Kineo Fit

Kineo Fit


Loved the WO today and the plank/step throughs were a challenge for sure! Thanks for setting this up for us!!
Trying to do my Online Workouts and Guinness just wants to give me kisses!!! Making smile anyway 💕💪🐶
Thank You Natasha Habert, Katrina Van Tassell, Lisa Montano for the heat ☀️🌴& beats 🎶 @ Kineo Fit this week🙏🏽 Place & pace to be at these soggy Colorado spring days.
Katrina Van Tassell thank You for the May the 4th (be with You) magnificent Mobility Kineo Fit class🙏🏽
Lisa Montano thank You for the re-fueling ⛽️ Friday Power🙏🏽 Great start to May the 4th (be with You) & 5 de Mayo weekend❣️
Natasha Habert thank You for two max gluteus kicking Kineo Fit workouts Tuesday & Wednesday; feel my Gluteus Maxs’🙏🏽💙
The heckling has already started!
Whose going to do this with me?? 💪🚴
Had a great time at the OCC Farmers' Market! Peaches, jelly, tomatoes and green beans!! The Kettle Corn, cookies, & nut brittle looked good, too, but I walked on by-WHEW!!
Upa Downa Pedal Party

The evolution of group training. Scientifically based workouts combined with the best equipment. Visit to learn more.

Kineo (Greek for “to move” or “stir up”). Our mission is to get you excited about working out! Workout with purpose at our state-of-the-art facility. Our workout combines 30 minutes of targeted heart rate cardio interval training with 30 minutes of strength training to help achieve goals of: weight loss, muscle balance, better posture, increased core strength, coordination, balance, and flexibilit

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 12/14/2022

Got some old workout gear? Ghosts of workouts past today! Make sure you wear your 80 s , 90 s best!

Timeline photos 12/03/2022

Another epic ugly sweater Christmas party and . So fun. Thanks everyone for the memories.

Photos from Kineo Fit's post 10/31/2022

Halloween at KineoFit! Guest appearances from Olivia Newton John, Suzanne Somers, and Lulu! Just waiting for Richard Simmons to show up tonight 😂


The trainers are gearing up for a wild and whacky Halloween and there might be a surprise guest in the morning! Break out your best costume and join us in the fun and laughter ☺️🎃


Did you know your first workout with us is FREE!?! Also, if you join THIS month for an unlimited monthly membership you get a FREE month of yoga at Kalea! Join us and make your health a priority!

Photos from Kineo Fit's post 10/08/2022

Team Kineo takes on Cheyenne Mountain Run 5k!


🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉Congratulations to Colleen for winning our members appreciation month paddle board! It’s members like her that make our community here at Kineo so special! 💪🏻


🥁🥁🥁 Drumroll Please!
Guess. Who's. Back!?!?!
We are beyond excited to announce the return of one of our OG, favorite trainers MICHELLE! For those who know-you KNOW!
For those who don't let me introduce her: She is an occupational therapist by trade, a mom of two, a dog mom to Dozer the Frenchie (who I'm sure will be hanging around the studio from time to time), a mountain biker, camper, skier, knee rehabber, and a true student of all things women's health. 🔥A warning though- if you feel your abs sore the next day and can't remember doing any "ab work" it could be one of two things- she either taught you how to use your core properly OR had you in stitches laughing. She is a true gem and we are excited to have her back! Join her Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings!

Timeline photos 08/31/2022

The weather forecast is looking fantastic for race day! ☀️ We can not wait to see all of your smiling faces on race day to support Kids on Bikes! Don't miss this awesome event filled with fun for all. Visit the race website to get signed up today! --------->


We need to see all the Kineo Fit Fam out on race day at the Sundance Duathlon Sept 11th! It's a super fun day and a fundraiser for Kids on Bikes! Compete solo or as a 2 person relay. 11 and 18 mile course option. We could also use volunteers! If you don't have a teammate for the relay we will pair you up with someone at Kineo Fit! Let's go.

1 month until race day! Special thanks to our title sponsor ANB bank for their support and volunteers! We've got a special day planned. Don't miss it! Race website --->

Photos from Kineo Fit's post 08/04/2022

Anything is possible with the support of a community behind you! So proud of everyone who came out to hike a 14er on Saturday. Thanks for being a part of the Peak Challenge to raise money for Griffith Centers for Children. We are so proud that the whole crew summited MT Shavano!!

Timeline photos 08/03/2022

August is member appreciation month!

Win this paddle board or other new Kineo / Kalea Mechandise!

Get raffle tickets every time you:
#1 Bring a friend or family member to workout with you at
Kineo or Kalea that is not a current member (3 tickets per workout)

#2 Give Kineo Fit or Kalea yoga a shoot out on social media (1 ticket - max of 8 for the month)

#3 Friend or family member becomes a monthly Kineo or Kalea member (10 tickets!)

How do I bring friends?

#1 Call, text or email us at Kineo or Kalea that you are bringing a friend to class. First class is FREE.


