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My experience with Julia, Melanie, and Dr. Jill today could not have been more comfortable! I so appreciate their sensitivity and listening to me! They never try to hurry me as I ask many questions. Bless you ladies!!!
Welcome to all of the newest members of the Academy! We're glad you've chosen to be a part of our organization!

Caroline Labritz, DDS (Sorriso Dental - WV)

Jill Ombrello, DDS; Melanie Galles, RDH; Jessica Gallegos, RDA; & Paige Martin, RDA (Central Dentist - TX)

Darryl Azouz, DDS (Sacramento Natural Dentistry - CA)

Harjit Gill, DDS (ON)

Daylis De Andrade, DMD (FL)

Mary Watson, RDH & Amy Gainer, RDH (OR)
Welcome the newest members of the Academy:

Caroline Labritz, DDS (Sorriso Dental - WV)

Jill Ombrello, DDS; Melanie Galles, RDH; Jessica Gallegos, RDA; & Paige Martin, RDA (Central Dentist - TX)
Join us for Fun with Crafts On Wheelz Dallas Sidekicks Taste Buds Kitchen Texas Legends Basketball Central Dentist Circles of Care-Central Texas KIPP Texas - Dallas-Fort Worth Go Ape USA The Palaestra Topgolf Critterman Dave Critterman Safari Guides Main Event Main Event JCC Dallas Bahama Buck's DuChene Natural Health Center North Texas Performing Arts Adventure Kids Playcare | North Dallas Adventure Kids Playcare Adventure Kids Playcare Frisco Adventure Kids Playcare - Plano Adventure Kids Playcare-FortWorth Adventure Kids Playcare Flower Mound Adventure Kids Playcare - Southlake, TX Perot Museum Country Critters Farm, Tx Cutting Edge Pediatric Therapy North Texas Tollway Authority Arrow Child & Family Ministries | Christian Foster Care & Adoption Cultural Care Au Pair Bricks and Minifigs, Plano ArborCreek Montessori School CareNow Urgent Care - Plano Medical City Children's Urgent Care Skyzone TruFusion Dallas Repeat After Me Kids The Septien Group KD Studio & Conservatory College of Film and Dramatic Arts Restoration Dallas Chiropractic Rogue Athletics Gymnastics and Cheer Legendary Black Belt Academy - Highland Park Celebration Station Mesquite, TX Numinds Enrichment Sylvan Learning Dallas-Stars Picture This Green Screen & Event Photography
Jill Ombrello, a Preston Hollow mother of four, has used her sharp instincts and heart for giving back to others in both her private dental practice, Central Dentist, and in her family-run mobile dental company that services those who cannot travel to a traditional dental office.
Hands down the most amazing dentist with children I have experienced! DR Jill and Staff are wonderful, personable and patient with children, putting my reluctant and resistant 5 year old at ease and leaving with a smile from our first visit. The quality of care is great, not a drill and fill aggressive approach with unnecessary recommendations that we had received from our last pediatric dentist of 4 years. The establishment is clean and comfortable with a nice play area filled with toys that my son never has enough time to play in because we have never had over a 5 Minute wait. I highly recommend DR Jill for anyone looking for a pediatric dentist.
Nice people who really seem to care.
My 4 year old asked if he could wear plastic dress up vampire teeth to bed tonight so he could pretend he had an appliance like Kaden. Haha!
It's a FULL HOUSE in Denver, Colorado at the HealthyStart Provider Certification Training with Premiere Provider, Trainer and International Lecturer Dr. Jill Rosellini Ombrello of Central Dentist in Dallas, Texas!! These Doctors have made the choice to make a difference in children's lives; not just assessing sleep, breathing and airway issues, but treating sleep, breathing and airway issues! "It's not just about the teeth, it's about the entire well being of a child."
DARC celebrated the 2017/2018 season last night at La Cima club in Irving. Club honors for Dames and Knights were presented after a great dinner and cocktail hour. We reflected on the successes and challenges of the season and shared the goals and expectations for the next.

Dames award winners
Rookie of the Year: Kayleigh Schrader
Most Improved : Shannon Nault and Kenzie Martin
Forward of the Year: Allison Kinnard
Back of the Year: Raquel Watson
Most Valuable Player: Valerie Gaughan
Coaches Award: Jo Bernal and Daisy Castro
Dame of the Year: Monique Fosco
Dame Spouse/Supporter of the year: Nick Fosco

Knights award winners:
Newcomer of the year: Brett Howard
Most Improved: Joshua Love
Forward of the Year: Jesse Cavazos
Back of the Year: Phillip Hughes
Most Valuable Player: Mauricio Franco
Knight of the Year: Karl Tolar
Knight Spouse/Supporter of the year: Debi Williams

In special recognition the DARC scrum was awarded for utterly destroying the opposition 8 this season. If you made it to a match or were unfortunate enough to scrum opposite us then you may have heard or expelled the screams of agony.

