The Spine and Sport Center - Colorado Springs, CO

The Spine and Sport Center - Colorado Springs, CO


Today is Staff Appreciation Day! 🥰

We are so thankful for all the hard work you both put in everyday.

We couldn’t do what we do without Carrie and Beverly having our backs! 💯

Let these wonderful ladies know how much you appreciate all their hard work next time you are in.

Dr. Derek and Samuel, LMT are training for the Denver Colfax Half Marathon! 🏃

We have been keeping tabs on their training. And they are consistently getting better.

We can’t wait to cheer them on May 15th! 💯

If anyone else has a goal they are training or aiming for, let us know below. 👇

We love 🥰 knowing what are patients are up to!
🙌We truly have the BEST patients!🙌

- Dr. Shane is super thankful for the delicious gluten free Girl Scout Cookies 🍪 you brought him.

He is, after all, our Honorary Cookie Monster 😜...
Let's have a little fun on this "Two's Day" 👥

Here are our answers for what TWO accessories we would each come with:

Dr. Shane - ⚔️Ninja sword & Flame Thrower
Dr. Christin - Phone 📱 and Soccer Ball
Dr. Derek - Running Shoes & 🖱️Computer Mouse
Becky - Red Bull & Flaming Hot Cheetos 🔥
Carrie - Crochet Supplies & 🍷Bottle of Wine
Beverly - 📖 A book & Hoodie

What two accessories would YOU come with? Let us know 👇🏼below, we would love to hear.
Who doesn't like to save money 🤑?!?!

We have started a "Refer a Friend or Family Member - Get $10 Off Your Next Adjustment" program.

Want to know the BEST part about it (besides saving money, that is) can refer as many people as you like and let those savings build up. 😲

Know someone who could use our help? What are you waiting for?
✈️We travel not to escape life, but for life to not escape us!

Dr. Derek got to enjoy a break at Lake Tahoe, skiing and having fun with friends.

Look 👀 at that view!

Here at Spine and Sport Center, we encourage all our staff to have a healthy work/life balance.

Do you have any plans for life to not escape you? If so, let us know in the comments. 👇🏼

👇Click the link below and vote us for Best Of The Springs.

It only takes a few seconds and we would greatly appreciate it!!

AND…if we win 1st place 🥇 we will be offering a free adjusment day. 🥳
🛑 My how time flies! 🛑

Yet this young lady never seems to age. 🙃

Let's all wish the happiest of Birthday's to Dr. Christin. We couldn't imagine our practice without you being a part of it!
💯Learning new things as an adult is hard… but rewarding.

Dr. Shane took up jiujitsu at 46 and on pace to get his black belt sometime around 65… 🤣

Here he is practicing arm bars with his coach .jiujitsu

If you know anyone that is passionate about jiujitsu, chiropractic is the perfect compliment to grappling.
⭐ We love to hear it!⁠

Jaw and neck pain can be so debilitating. If you're looking for ways to feel more like yourself...⁠

We're a great place to start. 👋👋👋⁠
✨This. Is. Us!✨

✔️We are fun.
✔️We are crazy.
✔️We all truly care about each other.

But most importantly, we want to help all of you feel the best you can…because that is who we are and what we do! 💯
Did you know the average American drinks ~ 2.5 cups of water per day? 💧🙈⁠

Did you also know that even mild dehydration can affect your focus, cause headaches and affect a myriad of other aspects of your day without you even realizing it. 😑 😰⁠

And hey! We live at a higher altitude which means we need water even MORE. 👋🏻⁠

+ It aids in your recovery after an injury or your adjustment/massage!⁠

Here's a few ideas to increase your water intake:⁠
- Add fresh/frozen fruit to your water.⁠
- Drink a glass of water before you eat your dinner.⁠
- Substitute sparkling water for that sugary drink.⁠
- Get a reusable water bottle so you can refill on the fly and take it with you!⁠

💫 What's something you're going to try/already do?⁠

The Spine and Sport Center offers safe, effective, and affordable manual therapy for the treatment o

At the Spine and Sport Center we offer a diverse array of manual therapies. Our goal is simple: to get you better as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our moto: everyone will respond to something, even if they don’t respond to everything. Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments (also called Spinal Manipulative Therapy) are one of the core therapies that distinguishes Doctors o

Operating as usual


Goodbyes are never easy!

It is with great sadness we announce that Dr. Derek will be leaving our practice as of December 17, 2022.

But, it is also with happy hearts that we wish him the best of luck on his new adventure in Oklahoma with his beautiful wife, Kalyn.

We are beyond thankful for all that Dr. Derek has brought to our practice. He has become part of our "family" and we know all his patients are also going to miss him as much as we will.

The best compliment you could give him would be to leave him a review for his new business in Oklahoma to get the word out to all his new patients how amazing he truly is! You can leave a review here:

If you would like to see Dr. Derek before he leaves, you only have one week left to get on his schedule. Don't wait until his schedule to too full.


