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A Few Covid Vaccine Recipients Developed a Rare Blood Disorder A link to the vaccines is not certain, and investigations are underway in some reported cases.

Entire School District in Ohio Cancels Classes After Too Many School Staff Have Negative Reactions to the Experimental COVID mRNA Injections An entire school district in Ohio canceled classes on Monday this week after so many of the staff suffered side effects from one of the experimental COVID mRNA injections over the weekend. Fox 8 Ne

WHO will end research into 'extremely unlikely' theory that COVID-19 originated in Wuhan lab

Interesting 🤔🤔🤔 The WHO spent two weeks on a fact-finding mission in Wuhan. It concluded COVID-19 most likely entered the human population through an animal.

501 Deaths + 10,748 Other Injuries Reported Following COVID Vaccine, Latest CDC Data Show • Children's Health Defense These numbers reflect the latest data available as of Jan. 29 from the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System website. Of the 501 reported deaths, 453 were from the U.S. The average age of those who died was 77, the youngest was 23.

Pfizer withdraws application for emergency use of its Covid-19 vaccine in India Pfizer had sought authorization for its vaccine in India late last year, but the government in January approved two much cheaper shots.

Why is Bill Gates Buying Up Farmland Across America? Why is Bill Gates Buying Up Farmland Across America?

Merck Shuts Down Covid Vaccine Program After Lackluster Data Merck & Co. is discontinuing development of its two experimental Covid-19 vaccines after early trial data showed they failed to generate immune responses comparable to a natural infection or existing vaccines.

A Deleted Bill Gates Documentary Has Been Revived

Share...share...share! Bill Gates, telling everyone how he will kill people, without remorse, and without any conscience, seems to me these are the same characteristics of a demon. Watch this factual video about this evil psycho where he unveils his master plan: https://…

Kamala Harris receives her first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine

This is from the original site. You need to pay close attention to the slight of hand of all those out there showing you that they are getting the jab. They are not and lying to you! Look closely and notice what the technician does with the jabber on the arm of the chair. They want you to think this is a great thing so you can be sheep to a slaughter and go through with the jab. Disgusting!!! Vice President-elect Kamala Harris receives her first dose of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine. #CNN #News

[02/06/21]   Being informed is critical!

Elon Musk says Neuralink could start planting computer chips in humans brains within the year

Thoughts..... Elon Musk has made similar promises in the past about the product he calls "a Fitbit in your skull."

He said it!! 😳😳😳😳😳


Nearly two dozen nursing home residents in Norway die within days of getting COVID vaccine Nearly two dozen nursing home residents in Norway died within days of receiving their first stick with the COVID-19 vaccine, triggering a warning from health officials for sick patients over the age of 80 years old.

Consider this if you are being forced into the jab!

Dr. Dolores Cahill CV19 vaccine understanding

Pathogenic priming likely contributes to serious and critical illness and mortality in COVID-19 via autoimmunity - PubMed

Pathogenic Priming from getting the Jab - this “‘paradoxical immune enhancement phenomenon’ means vaccinated people may still develop the disease, get sicker and die. Homology between human and viral proteins is an established factor in viral- or vaccine-induced autoimmunity. Failure of SARS and MERS vaccines in animal trials involved pathogenesis consistent with an immunological priming that could involve autoimmunity in lung tissues due to previous exposure to....

U.S. intelligence officials say Chinese government is collecting Americans' DNA

60 Minutes has learned Chinese company BGI Group, the largest biotech firm in the world, offered to build COVID labs in at least six states, and U.S. intelligence officials issued warnings not to share health data with BGI. See the story, Sunday on CBS.

Merck Shuts Down Covid Vaccine Program After Lackluster Data Merck & Co. is discontinuing development of its two experimental Covid-19 vaccines after early trial data showed they failed to generate immune responses comparable to a natural infection or existing vaccines.

China Deploys Anal Swab Tests To Detect High-Risk Covid-19 Cases

😳😳😳😳😳😳 Experts say the test, rolled out before millions are expected to travel for the Lunar New Year, could be more accurate than throat and nose swabs.

COVID ‘Vaccines’ Are Medical Experiments on Humanity – Dr Tom Cowan

Worth the read..... The COVID vaccines are mRNA (messenger RNA) vaccines, which are completely new. No mRNA vaccine has ever been licensed for human use before. There are no other therapies or prophylactics on the market that use the same approach, despite a handful of efforts.

Side Effects and Data Gaps Raise Questions on COVID Vaccine Studies have warned COVID-19 vaccines may result in more serious disease when exposed to the virus by way of pathogenic priming and immune enhancement.

Lost touch: how a year without hugs affects our mental health

Don't think there is an agenda behind the lockdowns ....think again. Humans are designed to touch and be touched – which is why so many who live on their own have suffered during the pandemic. Will we ever fully recover?

C.D.C. Now Says People Without Covid-19 Symptoms Do Not Need Testing The revision prompted confusion and alarm from experts, who called the move “potentially dangerous.”

U.S. Sees Record Single-Day Drop in Covid Hospitalizations

No surprises here...... Covid-19 hospitalizations in the U.S. fell by the most ever on Thursday, the latest sign that relief may be coming to a health-care system that’s been fighting the virus for almost a year.

Think about this today.. The vaccines are NOT FDA approved! (Approved for emergency use only)

Pfizer’s vaccine is currently in phase 3 out of 4 for two more years to prove if it’s safe for FDA APPROVAL. Scary??

Helsinki Committee to declare Pfizer performing unauthorized human experiment in Israel Committee in charge of supervising human trials expected to state vaccine campaign is clinical study and needed pre-approval.

Big win!

