Christina Abrams Birth Services

Childbirth Education and Labor Doula birth services for the Greater Philadelphia area, serving Philadelphia, Delaware, and Chester counties.

Christina Abrams Birth Services was born at the same time as her grandson in 2012. She is here to serve families of color in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area.

Moderna Comics

A comic I made for the World Environment Day, which I used as an excuse to tell you all about my experience with the menstrual cup. Honestly, even if it seems like too much hassle, you really have to try it and I swear you’ll all fall in love with it, together we’ll reduce so much waste!! #zerowaste

Shortage in Black midwives is causing concern during pandemic She’s been a midwife for more than three years, but lately what’s happening across the nation pushed her to start a grassroots movement.

Food for thought

What are some differences in care between a midwife and an OBGYN?

Holistic Heritage Homebirth

Nurse on. It is good for you and baby as long as you both want to continue the relationship.

Episiotomy is violence. Episiotomy is violence. Episiotomy is violence. Periodt.


Episiotomía es el nombre del corte hecho en la región de la vagina para avanzar el parto. Es un procedimiento abusivo que tiene como objetivo avanzar el procedimiento de entrega para administrar el tiempo de los profesionales obstétricos. “La episiotomía es un procedimiento quirúrgico que consiste en hacer una incisión en la piel, la grasa y los músculos de la mujer embarazada, justo cuando sale la cabeza del bebé".

La episiotomía generalmente se realiza hacia el muslo o el ano de la mujer. Se utiliza un bisturí para hacer la incisión inicial y luego aumentar esta incisión con unas tijeras quirúrgicas.
Después de cortar la vagina en el momento del nacimiento del bebé, es necesario reparar el daño en el área.

La episiorrafia es la sutura de la episiotomía. Es muy difícil establecer el tamaño normal de una Episiorrafia, ya que el tamaño de la Episiotomía puede ser bastante variable. He escuchado informes de mujeres que obtuvieron más de 35 puntos en Episiorrafía, a pesar de que el promedio generalmente es de alrededor de 10.

Esto se debe a que, muchas veces, los médicos insertan sus manos en la vagina de la mujer y aumentan la Episiotomía manualmente (la piel es tela, cuando se corta y se estira, se rasga!). La episiotomía es a menudo la parte más traumática del parto. Todas las mujeres, sin excepción, temen pasar por esto (algunas mujeres tienen tanto miedo que prefieren optar por una cesárea solo para escapar de Episio).

Quienes se someten al procedimiento a menudo informan sensaciones extremadamente desagradables, como la sensación de haber sido abusado o mutilado.
De hecho, debido a que no existe una indicación precisa y se realiza solo por costumbre, la episiotomía podría considerarse una mutilación genital. Vale la pena señalar que la episiotomía a menudo se realiza sin el consentimiento de la mujer, y a veces sin previo aviso o anestesia, lo que lo convierte en un procedimiento extremadamente violento y doloroso, tanto física como psicológicamente.

La episiotomía ha sido indicada para facilitar la partida del bebé, prevenir la ruptura del perineo y el supuesto aflojamiento vaginal causado por el paso del feto a través de los genitales durante el parto normal.

Manifest Healing Now


Phoenix Rising Birth Works

Just in case the constant barrage of doubt from providers, family and society sever your mind-body connection, exponentially increasing the chances of "needing" a cesarean due to "failure to progress"?

Nah beloved, you deserve more. You are a sacred vessel. You should be heard and your will honored. If you want a VBAC, everyone around you should be encouraging and protecting and holding space for you to do so! Remove anyone from your life in this time who does not! That's right ANYONE & EVERYONE casting doubt & fear onto your birth deserves and needs to be cancelled! Y'all hear me this morning?

And be aware, there are "faux" supportive survivors out there too. They say things like "I /my practice 'offers' TOLAC/VBAC". To those providers I say, "Who are you to offer birthing folx anything?" You are the only person who can "offer" yourself a VBAC. Through believing you can do it, healing* yourself from the trauma of your previous birth(s) and any other trauma source that exists within you, building a truly supportive birth team and caring for/ preparing your body. THIS IS YOUR BIRTH. YOU ALLOW YOU.

*A note on healing: Healing is a life long journey. HOWEVER, recognizing what needs to be healed and doing the work of healing is what will strengthen you, particularly when planning a birth that the outside world may consider irrational, unsafe or self serving. Doing the work of loving yourself (love is an action word y'all!) will empower you beyond your wildest dreams!

Indigenous Breastfeeding Counselor

Update June 22, 7:45am (PST): What an incredible experience this has been. Kim and I knew we would sell more than 15 shirts but we never expected over 300 individual orders! 300! We are honestly totally overwhelmed by all of your support. Remember we are so not a retail company so this whole process is going to be pretty old school. This week we will be going through orders and connecting them to payments. We hope to get the shirt order in later this week. We will update you all via email once orders are placed.
Thank you again for all your support.


