Environmental Health Center- Dallas

Environmental Health Center- Dallas


This might be of interest to you! It includes filming at your Center and an interview with Dr Ross. I made the film for the BBC 30 years ago. The story of a group of people suffering from various "chemical illnesses" who retreated to the relatively clean air of the small rural town of Wimberley,TX and made extreme efforts to protect themselves.
"When the Canaries Stop Singing.. "
This might be of interest to you! I made this film for the BBC in Texas 30 years ago. The story of a group of people suffering from various "chemical illnesses" who retreated to the relatively clean air of the small rural town of Wimberley and made great efforts to protect themselves.
We filmed at the Environmental Health Center and interviewed Dr Gerald Ross.
Elizabeth Seymour MD PODCAST with A4M, 11 brilliant minutes on what you need to know to see if your patients may have EMF sensitivity. Dr. Seymour is faculty in the EMF Medical Online CME/CE Course, half off today! Environmental Health Center- Dallas https://www.a4m.com/podcast-episode-193-elizabeth-seymour.html?utm_medium=email&_hsmi=144083666&_hsenc=p2ANqtz--5ij7Qx8Tkhn4AG1WEbzw_CP7jP1zg9v5j8KXEhAWcU-41EXo8a_83VkeTtnKr5QyECAGWMTwVmtAhCQeuWShf3KkNbg&utm_content=144083666&utm_source=hs_email
"EMF is your generations to***co", Dr. William Rea in 2011. Our family's Dr. Stephanie McCarter of the Environmental Health Center- Dallas is one of the expert speakers at this conference next weekend. Watch the 2 minute trailer below and sign up here to learn more at the conference next weekend. This NEEDS to be on everyone's radar to help prevent certain cancers and the breakdown of our cells that can have a multitude of negative health effects. Register here: https://emfconference2021.com/
SHARE THIS with your health groups and legislators.
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#5G #EMF #protectourkids #cancersucks #Lymedefense
Reading google reviews it seems that things went downhill after dr rea passed
Has anyone been a patient recently?
Anyone cured of autoimmune illness?
Not enough news in IL. so are you all o.k. down there?

The Environmental Health Center - Dallas for testing or treatment with doctors that look at all the environmental factors that may cause problems.

The mission of the Environmental Health Center – Dallas is to provide superior medical care and education with a special emphasis on the effects of environmental factors on health and disease. We will provide these services with understanding and empathy, as we ourselves expect to be served. EHCD determines the cause and seeks a solution for problems with molds, foods, molds, chemicals, heavy metals, emf, etc. This is what makes us different. We don't just put a bandaid on the problem.

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"'Tis the Season" for Allergies. Watch Dr. Elizabeth Seymour, as she discusses allergies and treatments, on The Healing Reset podcast.


Our office will be closed Thursday, February 24, 2022 due to inclement weather. If you’d like a telemedicine appointment, please go to the patient portal to schedule online. We plan to reopen, tomorrow, Friday, February 25, 2022. Be safe and stay warm!


Due to inclement weather, we will be closed tomorrow 02/03/2022 but available for telemedicine and telephone consult. We advise patients to go through their patient portal to schedule online.

CNBC on Twitter 12/21/2021

CNBC on Twitter

Here's an example of a typical family suffering from mold exposure and it's toxic effects. On a daily basis, we treat mold related symptoms and illness.

CNBC on Twitter “Communities across the nation are still recovering from a number of natural disasters this year – but in some cases, the real extent of the damage isn't realized until later. After these disasters strike, toxic mold can grow and spread throughout homes. @contessabrewer reports. https://t.co/xym...

‎Ditch The Quick Fix on Apple Podcasts 10/28/2021

‎Ditch The Quick Fix on Apple Podcasts

October 29 Listen to Dr Stephanie McCarter ‘s interview “The Ticking Time Bomb of EMF Exposure” “https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ditch-the-quick-fix/id1577541662

‎Ditch The Quick Fix on Apple Podcasts ‎Health & Fitness · 2021

Environmental Health Center- Dallas updated their phone number. 10/18/2021

Environmental Health Center- Dallas updated their phone number.

Environmental Health Center- Dallas updated their phone number.

Environmental Health Center- Dallas updated their address. 10/13/2021

Environmental Health Center- Dallas updated their address.

Environmental Health Center- Dallas updated their address.

Redefining Medicine with special guest Dr. Elizabeth Seymour 09/30/2021

Redefining Medicine with special guest Dr. Elizabeth Seymour


Redefining Medicine with special guest Dr. Elizabeth Seymour Dr. Seymour is a family and functional medicine physician who joined the staff of the Environmental Health Center in 2015. She learned, witnessed, employed ...