I just got back from speaking about the issues with our nation’s approach to COVID and boom, almost as if I manifested it, I see a notice from the WHO finally coming clean on PCR testing, cycle thresholds and false positive AND how we should not be testing people with no symptoms. Expect cases to go down. The timing is uncanny on Inauguration Day.

My friend Ari Whitten posted the following simple English explanation of the notice:

The W.H.O. is recommending changes to their criteria for establishing a "COVID case". Basically, a positive PCR test is no longer good enough on its own. Now if following WHO guidelines, you are not a Covid case unless you get a second test to confirm it, AND you need to have the presence of symptoms. (No asymptomatic people getting a positive test should get reported as "cases.") They're also talking about the problems of high cycle thresholds of PCR tests, which create huge amounts of false positives.

Why is this important? Anyone who knows how the PCR test works, knows that all you'd have to do to dramatically lower the case numbers they're finding is simply to lower the threshold of the number of cycles of amplification that they use to determine a positive result.

I.e. If you allow labs to use very high cycle thresholds (above 32 CT) and claim all those positive tests as "Covid cases", you'll have a tidal wave of positives that are not actual COVID infections. That's exactly the pseudoscience that's been going on for the last year.

Many virologists and experts have been calling out this pseudoscience for over 6 months. For example, see the NY Times article from a few months ago titled "Your Coronavirus Test is Positive. Maybe It Shouldn't Be" where experts analyzed the data from many NE states in the U.S. and found a huge percentage of the reported "COVID cases" were using very high cycle thresholds, and that if the threshold were lowered to a proper CT of 30-32, between 50-90% (!!!) of those positive "cases" would have NEVER BEEN REPORTED AS CASES.

Let that sink in: 50-90% of reported "cases" should've never been reported as cases.

Quote from that NYT article: "In Massachusetts, from 85 to 90 percent of people who tested positive in July with a cycle threshold of 40 would have been deemed negative if the threshold were 30 cycles."

As I said, for nearly a year, many people have been calling out the nonsense of diagnosing COVID based on PCR tests, and explaining how PCR tests with cycle thresholds above 32 is EXTREMELY unscientific and is therefore massively inflating the numbers of cases with upwards of 50% (and up to 90%) of positive tests NOT being a true infection.

That is, they've been calling for the lowering of the cycle threshold of the test, and for only SYMPTOMATIC people to be labeled as being a COVID case.

All the while, we had people scoffing at these criticisms and insulting the people pointing out these flaws, calling them "conspiracy theorists" for daring to "question the science."


So how could you almost instantly make COVID cases drop by 50-90%?

Simple: Have the W.H.O. say that only symptomatic people should be labeled a "case" and tell all the labs to lower the cycle thresholds for what constitutes a positive test!

It really would be that simple.


Now, as soon as the vaccine is rolled out, and Trump is out of office, guess what is *coincidentally* now happening?

As luck would have it, the WHO is recommending changes to their guidelines for establishing a COVID case.

What are they changing it to? Exactly what many of us have been saying needs to happen all along -- a PCR positive is no longer good enough on its own, you need the presence of symptoms, re-testing to confirm it's a true positive, and being wary of false positives as a result of very high cycle thresholds.

Assuming these simple changes are implemented, reported cases will drop dramatically.

This WOULD actually be great news, if it were done 6 or 8 months ago, as it should have been.

But now, it will do nothing except serve to obfuscate the truth even more. Now cases may drop dramatically in the coming months (by 50-90%) simply as a result of these simple changes in the testing requirements for being labeled a COVID case.

And when the COVID cases do drop dramatically, the narrative will likely be spun that the reason cases are dropping is because of lockdowns, Biden's mask mandates, and vaccines. The world will then celebrate lockdowns, masks, and vaccines as the reason why cases are falling so rapidly. (When in reality, it's largely the simple result of slightly altering the PCR testing criteria for being called a "COVID case.")


Moderna Wants to Transform the Body Into Vaccine-Making Machine The U.S. company and its German rival BioNTech plan to use RNA as a messenger inside cells to produce an immune reaction. The advance could upend vaccine development long after the pandemic.

Allergic reactions raise concerns over COVID-19 vaccine safety COVID-19 vaccine concerns for the most part have centered on a shortages. But on Monday, there was a new concern about vaccine safety.

Modified RNA has a direct effect on DNA

Worth reading! An article titled "m6A RNA modification as a new player in R-loop regulation," by the Dynamic Gene Regulation research group led by Arne Klungland at IMB, was published in the January edition of Nature Genetics.

TheBobWhoKnew: Welcome Back John² Welcome John³ on Twitter

As we knew...this was man made! “BREAKING: US scientist who worked for the Gates-Rockerfeller-Biden-Merkel-Macron Covid Cartel with the chinese Wuhan Lab that created Covid arrested! RT”

Link between sunscreen ingredient, diet, and cancer risk investigated

Spring and summer will be here before you know it, you may wish to take this into consideration. Recent research in animal models has found that there is a complex relationship between exposure to a common sunscreen ingredient, diet, and cancer risk.

Suspicions grow that nanoparticles in Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine trigger rare allergic reactions Life-threatening responses seen in at least eight people could be linked to polyethylene glycol, known to trigger reactions to some drugs

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Georgia Balsley specializes in wellness naturally, using lifestyle modification, diet, nutrition and supplementation. We have moved to an online approach and continue to offer the best in products, nutrition and beauty care. Georgia is available in guiding, teaching and transforming you. Contact me to set a consultation or let me help you with your nutritional needs. Offering EDS Screening, Nutritional Coaching, Hormone Rejuvenation and Skin Care Consultations.

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