All Speech, LLC

All Speech, LLC

All Speech, LLC provides online dyslexia, speech, and oral myofunctional therapy to children and adu All Speech, LLC proudly provides online speech therapy and oral myofunctional therapy to adults and children.

We are passionate about All Speech, evidence-based practice, and lifelong learning. At All Speech, we believe that everyone can succeed. We provide private speech therapy and myofunctional therapy to individualize our care plans and focus on your needs.

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We all have busy seasons. How do you stay organized?

Have you heard of It's a great way to set priorities and ensure you do not forget anything important. There is a free version and a paid version depending on your preferences and needs.

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Who's ready for school to start? We are!

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Happy Friday!

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Effective communication is everything. What would you add to our list?

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Lifelong learning is key. There is so much to learn and so many ways we can help each other continue to grow.

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What's something fun you're going to do this weekend?

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Did you know the difference? 😃

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What supports help you or your students to thrive? Accommodations are specific to the person and are used at school, home, and work.

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Mondays can be difficult, but let's start the week strong!

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Adults with dyslexia can survive and thrive in the workplace with appropriate tools and support. 🧑‍🎓👩‍🏫

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treat , , and more.

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Language is oral (spoken) or written (reading/writing).

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Happy Monday! Here's your speech therapy fact for the day.

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That's more than you would think, isn't it?

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So many of our speech therapy clients often are identified as having reading/writing difficulties in school. We can do more in speech therapy to be proactive and to help support their reading and writing.

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Our theme for this week has been, "Give yourself grace." We hope you are doing well and staying cool.

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Happy ! We will be closed in honor of .

We hope you enjoy celebrating this holiday in the way that best suits you and your family - a quiet night indoors or out to see fireworks.

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There's still time to have fun this summer. Which one(s) are you going to do this holiday weekend?

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Happy first day of July! It's been a great week for .

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We have to agree!

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Happy Monday! Today is a great day to give yourself grace and remember how far you've come.

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How long does speech therapy take? We get this question all the time and the answer is, "I can't say for sure." It really depends on the client's needs and goals, how fast they progress, and if we need to pivot to ensure we are making the greatest impact.

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Did you know that speech therapists work with people in all stages of life? We are so fortunate to work with so many amazing adults and children!

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People with improper breathing and oral rest postures may suffer from headaches, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain, nec...
Oral myofunctional therapy works to improve the structure and function of facial muscles for resting posture and movemen...
We are big believers that #speechtherapy is fun, but it can also be hard work. Finding the gift of communication means w...
Being a speech therapist means we value communication of all types. It means we must hear what people are not always wil...




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