The club’s most prestigious honor in the Kirkwood-Davis Cup was awarded to long time captain Brad Luyt for his contributions on the pitch and for the club in the best spirt of rugby.

Thank you to Sachse Ice House and Central Dentist for sponsoring the banquet. It was a fine evening !

Thank you to our generous season sponsors Good Neighbor Brews and Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Lake Pointe for keeping the teams fed, hydrated and healthy.

With you! See you on the pitch again soon.
Congratulations to Premier HealthyStart® Provider and Esteemed International Speaker Dr. Jill Ombrello of Central Dentist in Dallas, Texas for being chosen as one of the speakers at the American Dental Association meeting in August!! She will be educating physicians, dentists and other healthcare providers on the importance of airway development in pediatric patients. Go Dr. Jill!!!

Happy, happy Birthday Celebration Dr. Jill!! We hope your day was amazing! Central Dentist Dallas, Texas

We offer biological dentistry and functional oral health to address root causes of disease and optim

Operating as usual

Photos from Central Dentist's post 02/09/2022

Meet our new friend Joshua! Joshua and Ilona came in today for new patient appointments to meet Dr. Jill, and Joshua was our superstar of the day! We educated mom and dad on the importance of natural growth and development with our super health program! Our program is specialize to help kids develop their jaw and airway to promote better sleep and teeth placement. Joshua started his very first day today, and we are so excited! Look at how he smiles at Paige on the last picture. He is so excited! 🥰

Photos from Central Dentist's post 01/31/2022

Good morning, happy Monday! Isn’t this smile contagious! We love all of ours kids here at Central Dentist, and they love us. We take pride in having our kids love coming to see us. Fun fact: we take CBCT’s for all of our pediatric new patients to evaluate their airways. This is great as well as able to recognize restricted airways, and solve issues such as bed wetting, snoring, and grinding! Call our office to get this great experience for your child. Let us know instagram sent you!

Photos from Central Dentist's post 01/19/2022

Good Monday, happy Wednesday! This morning we are starting off strong with a couple of mercury removals! As you can see Dr. Ombrello and our assistant has on all PPE and a handy protection mask that helps to not inhale any mercury. We specialize in being able to safely remove and replace amalgam fillings, which is a technique called SMART “safe mercury amalgam removal technique.” Dr. Ombrello is certified and credited through IAOMT, and takes lots of joy and proud in being a biological dentist! • •


Good morning everyone! As a friendly reminder we are always accepting new patients. We love growing our dental family and being as helpful as possible over the phone to get you scheduled. Let us know instagram sent you! 😜

Amanda, Ana, and Julia are the awesome front staff that will be able to assist you in scheduling and understanding your holistic and oral health needs! Give us a shout at 214-368-0900. We do our very best to answer all phone calls however if you do not reach us, leave a voicemail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Good afternoon, Central Dentist family! We hope everyone is staying healthy during such a crazy time, and we would like our first post to be about our amazing patients!! THANK YOU for the grace and patience that has been shown this week as we navigate through a rather rough week with keeping our staff healthy and the office! We appreciate having such awesome patients and couldn’t be more excited for 2022, and what this year means to the office on our growth and expansion! We welcome you to drop your New Years resolution’s down below, tell us what is your New Years resolution?? We will go first! 🤩
. . . Our resolution is to strive to be a better team and office for all of our patients, better than ever, and to stay healthy!! .


You’re invited to join the party! Give us a call to lock in this AMAZING promotion going on in the office. If you are a current patient with us and want to snag this promotion, no problem! Give us a call and let’s chat! For all new patients, is you ever think to yourself, am I worth the investment that I have to spend on Invisalign? The answer is YES YOU ARE. You can save almost a thousand bucks with this crazy great promotion at Central Dentist. Give us a call when we are in the office of shoot us a DM to answer some quick questions to help you get motivated to schedule an appointment. Spots are limited!


Schedule your next dental wellness visit & cleaning with us today!




