Freedom Through Caring

Freedom through caring helps women and children learn how to overcome storms and obstacles without l

Operating as usual


How do your defense mechanisms show up?


Boundaries keep you and the other person safe. Is it time for you to upgrade your boundaries or make some?


Small, consistent steps make a big difference!


Here are my upcoming grief groups for anyone local needing grief support and tools after the death of a loved one. Feel free to share


Do you recognize some of these?


I highly recommend this. It’s so cute!!! ❤️❤️Just saying.


Sometimes looking at it with different lenses is the start to our change.


Open to anyone experiencing the loss of a loved one...


Support is nice.

Believing in yourself is crucial! ❤️❤️

Surround yourself with people that help you believe in yourself and take daily actions to build up your belief in yourself.


A little perspective to help you feel better about where you may be at physically , emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. ❤️❤️ We think our healing is supposed to look a certain way, the truth is, it doesn’t and knowing that can be helpful.

Forward movement leads to growth and change and even better is focused and consistent forward movement. No matter the journey, keep focused on your target. 🎯


Create a new list of what is too expensive. This one is valuable! ❤️ Love yourself enough to consider the costs of the things interact with or think about.


It’s ok to not be ok. Break the stigma!! ❤️


We often look back at the past for proof... proof that we will get hurt, proof that we can’t trust, proof that we can’t do something.... What would happen if you stopped looking back and looked forward instead?

Good Grief Gathering 04/10/2021

Good Grief Gathering

Have you been going through are are currently feeling grief or loss of someone or something? An amazing friend of mine and some other amazing women are doing a workshop April 10th in Woodland Hills, UT for those who've experienced loss and need some tools and direction in healing. This is amazing especially because they made it free! I think pretty much everyone and anyone would benefit from this workshop. They just need to know by today (4-9-21) who's coming. If you want to come or know anyone who would benefit, please let me know xoxo here is the link they need to register.

Good Grief Gathering Join us at the Good Grief Gathering to start your healing journey with a community you can connect to.


Just in case you wanted permission to sing in the shower or in the car. It’s great for your health. Belt it out.?😉❤️ It’s a form of release.


Let that soak in...


Because chances are either you or someone you know is battling depression. Know the signs first then take action to get help. ❤️❤️ YOU ARE LOVED!


Love me some Louise Hay! Say it with me..
Then take a deep breath and soak it in.


Let’s talk about depression....

It’s at an all time high now with not only kids but adults too. You could feel ashamed if you are depressed... like why can’t I just be normal again? What is wrong with me. Let me tell you something.. just like your body can get sick and have things like the flu, migraines, high cholesterol, your brain can also get sick and need support. It’s not that something is “wrong with you” it’s that your brain requires assistance to get back to health. And that is ok.

Some of my favorite things that I’ve been doing while I’ve had depression are focus on the quality and quantity of my sleep, keep taking my vitamins and adrenal supports, soaking in transdermal magnesium, EMDR therapy, tapping, emotional release work, travel, meet up with friends, using the Healy micro current machine, say no to more, allow myself to feel sad, prioritize, and use my mindfulness and brain integration tools and positive self talk.

If you or someone you know suffers from depression know you don’t have to suffer. Ask for and seek help. Help could be just a second away.


Is it time to re prioritize what you choose to have in your life?

Amazing Resonance Experiment! 01/15/2021

Amazing Resonance Experiment!

Everything including the words we speak, hear, the people we are around, the things we do and what is inside us all have a vibration. I have always loved this video and wanted to share it with you.

As you watch it, think of how your body is reacting to the higher or lower vibrations in the world and in yourself. Words like hate are super low in vibration and words like peace and love are a couple of the highest. Foods like chips and candy are low vibrating while fruits and veggies are high vibration, organic being even higher. Fear is a very low vibration and safety and trust are of high vibration. Now do you understand how and why your cells react the way they do to the whole environment it’s surrounded by, especially right now?! 😳

The good news is that you can increase your vibration by limiting or eliminating things of lower vibration in your life and incorporating higher vibration things in. ❤️❤️ Take your power back..