Dr. Stephanie McCarter will be speaking during the Hormone Summit regarding environmental triggers to hormone health.
9/20 - 9/25/21 https://christinegarvin.com/2021hormonesummit/

Exposing Mold 06/14/2021

Exposing Mold

Listen to Dr Stephanie McCarter's interview on Chemical Sensitivities, Eco-Friendly Homes, & Recovering from Toxic Mold : Podcast Episode #15 https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/exposing-mold-episode-15-chemical-sensitivities-eco/id1565038323?i=1000525436346

Exposing Mold About Us Imagine losing everything – your home, your possessions, your health, and your will to live. That’s what toxic mold does to thousands of people around the world, daily.  And when these thousands of people turn to their healthcare providers or insurers for answers, they are often gasli...

Healthy Living, Healthy Planet Radio 04/30/2021

Healthy Living, Healthy Planet Radio

Listen to Stephanie McCarter MD of the Environmental Health Center on Healthy Planet Healthy Living Radio on Episode 81 https://www.healthylivinghealthyplanetradio.com/. Dr. McCarter, Bill Walsh of the Healthy Buildings Network, and Ruth Ann Norton of the Green and Healthy Homes Initiative will be discussing "Indoor Environments and Health" and how the health of indoor environments affect outdoor environments and climate change.

Healthy Living, Healthy Planet Radio Understanding the unbreakable relationship between our health, our environment, and our planet begins when you listen to Healthy Living Healthy Planet Radio Meet Our Guests Healthy Living Healthy Planet Radio It’s about more than wellness. It’s about more than the environment. For one hour each ...


Texans! Were you or someone you know affected by the recent ice storm? Unfortunately, we know of many that had water damage from busted pipes, leaks, and flooding in their home or business. With this moisture epidemic, comes the potential for mold growth, mycotoxin contamination and many medical symptoms upon living or working in these environments. Please call our office to schedule an appointment for information regarding education, medical evaluation, and treatment if you are impacted by this disaster.


On Monday, 2/22/2021, we will fully reopen, and return to normal business hours. We look forward to seeing you!


Due to the current severe winter storm, many parts of Texas are without power and some without water. As of 2/15/21 the EHC-D office has been closed . We are trying to schedule our patients with telemedicine or phone consults since the power outages and internet service are unpredictable. If you would like to schedule an appointment please go online to our patient portal and select make an appointment , then select phone consult or telemedicine consult, a date, a time and the specific provider. Please bear with us as we are doing our best with our limitations to get the office back open. It is mandatory that we have power before we can be fully open . Be safe and stay warm !
Drs .
Elizabeth Seymour and Stephanie McCarter


Due to the current winter storm, hazardous road conditions and possible power outages, the Environmental Health Center will be closed tomorrow Monday February 15th.



Do you want to learn more about how electromagnetic fields affect your health and the environment?

TRAILER 90 FINAL VERSION This is "TRAILER 90 FINAL VERSION" by Tomorrow Media on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Photos from Environmental Health Center- Dallas's post 01/20/2021

A Belated Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for Healthy, Happy New Year from the staff at the Environmental Health Center of Dallas !!


Are you worried about your response to the COVID vaccine or concerned you may have an adverse reaction ?
Come into our office for skin testing and an assessment!
Just call our new patient coordinator, Sue Owen, at 214-373-5146 or if you are an established patient, schedule an appointment on the patient portal.


Click this link to order your copy of Dr Stephanie McCarter's talk and all the other great info today!!!!



Dr. Stephanie McCarter of the Environmental Health Center -Dallas will be among speakers at The Toxic Mold Summit:
Mold and mycotoxins are at the root of many chronic illnesses and immune dysfunction — plus, TOO MANY people suffer with mystery illnesses FOR YEARS, only to be told, “just take these meds.” Our 48 health experts and air quality/remediation specialists are here to help you identify and address mold in your home and choose key healing strategies — detox, diet, CBD, brain support (and more!) — when facing the health impacts of toxic mold. Don’t miss The Toxic Mold Summit from August 17-23, 2020, free and online! https://toxicmoldproject.com/?idev_id=24755


Simply Shemane Episode 7 | Killer House Documentary, Dr. Elizabeth Seymour, Kim Francis, Scott Enck, Diana Davis

On this episode, Shemane takes us through her experience with mold and how it almost took her life; Dr. Elizabeth Seymour gives us insight into how mold affects the body and the different treatments available to those that come into contact with it; Kim Francis shares her incredible story about how toxic mold almost took her life and how it affected her professional and personal life; Scott Enck shares his experience about finding mold in his family's dream home, and how it cost him physically and professionally.

