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ADHD and Overwhelm

You feel like screaming. Like you are going to lose it, like you've screwed up. Again. What's really going on?

It's "overwhelm." When your system gets flooded it can feel like your brain is not working and it is impossible to get anything done. And that makes you even more overwhelmed. Why does this happen? Your ADHD brain.

Here are 6 sources of ADHD overwhelm:
Too much stimulation
Too many thoughts
Too many feelings
Too many tasks
Too much stuff
Too many logistics

What to do? Take these 4 steps to take control of your ADHD "overwhelm":
1. Notice the signs
2. Step away - Watch your self talk and breathe
3. Identify the trigger for the overwhelm
4. Take the next step to deal with your trigger and decrease the chaos - break the steps into substeps if necessary.

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PROCRASTIVITY. Finding other things to do when there is something MORE important you NEED to do. Do you seek comfort through food, socializing, social media or other distractions when feeling overwhelmed? What are you avoiding? If you faced the challenge head-on, what would happen? How would you feel? Find one thing you've been avoiding, schedule a time to work on it and get started! You will move the ball forward while decreasing your anxiety at the same time.


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