Ashly Cothern, D.D.S.

Ashly Cothern, D.D.S.


Had "a" filling done today. Slept the whole time. Dr. Cothern's team is the best! THE BEST!!!
I loved that we had a few special guests stop by to see Dr. C for her 40th birthday!!! Although, we wish her hardworking husband could've made it but we know he was out protecting the community:)
Best. Dentist. Ever.
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I just got a deal through Living Social saying I can get Invisalign Consultation, X-Rays, Photographs, $1,000 Toward Invisalign, and a Take-Home Teeth-Whitening Kit, all for $69. Seems legit! Will I really be able to get the $1000 towards Invisalign cause that's the part I really want, to get my teeth straightened. Today is the last day of the deal, what should I do????
Any invisaline specials right now?
I absolutely love this dentist! Perfect all the way around.
Dr. C and all of her staff are incredibly wonderful. I'm so sorry I'm such a wuss, Dr. C. But I WILL get past it, I promise!

Excellent Dentistry, Comprehensive Care, Exceptional Experience.

Operating as usual



We have a winner!!!!!

Melissa has won the annual pumpkin decorating contest!!!!!!

Thanks for ALL of you who voted!

Until next year…🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃


Although that candy is good…. It isn’t nearly as good if you leave it on your teeth overnight!
Be sure to brush and floss after tonight’s festivities!!!


📣 ❗️🔊 📣 ❗️🔊 📣 ❗️🔊 📣 ❗️🔊 📣 ❗️🔊

Keeping your mouth healthy, can help keep the rest of your body healthy!!
Good morning!!! Dr. Cothern has some great tips for staying healthy while the seasons are changing, as well as health tips to listen to everyday!!

📣 ❗️🔊 📣 ❗️🔊 📣 ❗️🔊 📣 ❗️🔊 📣 ❗️🔊


She’s ready to pop! We’ll miss you Holly!!!
Now go have that baby already!! 🤰🏼🥰


🎃 🦷🥰🎃🦷🥰🎃🦷🥰🎃🦷🥰🎃🦷🥰

Pumpkin contains zinc and magnesium, which are minerals that are good for your smile, along with fiber and helpful vitamins.

Photos from Ashly Cothern, D.D.S.'s post 10/19/2022

🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 PICK YOUR FAVORITE PUMPKIN!!! 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃

Comment the number in the comment section below.
Winner will be announced November 1st!


It’s our 5th annual pumpkin carving contest!!!!!
We will make a separate post with all the different pumpkins to vote for!


We love you Dr. C!!!!!
Not boss day, BOSS WEEK!!!!


HAPPY BOSS’S DAY TO THE WORLDS GREATEST BOSS (and friend, and dentist, and wife, and mama, and health coach)
We love working next to you everyday doing what we’re all passionate about, making people healthier!!

Photos from Ashly Cothern, D.D.S.'s post 10/14/2022

Cosmetic bonding or filling can make a world of a difference on your smile!!!
Here you can see two patients with chips, (big and small) they can happen at any time.
You can chip your teeth on just a fork, or biting into something hard, or biting your nails! (Don’t bite your nails!!)💅
This process includes immediate results, and is painless! Typically we don’t have to get your numb for these types of fillings.
Let us know if we can help you! In the meantime, enjoy these before and after photos! 🥰


🚫Have you tried to quit smoking but failed? Give yourself another chance and join our FREE Virtual To***co Cessation Class.
✅Individual or group sessions are available.
😃We’re here to help you!

¿Has intentado dejar de fumar y no lo has logrado🚫? Inténtalo de nuevo e inscríbete en nuestra clase virtual GRATUITA para dejar de fumar.
✅ Sesiones personalizadas o grupales.
😃 ¡Estamos para ayudarlo!

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These two love birds… ❤️🕊


For the whole month of October we will be taking $750 off Invisalign cases!!! Call today (214) 696-9966


HOORAAYY!! Another successful Invisalign case complete!!! Great job Josh. Are you interested in Invisalign? For the month of October, Invisalign is taking $750 off every case! Let the savings roll in like this cooler weather!


Use it or lose it!!!
Those insurance benefits won’t roll over to 2023!!


Have you seen whose on the cover of our neighborhood magazine?

It’s the Cotherns!

What an honor to be nominated!

Take a look!

We are proud of them!


Photos from Ashly Cothern, D.D.S.'s post 09/29/2022

☕️ It’s National Coffee Day!!☕️ Yes, your dental professionals DO drink coffee! BUT here’s our secret to keep your teeth as white as possible! ⭐️We drink our coffee in 1 sitting! No sipping all day!!! ☕️ 🌞➡️🌖☕️ This can cause the acids and sugars in coffee to latch onto your tooth structure causing stains! ⭐️After finishing your coffee wait 20-30 minutes before brushing your teeth. This allows the pH in your mouth to restore to neutral. ⭐️And finally, keep up your professional dental cleanings!! A healthy mouth is a pretty mouth!!!

Photos from Ashly Cothern, D.D.S.'s post 09/26/2022

Happy Daughters Day!!


Are you brushing in the appropriate places?
🪥 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 🦷


We love Bethany our Sensodyne rep!!
She takes such great care of us and is always up to date on the latest and greatest toothpastes and mouth rinses!