#2 Have them visit our website(s) and register for a free class at Kineo or for a week at Kalea for $20

Call or text us at Kineo Fit 719-260-4891

Call us at Kalea Yoga 719-417-7082

email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Timeline photos 08/01/2022

Congratulations to these Kineo Spartans! They came, they conquered, and they crushed their first Spartan Race.

Timeline photos 05/24/2022

Join Us!
Sunday June 12th to run the Spartan Sprint

Race Registration:
Select 'Morning', create your own Spartan account.
Select the 10:30am start time, at checkout use code NASM20
for 20% off, contact us if you have any questions!

Photos from Kineo Fit's post 05/22/2022

A few of us were able to do an awesome mobility at kineo at 9:15 with Cole and an amazing restorative yoga with Jackie right after at Kalea yoga. We can't begin to describe the effectiveness of the combo of these studios. We honestly don't know of a better total wellness solution for mind and body than a combined Kineo Fit and Kalea Yoga membership. Did you know right now you can have both studios unlimited for $199 per month?! No better time to get more ability to maximize your Colorado summer. Join us this week for some trial classes. Comment below if you are enjoying them both! 🙏💪🙏💪

Timeline photos 03/15/2022

Starts March 28th. Join us for a 5 week Challenge 🍎🥕🥑- Habits to last a lifetime! Learn how to plan, shop, prep and track your way to feeling your absolute best! With the encouragement and accountability of your coach and assigned team, you will have the motivation to make it happen!🌟


No more Russian twists. 🙏🙏🙏 Ukraine. 💙💛💙💛💙💛


Our amazing Deb wrote this for us! Happy Valentine's to ALL! We appreciate you ❤️


It's all puppies and Colorado 🌞 sunrise's at Kineo Fit today. What else do you want?!


We are as open as a reciever in the Kansas city Chiefs defense. 💪🏈. Classes at 12 , 4:30 and 5:45pm. Come get your workout in!!


Fitness for adventure 💪🌞.


Benchmark day! Beat the trainers! Shayla's hang time is 2:12!!!!!


Get in for a strength day! 💪


It has begun...... #2022


We taught some folks how to dance today at Kineo Fit 💪😜🎯. .


What a great start with our new benchmark s yesterday! You guys are fit! We can't wait for more benchmarks next Thursday and to see everyone's improvement in 2022! Our members rock! #2022


Happy New Year's to you ALL! YOU are a part of our most favorite things❤️🎉🎆🥂🥳


Classes are FULL tomorrow! If you didn't sign up there will not be openings. Please check your MindBody account before coming. Also, if you are signed up, but changed your mind please early cancel so the waitlist people can be added! Thank you!!!!!! 🕯️✨⭐🌟


On the 12th day of Christmas your true gym gave to you: Handel's Messiah! Can you "handle" it?


On the 10th day of Christmas your true gym gave to you: Deck the walls!


Tomorrow is the shortest day of the year, so come workout with the shortest trainer of the year- Shayla! 😍


🎶🎵 on the 9th day of Christmas your true gym gave to you: Checking his list and checking it twice! It'll be Ultra fun!


On the 8th day of Christmas your true gym gave to you: Jingle Bells! Get ready to be at the mercy of the 🔔


On the seventh day of Christmas your true gym gave to you: God rest ye merry gentlemen! No Kineo classes! Join us at Kalea for 3 different class offerings!


🎶let it row, let it row, let it row🎶


On the fifth day of Christmas your true gym gave to you: Rudolph the Red Zoned Reindeer! It'll be a powerfully fun time!


On the 4th day of Christmas your true gym gave to you: Ghosts of workouts future! Join us for this mix of strength endurance and mobility!


On the third day of Christmas your true gym gave to you: Ghosts of workouts present. See how many rounds you can get in this CrossFit style workout!

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We are so excited to announce our 8th Anniversary of Kineo Fit! Over the years there has been a lot of  memories, so we ...
At Kineo Fit we know how to workout and push you towards your goals! Our classes are centered around your individual goa...
Strength Endurance day packs the same strength-focused moves you do on Strength day with a lighter cardio day (75-85% of...
14ers: they’re so much fun you can DANCE your way down ⛰🥾😂But seriously - who’s joining us for #MtSherman this Saturday?...
Power day!💥 It’s all about developing explosive power with fast movements on the strength side and sprints on the cardio...
Kineo Fit - Strength Day
Intelligent interval training is all about maximizing change and eliminating plateaus in your fitness! Ultra day is “the...
All the way ⬆️! It’s a great week to sign up for our summer events! 14ers, mountain biking, pickleball and more - get af...
It wouldn’t be #FathersDay without some #dadjokes! We all know Keith as the king of the dad joke so here’s one more to c...
Ready for more #dadjokes? Don’t forget to share your favorites to be included in the dad joke challenge! DM or comment t...
🔊Sound on for some Monday laughs! 🔊We’re fortunate to have some of the raddest dads in our Kineo Fit community. To celeb...




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