Rosebud Birthing Services

Rosebud Birthing Services


Midwives never cease in their pursuit of evidence based information. Stephanie took things to the next level and chose to complete a Bachelor of Science in Midwifery. Congratulations Rosebud Birthing Services !

Does your provider practice using informed consent? You have and part of that is giving consent for anyone to touch you or perform any procedure!

Rosebud Birthing Services is built on informed consent in every aspect of your care. We believe you are the expert on your body and your pregnancy, and will never touch you without asking permission!

Offering comprehensive perinatal care/homebirth midwifery services to families in Colorado Springs, Eastern Plains, and surrounding areas.

Operating as usual


Learning basic hand maneuvers for welcoming new life into the world. I love teaching with simulation models…Getting the muscle memory in your hands is more valuable than 100 lectures!


When I first started out as a midwife, I loved babies. I loved the human body. Birth was (and still is) miraculous.

5.5 years later, I still love midwifery. But my focus has shifted. Midwifery is where resistance to oppression, to systems, to personal biases takes center stage on a daily basis. It’s where my relationship with an infinite God intersects with my everyday encounters with individual people.

Thank you to for this beautiful shirt and to for showcasing the design and spreading the collective joy. It is reminding me all day of my why as a midwife!


PSA: RBS will be closed for a temporary time from Sept 1-January 15, 2022. We can book consultations for due dates after January 15, 2023 and look forward to serving many families in the new year!

Stephanie will be traveling to Texas for a temporary posting to a staff midwife position in an El Paso birth center but will be returning to her private practice in January.

Questions? Concerns? Comments? Feel free to call our hotline 719-728-9303 Monday through Friday during normal business hours!


Acknowledging the struggle that even an amazing breastfeeding journey can be is critical to the success of a parent’s lactation journey.

My all time favorite, well-loved shirt “breastfeeding sucks”from the incomparably genius ✨✨


Thank you Elephant Circle for this much needed service in Southern CO!

We believe that everyone that wants a doula deserves to have a doula. We have doulas throughout the metro area and in southern Colorado to served families that are negatively affected by substance use or mental health. ❤️


The FDA is issuing an advisory to alert consumers to avoid purchasing or using certain powdered infant formula, due to possible infant illness. More info:


✨I cannot wait to read this document! What’s not to love?!✨



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Thank you so much!

Midwife Stephanie

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Good evening !
‼️Free Drive through Food Distribution Friday 01/14/2021‼️
Meat, fruits and staple items.
If you need pet food ask one of the volunteers.
We are grateful to serve here at The CommUnity Food Pantry! We will be having a food pantry drive through this Friday, January 14th, 2022 from 4pm- till food runs out ( line starts at 3)at our location, 3219 S. Academy Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80916 (will be behind building on Jetwing side)

No one should go hungry in our community so
Please share with your neighbors & across your networks.

Thank you Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Coloradofor providing food for our community for us to be able to help with food insecurities.

Click here for more information regarding pantry services and volunteer opportunities or ways to donate: [Let Us Help You At The Solid Rock Food Pantry (](

‼️A Hand Up Not A Hand Out ‼️



And huge, heartfelt thanks to Solid Rock CDC for their faithful, ongoing support of our community!!

Good evening !
‼️Free Food Distribution ‼️
We even have food for our 4 lagged friends ( pet food)
We are grateful to serve here at The CommUnity Food Pantry! We will be having a food pantry pick-up this Tuesday , Nov 30th, 2021 from 2pm - 6pm at our location, 3219 S. Academy Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80916 ( behind KFC & next to the daycare in mission trace shopping center).

No one should go hungry in our community so
Please share with your neighbors & across your networks.

Click here for more information regarding pantry services and volunteer opportunities or ways to donate: [Let Us Help You At The Solid Rock Food Pantry (](

‼️A Hand Up Not A Hand Out ‼️


¡Familias comunidades!!! ¡Este clase está excelente!

Curso de Preparación al Parto de Evidence Based Birth®️ para el 2ndo ciclo (noviembre -diciembre 2021). Tanto Tania Silva (Doula y Educadora Perinatal y en Lactancia ) como esta servidora, Tamara Trinidad González (Partera y Educadora Perinatal), estaremos siendo sus mentoras en este curso. Este curso será virtual via Zoom, requiere compromiso de 4 semanas y conlleva lo siguiente:
🌀 Conectarse a 1 sesión semanal en vivo via Zoom para un total de 4 sesiones. Cada sesión dura 2 horas.
🌀 Dedicar entre medio de cada sesión de 2.5 a 4 horas aproximadamente para: 🌀 Ver/escuchar videos asignados antes de cada sesión live para discusión.
🌀 Realizar lecturas independientes antes de cada sesión live para discusión.

• El curso incluye:
🍃 Cuaderno digital
🍃 Acceso a toda la información (artículos con evidencia, videos, clases etc) por 3-6 meses (usted escoge)
🍃 La clase es para la persona gestante y su pareja/acompañante (requisito)
🍃 Si tiene doula o algún otro familiar que vaya a apoyarle en el parto puede participar libre de costo de la clase de “Ensayo de Medidas de Comodidad” (Última clase).
Para detalles y costos favor comunicarse.

Photos from Solid Rock Community Development Corporation's post 10/05/2021

Food distribution today!

COVID-19 shows how dangerous it is to neglect midwives and community care 09/14/2021

COVID-19 shows how dangerous it is to neglect midwives and community care

Community midwifery is LIFE to all demographics and communities it reaches!

COVID-19 shows how dangerous it is to neglect midwives and community care Diverse forms of healthcare services allow for adaptation – essential in a crisis – so we must reinstate and reinvest in community-based models of care


Friends, swing by and meet my friend Yev while you pick up a bag of free food!


