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⏰ No waiting room–your appointment always starts and ends on time.

🚘 No fighting traffic or spending time and money to get to our office.

💤 No need to get ready; feel free to stay in your PJs.

📼 No more forgetting what was mentioned during your appointment, refer back to your saved recordings.


We want to give a huge thank you to Shoutout DFW for featuring Equilyst last month! 🗞️ If you haven’t read the article, we hope you’ll check it out below. Our Founder, Blake York, discusses the ins and outs of Equilyst as well as some insight on how we got started.



Need an immunity & metabolic health booster? Here are some free ones you should try to get/utilize every day! ☀️😴💧🧠🏃


🎙Big news! Our very own, Blake York, was recently a guest on Susan Sly’s podcast, “Raw and Real Entrepreneurship!” In this episode (285), Blake discusses the difficulty of starting his practice during the pandemic, but also how he became successful despite the setbacks. We hope you’ll give it a listen — link below!


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Get That Energy Back!

Feeling low on energy because you've been on a cycle of "GO, GO, GO?" 🙅 Equilyst is here to help you jumpstart your journey to optimal health and wellness.


Why CBD Oil? It's the safest, most effective delivery system for CBD. When taken under the tongue, CBD is more rapidly and efficiently absorbed for maximum soothing & calming benefits.

🍃 Shop our complete line of CBD products in-store today! No appointment needed.


PROBIOTICS & PREBIOTICS. What's the difference? We've got you covered. 💊


Holiday season is right around the corner, and it's the perfect time to get your skin in the spirit with our Cosmedix Peel! 🌟

This deep exfoliation service gives you the clinical results your skin longs for (whether your concern is aging, sun damage, acne, or mild scarring).


Introducing… BRIXY! 😃🌟 We are so excited to welcome Brixy to the Equilyst family as our new Wellness Experience Liaison!

Brixy will be your guide to all things Equilyst, making it easy for patients to find the answers they're looking for. She is on standby to assist with any questions and concerns through text, email, and phone as patients undergo their healing process with Equilyst. Brixy wants everyone to know that she is here for you and excited to help give you the best quality of life possible! To learn more about Brixy, visit our website linked in bio.

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Swipe right for various signs of low testosterone in males and females (yes, females can have low testosterone too). You may even be surprised by some of the signs. 👉


Tips For Managing Stress

We've shared with you the symptoms of elevated cortisol, now we want to share some great tips for managing stress in your daily life. Listen carefully to hear all the details!


"Just because somebody tells you that there's nothing they can do for you, doesn't mean that nothing else can be done."

-Blake York, Founder of Equilyst


Did you know we offer VR meditation? This is a great way to boost your IV infusion at Equilyst!

When you're wearing this VR headset, you are truly transported to another world, making it easier to drown out any distractions. Just relax, sit back, and let this VR experience take away your worries.

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Today is North Texas Giving Day! While there is no shortage of nonprofit causes to support, Equilyst is calling on our community to donate to The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center. This nonprofit is the only shelter in Dallas providing day shelter services to all adults experiencing homelessness. Your donation will help cover the costs of hot showers, nutritious meals, haircuts, and physical/mental health evaluations, ensuring The Bridge can continue providing services at no cost to help their guests recover from homelessness.

Please visit the link below to donate to this important nonprofit today!


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Functional Medicine 🤝 Optimal Health.


Problems With Elevated Cortisol Levels

Is stress impacting your health? We've seen a drastic increase in stress in patients over the last two years. Stress can be caused by elevated cortisol levels.

Here are some signs of elevated cortisol:
😴 Sleep disturbance
😓 Fatigue/lethargy
🍫 Food cravings
☕ Caffeine dependency
💪 Difficulty with weight or muscle mass
😔 Depression/anxiety

Photos from Equilyst Modern Medicine's post 09/12/2022

ADRENAL FATIGUE // The adrenal glands produce various hormones that are essential to life. When these glands get overworked by too much stress, they can stop producing these crucial hormones as a result.

Swipe right 👉 for the signs & symptoms of this condition... if you are struggling with any of these symptoms, please come to Equilyst for a consultation, and we will get to the root of the problem.


Life Transformations

Founder Blake had an awesome time speaking to Jess Marshall on his podcast. Here's a snippet of what you could expect from the segment. Thanks again, for featuring us!


Did you catch Equilyst's Founder, Blake York, on Jess Marshall's Podcast? If not, make sure to check it out on Spotify now! Blake speaks about functional medicine and his approach to wellness in the segment "Getting Better With Modern Medicine."🎙️



Make sure to swing by Equilyst this FRIDAY for the best cryotherapy deal in Dallas — only $15 for your full body freeze! 🥶


Procell Hair Treatment

Experiencing hair loss? We can help with that. Introducing our new Procell Hair Treatment! By utilizing scalp-specific stem cells + the Procell device, we are able to stimulate hair follicle generation and new hair growth.