The Washington Post (7/2, Searing) included dental visits in a list of “five health practices that experts say you might want to reconsider delaying” despite the coronavirus pandemic. Dental problems “early on – like very small decay in a tooth – rarely have symptoms, so people often aren’t aware they have a problem until a dentist examines their teeth, said [Dr.] Chad Gehani, president of the American Dental Association.” Hence “the recommended checkups and cleanings every three, six or 12 months, depending on the person’s oral health status, ‘to help spot dental health problems when treatment is effective and more affordable,’ he said.”
In addition, Dr. Rob Davidson, an emergency physician in West Michigan, shared in a video discussion on MSNBC (7/2) that he considers the risk of dental problems from delaying care greater than the risk of contracting the virus at the dentist. While our philosophy has always been to accommodate each family where they feel most comfortable especially during this Covid time, we are shifting that approach to a more “please get your over due butts to the dentist!” type of approach.
As you all know by now, we continue to take safety precautions such as Surgically Clean Air units, ozone purifiers and extra PPE to keep you and the team safe during your visit. As one of our favorite team members said, “I feel more safe and clean at our office than I do anywhere else!” (shout out to Felicia! Woot woot!) I am also so excited about recent changes in medical policy approving treatment of Covid 19 patients with ozone IV therapies. Central Dentist has been using oral ozone therapies for the past couple of years so I am so excited the medical community has the approval to utilize this therapy in patients now as well.


Our hearts go out to all of those impacted by Covid-19, whether through health or economic challenges, derailment of life plans, or loss of loved ones. The available information about this virus changes from day to day and there may be new understandings by the time this email is sent. Nonetheless, we wish to add our voice to the positive sources of information being put forward at this time. It never ceases to amaze me at how gracious and kind our patients have been these past couple of months, whether it is waiting in your car until your appointment time, laughing with me at my new mask and face shield, or simply asking intelligent questions about how to improve the health of you and your family. Our team is full of gratitude and love for the kindness and loyalty you all have shown us. When I opened the doors of Central Dentist over a decade ago, I never imagined that my patients would do more for me than I could ever possibly do for them. For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


When we focus on problems, we have more problems. When we focus on possibilities, we’ll discover more opportunities 😊❤️

Thanks for this great reminder, Carpathia Collaborative!

Wise words from Kitty O’meara.

Our Response Plan for COVID-19 | Central Dentist 03/17/2020

Our Response Plan for COVID-19 | Central Dentist

Fortunately, our office has already been operating at the most advanced levels to protect our patients and our staff from airborne toxins and pathogens due to our commitment to safe handling of mercury; we are well prepared to safeguard against any other airborne concern. Click below for additional precautions we are taking during this time to maintain optimal health and safety through this time.


Our Response Plan for COVID-19 | Central Dentist Dear Central Dentist Family, In the last several days, attention to the COVID-19 infection has increased. We understand that our patients may be concerned about coming in for their appointments. However, continued follow up care is needed to ensure you remain healthy. Central Dentist has always main...

A Plausible “Penny” Costing Effective Treatment for Corona Virus – Ozone Therapy - RowenSu Clinic 03/13/2020

A Plausible “Penny” Costing Effective Treatment for Corona Virus – Ozone Therapy - RowenSu Clinic

Activated oxygen/ozone therapy is a powerful immune booster, detoxifier, among numerous other anti-inflammatory, health supportive mechanisms of action to treat and prevent disease.

Other quick tip, use of an OTC nasal lavage in conjunction with a few drops of Biocidin or certain essential oils can keep your nasal passages (and sinuses and overall airway) free and clear of harmful “bugs” that depress your immune system and make you more vulnerable to disease.

If you and your family would like more information, or if you’d like to get access to our ozone therapies (ear and nasal insufflation, ozonated water, sauna, etc), please contact our office at 214-368-0900.

And as our colleagues from Carpathia Collaborative have advised: KEEP CALM and BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. Focus on the basics: Clean Food, Clean Air, Clean Water, Clear Mind!


A Plausible “Penny” Costing Effective Treatment for Corona Virus – Ozone Therapy - RowenSu Clinic Abstract: Many viruses require reduced sulfhydryl groups for cell fusion and entry. Corona viruses are rich in cysteine, which residues must be intact for viral activity. Sulfhydryl groups are vulnerable to oxidation. Ozone therapy, a very inexpensive and safe modality, may safely exploit this criti...


“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." – Coretta Scott King

Our Central Dentist team is grateful to be a part of such an awesome community, and we’re eager to help support our patients and their families in anyway we can. ❤️🦷


We think Dr Jill is the Jerry of dentistry 🤗😜 and with our Super Health pediatric program, you better believe our kiddo patients will be on mat 😉💪🏻🤸🏻‍♀️🏆


Practice what I preach. Just a little nasal
Lavage on a Sunday night! 🤗🤗🤗


Napoleon vs. Superman. Check out our latest blogs to understand the connection between human evolution, post-industrialization era nutrition, mouth breathing, migraines, malocclusion, and TMJ dysfunction.