Mental Health is soooo important! Thanks to Maria Ascencion Ramos Bracamontes for sharing this awesome graphic!

Poor mental health can affect your physical health also. Mellow Doodles 💛


🗣PSA: George Floyd is. NOT. on. trial.

Rosebud Birthing Services bears witness to and strongly condemns the systems of power, privilege, bias, and oppression that laid the foundations for the murder of Mr. George Floyd. We will not stand idly by, but rather hold accountable the currently presiding judge and grand jury in Minneapolis to uphold and prioritize Mr. Floyd’s right to life, and his human dignity that was taken from his person with 9 minutes of unjustifiable force. We call upon the participants of this trial to hold Derek Chauvin accountable for his actions that do have consequences. We challenge our fellow birthworkers everywhere to dismantle the systems if oppression and brutality that have created the environment for such a brutal crime to be perpetuated and then defended. It must end, for the good of the nation and its inhabitants.

We mourn the loss of George Floyd’s life—for whom Christ died—this . Fellow believers, sit in this.

History of Midwifery Laws in Colorado — Elephant Circle 02/11/2021

History of Midwifery Laws in Colorado — Elephant Circle

Ever wonder what the history of midwifery has been in Colorado? Here's a great tutorial that is super helpful as we approach the 2021 legislative session, where our ability to practice will be presented in a bill to continue the legality of practicing midwives. Stay tuned for ways you can become involved!

Thanks to the awesome humans at Elephant Circle for putting this together!

History of Midwifery Laws in Colorado — Elephant Circle Details about the history of midwifery laws in Colorado since the early 1900s.

Timeline Photos 02/09/2021

Timeline Photos

Shout out to all the mamas
Healing their way through motherhood
To all the mamas showing up
And growing up
Along with their babes
To those wading through trauma
While washing the breakfast dishes
And choosing new ways of being
And loving
With every bedtime story and back rub

To all the mamas
Making magic on a shoestring budget
Building businesses
During nap time
And never giving up on their dreams
To those with the side hustle
On the side of the other hustle
Kicking ass and crushing goals
All while tackling the endless laundry pile

To all the mamas
Building tomorrow
Holding the vision
Raising the leaders
To the ones wrapping the future
in warm hugs and loving words
Creating a new world
With Sunday morning snuggles

To every mama
Carrying more than is possible
Loving bigger than you could ever believe
Filling every role
Juggling every
Plate over full
Heart even fuller

I see you.
This is so hard.
But you are soft and strong
And shining through


11 miles today training for the week-long, 800 mile ride in October 2022. . We’re heading from North Carolina all the way down to Louisiana raising National awareness of disparities in black infant mortalities. .dercole.3 thank you for an awesome workout!

Gang we on fire today!


SoCO Lactation’s first chat of 2021: INCREASING MILK SUPPLY. Questions/participation welcome!

Instagram Photos 01/04/2021

Shared by one of my awesome mamas... what a great tool for reminding ourselves it’s okay to not be okay!!! You are validated and parenting isn’t all bliss and rainbows.

My hat is off to you all!


Let’s have a check in. How are we doing?

I’ll go first. I’m orange. 🧡

Are you thriving or just surviving? The COVID pandemic has created a concurrent crisis around mental health. We all need to be taking care of each other, but that includes ourselves. This is especially true for healthcare workers. This site from the Colorado Healthcare Ethics Resource Group offers information and resources to help address the anxiety and stress that can, if left unaddressed, deteriorate into crisis.


✨Midwifery is Activism!✨

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement coming shortly!


!!! I am so excited to have a textbook two inches thick on my favorite subject of lactation and supporting the postpartum period!!!


you wish to see in the world!

In all the chaos, stress, and angst of this world, these golden flowers bring me immense joy... so I have them in a portable vase that I move to whatever desk I’m studying, voting, or presenting at!


Abolish ICE Denver

En honor a nuestros trabajadores del campo 08/07/2020

11 Ways To Support Black Maternal Health, Birthing Centers

Looking for ways to support black birthworkers and change birth disparities? Look no further! Friends, this one’s for you! There is a rise in campaigns providing support for Black Maternal Health and you can be part of this. 05/06/2020

How often you hold your baby actually affects their DNA, study finds

Touch. Hold. Hug. Kiss Your *Baby! There is no such thing as spoiling a newborn; in fact, the more loving physical contact, the better!

*your own baby, that is. Non-family members, please keep your own germs to yourself. A loving mother’s caress is more than simple comfort to an infant. Scientists have known for decades that touch is critically important for a child’s healthy development, according to an article in the journal Pediatric Child Health.


Photo Credit: Love is: Photography LLC 05/05/2020

The U.S. Needs More Midwives for Better Maternity Care

Midwives are the answer to maternity deserts! Want to know more about what we do? Call me and let's chat! 719-728-9303 For better birth outcomes, the U.S. should rethink maternity care


Elephant Circle

Please help us learn what Coloradoans want when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth! We want your voice to be heard!

Coloradans! We would like to hear your desires for childbirth. Who do you want attending your birth? Where would you like to give birth?

Fill out our survey today!

Please share widely.


Mercy In Action

Our Story

Colorado midwife. Passionate about providing safe, accessible, and empowering birth experiences to all populations regardless of ethnicity, legal status, financial situation, or identity. Championing the voices of marginalized communities at the local, state, and federal levels.

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Reposting this awesome demonstration of syringe or finger feeding from @reflectionsofamidwife:⠀...⠀"Syringe feeding or ‘...
Thank you to LEIF Therapies for this awesome example of what a great latch looks like!RBS is very passionate about helpi...



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