Update June 20, 9:30am (PST): Good morning relatives! Well, I (Camie) am camping and can’t figure out how to close down the order form so we will be accepting orders through this weekend. That means you have 2 extra days now to order your shirt(s) if you haven’t already. New sale ends Sunday, June 21, 2020 midnight (PST).

June 18th, 8:15am (PST) update: Good morning relatives! You all have showed up! We have over 220 individual shirt orders totaling almost $7k in sales. Thank you to everyone who has shared and placed orders. We will taking orders through Friday night so place your order now if you haven’t. Next week we will go through all the orders and payments and get it to the shirt printer. Expect to hear from us next week if there are any issues with your order or payment. Thank you again for all your support! This has been an amazing experience.

June 13th, 7:30pm (PST) update: Thank you to everyone who has placed an order! Kim and I (Camie) are overwhelmed with the support we are receiving. We have received over 130 individual orders many of them purchasing more than 1 shirt.
We have added a few sections of the order form. One is for adding a cash cash donation to the org(s) of your choosing. The second addition is there is now space for you to purchase a shirt to be gifted to a Black and/or Indigenous birth worker. I highly recommend allies consider this option. Likewise, if you are a Black and/or Indigenous birth worker who would like to be gifted a shirt you can fill out the form and check the box stating you would like to receive a gift.
Keep sharing! This is incredible.
In solidarity with our sisters, brothers and siblings in the Black community we are hosting our first fundraiser for 5 Black lead breastfeeding organizations. 100% of the proceeds from the shirt sales will benefit Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere (ROSE), The BLACK Course, the Pittsburgh Black Breastfeeding Circle, Memphis BSTARS and the African American Breastfeeding Network. Indigenous artist, public health advocate and Indigenous Breastfeeding Counselor logo creator, Emma Noyes blessed us with this shirt design.

These limited edition shirts are available for 1 week only. They are $25/each. Sale begins June 12-19, 2020

We stand together- forever. Black Lives Matter.

Order Shirts Here

*We have been asked about shipping to Canada. I am happy to figure that out. If you are able to throw in a little extra to cover shipping (I have factored in $5USD for shipping) so that the full donation can go to the the org(s) of your choice I would appreciate it.

Thank you for your support!

Race, Gender + American Gynecology Learn the untold history of “The Fathers of Gynecology” from the leading expert on the topic, Dr. Deirdre Cooper Owens. She'll uncover how the institution of slavery is foundational to the advancement of medicine and the impact this history has made on our health institutions and health outcomes...


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Eyes locking on one another, acknowledging that their souls have always known each other.
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VideoCred: Create Anomaly

National Black Midwives Alliance

This week‘s crush is South Carolina Grand Midwife Anna Grier.
“She also was my doctor...when I was born in the ‘30s, we didn’t have a chance to go to the whenever anything was wrong, we always called for the midwife.”
#mcw #legacy #nbma

National Black Midwives Alliance

Our crush this week is our beloved co-founder, Jamarah Amani, who is celebrating her birthday on Friday. Jamarah, we love you and appreciate your dedication to our community and your unceasing commitment to the pursuit of birth justice.
#mcw #midwifecrusheveryday #nbma

Jennifer Nelson - Pittsburgh Midwife

So important to know the progression... Birth uses every part of your body & mind throughout the process.

Some key things to consider in this post. Thank you Phoenix!

✳️You read right! Many providers (OBs AND midwives) feel this way so make you sure you have thorough conversations with potential providers before selecting one. It's also important to check in regularly to make sure their tone is the same throughout your pregnancy to help avoid a "bait & switch" scenario late in pregnancy or in labor. The belief that a person who hasn't had a vaginal birth can NEVER have one is one of the main reasons our country's cesarean rate is so illogically and dangerously high.

✳️This thinking is a reason to question the validity of "elective" cesarean rates. When you ask people with lived experience you'll find that many elect to have cesareans because they were led to believe it was the safest choice for the baby (even folks whose babies were developing healthily). What is also left out of the conversation is the very real increased risk of various morbidities (post birth complications) and mortality that repeat cesareans place on the lives of mothers/birthing folx. And yes a cesarean can truly be needed as a life saving procedure BUT what millennia of life as we know it on this planet tells us is that BIRTH WORKS so the natural inference is that the need for / use of life saving interventions should be LOW. I don't care what kind of math you do (#realmath or that #newmath 😂 - #70sbabies & #80sbabies who are now parents understand) 31.9% of babies being born via cesarean IS NOT LOW! 26% of labors of healthy individuals with babies presenting head first ending in cesarean birth is NOT LOW!

✳️You know what is low?
Your true chance of uterine rupture aka the #1 bait & switch trump card of non supportive providers. Studies have shown that the rate of uterine rupture ranges from 0.5% - 2%. The range accounts for considerations such as the number of previous cesareans, the type of suturing used in post birth, coexisting medical conditions, etc.

So what does this mean?

Which one is normal? Which one is typical? Which one do you want? Which one did you have?...which one makes you un/comfortable...why?



