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Now it's easier to send Rebirth Pharmacy a message. 06/07/2022

Now it's easier to send Rebirth Pharmacy a message.

Now it's easier to send Rebirth Pharmacy a message.


The widespread need for affordable medicine has created a huge potential for growth in the pharmaceutical sector. But the African continent lags behind global players. Local production struggles to find a place in an African market where 70% of pharmaceuticals are imported from abroad. Public procurement and distribution systems are seldom up to the task, so public authorities are turning to private players, often from other developing countries.


Medication is an important part of the treatment of many conditions. Millions of people would die without medication for their respective conditions.

However, we often mix medications without knowing how they may interact with each other. Do you remember when you took that pain medication you got from your friend because you had a backache? If you don't consult a doctor, you might unwittingly combine the wrong medications and pay a deadly price. We look at seven deadly medication combinations.


In reality, it is the nocebo effect the negative psychosocial context around a particular treatment that is relevant to healthcare. A nocebo-related effect means symptoms worsen when the person becomes aware of some negative expectations of treatment.

In a previous column, I described a study in the Lancet, which found that patients who did not know they were taking a cholesterol-lowering statin began reporting muscle pain only when they were made aware they were on the drug. This is not a case of people making up symptoms, author Prof Peter Sever said. Patients can experience very real pain as a result of the nocebo effect. What our study shows is that its precisely the expectation of harm that is likely to cause the increase in muscle pain and weakness.


Numerous criticisms of medical science have been articulated in recent years. Some critics argue that spurious disease categories are being invented, and existing disease categories expanded, for the aim of profit. Others say that the benefits of most new drugs are minimal and typically exaggerated by clinical research and that the harms of these drugs are extensive and typically underestimated by clinical research. Still, others point to problems with the research methods themselves, arguing that those once seen as gold standards in clinical research randomized trials and meta-analyses are in fact malleable and have been bent to serve the interests of industry rather than patients. Here is how the chief editor of The Lancet medical journal summarised these criticisms in 2015.


The WHO has defined the concept of Essential medicine as those that satisfy the priority healthcare needs of the population. They are selected with due regard to public health relevance, evidence of efficacy and safety, and comparative cost-effectiveness. Essential medicines are intended to be available within the context of functioning health systems at all times and in adequate amounts, in appropriate dosage forms, with assured quality and adequate information, and at a price, the individual and the community can afford.

Rebirth Pharmacy updated their business hours. 04/17/2022

Rebirth Pharmacy updated their business hours.

Rebirth Pharmacy updated their business hours.





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