yourself. She is accepting new patients at both the Clearwater and Venice offices. 727-667-2327. 🐻

Photo credit: Alex Scott

Mindful Monday!!!!

Live with Dr. Jenny!!!🙌🎉🎊

Who is she? What does she do and what is her belief about the body and how many it help me?!

That’s this week’s discussion!!!

Dr. Jenny has spent the weekend learning and learning and learning?📚


Because Dr. Jenny believes in the ‘power of chiropractic’ and what it can do for nearly every man, woman and child. 💪🏻

With these crazy times, it’s even more important to get checked by a chiropractor to help our bodies be resilient and to have the most optimial function possible!

We ARE accepting new patients at this time at both our Clearwater and Venice locations!🙌

Call 727-556-2327 to schedule today!🐻

This is why the office is closed this weekend!!!💥

Dr. Jenny is taking some of her Continuing Education this weekend. 💪🏻

Never. Stop. Learning. And. Growing!!!🎊

We will be back on Monday!!🙌

The Statesville Doula, LLC

Momma’s to be!!!!!!🤰🏽

Great visuals on what I talk about at our appointments!!!!🙌

Check out this visual on how important movement in labor is!
As we move and rock and sway, it allows our descending baby to have more room to move down, rotate, and get into an optimal birthing position.
Movement also makes our contractions that much more effective.
Walking, squatting, dancing, bouncing on the ball, etc., are all great ways to open the pelvis. Add in your birth support person, you have an opening pelvis and oxytocin release. Talk about a win, win!
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We love you!!!!❤️🙌❤️🎉❤️🙌🎉

Due to your outpouring of love and support, we have already outgrown our first location!!!!🤯

We are on the hunt for bigger space. 🙌

Everything will stay the same for now, but we wanted you to know that exciting change is coming!!!

If you know of any space for rent, please call or text the office at 727-667-2327!

Thank YOU so much!!!!!🙌❤️

(Photo Credit: Google)

Mindful Monday!!!!

Halloween. Time Change. Full Moon.

Let’s discuss what’s going on today, as the result!!!!!

Happy Halloween!!!! 🎃

This Little Fire Fighter knew it was important to get his nervous system checked for the big day!!!!!

The gift of giving!! 🎁

🍈This is Sam. About 2 months ago, Sam & his sister brought me a small container of berries from their yard.

🍽I was raised with the rule that you never return a container back to a person, empty.

👦Sam returns for his next appointment and the container is filled with cookies I know he’s not allergic to and I shared with him the rule I was raised with.

👀 His eyes got huge and he couldn’t believe it!!! He and his sister enjoyed the cookies and I thought nothing more of it.

🎁Next appointment, Sam comes back with a new container filled with fruit. I lit up like a Christmas Tree with Joy!!

Then I caught on...he knows I can’t return it empty!!!!!🤣

So each appointment since, there has been an exchange of containers..none empty!!!

It has become such a game and I can see he so looks forward to my response each visit!!!❤️

The point? We build relationships at Momma Bear Chiropractic🐻. Not only is it a safe space for kids to be kids, the results of chiropractic are too numerous to count!!!


Find out for yourself!! Call:727-667-2327 to schedule your family in!🎉

Teddy is reminding all of you to go Vote!!! We did!!! God Bless America!!🇺🇸💪🏻❤️

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