Who doesn't want a free visit?!?🤷

We will no longer be offering our Wellness Packages of Buy 11 visits Get One Free. The last chance you have to purchase the package will be December 23, 2022.

This is also a great way to use up the remainder of your HSA or FSA so you don't lose those dollars!💯

Give us a call at 719-596-8700 to purchase your package. You don't want to miss out on this; time is running out! ⏰


Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope everyone is enjoying this day of thanks with family and loved ones.


Our office will be closed to observe Thanksgiving November 24 & 25th. 🦃

We will reopen for regular business hours on Monday, November 28th.

Don't forget to get your appointment on the books before the break!😊


Happy Halloween to all our favorite ghosts 👻 and ghouls 🧟‍♀️

Feel free to swing by and join us for some sweet treats today.


Do you suffer from Planter Fasciitis? 🦶🏼

Have you tried everything to relieve the pain, but gotten no results?

Read this fantastic review on how Dr. Shane helped Doug FINALLY get relief after years of seeing different providers and trying different things. 😲

What are you waiting for? Visit our website at to get more info on how to get scheduled.


Let’s try something new today 🙌

Leave your questions in the comments below. 👇👇👇


Great jobs start with a great boss! 💯

Happy Boss's Day, Dr. Shane!


Feeling those vacation vibes! 🏖️

Dr. Shane is enjoying his well deserved vacation in Mexico with his beautiful family.

We miss you, but are glad you are creating a good work-life balance. 💯

See you soon!


Another Myth Buster Monday 🕵️‍♂️

Today Dr. Conrad talks about the great debate…to x-ray or not?!?

Along with his explanation of why we personally don’t x-ray; we would like you to keep in mind…

Per the National Library of Medicine:

“In most cases the potential benefits from routine imaging, including spinal X-rays, do not outweigh the potential harms. The use of spinal X-rays should NOT be routinely performed in chiropractic practice, and should be guided by clinical guidelines and clinician judgement”


All Chiropractors are NOT created equal! 💯

👀 Check out some of these great reviews we received from people coming to us from other Chiropractors.

Because we are a Evidence-Based Chiropractic clinic, not Philosophy-Based AKA Traditional Chiropractic, you are not "just another number" here.

What is the main difference between the two?

Philosophy-Based AKA Traditional Chiropractic:
❌Doctor's "Philosophy"
❌General - often includes x-rays or unscientific scans
❌Adjustment only of entire spine "subluxations"

Evidence-Based Chiropractic:
✔️Patient's needs and goals
✔️Research showing which methods are effective
✔️Specific adjustments, muscle therapy, exercise therapy, patient

Everyone gets personalized treatments that are customized for your specific needs at our clinic. No two treatments look the same for anyone.

If you are looking to get to the root of your problem and find a lasting solution, why not give us a call @ 719-596-8700.📞



Dr. Christin is Webster Certified and proud of it!

Webster Technique is very different from a regular chiropractic adjustment.

It is a gentle chiropractic adjustment that aligns the pelvis and includes a soft tissue release of associated muscle groups. It allows the pelvis to function properly during pregnancy.

The Webster Technique helps:

🤰 Encourage breech babies to go head-down in time for labor⁠
🤰 Create optimal space for your baby to get into an ideal position before labor begins⁠
🤰 Balance your pelvis, which helps you to be more comfortable throughout your pregnancy, labor, and birth!⁠

Visit us at to learn more and set up an appointment.


Thank you for your kind words, Skyler.

We will continue to go the extra mile and exceed your expectations!💯


Did you know that Dr. Derek Hines is SFMA trained?

What does this mean, you ask? Well, we would love to tell you!

Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) is a movement based diagnostic system which systematically finds the cause of pain - not just the source - by logically breaking down dysfunctional movement patterns in a structured, repeatable assessment.

This means he can find the root cause of your pain, not just treat the symptom. WHAT?!?! 🤯

Visit our website to learn more on how we can get you scheduled with Dr. Derek and on the road to recovery.

Timeline photos 09/05/2022

Happy Labor Day!

Just a quick reminder we will be closed today, but will reopen tomorrow for regular business hours.

What fun plans do you have today?


Imagine how much better off our world would be if health advice was spread as quickly and freely as rumors!!! 💯

Help us help others with the best health advice YOU have ever received.

We will start... Dr. Conrad's "solid six" best health advice is:

✔️ Don't smoke
✔️ Do at least 120-180 minutes of aerobic exercise each week.
✔️ Limit refined carbohydrates in your diet to the lowest amount
you can tolerate
✔️ Do your CARs daily (mobility routine)
✔️ Minimum 7 hours of sleep a night
✔️ Drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day


🤯 Myth Buster Monday 🤯
Chiropractic Edition

“I think I have a bone out of place, can you pop it back in for me?”