Shafia Monroe Consulting

Lotus birth or just wait until the placenta is out and then separate baby from their placenta by cutting in between the baby and the placenta. The 20th African American Midwives cut the cord so it was about 5-7 inches long. And if you cut after the placenta is detached the umbilical cord dries up in about three days because the cord is empty of excess blood.#delayedcordclamping #baby #Grandmidwife #Grannymidwife #blackmidwifecooking #good.acre #midwiferycare #postpartum #smcdoulas #infantmortality #maternalhealth #blacklivesmatter #wethepeople #blackmidwivesmatter #traditionalbirth

National Black Midwives Alliance

Our crush this week is Alabama Grand Midwife, Willie Lee Smith. The first birth she facilitated, at age 18, was that of her little brother. She didn’t like how her mother was being treated, so she sent the doctor away and caught the baby herself. After that she began “bootlegging babies” until she became a registered midwife in 1938.
“I just let them have it their way and don’t try to compel nothing.”
(Special thanks to Peggy Allen Towns for sharing her aunt’s story.)
#mcw #midwifecrush #legacy #onhershoulders #nbma

Student Midwife Studygram

💕✨ Happy International Day of the Midwife ~ Tuesday 5th May 2020 ✨💕
and wishing the happiest of birthdays to one of the most amazing midwives I know, who I am lucky enough to be working with today on Labour Ward!

“In all cultures, the midwife's place is on the threshold of life, where intense human emotions, fear, hope, longing, triumph, and incredible physical power - enable a new human being to emerge. Her vocation is unique.”
Sheila Kitzinger

#midwife #midwifery #midwives #internationaldayofthemidwife #IDM #studentmidwife #studentmidwifery #maternity #obstetrics #medical #obs #gynae #idm2020

National Association of Professional and Peer Lactation Supporters of Color

Sharing message from Kimberly Seals Allers for Black Maternal Health Week #BMHW20 #CenteringBlackMamas #Breastfeeding #HumanMilk #PublicHealth #CommunitySupport

You can still birth naturally!!!

You're not damaged.
The odds are most definitely stacked in your FAVOR to experience vaginal birth, if that's what you desire. And even if you are faced with the consideration of another cesarean birth, know that can do that and come out the other side feeling whole, heard, and powerful.

Are you expecting, planning/considering a VBAC, considering having more children or healing from your previous cesarean birth? JOIN US TONIGHT for the 1st session of #thejourneysupportgroup ! SWIPE FOR DETAILS -- LINK IN BIO
#cesareanawarenessmonth @ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jennifer Nelson - Pittsburgh Midwife

Check it out!!!!

Check out my very first E-Book! Available for download on my site. Just $1.99!

This 6 page book gives some information and tips about VBAC, and if it's right for you. Coupon for 25% off virtual doula or VBAC coaching with purchase.

Jennifer Nelson - Pittsburgh Midwife

That Chick Angel

😳...🤷🏽‍♀️ it’s true tho

You got McDonald's money?! 🤔🤣

National Black Midwives Alliance

“The United States has tragically not met these standards for our birthing people, especially Black birthing people, but as we navigate a new world, now is the time to lay an unshakable foundation that honors and protects them.”
#wecanthrive #nbma

Christina Abrams Birth Services


Here’s why soap is more useful than hand sanitizer in the fight against the coronavirus

Chocolate Milk Matters

OUR BOOBS ARE FLYING THROUGH THE POST OFFICE RIGHT NOW. We just got word that the warehouse has completed the next batch of our 🤱🏿 Breastfeeding Trivia Card Game, vol 1,🤱🏿 that means many of you will be getting your orders soon.

If you haven't grabbed yours yet, you still have time to take advantage of our limited pre-order discount, grab yours today!
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National Black Midwives Alliance

Our crush is Shugg (Sugarfoot) Lampley, Alabama midwife. “...her lips pressed together with purpose...the determined look of someone who must walk miles to fulfill her duty, to help guide more black babies as they drop into the world.”
#mcw #legacy #nbma

Debbie Allen

FREE DANCE CLASS TOMORROW! Tune in to my Instagram LIVE (@therealdebbieallen) on Wednesday at 1pm PST/4pm EST and lets get those bodies moving! All are welcome. Spread the word. HOLLA!💋✨ #dancewithdebbieallen

The price of babies, by color - Chris Blattman My wife and I are thinking of adopting and shockingly found in Texas, the cost for a white infant was $35,000 and the cost of a black infant was $17,000 – these are published numbers on private adoption websites. A … Continue reading →

National Perinatal Association

THIS LIBRARY WAS CREATED in FEBRUARY 2020. The posts were crated using information published in The Lancet on February 12, 2020. Our understanding of COVID-19 continues to evolve. _________________

As our community prepares to face a new and novel virus we need to be prepared - not just for the virus but for people's anxieties and fears.

One of the most important things we can do as providers and advocates is to empower people with information. When we all have the facts it's easier for us to make informed decisions.

DISCLAIMER: The global picture of COVID-19 is a fluid, evolving situation and although we will endeavor to stay as updated as possible, the information posted here may not reflect the latest news and practice guidance.

#corona #coronavirus #pregnancy #verticaltransmission #neonate #COVID-19

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