This helps those with:
🧬 Thinning hair
🧬 Hair loss
🧬 Hardening Scalp
🧬 Brittle, weak hair


The answer is…ALL OF THE ABOVE! Experience the benefits of Cryotherapy for yourself and schedule your freeze today! ❄️🥶


Offering the latest in Geneo technology, our Oxygen Facial is truly a super-facial, leaving your skin silky smooth, hydrated, and youthful as ever. 💆

✔️ Reduces wrinkles
✔️ Restores skin volume
✔️ Increases collagen production
✔️ Skin plumping & hydration
✔️ Reduces hyper-pigmentation


Chocolate + Delta 8…we can’t think of a better combination! 🍫👏 Come into Equilyst today—no appointment required—to shop our complete line of CBD and Delta 8 products!


Achieve ultimate wellness from the comfort of your own home! 🏠 We offer VIRTUAL appointments to anyone in Texas & Louisiana! Visit the link in bio or give us a call to schedule your Telemedicine service (wellness evaluation, weight loss appointment, hormone therapy, or peptide therapy).

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What society thinks health means VS. what it actually means…🤭 These factors are highly important to consider when judging your overall health. “Losing weight” and “being skinny” are not directly correlated to being healthy. Always remember that.

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Equilyst is now offering TWO new and popular alternative treatments for weight loss – Semaglutide + BPC-157 and Tesofensine‼️ Swipe RIGHT for more information on both treatments. 👉 If you’re ready to take that next step on your health journey, please schedule a consultation. Our team will help you better understand which treatment is right for you and offer a plan of action that will keep you on track to achieving your health goals!


Need a REBOOT!!?? 🥴

Give Us a Call for the best “After” Party in Dallas 💪🏼😎

Grab your PNC and take a load off in our EQiV Lounge for some combination Oxygen aromatherapy and IV nutrition therapy of choice! 👌🏼

💧 Rehydration
💧Performance & Recovery

Shout out to these two great guys and for stopping in to have an EQiV Experience today!


20 MINUTES is all you need to experience the benefits of OXYGEN THERAPY! 🤩 Improve your immune system and find relief as purified oxygen and aromatics are delivered into your body. Ready to give it a try?


Vitamin D is one of the most common deficiencies we see here at Equilyst. That’s why we’re giving you 6 sources of Vitamin D that can be added to your daily diet! ☀️


Need assistance planning meals? Don’t try another fad diet, let us help you with a unique plan that fits your needs, goals, and lifestyle. Call or use the link in bio to start your journey today! 🙌


Happy self-care Sunday! If you haven’t tried one of our facials, today is the day to do it. Reduce wrinkles, brighten your skin, increase collagen production, and so much more.

The Lineup:
💆 Cosmedix Peel
💆 Oxygeneo Facial
💆 Equilyst Facial

Visit the link in our bio for all the details on each facial & to book your appointment!

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Shout Out to Bruno & Eloa for stopping into for a Couples Cryo Session on our $15 Friday Special!!! 🥶💜🥶

So great to meet you guys, we hope you enjoyed your sessions and thanks for stopping in to with us!


Beat the Heat with us and enjoy $15 Cryo Sessions every Friday!!! 🎉🎉🎉


If you’re looking to lose weight, don’t go at it alone. Let us help guide you every step of the way. We start with a FIT 3D scan of your body to help us determine a unique plan, customized for your individual needs. This plan of action will keep you on track to achieving optimal wellness.

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QUICK ‼️ Swipe right to learn all about our vitamin injections!

Promotes overall health | Increases energy | Boosts metabolism | Improves liver health | Controls appetite | Insomnia relief | Enhances mood

Timeline photos 07/01/2022

has our holy grail products for the ultimate skincare routine. 😍 Come in today–no appointment needed–to give them a try! Our Equilyst team can create a custom skin care routine to help you reach your skin goals!

Timeline photos 06/23/2022

It’s National Hydration Day! Join us in celebrating with some IV Therapy 💧 It’s the most efficient way to get vitamins and essential minerals into your body. Check out our vast IV menu using the link in our bio and get your hydration on today!

Timeline photos 06/20/2022

Looking for a deeper relaxation? Look no further! Shop our entire line of CBD gummies. We have fruity flavors in stock just in time for the summer. Come into our storefront today to try them for yourself!

✔️ Pain relief
✔️ Insomnia relief
✔️ Anxiety relief
✔️ Euphoria
✔️ Calming sensation

Timeline photos 06/16/2022

Don’t forget, we offer telemedicine services to anyone and everyone in TEXAS! And to our Louisiana friends, don’t worry, we are soooo close to our official launch. Achieve ultimate wellness from the comfort of your own home!

Telemedicine Services:
🧬 Wellness Evaluation
🧬 Weight Loss Appointment
🧬 Hormone Therapy
🧬 Peptide Therapy

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Get That Energy Back!
Tips For Managing Stress
"Just because somebody tells you that there's nothing they can do for you, doesn't mean that nothing else can be done." ...
Problems With Elevated Cortisol Levels
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We’ve got BIG NEWS! Our NEW WEBSITE has officially launched. It’s user friendly, straightforward, and informative for al...
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⚠️⚠️ MENOPAUSE ⚠️⚠️
Get a FREE Fit3D scan when you register for a weight loss consultation or register as a patient! This scan is optimal fo...
What is Low Testosterone?
“A Story About Hope”





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