Amazing Resonance Experiment! Music: Dark Wave - me on Facebook - (click LIKE on Facebook to add me)


Something to remember. Everyone of us can use more love and compassion.


Raise your hand if you have the intention to create a GREAT year. ✋


Deep breath time.... that’s right... inhale peace, exhale frustration/anger/fear. 💨🌬

Now repeat. ❤️❤️


I’ve got vacationing on the mind and I wanted to ask you...


What is something different that you want to feel this year?


Who has done this? I did this on a hard childhood trauma again today and it was powerful. I LOVE that we can truly heal from our traumas and experiences and am ready to help you with that as well. ❤️❤️
What are you waiting for?


Do you have people in your life that leave you out, talk bad about you, or give you attitude? I know I do.

One of my favorite things to remind myself and my clients about is that it’s not about you! Others reactions are about them and what’s going on or has gone on within them. This frees you up to focus on working on yourself for yourself and stops you from feeling like there was something YOU did that caused that reaction. It’s NOT ABOUT YOU.

Now take a deep breath and go back to loving yourself and taking steps for your own growth and remember you reflect on others how you too feel about yourself. ❤️❤️


Have you ever noticed that your perception of things can make a difference on if something is fun or lame, scary or exciting, or even good or bad? 😳

I remember when I used to view certain things like exercise or looking at finances as not fun. Truth be told, they felt downright boring. 😩Guess what parts I either put off, didn’t do, or deligated to someone else? Sound familiar? Guess what, putting it off, avoiding, and delighting don’t solve the problem. It’s internal and it will effect far more than just those areas if you do nothing. 💔 To make changes I had to first change how I looked at it and perceived it. Ever since doing that it has been a complete shift and change for the better. ❤️ I now am excited to do the things that I used to put off and dread and I actually find them fun now and because of that I am more successful in those areas. 💥💥 You can be too. ❤️

If there something in your life that isn’t working for you take a look at how you are looking at it. What would happen if you changed just the way you saw it?


It’s that fun time of year where people like to set goals. I like to call them intentions or targets then get REALLY clear on the steps I’ll take to make them happen and go for them! Do you set year goals, monthly goals, or quarterly goals? What are your goals?


It’s a beautiful year to let it go. ❤️


Happy New Year!! What will you make for yourself and others this year?


If this year has felt like it brought up more than you can handle, try this on. What gift has this year given you? How have you grown from the hard? What have you learned? How have you become stronger?


Trauma.... the beast that you try to shove down and forget but that keeps effecting you often months, years, and decades later. The one that keeps coming at you to tell you that you are broken. It’s that ugly thing that seems to control everything and anything in your life, the one thing you wish would just go away.

Let me tell you a secret.. it doesn’t just go away by ignoring it. It needs help to be resolved. But when it is dealt with in the right way, you can look at it as just an event, one that doesn’t reek havoc on your life, relationships, success, or reactions, or emotions any more. The first time I felt that was so freeing.

And I want others to feel that peace that comes from resolving the underlying situation, story, or thought that contributed to the trauma in the first place. You DON’T have to live with it.

I love using my skills as a certified tapping practitioner to help others feel the peace in their lives finally and let go of that gut twisting and body shaking fear that grips and controls you. Get rid of that trauma beast that promises to devour you every day and breath and instead live a joyful life again.

EFT also known as tapping has been shown to have a 93% cure rate among people with PTSD in a double blind study in just 6 visits! I’ve used it to help myself with the trauma of my daughters drowning accident and I’ve helped many others use it for various traumas.

If you are curious if/how doing EFT sessions could help you or someone you love please message me to schedule a free consultation. Relief could be a call away.


Do you agree? What is your favorite thing to do to help yourself mentally?


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