Watch the previous episode of Simply Shemane:

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Timeline photos 04/30/2020

Listen to episode #27 to hear Dr Stephanie McCarter talk about Indoor Air Quality and how it affects our health

Happy to you 🐣🐰☀️💛

If you’ve already celebrated this special day in the ways that are most important to you, may they be virtual worship services, at home egg hunts, or eating all the chocolate bunnies...add a new tradition to your list...and listen to the latest episode of HLHP, featuring Dr. Stephanie McCarter and Professor and Architect Tang Gim Lee, available on our website today and on other podcasting services tomorrow. This episode reminds us how healthy homes can actually keep our immune systems healthy during times like these 🏡

Welcome - The Healthy Home SHow 02/11/2020

Welcome - The Healthy Home SHow

Dr Stephanie McCarter of the EHC Dallas will be speaking on the show February 27th on making your home healthy. click on following link to get your spot!! http://bit.ly/HH_DrStephanie

Welcome - The Healthy Home SHow


Dr Stephanie McCarter of the Environmental Health Center of Dallas will be giving a talk on how to make your house healthy with discount offer to listeners for a copy of Dr William Rea ‘s book : The Optimum Environments For Optimum Health and Creativity: Designing and Building a Healthy Home or Office. here is link to reserve your spot for the show!
The Healthy Home Show

Order Test Kit – MELISA 01/23/2020

Order Test Kit – MELISA

Implant syndrome by Stephanie McCarter MD

Over the years, the American public is becoming bionic due to the advances in surgery for end stage diseases.There are many synthetic implants with over 200 various types available. These implants include dental fillings, metal implants, abdominal mesh,, intrauterine devices (IUDs), vascular grafts, heart valves, false teeth and eyes, lens implants, artificial joints and repair material for trauma and arthritic conditions. Some people have implants by choice for cosmetic reasons, while others need an implant to replace a body part that has been removed, such as in dental implants.People can have up to four or more synthetic implants,which can disturb homeostasis. Synthetic implants help many people, but they can also cause harm.

Some of the patients who receive implants develop severe chemical sensitivity and chronic fatigue as well as autoimmune diseases, headaches, anxiety/depression, cognitive dysfunction, hormone imbalances, thyroid disease, arrhythmias, and chronic infections. These conditions occur due to immune system dysregulation and the connection between these conditions and implants often goes unrecognized, especially since these conditions develop over years post implant. Malfunction of an implant and the connection with a person’s sensitivity to its materials and inflammation secondary to the materials are also missed. Additionally, the mammoplasty syndrome from both paraffin and silicone has been associated with autoimmune disease and chemical sensitivity.

At the Environmental Center of Dallas, over 200 patients have been seen who developed documented food and chemical sensitivities after receiving breast implants. One hundred of these patients had their breast implants removed and intradermal neutralization of the synthetics accomplished, which helped reduce their sensitivities markedly. The other one hundred patients left their implants in. Despite also receiving intradermal neutralization treatment for the synthetics, those patients’ clinical courses were much rockier and the patients were more fragile with a greater propensity for multiple health problems including recurrent sinus infections, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue. (Rea, WJ 1996. Chemical Sensitivity Vol. 3, chapter 19, p 1195. Chemical Sensitivity Rea was 1997, Vol.4 , chapter 41 p2803). This is a good clinical example of why our patients need to be removed from the source of toxicity prior to treatment.

A classic model for the induction of chemical sensitivity has now been devised. The surgical use of artificial implants can induce autoimmune disease and chemical sensitivity. Animal and human studies of artificial organs as long as 30 years ago showed tissue reactions, which caused local fibrosis as well as triggering of the clotting mechanisms. This was graphic when metal, Teflon, and Dacron were first used for heart valve replacement. Anticoagulation is still used to prevent this potentially lethal condition. Since the early use of artificial implants was confined to life threatening procedures where the individual would either die or lose a major organ, this fibrotic or clotting complication and long-term anticoagulant treatment were justified. As surgery became more expansive, it was thought that silicone injections and then silicone implants could be used for cosmetic purposes. However silicone injections of the face and breast are often fraught with many complications including severe inflammation and tissue sloughing. Following these silicone implants, synthetic meshes of various plastic materials were used in repairs of large hernias. These synthetic meshes were moderately successful and their use spread to repair smaller openings.

Metal implant allergy and hypersensitivity has been documented in many published studies but again often goes unrecognized clinically as a cause for immune system dysregulation. It is associated with chronic infections and autoimmune disease developing often years after the implant- which can be a cause for implant failure. Metals are known to act as adjuvants that can trigger immune dysregulation. Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld describes an autoimmune /inflammatory syndrome I (ASIA) induced by adjuvants, which include aluminum and silicon. Many of the conditions described by Dr. Shoenfeld including Gulf War Syndrome and myofasciitis are examples of increased spreading of chemical sensitivities and inflammation due to metal hypersensitivity and immune dysregulation. These conditions improve with removal of the inciting agent which is the implant J Autoimmune 2011: 36:4-8.

