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Woven Treasures - Doula Services


This work would be impossible without community. Not just for physical support when a back up doula is needed, but informational, emotional, and spiritual support. We really do doula each other, and I love it! If I was still having babies, I would trust any of these women to be my doula!
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Woven Treasures - Doula Services

Laura Dunson
If you are looking for a doula service for your coming soon baby, I would recommend Maren Mai Trinh.
My first son was born with a professional and wonderful support from Maren. With her love and kindness.
I was scared by a C-section on the due date, because doctor said that I lacked of amniotic fluid and we need to be hurry. However, with the encourage from Maren, I tried and as a miracle my son was born naturally without pain management medication. I am so happy that Maren was with me as a doula from the beginning till the end.
I believe that you and your beloved baby will have a great experience with Maren also.
It is not only a service, but also knowledge, care and love.
Thank you again, Maren.

Woven Treasures Doula is located in Dallas and provides doula services for pregnancy, birth and post

Operating as usual


I could not let this week go by without honoring Becky Hines, LM, CPM with .birth

October is miscarriage and infant loss month. Unfortunately I am but I had the best sister in my court helping me through it all. I could not imagine going through my last miscarriage, in March-April, without her! I mean seriously if you have to go through a miscarriage, as bad as it sounds, do it with a midwife! You’ll have to establish care before the miscarriage though so find your midwife early! Good midwives book up so fast! So look for whom you want even before you get the positive test!

Honoring you for National Midwife Week! And entire .birth team & 🥰 Give them all a follow and consider them for your next birthing needs! 😍


A week is not enough time to honor these amazing women who sacrifice their lives for all the women they have under their care! I have a long list of midwives that are quite amazing in the DFW metroplex! I have had the privilege of working with so many in the past year but these three stick out more recently!

Pictured above are
Sarah White, LM, CPM
Dr. Teri Mitchell, APRN, CNM, IBCLC

Amy Tate, LM, CPN


📲Wednesday, October 5th 7PM CST
You have all the questions you intend to ask your provider, get to your appointment and pregnancy brain sets in?😩 Or maybe you are planning to “wing it” through birthing your baby?😳

💥Y’all please get in the KNOW about CHILDBIRTH through EDUCATION! Don’t wait until your birthing game day to find out what childbirth actually is!!
💡You might learn a thing or two about CHILDBIRTH rather than what we are conditioned and lead to believe!
Want the class handout in writing?
👉🏼20 Questions to Ask Your Healthcare Provider
👉🏼Free Class Birth Prep 101
🤔Are you asking your provider questions at your prenatals?
🤔Now wondering what questions you should be asking at your prenatals?
🤗Find out Wednesday, October 5th 7PM central time right here on IG LIVE!!


😍These ladies amaze me!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE their passion for helping families prepare and coach them through one of their most important, memorable events of their life!
😍They have been trained for birth in my birth doula advance skill set and putting in the extra work to level up their advanced doula skill set. We have biweekly mentor hours and quarterly birth doula reviews.
😍I am thankful and grateful for each one of them!!
😂They let me biology geek vomit all over them to train them. I seriously can’t get enough of natural birth. It truly amazes me EVERY . SINGLE . TIME!! Women are utterly amazing!!
🤩They have also helped me go through the test and trials of mentoring them over 2022 for BIG things in the near future for DOULAS across the world!!
🤰🏻Expecting parents when you reach out to me and I’m booked…these 4 doulas right here are my highly recommended resources for you. I have trained them in my skill set, they are continuing to expand their doula knowledge and they are extremely like minded as me. No doubts they will take extremely, phenomenal care of you!!
💫BIRTH DOULAS…2023, I will be expanding my training and mentoring across the world. DM me if you want to be added to the doula list to be notified when the first virtual train for birth workshop for birth doulas is on the calendar.

Thank you for being you!
Thank you for your patience!
Thank you for training with me!
I love you all!
Let’s continue to grow and touch as many lives as possible through our passion!😘


What an honor to serve you during pregnancy, birth and postpartum! I feel like I learn during every birth but this one was so quick! I learned birth can go fast! 😅. This was also my first client with whom I used Train for Birth techniques!
Check out !


Photos from Woven Treasures - Doula Services's post 09/29/2022

My first birthday buddy! 🎉
What a joy to see you born!
Isn’t she the sweetest?!? 💕
I love helping mamas learn to wrap!

Photos from Woven Treasures - Doula Services's post 09/27/2022

I sure love my girl! It’s been such a sweet season! Twos and threes have been lovely! I don’t care what society says. 🥰 I can’t soak it up enough. She is the cutest!

We took these photos in late December last year. I didn’t know what was going on with my girl. She had been in the hospital three times in three months with respiratory distress from the common cold. We had seen an ambulance, intensive ER, PICU.. I was afraid we might find out something bad at some point or worst case her body might poop out. This was also happening at the same time as I started this business last fall. It was hard to keep my head in the game. And, long story short, her pediatrician also dropped us. [PTSD from that.] (But, God..) Our daughter hasn’t been back in the hospital since early December. She still struggles a little with colds but we’ve had covid twice and she’s done very well. We are so, so very grateful! She’s continually gotten great care at Childrens and we got an even better pediatrician (!) and we are still learning how best to take care of her. Most of all, so thankful for her in my life!