This is one of the longest standing and most popular chiropractic myths.

Dr. Conrad is here to break this myth down and and explain what is really happening!

Timeline photos 08/26/2022

Thank you for the kind words and referrals, Stephanie! Dr. Sam IS fantastic at what he does.⁠

Each provider in our practice offers their own unique approach to helping you feel your best.

What's stopping you? Give us a 📞 today 719-596-8700 to get on the schedule.


Is your body whispering or screaming? 📣

Either way, it is time to take care of yourself! Give us a ☎️ at 719-596-8700 to get on the schedule.

Timeline photos 07/29/2022

🥳Help us wish Carrie a Happy Birthday!!🥳

We hope your day brings you as much sunshine and happiness as you bring everyone in the practice!

We are thankful to have you as part of our team! 💜


Text Neck; it's a real thing....and it is affecting ALL of us. 💯

Text neck describes a repetitive stress injury or overuse in the neck, caused by prolonged use of mobile devices with the head bent downward and not moving.

The weight of the head is a key factor for text neck pain. The neck’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments are meant to support the head’s weight, which is 10 to 12 pounds, in a neutral position. When texting, it is common to bend the head forward and look down at a 45- or 60-degree angle, which places about 50 to 60 pounds of force on the neck. YIKES!

A couple suggestions to help with this pain:

✔️ Hold your phone higher
✔️ Stretch several times a day
✔️ Reduce cell phone usage

Or better yet, give us a call 📞 @ 719-596-8700 to set up an appointment and let us help.

Parent's, don't forget your kids! This affects them too, and waiting to get them help will lead to a life long of bad posture.

Timeline photos 07/21/2022

Who's up for a little game of This or That?

Let us know in the 👇🏼 comments which one you prefer!

Timeline photos 07/18/2022

💙Such kind words, Delaney. Thank you!💙

We have to agree, Dr. Christin is amazing at what she does, from infancy to pregnancy and everything in between.

Timeline photos 07/14/2022

📣 Say this one louder for the people in the back!

Did you know that 83 million American's indicate that pain affects basic functioning in their everyday lives?

And twice as many people don't even realize that the pain is affecting them because they have lived with it for so long. 🤯

Let us help get your body back to feeling as good as it was designed to be! 🤸 Send us an email at [email protected] with questions on how we can help YOU.

Timeline photos 07/13/2022

(n.) A strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. ✈️

I think we all have a touch of this inside of us, don't we?

Becky, our office manager, took a bit of time to travel the west coast of Oregon this month. ☀️

Timeline photos 07/08/2022

W.O.W. What a fantastic review. 🤩

One of our main goals IS to educate people on what is going on with their bodies.

Helping to find long term solutions versus short term fixes is what our clinic is about.

Are YOU ready to find your long term solution? If so give us a 📞 719-596-8700 to get scheduled!


Bold stripes, bright stars and brave hearts ❤🤍💙 Happy Fourth of July from our Spine and Sport family to yours!

Remember, we will be out of the office today and tomorrow in observance. But will be in the office on Wednesday to make sure we get you "back" in working condition from your fun weekend. 😋

Timeline photos 07/01/2022

Just a quick reminder that we will be out of the office on July 4th and 5th to observe Independence Day.

We hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend celebrating. 🎆

Timeline photos 06/19/2022

We want to take a moment to wish all the amazing dad's out there a Happy Father's Day!

Hope your day is full for fun, love and delicious food. 🍔

Timeline photos 06/07/2022

We enjoyed a fun team building experience at Top Golf this weekend🏌🏼‍♀️

I am beyond thankful for everyone on this team and what they bring to the table.

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success" ~Henry Ford

Timeline photos 05/30/2022

"We do not know one promise these men made, one pledge they gave, one word they spoke; but we do know they summed up and perfected, by one supreme act, the highest virtues of men and citizens. For the love of country, they accepted death, and thus resolved all doubts, and made immortal their patriotism and their virtue." - James A Garfield, Arlington National Cemetery

This is not a holiday to celebrate; but instead a holiday to REMEMBER!

Please help us honor those who lost their lives protecting our great nation, by leaving a comment with names of hero's you know that lost their lives protecting us! 🙏🏼

Timeline photos 05/27/2022

Just a quick reminder our office will be closed Monday, May 30th in observation of Memorial Day.

We will reopen for regular business hours on Tuesday, May 31st.

Freedom does not come free and easy. The freedoms and liberties we enjoy came by way of a heavy sacrifice that is why we express our gratitude to those who have passed. And, why we will take this day off to observe and honor. Thank you for understanding.

Timeline photos 05/25/2022

Some days just deserve is one of those! 🍷

While we hope you are staying well hydrated with water, we also hope you get to enjoy a glass of wine in celebration! 😜

Let us know in the comments 👇🏼 what is your favorite wine?

