Dallas Healthcare Pharmacy

Dallas Healthcare Pharmacy has been established since 2011. DHP is proud to serve patients throughout the state of Texas. We are a modern day pharmacy for the modern day family.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and see what we have to offer.

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Dallas Healthcare Pharmacy is reaching out to express our interest in hiring a full time pharmacist. This is a retail pharmacy inside a pediatric private clinic. Our pharmacy is located in the heart of Dallas. We average 100-150 scripts a day (mix of pediatric and adult meds).

Our hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5 pm.
No nights or weekends.
Off on major U.S. holidays.

The applicant should be comfortable with working with 1-2 technicians and communicating with the providers and their team next door.

Yearly Compensation: $93,600-$99,840

Please let us know if you may be interested.

Thank you for your time.

Now it's easier to send Dallas Healthcare Pharmacy a message. 10/29/2021

Now it's easier to send Dallas Healthcare Pharmacy a message.

Now it's easier to send Dallas Healthcare Pharmacy a message.


Did you know that the average American spent $1200 last year on medications?
We want to help reduce that cost.
Become a DHP member today!

Benefits of being a member:
* Pay what we pay for generic medications and nothing more. You can get regular medications as low as $0.40/month.
* Free home delivery or curbside pickup.
* We accept all insurances. Our pharmacist will reach out to you to provide a personal breakdown of what’s the cheapest option.
* Ask us about our family plan to help your parents/grandparents.

Message us today to find out more!


Why should anyone pay more than they need to?
We, at DHP, believe everyone should have access to affordable generic medications.
Don’t get bogged down by your copay! Ask us how much we can save you today with or without insurance.

As a member, we have you covered with free delivery!
Message us or call us at 214.388.5334 to become a DHP member.

Dallas Healthcare Pharmacy updated their phone number. 03/04/2021

Dallas Healthcare Pharmacy updated their phone number.

Dallas Healthcare Pharmacy updated their phone number.


Hate going to the pharmacy every month to pick up your children's medication?

Are you tired of waiting on hold to see if your prescriptions are ready?

Call us today at 214.388.5334

We offer free delivery straight to your door and our customers love us for it!

Don't wait in line...Call our phone line today!


Dallas Healthcare Pharmacy

Dallas Healthcare Pharmacy Dallas Healthcare Pharmacy has been established since 2011. DHP is proud to serve patients throughout the state of Texas. We are a modern day pharmacy for the modern day family. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and see what we have to offer.


Hi 👋🏻 Dallas Healthcare Pharmacy here. Below are some helpful tips to bear the winter storm. Stay safe everyone!

1. Time: Give yourself time to travel (walking and driving). Do not assume a clear path.

2. Footwear: It is recommended to wear shoes or boots that provide traction on snow and ice. Wear flat-soled shoes and avoid shoes with heels. Shoes made with rubber provide better traction than plastic and leather soles. Shuffle or take short steps for stability on ice. Bend slightly forward and walk flat-footed.

3. Exiting/Entering places: Walk slowly and be cautious when entering and exiting vehicles; including, buildings and climbing up or walking down stairs. Use handrails or your car for support and try to keep your center of gravity over your support leg.


Dallas Healthcare Pharmacy

Transfer your Prescriptions today!
@ https://www.dallashealthcarepharmacy.com/contact-us

DHP is a family owned pharmacy since 2011!

We are all about affordable maintenance prescriptions.
Our cash price list is the same as GoodRx!
We accept most insurances, including Medicaid/Medicare.

Ask us about our free delivery program throughout North Texas.

Check out our cash price list on our website: www.dallashealthcarepharmacy.com

or Give us a call at 214.388.5334


¡Transfiera sus recetas hoy!
@ https://www.dallashealthcarepharmacy.com/contact-us

DHP es una farmacia familiar desde 2011!