Thank you for these photos during the height of our storm. I cherish the memories captured.


Probiotics may be just as important, or actually, more important than taking your prenatal vitamins! Studies have shown that daily probiotics reduce the likelihood of pre-eclampsia, hypertension, preterm labor and birth, vaginal infections, GBS colonization, and rates of thrush and yeast when breastfeeding. Prenatal vitamins have their benefits, and many people are now choosing other food based options instead. Probiotics may be the way to prevent complications so you can have the natural birth that you are planning. When you are considering supplements for your pregnancy, do not forget your probiotics to support your micro biome. Stress, some medications, antibiotic use, and processed foods all impact our gut flora making probiotics helpful to maintain balance. 🎉💪🏽

Probiotics with Lactobacillus rhamnosus is especially important to reduce UTI infections and GBS colonization. I now carry this product at the office so just let me know if you need some and I’ll have them ready for you ☺️✨


Maybe my most used item from my bag! ✨I buy a new one for each client.

Did you use a rice sack for your birth? This one has a strap that goes around you and attaches back onto the rice sack so that you can keep it on you while you move. 💕

Love this on the back while transferring to birth center or hospital.

Bed Buddy Back Wrap Heat Pad on

Photos from Woven Treasures - Doula Services's post 09/22/2022

What are your most essential baby items?

You can see we didn’t have a “nursery” for either of the kids. We kept the kids close for the first 6 months and then gave them a separate room which was shared with another space. Our apartment was small and we made due with what we had.

Here are some of my favorites:
Cloth Diapers //
Cloth Diapers //
Cloth diapers & wipes //
Disposable Diapers //
Wipes //
Zipper PJs //
Baby clothes //
Portable crib //
Stroller //
Diaper Changing Table & Crib //
Car seat // .usa

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Hope you had a restful Sunday! 💕

A common theme I’ve been talking to clients about during postpartum is “rest”. What does that look like that first couple weeks? I suggest taking a majority of your first two weeks in bed resting. That doesn’t mean you are always sleeping but I do suggest a nap every day during those early weeks. Many wish these days away to more productive days when one can cook, clean and take care of older siblings but how do we be women that welcome these early days as restful and a gift? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

Photo taken by


It’s an honor to know you, a gift to call you friend, and a privilege to get to serve you during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. To see you love your baby like never before is a gift. This is why I doula.


Full review in the comments.


🎗 It's Maternal Suicide Awareness Week.🎗

TW: suicide & suicidal thoughts
"The shame of having suicidal thoughts keeps us from talking about them. Suicide is still a taboo subject in many ways. Maybe you’ve had thoughts like these yourself:

“They’d be better off without me.”
“No one would miss me if I was gone.”

These thoughts can feel so scary, so hopeless, so paralyzing."

💛Read the full article here: https://www.mother.ly/pregnancy/postpartum/maternal-suicide-prevention-resources/
💛 If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, please
call or text 988.
If you are struggling with Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) and need help:
💛 HelpLine ➡️ Call/Text 1-800-944-4773
💛 Online support group ➡️


Repost ➡️


Some people go out on the town for their birthday.. others do what they love! ❤️ I saw a doula baby born on my birthday! Amazing! Happy 37 to me and happy first day to her! 💕 And huge congrats mama and daddy! 🎉



There is a lot of waiting in birth.. Birthworkers need a lot of patience, ability to feel the room, know when to be quiet, and know what to do when.

I like bringing my foldable stool so I can take a seat when needed.

Photos from Woven Treasures - Doula Services's post 09/10/2022

Postpartum Real Talk
Q&A: **What are your favorite postpartum items for mama???**

I listed some but there are more that wouldn’t fit on the 10 slide IG limit. Please share your favorites to help mamas out! Please ask questions! And please share so more women get the help they need to successfully prep for postpartum!

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Forever grateful for this birth doula client turned friend! 💕

Reviews are such a gift to me and important for others to know what kind of service you are getting! Thank you!


What a gift it is to serve you! My last postpartum visit is not easy, but when I get to help with breastfeeding, debrief the birth and postpartum, laugh together, cry together, help with babywearing and give you a huge hug, it’s all worth it! You have been through so much and there is so much to be proud about! I’m honored to be your doula! We laughed because you’ve been a mom for x amount of weeks but it feels like you should have earned at least a degree in all you’ve learned in the past year! Way to go! So proud of you!

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Y’all just supported my first mama while in the US and it was soo good!  The high after a birth?!  So excited for this m...
Little peek into birthing time.  ❤️L O V E D.S U P P O R T E D.#woventreasuresdoula
Happy World Breastfeeding Week!   “A Shared Responsibility” is the theme of World Breastfeeding Week!  At Woven Treasure...




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