Photos from Ashly Cothern, D.D.S.'s post 09/15/2022

💕💕💕💕FIELD TRIP!!! 💕💕💕💕
We got to see how your crowns are made recently and boy did we have fun!!!
If you are ever getting crowns on your front teeth we will more than likely send you to our lab in Carrollton where they can do what’s called a Custom Shade. That is where they look at the whites of your eyes, skin tone, length of your teeth and a ton of other factors that allows them technicians to pick and layer colors that will best match your other teeth!!! 🦷
It was so neat to see the artistry that is needed with each individual crown and how they have had a human touch on them to ensure they are all fabricated with the highest quality.

Photos from Ashly Cothern, D.D.S.'s post 09/12/2022

Today we take time to remember.

“When Americans lend a hand to one another, nothing is impossible. We’re not about what happened on 9/11. We’re about what happened on 9/12.” — Jeff Parness, the New York Says Thank You Foundation


Ashly Cothern DDS on Instagram: "Want a filter that helps you save on dental treatment? 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 ……………………………………….. FLOSSING CAN HELP YOU SAVE KAJILLIONS!!" 09/07/2022

Ashly Cothern DDS on Instagram: "Want a filter that helps you save on dental treatment? 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 ……………………………………….. FLOSSING CAN HELP YOU SAVE KAJILLIONS!!"

Check out our Instagram for a great way to save $$$ on dental treatment!!!!!!

Ashly Cothern DDS on Instagram: "Want a filter that helps you save on dental treatment? 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 ……………………………………….. FLOSSING CAN HELP YOU SAVE KAJILLIONS!!" Ashly Cothern DDS shared a post on Instagram: "Want a filter that helps you save on dental treatment? 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 🦷 🪥 ……………………………………….. FLOSSING CAN HELP YOU SAVE KAJILLIONS!!". Follow their account to see 226 posts.


Baby Kinley is BEAUTIFUL!!!
We loved getting to meet her on Thursday!!!
We’re so excited to watch her grow!! ❤️🥰


We hope you have a happy and safe Labor Day!!!

Photos from Ashly Cothern, D.D.S.'s post 08/30/2022

Yesterday was a SUCCESS!!!
We got to see many of our favorite patients and referring doctors!!!
We feel so blessed to have this beautiful space to work out of!!!
Shout out to: Periodontal Associates Perfect Impressions, Inc., Dental Laboratory Harris Orthodontics for coming out to support us!!!






It has been a long time coming!

We've been working on our expansion since December and we are so excited to share it with you!!

YIPPEE! We can now serve our patients BETTER THAN EVER!

Stop by to see the new digs and grab a treat! HOPE TO SEE YOU!


We hope everyone had a great first week back to school!!! Let us know if you need to get your teeth cleaned by calling Melissa or Rachel at (214) 696 9966.


Wowwwieee!! We love getting treats from our favorite endodontist, Dr. Baginski!!!


This is our beautiful assistant, Laurie!!!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! We love your passion and dedication for work! Thank you for all your hard work!!

Photos from Ashly Cothern, D.D.S.'s post 08/11/2022

Let’s see your kiddos!!!!


In honor of National Son and Daughter Day, we want to show off these two lil mamas that are about to have their baby girls only 9 weeks apart!!!
We can’t believe how fast time is flying!!


We just POP with excitement when we get goodies from our friends at Harris Orthodontics!
We gotta have that floss nearby though to get any popcorn kernels out of those teeth 😜

Photos from Ashly Cothern, D.D.S.'s post 08/03/2022

Did you know that floss is the only sure fire way to break the contact between teeth??
Water flossers and waterpiks are great products but they don’t take the place of traditional, wrap around your fingers, floss!!!
Let us know during your cleaning appointments if you need help or guidance on how to floss properly.
Just remember, you don’t have to floss all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep!

🦷🪥 🦷🪥 🦷🪥 🦷🪥 🦷🪥 🦷🪥 🦷🪥 🦷🪥 🦷🪥 🦷🪥 🦷🪥 🦷🪥 🦷🪥 🦷🪥


Happy Friendship Day!!! Tell your friends you love them today!!!
"Celebrating friendships through things as simple as a brief note, a coffee hang out, going to a concert, or taking a trip to the mall are all ways to find commonalities. Again, we have more in common than we all realize. And any idea that minimizes the amount of hatred and disdain spread throughout the world is the kind we want to be shared. We’d like to think that something we all have in common."


It's proven, if you floss before bed you have sweeter dreams! 😜
Maybe not.... BUT it doesn't hurt to try!!!


Can you tell we’re excited?!?!? It is such a blessing to be nominated once again for one of Dallas’ Best Dentists!

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ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN!!!! It’s our 5th annual pumpkin carving contest!!!!!We will make a separate post with all th...
Use it or lose it!!! Those insurance benefits won’t roll over to 2023!! #ashlycotherndds #ExcellentDentistry #Comprehens...
Can you tell we’re excited?!?!? It is such a blessing to be nominated once again for one of Dallas’ Best Dentists! #ashl...
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We love our new sign!!!We LOVE our updated office!!! 2022 is starting out GREAT!!! #ashlycotherndds #ExcellentDentistry ...
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We love our new iTero 5D+! Not only does this tool get rid of goopy impression trays and materials but our impressions a...





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