Nos centramos en recetas de mantenimiento asequibles.
¡Nuestra lista de precios en efectivo es la misma que GoodRx!
Aceptamos la mayoría de los seguros, incluidos Medicaid / Medicare.

Pregúntenos sobre nuestro programa de envío gratuito en todo North Texas.

Consulte nuestra lista de precios en efectivo en nuestro sitio web:

o llámanos al 214.388.5334

Dallas Healthcare Pharmacy Dallas Healthcare Pharmacy has been established since 2011. DHP is proud to serve patients throughout the state of Texas. We are a modern day pharmacy for the modern day family. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and see what we have to offer.


It’s hard to focus when you’re clinically diagnosed with ADHD. We can make it easy for you to get your prescription delivered! Message us on insta if you’re tired of waiting in pharmacy lines every month.


Water Wednesday! Slurp it, drink it, want it.


Keep those lumps out of your cups. Get a mammogram if you’re over 40. Encourage your friends and family as well!


DO IT. Last day to register in Texas!!


RBG, what a g


Does your kid hate the taste of their liquid medicine? Whether it’s a liquid antibiotic or their allergy medication- try giving them a tiny spoon of ice cream or popsicle (or anything cold!) It numbs the taste buds for a quick couple of seconds so it makes one task easy peasy for you 😉


Our team at Dallas Healthcare Pharmacy has never shied away from being different. 🤓

We are pleased to offer multiple free delivery options. This is more important than ever. Our pharmacy offers curbside pickup and at home delivery for our Dallas residents. 🚗

Fellow Texans: Don’t you worry, we also offer free mail-delivery throughout the state. 📬



Let’s talk about folic acid. You can obtain folate naturally by eating dried beans, leafy green vegetables and drinking lots of orange juice! However, this might be hard to do everyday. But how much of this vitamin supplement do you need? And why do you need it?

All women need 400 mcg/ day of folic acid and during pregnancy 600 mcg/ day. You should be constantly getting that minimum amount of folate at least one month before pregnancy. Folate deficiency can cause birth defects and neural tube defects (spina bifida). If you are having these symptoms talk to our pharmacy team to see if you can take something over the counter or we can direct you to a provider that can help you get on a prescription prenatal!



Tylenol vs Ibuprofen. A common question asked and a well one indeed. While ibuprofen is a NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug), Tylenol is in a completely different drug category. Common uses for both: pain, fever, aches, inflammation.

If you are taking it for some immediate release of pain or fever for a couple of days, not a regular user, and in general good health it should not matter. However, if you have health problems (kidney damage, liver damage, etc) talk to your pharmacist to see which is better for you.

Click the link in our bio for a free consult with our pharmacist.


All smiles here since it’s 🌎 Emoji Day! At Dallas Healthcare Pharmacy, we take the extra mile in making sure all of our patients feel this way 😁. We ❤️ what we do.

Hope everyone feels this way going into the weekend!! 😎🥳

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As the topic of birth control is circulating the news and more relevant then ever, educating yourself on the subject is crucial! We will be providing helpful information relating to this subject every Wednesday for the next couple of weeks.

Women take birth control for various reasons. Creating a proper treatment plan with your healthcare team (you, your doctor, and your pharmacist) is key in finding the best choice for you.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need an amazing OBGYN that accepts patients in office as well as Teleheath! Contact us from our link in bio or give us a call!


Most oral medications have an imprint so you can identify them. Each drug has it its own unique imprint. It could be a letter, number, or both! It is super helpful for those who might be using a pill box or to understand what you are putting into your body. If you ever need to identify a pill go to https://www.drugs.com/imprints.php and use the pill identifier!


Hi 👋🏻Thank you for visiting our page. We are a locally owned pharmacy in the heart of Dallas. We have been in business for over 10 years! Our passion is pharmacy and we want to serve you 🙂




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Welcome to Dallas Healthcare Pharmacy. As your local Good Neighbor Pharmacy, we offer quality products at affordable prices, while providing the personalized attention and customer service you expect from a local business.