Lara Proctor, MS, LPC

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who counsels adults, adolescents and children dealing with a range of issues; such as depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and coping skills, just to name a few.

I strive to develop an environment where my clients feel free to exress their thoughts, feelings, desires and goals in a warm, trusting, non-judgmental relationship. I will work with you to help you learn about yourself so that you can make lifelong changes in order to have a more fulfilling and happier life.

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Collectible. Purpose Driven. Community Focused. 07/29/2021

Collectible. Purpose Driven. Community Focused.

I am not in cahoots with this company and I can’t even say I own any of their products, but I LOVE myself some positive affirmations. (And boy, do we need them right now!) 🥰

Collectible. Purpose Driven. Community Focused. Limited edition works of art for your wrist made from recycled water bottles. Limited edition works of art for your wrist made from recycled water bottles. Collectible. Purpose Driven. Community Focused. Back in 2011, my brothers and I started ZOX to create amazing works of art for your wrist. Since...


Telehealth Services Available

Telehealth Services Available


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Check out my new website! Are you struggling with issues related to trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, or major life changes? There comes a time when we need some help from a certified professional to help cope with many of life’s challenges. I’m a licensed professional counselor in the greater Dallas area, and I’d lo...


Johns Hopkins Medicine

For people working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, a specialist in integrative medicine has wellness tips on eating, exercise and more, to help you be more relaxed and productive during an uncertain time.


Quarantine Tip #3: Try Yoga: Yoga increases body awareness, relieves stress, reduces muscle tension, strain, and inflammation, sharpens attention and concentration, and calms and centers the nervous system. Yoga's positive benefits on mental health have made it an important practice tool of psychotherapy (American Psychological Association). It's super easy to hop on Youtube and find a Yoga class to follow indoors or out!


Quarantine Tip #2: Keep a (semi) regular schedule.

You don’t have to be super strict with yourself or your family, but staying on a somewhat-regular routine can have several benefits.

* decrease anxiety
* better sleep
* more productive
* improved mood

What has helped keep you in track during this chaotic time? Are you getting up and going to bed at your usual times? Or staying up late and sleeping in? Let’s discuss what’s working or not!


Quarantine Tip #1: Journal, Journal, Journal!

This is an easy, self-sufficient way to take care of yourself each and every day. You don't need some cutesy, expensive journal and fancy gel pens to make this happen (though if that is your jam...more power to you!)...all you need is paper, pen and time with your thoughts. Start slow, set a timer with whatever you are comfortable with (5, 10, 15 minutes) and just start writing.

What can you get out of journaling?
* able to release everyday stress
* clear your mind
* express negative thoughts and anger
* explore anxiety and fears
* write about your dreams, successes and struggles

Overall, journaling has proven to improve mood and enhance a person's sense of well-being. I'd love your feedback and experiences with journaling or if you just want to share your favorite journal or journaling spot.


In these uncertain times, self-care is more important than ever. I will be working to add meaningful content and tips to my page that I hope will be beneficial to you all. Additionally, I am available for video and phone sessions, if you need more one on one work. Stay well!


Her View From Home

I think it was Brene Brown who told a story about a village where all the women washed clothes together down by the river. When they all got washing machines, there was a sudden outbreak of depression and no one could figure out why.

It wasn't the washing machines in and of themselves. It was the absence of time spent doing things together. It was the absence of community.

Friends, we’ve gotten so independent.

We’re “fine” we tell ourselves even when in reality we’re depressed, we’re overwhelmed, we’re lonely, and we’re hurting. “We’re fine, we’re just too busy right now” we say when days, weeks, months, and years go by without connecting with friends. I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine. It’s so easy to say even when it’s not true.

We’ve become so isolated and it’s hard to know how to get back. It’s so hard to know how to even begin to build the kind of relationships our hearts need. And I think In our current culture, it’s just not as organic as it once was. It's more work now.

Because you know, we have our own washing machines. We don't depend on each other to do laundry, or cook dinner, or raise babies anymore. We don't really depend on each other for much of anything if we're being honest.

In Brene Brown’s book Braving the Wilderness, she says that being lonely affects the length of our life expectancy similar to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. I don’t say that to freak anyone out, but to let you know that the longing for connection is LEGIT. I think we’ve treated friendship like a luxury for far too long; friendship isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.

We don't want it. We kind of need it.

Be independent. Be proud of it. But be an independent woman who realizes the value and the importance of opening the door to other good women.

You can do it alone, but you don't have to. Islands are only fun for so long.

There is true magic when women come together and hold hands and share ideas and share stories and struggles and endless bowls of salsa. You use your gifts, and I'll use mine, and then we'll invite that girl over there who brings a completely different set of skills to the table we are building, and we'll watch together as something miraculous unfolds.

Written by Sister, I am with you.❤️



"Sometimes I just feel really angry and I don’t know why."


Psychology Today

Many people who suffer from depression keep their struggles hidden from friends and family. If that number includes you or someone you care about, read this.




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