When metals lose their outermost electrons to form metal ions, as occurs with corrosion, they become water-soluble haptens which have a strong affinity for sulfhydryl proteins like those in the skin, and organs like the brain, and collagen-containing structures like the extracellular matrix. The extracellular matrix is an end organ of the autonomic nervous system, which influences immune, vascular, and endocrine functions. Metal sensitivity can affect all of these systems. Localized and general Inflammation caused by metals and implant materials can be mediated by humoral antibodies or sensitized lymphocytes. (Handbook on the Toxicology of Metals: 2007, pp 197-211) Metals modify cytokine production and can lead to increases in IL-1, TNF-alpha, IL-6 (Encyclopedia of Immunotoxicology 2014 972-2). The immune system responses can explain the conditions that often develop after a patient receives an implant such as chronic fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, eczema, dermatitis, fibromyalgia, chronic infections, chemical sensitivity, headaches, severe pain, and autonomic nervous system dysfunction. IMAJ 2014:16. 753-758

Autonomic disease with arthralgia, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and organic brain syndrome has been seen upon examination in the majority of patients with breast or implant material. These symptoms subside with the removal of the implants and their capsules. However injection therapy for secondary sensitivities to biological inhalants, synthetic implant materials, foods, molds, and chemicals along with heat depuration physical therapy (sauna) is necessary in some patients.

The metal implant syndrome does not appear to cause as severe antibody reactions as the silicone but they can trigger both food and chemical sensitivities. The metal implant syndrome is seen particularly in jaw, hip, and knee implants as well as with screws, plates, and other metals often used for trauma patients.

An increasing proportion of patients with metal implants are being diagnosed with Lyme disease. The chronic infection with these pathogens is thought to be secondary to a biofilm that develops over time due to the presence of the metal ions. Any surface is found to be susceptible to biofilm growth, but rougher and more hydrophobic surfaces will accumulate biofilms more rapidly. These bacterial biofilms can grow to reach thicknesses of 100 mm. The depletion of nutrients that can easily occur at the implant surface results in a slow growing stationary state that can render the biofilm up to 1000 times more resistant to most antimicrobial agents when compared to the single bacteria cell. (Med Sci Monit (2012) 18(6):RA89–96, Biomatter (2012) 2(4):176–94). Lyme organisms like Borrelia burgdorferi secrete extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) to shield the bacteria from environmental stressors and form these biofilms which are often induced in the presence of metals. (Biomatter (2012) 2(4):176–94, Lancet, 358, 135-138, Science, 284, 1318-1322). The first active Lyme infection of a prosthetic joint was published in 2016. (Open Forum Infectious Diseases vol. 3,2 ofw096. 12 May. 2016) More studies need to be done to investigate this possible connection and implants and chronic Lyme infections.

In other people with chronic disease, it is necessary to skin test all of the implant components with provocation neutralization technique as some of the minor metals can trigger severe pain such as molybdenum. Reactions to metal implants are usually easier to treat with provocation neutralization immunotherapy than those of organic synthetics like silicone, Dacron, polyethylene, polypropylene, Teflon and acrylics. If the patient already shows signs of multiple sensitivities and he or she needs an implant, the components should be also be skin tested prior to surgery with intradermal provocation neutralization technique. Sometimes the manufacturer can then fashion the implants without the offending substances. An alternative to provocation neutralization testing is a MELISA test that is a lymphocyte transformation test showing memory cell proliferation response to different metal components and shown to be more accurate than patch testing. (Neuro Endocrinol Lett. 2006 Dec;27 Suppl1:17-24, 31-35). MELISA test kits can be ordered on www.melisa.org/order-our-test-now/. However, provocation neutralization is more accurate in identifying sensitivities and helping patients de-sensitize and build tolerance to the materials. (www.worldallergy.org/education-and-programs/education/allergic-disease-resource-center/professionals/allergy-diagnostic-testing). The Environmental Health Center of Dallas offers provocation neutralization testing to metals and implant materials. Other providers performing provocation neutralization testing can be found on the American Academy of Environmental Medicine website: www.aaemonline.org.

Since implants are becoming commonplace, the physician should not overlook artificial implants as part of their diagnosis in chronic degenerative disease and/or chemical sensitivity. Problems with mercury in the teeth and amalgam fillings have been common knowledge as initiators and propagators of disease. Now one has to consider the various metal and synthetic implants as possibly triggering and propagating chronic diseases and / or chemical sensitivity. Removal when possible and intradermal neutralization (when the implant is necessary) should be advised.

Order Test Kit – MELISA Order Test Kit A test kit for the diagnosis of metal allergy or Lyme disease can only be ordered with the support of a health care professional. Kits will be charged at $30 and this will be deducted from the final test invoice. It’s key that MELISA testing is used as an aid to patient diagnosis an...

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