Also, drop a comment below if you think Jill Rosellini Ombrello should revoke Beth Rosellini's admin rights on our "professional" blog and social media (::insert awkward face emoji::) (::insert laughing at our own jokes emoji::)

Oh and if you don't have a comment about the blogs or the chosen celebrity examples pictured, then maybe you can share your opinion as to which is worse: dad jokes or dentist jokes?

The answer: dentists who are dads 🤫 (thank goodness MR doesn't have a facebook)



Mouth Breathing, Malocclusion, TMJ Dysfunction, & Migraine Headaches 11/12/2019

Mouth Breathing, Malocclusion, TMJ Dysfunction, & Migraine Headaches

The relationship between poor oral habits (mouth breathing), malocclusion, TMJ disorder, tension headaches and migraines, and referral of pain down the spine is exacerbated by the frequent comorbidity of sleep-disordered breathing. Many patients who experience a displaced mandible in the posterior-superior position also suffer from sleep-disordered breathing due to a compromised airway.

Check out our latest blog to learn more


Mouth Breathing, Malocclusion, TMJ Dysfunction, & Migraine Headaches This relationship between poor oral habits (mouth breathing), malocclusion, TMJ disorder, tension headaches and migraines, and referral of pain down the spine i

Photos from Central Dentist's post 11/11/2019

Join us for an educational event discussing holistic dentistry and functional oral health on Thurs, Nov 14, 1-230 pm at our office. This course is complimentary, open to the public, and intended for anyone interested in learning more about biological dentistry and its relation to integrative health and wellness.

Seats are limited, so if you would like to attend, please RSVP to [email protected] or call our office at 214-368-0900

More About This Event:
Dr. Rosellini will review the most common dental procedures that are associated with chronic systemic inflammation. She will also review the advances in diagnostic research & biocompatible therapies.

Topics to be Reviewed:
- Risks associated with mercury amalgam fillings, tooth extractions, metal restorations, & traditional root canal therapies
- Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique
- TMJ disorder, migraines, & malocclusion
- Sleep health related to airway management, snoring, breathing disorders
- Nutrition for optimal oral health
- Ozone therapy for gum disease, cavity-prevention
- Biological materials (allergy-tested, fluoride-free, gluten-free, metal-free)
- Advanced diagnostic measures including home sleep tests, 3D scans of the head & neck, saliva testing, mercury testing, & more
- Advanced measures in-office to safeguard patients against hazardous materials


Apologies to any patients who wanted or needed to schedule an appointment this afternoon. We had an “emergency” that required us to close the office; that “emergency”, of course, was that all 3 of our doctors needed to go see The Hockaday School’s 4th grade musical Camp... (not pictured: dr mike Rosellini who took the entire day off so he could see both performances 😂😂) . We’ll be open with our regularly scheduled hours tomorrow. ❤️❤️❤️


Congratulations to our winners!!


Are you guys ready?! We are about to go live for the raffle drawings 🎙


Who do you meet when you come to Central Dentist? A softball player, a pineapple and beetlejuice!

Make the SMART Choice to Protect Your Teeth! 10/24/2019

Make the SMART Choice to Protect Your Teeth!

Safe mercury removal technique protects your mouth, but most importantly, it protects your body and the environment.

Learn more about how the presence and removal of amalgam fillings can be a game changer when it comes to your systemic health!

Make the SMART Choice to Protect Your Teeth! What is SMART? SMART is the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique, which is a set of safety measures to reduce mercury exposures during dental amalgam filling


Due to weather issues yesterday our phone lines and internet is down. We will update via FB once the outage is over. Thank you


Come see us to gain some great information about your family’s health! We have games, prizes, raffle drawings & COMPLIMENTARY assessments for your kids!!


There is lots of FUN to be had at this year's Fall Festival!! Please join us for a great time && free assessments for your children :)

Entertainment Line up for the DFW Kid's Fall Festival 2019
10:30-11:20: Rocking Tunes
11:25-11:35:Legendary Black Belt
11:40-11:55: Rogue Athletics
12:00-12:20: Pair of Pirates
12:20-12:35: Critterman
12:40-1:00: Rocking Tunes
1:05-1:25: Dallas Sidekicks
1:30-1:40: KD Conservatory
1:45-2:00: Rocking Tunes


Don't miss out on the FUN!!

