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We are currently experiencing peak spring allergy conditions in DFW and I am certain many of you could use some help. Even if you aren't coming to the clinic in person for acupuncture, I am still able to make formulas either to be shipped to you or picked up at the clinic. Chinese herbal formulas are my primary tool for treatment of allergy symptoms and I strongly recommend you begin taking herbs if you are suffering with allergy symptoms, as you want to do everything you can to optimize the immune response of the body during this crucial time period. Please contact me via email or text me at 512-970-6084 if you want help!

Many blessings,

Antiviral Natural Products and Herbal Medicines 03/02/2020

Antiviral Natural Products and Herbal Medicines

Bupleurum based formulas are by far the most commonly prescribed for all viral issues. I’d highly recommend you have some on hand.

Antiviral Natural Products and Herbal Medicines Viral infections play an important role in human diseases, and recent outbreaks in the advent of globalization and ease of travel have underscored their prevention as a critical issue in safeguarding public health. Despite the progress made in immunization ...


I want to thank everyone who came to the clinic in 2019 as well as those who have come in years past! It was a great year for me, serving the community and doing the work I love. Thank you and have a happy and safe New Year!!!!
2020 here we come! ❤️❤️



I will be out of town starting June 28th and will be back in the office seeing patients July 10th. If you need anything please send me an email and I will get back to you within 1 day.



As I move into my 15th year of full time clinical practice, I am more confident than ever of what Chinese Medicine can and cannot do. On a weekly basis, I field health issues in which other modalities, Western medicine included, have failed to produce results. Conservatively, 70% of my new patients have tried several other avenues for their conditions before seeking out acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies. Often, my practice represents a “last ditch attempt” to get some relief. Even under these circumstances, acupuncture and/or herbal medicine should start working within 3-5 visits, which if scheduled optimally is within one weeks time. This is a startling reality which I am increasingly accustomed to, and the reason I feel this medicine should be utilized as a primary, first line of defense modality rather than a last ditch attempt or “complimentary/alternative” one.

The most recent clinical example being a case of severe acute vertigo lasting for 2 weeks. After one visit the symptoms were mostly resolved, and the entire course of treatments will likely not exceed 3 visits. This is primary care and should be regarded as such.

It’s my sincere hope that Chinese Medicine take its rightful place in the sphere of medicine as opposed to the direction it seems to headed, where it’s seen as just another day spa service or someone’s last hope for relief.



I will be working Dec. 20,21,27, and 28
If you need herbs or acupuncture over the holidays please feel free to reach out!

Happy holidays!

Coleman 10/24/2018

10 Sleep Tips Inspired By Chinese Medicine

Struggling to sleep? Here's ten simple tips from Chinese Medicine to enjoy better quality sleep: Lack of sleep leads to a whole host of possible health problems - such as heart disease, obesity, depression, and ulcers. It also reduces how productive we are at work. Here's ten simple tips from Traditional Chinese Medicine to enjoy better quality sleep . 10/16/2018

What Type are you? The 5 elements.

In Chinese medicine there are 5 elements: earth, wind, fire, metal, and water. Which type are you? Do you prefer soft floating fabrics or something more structured and formal? Do you love being by water or prefer walking in the country? Are you quick to ang

About Us

Oriental Medicine addresses dysfunction by increasing vitality and bringing balance to the organs and energy of the body. By adjusting the body towards balance with acupuncture needles and herbs, we can affect a great many diseases in a positive way, and quite often the results are profound.

My clients and I have repeatedly witnessed the healing power of acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Basically, acupuncture just works. Obviously most people are now aware of acupuncture treatment for things like pain and stress, but it can be powerfully effective for serious illnesses. Often, the mysterious illnesses that western treatment has a difficult time classifying are effectively managed with Oriental Medicine. For most of the people I see, acupuncture brings relief from their symptoms and in many cases brings about a full resolution.

Oriental Medicine is an invaluable tool on the path towards true vitality. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine trigger the body to change, and with that change a greater sense of ease and happiness becomes present.

Coleman McMurphy, owner of the Morningside Clinic, is licensed by the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners as an acupuncturist and has obtained the highest certification possible, Master of Oriental Medicine. He received his masters from the Academy of Oriental Medicine in Austin.




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