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This is my forever midwife (although I don’t think we’ll be using her professional services anymore 😉). She wrote this beautiful and very real post looking at the life of a midwife.

Yesterday was International Day of the Midwife. I didn’t post yesterday because I was at a first time mom’s home birth with three other great midwives- Frisco Birth Center (Margie Vaughn Wallis), Barefoot Midwifery, and Neta Tzivoni. What a great way to spend that special day- witnessing the calm, steady, strong, knowledgeable hands and words of women practicing an ancient art. It’s a privilege to work with the midwives of DFW!

My thoughts on the International Day of the Midwife:

Being a midwife has given me everything
And cost me everything

Being a midwife gives me euphoric highs
And Valley of the Shadow of Death lows

Being a midwife gave some of my most amazing relationships
And striped away countless others

Being a midwife is both
Energizing and draining
Fulfilling and frustrating
Fast and Furious
and a Slow Dance
I jump tall buildings to get to you
I Walk a Tightrope with you
I carry you out of burning buildings
I talk you off the ledge
I win Ocsars and then hand them over to you

My kids are proud of me
And also in therapy
My friends love me
But know they can’t depend on me

My life is lived
In 10 month segments
That start with a phone call
Or a text
About a line on a stick
And end when that red line
Is a healthy human, week six
My calendar has notes like
EW 37 weeks
Which means
I’m now on a leash
Until EW wakes me up one night
At 5-1-1
And I go running
And disappear for days

My phone is never off
My gas tank is never empty
Nor is my trunk
Or my back seat

I am loved
And hated
And feared
Sought out
And avoided

But at night
(Or morning
Or at 2:00 in the afternoon)
When I finally lay down
I’m satisfied
With what I did
With who I am
With how I made a difference
And I wouldn’t want to be
Any else

Because although being a midwife has cost me everything

It has also given me

Everything ❤️

Timeline photos 04/14/2022

Timeline photos

During labor, we listen to babies with a , a little machine that projects the baby’s heartbeat in real-time. Studies show that intermittent fetal monitoring is just as safe as continuous monitoring during labor for low-risk birthing people. Continuous fetal monitoring doesn’t statistically improve outcomes, but it does increase the risk of having a surgical birth. ⁠

Another great thing about the doppler is that they are very easily portable (and waterproof!), so mamas have complete freedom of movement during labor and birth.⁠

📸: Carmen Bridgewater Photography - Dallas Fort Worth Birth Stories


Whew, third unmedicated birth in 4 days. Two in hospitals, one in a birth center. I cannot stress enough, if this is the kind of birth you want, how important it is to choose a provider that will support your choices and be a cheerleader for you. You are doing the hardest thing you will ever do in your life. You need your whole team believing in you, giving your body time to do what it knows to do, and helping you in ways that will get you the birth story you want. Choose your provider wisely! I can help!


Full moon baby tonight! We all arrived at @originsbirthdallas at midnight and momma pushed out a 9lb 14oz baby at 12:51 am.


Where are the birth books
that talk about this work
That tell you about how you will likely spiral out
And melt down
In those final days (or weeks!)
Floating between worlds
Out of your mind
Unbearable in your body

This heavy, sacred work.
One moment- trusting. Breathing. Making soup for the freezer.
And then the next- screaming into the bathroom mirror
Sobbing into your hand towels
Convinced you’ll be pregnant forever
Convinced you can’t stand one more minute
Not knowing

Feeling so beyond ready.
And then wondering
Will I ever be ready?!!

This is the work
One moment- affirmations. Walks around the neighborhood. Red raspberry tea by the gallon.
And then the next- cursing the calendar, the mailman, your partner and his mother and your mother and every human who has ever given birth before you

This is the work
Double checking your due date app 8 times before breakfast and begging your body for any sign that labor is close
And then collapsing on the couch, hoping you never give birth because you can’t even find the energy to sweep the kitchen

There are no answers here.
There’s no timeline or schedule that makes sense
Time is swirling and murky
Breaking us open
Tearing apart the illusion of control we cling to so tightly
This is the work of birth
And without realizing it, you are already doing it.
You’re already in it- deep and real. And so close.



Oh man, would I love to talk with you about what doula support can look like!!! Message me to set up a time to connect!


The best little things!


New fun offering over here!

Photos from StoryBabe Doula's post 03/04/2022

Pic 1- sometimes postpartum visits look like this while mom naps, showers, pumps in peace, eats a complete meal with both hands, finishes things on her to-do list to feel human, sits outside in the sunshine, etc.

Pic 2- sometimes you show up to a pp visit and are greeted by the bust of a wildebeest 🤷🏼‍♀️

Recall expanded for another Similac formula due to a new Cronobacter contamination complaint 03/02/2022

Recall expanded for another Similac formula due to a new Cronobacter contamination complaint

Please, please check your formula if you have some

Recall expanded for another Similac formula due to a new Cronobacter contamination complaint Four products have now been recalled: Here's what you need to know.

Photos from Little Z's Sleep Consulting's post 02/23/2022

Photos from Little Z's Sleep Consulting's post


Hello Everyone! I am a Deaf Doula-- serving the DFW Metroplex and surrounding areas. So many Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing mothers do not have access to the support they need, in American Sign Language, during childbirth. Often times they have to rely solely on their spouse and interpreter to communicate and receive support.

I want to reach as many Deaf and hard-of-hearing (DHH) moms (experienced and soon-to-be) in the community as possible. My services are on a sliding scale to help those moms who need it most even when they can't afford it. Please consider liking and sharing my business page.