Photos from Central Dentist's post 10/14/2019

Join us this Saturday!!

Timeline photos 09/25/2019

Nothing quite says "Happy Fall, Y'all!" like pumpkin spiced lattes, Uggs, cardigans, and the DFW Kid's Fall Festival, amiright?! 😜
We are super thrilled to be amongst some of our favorite community businesses and organizations to celebrate the DFW Kid's Fall Festival! Please join us on Sat, Oct 19 from 10 am to 2pm at the Dallas Farmers Market to get your pumpkin on! 🎃 🍁 🍂

Ozone Therapy | Central Dentist 09/24/2019

Ozone Therapy | Central Dentist

Cold sore outbreak? Chronic halitosis? Tooth sensitivity? Learn how oxygen/ozone therapy can resolve and prevent a multitude of oral health conditions and why we've chosen not only to incorporate this safe and biocompatible therapy into our practice but to use it on ourselves, families, and friends too! :)


Ozone Therapy | Central Dentist We employ ozone therapy for treatment of oral infections & lesions (candida, herpes, gum disease), treatment of cavities & prevention of decay, decreased tooth sensitivity, and more.

4 Your Health: Teen weight problems linked to sleep schedule 09/17/2019

4 Your Health: Teen weight problems linked to sleep schedule

2 interesting studies were recently published (see video & highlights below), and the overarching conclusion we make from these studies is that our kids are getting sicker and sicker. It is our objective at Central Dentist to treat the root cause of disease, not minimize chronic symptoms with medication for a lifetime. Sleep, weight, gut health, inflammation, infection, and mood/neural functioning are all related. If you have questions or are concerned for your child, please contact our team today for a complimentary evaluation and consult.

1) Weight problems linked to teens staying up late
Teens who are night owls are more likely to have weight problems. Researchers studied data from over 800 adolescents. Those who stayed up late while still getting up early for school tended to have more belly fat and a higher waist circumference, especially girls. This is compared to those who went to bed early, while still getting up early in the morning. The scientists recommend teens have a consistent sleep and wake schedule during the whole week including weekends.

2) A new study finds doctors are increasingly prescribing medications for children that are not FDA approved for their age, weight or condition.
Researchers from Rutgers University say the practice, which is legal, increased from 42 percent in 2006 to 47 percent in 2015. The most commonly prescribed off-label drugs were GI medications, antihistamines, antibiotics, and antidepressants.

Disclaimer: please disregard the 3rd part of this news story that discusses the need to increase HPV vaccine us. This does not align with our practice philosophy. Please contact us for more information.

4 Your Health: Teen weight problems linked to sleep schedule upLynk Clip

Timeline photos 09/16/2019

If you’re having a rough start to your Monday, at least you can be grateful that you have your front teeth , so you got that goin for you. Which is nice 😜

Photos from Central Dentist's post 09/14/2019

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.” -Plutarch

So grateful to be with family and friends, mentors and integrative health heroes this weekend at the annual IAOMT meeting! We’re so excited to share with our patients the latest and greatest in toxicology and biocompatible oral healthcare 😁

Congrats to Dr Rosellini and Dr Bergersen on sharing some eye-opening research and clinical cases through your lectures and interviews this weekend! For those interested in learning more, links to the videos/podcasts will be shared soon 😊👍🏻

@ Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel

Our Story

“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” - Thomas A. Edison

We offer comprehensive oral & maxillofacial therapy to prevent dental disease & optimize systemic wellness. What most people associate with dentistry today is the treatment of disease. Common symptoms include cavities, broken or infected teeth, jaw joint pain, swollen gums, among others, and the treatment for these issues includes procedures such as crowns, fillings, extractions, braces, implants, etc. These procedures are important and unavoidable once the symptoms of disease have progressed to an irreversible threshold, and we use these treatment options everyday with our patients.

But what often goes undiscussed but we think is arguably more important to understand, is that these procedures are only treating the symptoms of bigger issues and can be entirely prevented. These procedures are not treating the etiology, or the overall root cause, of these symptoms. Until these patients are educated on the root causes of these symptoms and then are treated with comprehensive, holistic therapies, they will continue to suffer from these same signs and symptoms of chronic disease.

Our Super Health program is founded upon the same philosophy as functional medicine. We offer holistic myofunctional and dental therapy to guide patients along a path to sustainable oral health and wellness.

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Good morning everyone! As a friendly reminder we are always accepting new patients. We love growing our dental family an...
Central Dentist hosts Invisalign Day!





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