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Wondering what vitamins can help keep your veins healthy? Vitamin E isn’t just for healthy skin, it also improves circulation and may even lower the risk of blood clots. Vitamin E can be found in sunflower seeds, olive oil, almonds, spinach, avocados, and fish. Which one of these delicious options are you adding to the menu tonight?
What would you do if you were no longer self-conscious about varicose veins on your legs? You deserve to love your legs, and with more treatment options than ever, it has never been easier to get rid of varicose veins once and for all. It’s time to regain your confidence!
Thrombophlebitis is inflammation of a vein caused by a blood clot. Thrombophlebitis is an inflammatory process that causes a blood clot to form and block one or more veins, usually in your legs. We understand the serious impact that thromboembolic disease has on our patients and their families. Venous disease can play a significant role in the majority of patients who have been affected by thrombophlebitis, we will collaborate with your referring physician to determine the best care plan for you.
Do your varicose veins cause any of the following symptoms? Leg pain, heaviness, muscle cramps, and swelling can all be caused by varicose veins. Don’t just ignore these issues, set up a consultation with one of our vein specialists.
We all share this amazing planet, so let’s take care of it. Happy Earth Day!
Change begins at the end of your comfort zone -- you've got this!
While there is no guaranteed way to prevent varicose veins from forming, there are some lifestyle habits that can help reduce your risk. Maintaining a healthy weight, lowering your salt intake, eating a high fiber diet, and exercising to improve your circulation are all great ways to stay healthy and reduce your risk of developing varicose veins.
Varicose veins are large, ropey, and twisting blue vessels, which appear in the skin anywhere from the thigh to the foot. The actual cause of varicose veins is inefficient, faulty vein valves. These valves don’t close properly, allowing blood to leak back with gravity and pool in the vein. We offer many different treatment options for varicose veins. Visit our website to learn more!
Age is just a number! Do you wish you could turn back the clock and get rid of unsightly varicose veins on your legs? We can help! We offer many convenient, minimally invasive treatment options to remove varicose veins. It’s time to love your legs again!
Did you know that men are also at risk of developing varicose veins, but are less likely to have them treated than women! Varicose vein treatment is more convenient than ever, and often requires little to no downtime. Give us a call and learn how we can help you!

We provide state-of-the-art vascular care, utilizing cutting edge technology and techniques to effec

Experience life without vascular problems with Sun Vein & Vascular. As a vascular surgeon in Dallas, TX, we are committed to helping you thrive. Our board-certified doctor, Dr. Lucy Sun, has dedicated her life to helping patients find relief. We treat patients from all walks of life and address the root cause of your symptoms to help you sustain true and lasting health. Our services range from sim

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Q: What causes spider veins? 💭
A: There are multiple causes for spider veins, including pregnancy, heredity, weight gain and standing or sitting for extended periods.


If you don't need to see a doctor, you should still take steps to prevent the condition from worsening.


Air temperature changes can cause your heart to work harder and your veins to feel worse. 🌡️ If you feel discomfort from your veins, contact Sun Vein & Vascular for an initial consultation.


Best wishes, wishing you happiness and prosperity!


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"Wellness is a connection of paths: knowledge and action." – Joshua Holtz

We have the knowledge. Take the action of scheduling your initial consultation by visiting our website. 🤝


Andrew, we're delighted you enjoyed our team! Thank you for the kind review. 🤝


Treating your varicose veins this time of year gives you time to prepare for shorts season! 🩳 Visit our website to schedule a consultation.


Embrace the new year and start the journey to healthy legs! 🙌 Our team is ready to work with you.


You can schedule your initial consultation by filling out the contact form on our website.


New Year New Legs! Sclerotherapy safely and effectively clears visible spider veins and smaller varicose veins. STOP hiding your legs!


The shorter, cooler days this time of year lead many of us to sit for extended periods. 🪑 The lack of movement can make varicose veins worse.


Is your New Year's resolution to finally get treatment for your veins? We can help you check that off your list. 📝 Schedule your initial consultation with Sun Vein & Vascular today.


Happy New Year from Sun Vein & Vascular! Here's to your health and happiness in the new year.


Go Blue!


Go Blue!


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Cooler days make this time of year ideal for varicose vein treatment. Compression socks will be comfy rather than too hot. ✔️


When we perform minimally invasive procedures, we focus on the monitor.


All of us at Sun Vein & Vascular wish you happy holidays! 🎄


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If your family has a history of varicose veins, contact us to schedule an appointment today. 📅


No matter what services you need, our top priority is your satisfaction with the results. We want you to love how your legs look and feel! 🦵

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If you have any vein or vascular concerns. Please schedule a consultation. Call 214-556-8880.


Relief is possible with Sun Vein & Vascular! We'll put your mind at ease as we discuss the pros and cons of each treatment and help you reach a decision. 👍


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Take care of your legs with the Sun Vein & Vascular team! 🔆


Prevent your varicose veins from getting worse during this time of year while you might not be as active. When possible, place your feet on a chair or stool positioned so the blood will flow back toward your heart. 👣


Spider veins are like varicose veins but smaller, so they're caused by many of the same things. ✔️


varicose veins predominantly affect women and older adults?

If you suspect you could be getting varicose veins, contact our office today. 📞


We love having you as a patient, Kellie. We're glad we can help you through every procedure comfortably! 🙂


Vein conditions shouldn't stop you from living your life to the fullest. Understand your vein health and develop the best minimally invasive treatment plan for you with our experienced doctors at Sun Vein & Vascular. ☀️


Get relief from your vein pain this holiday season! Schedule an initial consultation with our office to start the process today. 🎄


November marks National Diabetes Month. 🔵 Diabetes is associated with peripheral artery disease (PAD) which can cause circulation problems in your legs. If you want a simple screening test for $99, please
schedule with Sun Vein & Vascular! We can screen for PAD, aortic aneurysms and carotid artery disease.


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Healthy sides for the holidays! Cranberries are made of carbs, fiber, plus they are chock full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. In a serving of 1 cup of raw berries, or one quarter cup of dried, you get 25 percent of your daily requirement of vitamin C, plus high amounts of vitamins A, K, and B-complex as well as the essential minerals manganese and copper. Fresh or frozen berries contain less carbs and sugar.

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