You never know who on your friend's list knows a Deaf or HOH pregnant mother who needs Doula Support.


Photo Credit: Jump over the moon at DSAL

The Nine Months of Pregnancy, Ranked from Worst to Best 01/24/2022

The Nine Months of Pregnancy, Ranked from Worst to Best

I mean, some of these aren't wrong. How would you rank your months?

The Nine Months of Pregnancy, Ranked from Worst to Best 9. Third month This is an easy call, because the morning sickness is full steam ahead, all day, every day, with every breath you take. The kitchen’...

What Happens When Your Baby Breastfeeds To Sleep - Raised Good 01/16/2022

What Happens When Your Baby Breastfeeds To Sleep - Raised Good

"...nighttime breastmilk is a rich source of melatonin. Nighttime breastmilk contains substantial amounts of melatonin, whereas daytime levels are undetectable. This is one of the miraculous reasons that nighttime breastmilk helps babies fall (and stay) asleep."

What Happens When Your Baby Breastfeeds To Sleep - Raised Good Have you been told breastfeeding your baby to sleep is a 'bad' habit? Here are six science backed reasons nursing your baby to sleep is normal and healthy.

Timeline photos 01/16/2022

For my placenta moms 🤣


Not just "delayed" but delay until it stops pulsing. Asking for delayed cord clamping but not giving a definition could result in them cutting at 30-60 seconds after birth because technically that is delayed and not immediate. Make sure everyone has the same definition of terms you use!

At birth, ⅓ (or more) of your baby’s blood is still in the placenta.

That means if you immediately cut the cord, your baby is missing A LOT of blood.

If you were missing ⅓ (33%) of your blood, your heart and respiratory rates would increase, your blood pressure would drop, and you would become anxious and confused. If you lost 40% of your blood, all those symptoms would be worse and you would become lethargic.

If you lost more than 40% you would die.

So how long should you wait after birth to clamp the cord?

Ideally you would “wait for white”. This means the cord isn’t clamped until it has stopped pulsing and turned white because all of the blood is now inside the baby. This is usually over 5 minutes (I’ve waited until the birth of the placenta with my two homebirths [about an hour]).

But delaying cord clamping for even 60 seconds has been shown to have benefits including:

🔆 Increased hemoglobin
🔆 Increased iron
🔆 Increased blood pressure (early clamping means BP can be too low)
🔆 Increased urinary output
🔆 Increased body temperature (early clamping babies are colder)

If baby is having a slower transition to breathing outside the womb upon their birth, keeping them attached to the cord will also continue to provide them with oxygen until they begin breathing on their own.


There are always pink flags before it gets to the point of red flags. This applies to your care provider, place of birth, friends/family, workplace with leave, etc. At any point in your pregnancy, labor/birth, or postpartum there could be opposition to your own preferences and plan (whether it's decisions that affect you mentally, physically, or emotionally). I always tell my clients, "The time to think through a plan about something is not when you're going through it. It's beforehand." So think through how you want to respond, and actions you'd like to take, when confronted with these pink flags.

I once heard @theurbanmidwife use this term when it came to managing breech vaginal birth in an out of hospital setting.

She didn’t wait for the red flags. If there was a hint that something wasn’t right, chances were things weren’t right.

This easily applies to your PROVIDER CHOICE.

Don’t wait for the red flags. Don’t wait for the obviously signs that your provider does not support you.

Some of these early signs could be:
-says things like “no one gets a trophy” when referring to birthing without pain medication
-doesn’t recommend hiring a doula
-doesn’t spend time adequately answering your questions/addressing concerns
-works in a hospital that has a high c-section rate (okay, this may be red… but it’s something people might not be concerned about since it’s not directly related to their doctor)
-doesn’t support true delayed cord clamping
-works in a practice with providers who aren’t known to be supportive of patient choice
-has a low VBAC rate
*this is obviously a red flag if you are hoping for a VBAC but VBAC rates can also matter even if you’re not planning one
-routinely breaks their patients water in early labor

This is just a handful of them, I’m sure there are many more!
The pink flags matter. Even if they don’t seem like a big deal, they can give you a glimpse as to whether or not your provider offers evidence

If you start feeling that something is off, chances are, something is off. Don’t ignore your instincts.


This work is unique and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. I don’t take lightly the fact that women choose me to be a part of their story in this way. It’s heavy, humbling, joyful, challenging, exciting, and brings tears to my eyes at every birth. I’m so thankful!


To all the back rubs happening tonight! See you in October 😉

I’ve absolutely loved this year supporting moms and families through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. It really is the best job, and I can wait to step into the stories of more families in 2022. Happy new year!!!

This viral pumping hack is helping moms stress less + pump more 12/03/2021

This viral pumping hack is helping moms stress less + pump more

It's real! Read about it!

This viral pumping hack is helping moms stress less + pump more Got baby socks?


I joined this family as the back up doula when mom had already been in hard back labor for 2 days. Sometimes being the back up doula is hard because you don’t have that relational base established for the couple to trust you, but I feel like we quickly connected (they were very easy to connect with 🥰). As time moved on, but no labor progression, tough decisions had to be made. I told mom that this was the first of many difficult parenting decisions she would have to make with not much time and more questions than answers. The couple snuggled, prayed, cried, and laughed then decided to move forward with the doctor’s recommendations. I’m so proud of them, and feel incredibly privileged to witness the beginning of another family.


I hope today is full of rest, snuggles, and lots stretchy pants! I’m so thankful for all of you!

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