Timeline photos 05/20/2022

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

👏🏼We won Bronze in Best Of The Springs👏🏼

We couldn't have done it without all our amazing patients. 💯

Timeline photos 05/17/2022

🏅So proud of our boys!🏅

This past weekend, Dr. Derek and Samuel, LMT completed the Colfax half marathon. For the past six months they kept each other motivated and healthy.

Are you training for anything coming up?

Massage and chiropractic are a winning combination.

We can help you reach your goals too!!

Timeline photos 05/15/2022


Who doesn't love a GREAT deal?!?

From now until May 31st we are running a buy one get one free on our new patient exams 🤯 Save up to $89!!!

This offer is good for Dr. Christin, Dr. Derek AND Dr. Samuel.

What are you waiting for? 🤷 Don't let this deal pass you by, give us a call at 719-596-8700 or email Becky: [email protected] to get yourself and a friend or family member on the schedule now.

*treatment fee still applies

Timeline photos 05/08/2022

🎉Wishing Shanan Lee, LMT a very special Happy Birthday today!

We miss seeing your face around here everyday.

BUT... are excited for the grand plan of you becoming a Physical Therapist. Then we will be back to seeing you everyday. 👏🏼

Hope your day is full of fun.

Timeline photos 05/05/2022

Welcome to the office our newest team member, Dr. Samuel Haman!

Dr. Samuel was born in Colorado Springs into a very active and sports oriented family. Growing up, he participated in a wide variety of sports which included competing in Olympic Weightlifting on a National level as well as bodybuilding, football and wrestling.

Outside the office Dr. Samuel loves to spend time with his wonderful wife Emma, and Corgi puppy. They take lots of walks, love to work out often and enjoy watching a lot of movies.

Let's all give Dr. Samuel warm welcome to Spine and Sport Center family. And give us a ☎️ 719-596-8700 to get on his schedule!

Timeline photos 05/03/2022

Happy 20th Anniversary!!💘

We would like to give a special shout out to our fearless leader, Dr. Shane, and his beautiful wife, Jocelyn, today as they celebrate 20 years of marriage. 💍

Not sure how Jocelyn managed to stay so young, while Dr. Shane aged so much...tell us your secret Joss?!? 😜

In all seriousness, they have created a beautiful family in that 20 years and we are hope they have an amazing day celebrating.

Timeline photos 04/29/2022


We have been working hard to make life a little easier for our patients in our practice. 💯

What's new:

👉🏼 CHIROPRACTOR - WHAT?!? (introduction post will be coming soon for Dr. Samuel Haman)
👉🏼 Waiting room for Dr. Shane and Dr. Samuel's patients
👉🏼 Baby Calming room for all our new Mama's
👉🏼 Signage for Beyond Therapeutics

We are growing by leaps and bounds, and are LOVING it! Give us a 📞 at 719-596-8700 to get on the schedule and check it out!

Our Story

The Spine and Sport Center is the future of healthcare. Our diverse team of providers integrate the best aspects of Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Acupuncture. The end result is a quality of care that is unsurpassed in what can be offered to patients.

The Spine and Sport Center is the brainchild of Dr. Shane Conrad D.C. and over a decade of hard work and dedication to his patients. His personal practice has evolved to include specialists from a variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise; each one dedicated to helping you live your best life. Whether that means simply being pain-free, or running marathons into your 60’s... The Spine and Sport Center is where the best get better.

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🤯 Myth Buster Monday 🤯                  Chiropractic Edition         “Chiropractors only treat back pain.”              ...
Imagine how much better off our world would be if health advice was spread as quickly and freely as rumors!!! 💯Help us h...
🤯 Myth Buster Monday 🤯      Chiropractic Edition“I think I have a bone out of place, can you pop it back in for me?” Thi...
Is your body whispering or screaming? 📣Either way, it is time to take care of yourself! Give us a ☎️ at 719-596-8700 to ...
Text Neck; it's a real thing....and it is affecting ALL of us. 💯Text neck describes a repetitive stress injury or overus...
Bold stripes, bright stars and brave hearts ❤🤍💙 Happy Fourth of July from our Spine and Sport family to yours!Remember, ...
VOTE 🗳VOTE🗳VOTE👇Click the link below and vote us for Best Of The Springs. only takes a fe...
💯Learning new things as an adult is hard… but rewarding.Dr. Shane took up jiujitsu at 46 and on pace to get his black be...
Does your path to recovery look like this snowy, winding road? 😑⁠⁠Remove some obstacles and get with a professional who ...
“Life is like riding a bicycle. You just need to keep moving forward.” - Albert Einstein🗣We need to learn to love the cl...
Do you have passion for your long term goals?⁠⁠If not, why?⁠⁠Grit isn't something that is developed overnight. It isn't ...





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