Yoginis ~
I'm excited to announce the adjusted prices at Tom Landry Fitness Center - MOMs Program.
Drop In - $15, 6 Classes - $85, 12 Classes - $140

These are amazing prices! Best in town. Membership is not required. Join us on Tuesdays 10am & Saturdays 10:30am for the studio yoga classes. And on Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:30pm for the water yoga classes.

SPECIAL NOTE : The August studio classes are canceled. Cheryl is taking a vacation. The water classes are NOT canceled. Be sure to come and splash in the pool with Harley & Nancy.
North of 635 Mamas...
Jessie has a class for you starting tomorrow! Check out the link to Insta post below. for all the nursing mamas out there 🤣
Thanks for a great class today, Cheryl!! You wore Declan out.
Hello, I work with an 80 year old vitamin company as a vitamin and supplement recommender. They specialize in Kosher certified vitamins, including Weight management and Kids vitamins. All made in USA and ingredients from Organic farms. For more details contact me via FB messenger or private message. - Regards Bindhu

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OmBalance is the collection of wellness services for those who seek a consc Yoga | Doula | Ayurveda

Operating as usual


Whether you are pregnant or not, what is one food you ALWAYS love eating over the holidays? 😍


Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm working today, but I am oh so grateful for the amazing work that I get to do. Plus… I’m going to see this beautiful seven-year-old today. (Happy Birthday Libby 🥳) She helped me give her mama a treatment on Tuesday and did a great job.

More gratitude posts to come! 🧡


Thanksgiving tip:
If you want to show a mom you’re grateful for her, bring a meal this week she can enjoy while pregnant! 🥘

Mobile uploads 11/18/2022

Every Friday, we get the chance to hold yoga classes for moms and their babies- and thanks to groups like J Baby, sometimes we get to make special visits around the city too! 😍 Wherever it may be, we’re always happy to give moms the reset they so rightly deserve. 🧘‍♂️ Learn more about our classes AND private session at!


This lovely place, among the lovely people at Grounded Wellness, is where you’ll find us today and every Thursday. 🏡🧡 Come and see us if you’re in the Frisco area!

We are blessed to walk alongside many families. Getting to watch them grow is so special. Each journey so different. Some easy, some difficult, some long awaited, some still waiting and everything in between. 🙏🏼
There’s no greater honor than your trust in us along the way, not only as your chiropractors but as your friends! 🤍


Cooking fresh, delicious AND nutritious meals like the Ayurvedic Doula I am. 🥘 💕 Any pregnant/postpartum moms here looking for this kind of dinner??

Photos from OmBalance's post 11/11/2022

From how a mom’s body feels on the inside and the out… Cheryl and the rest of our team is providing moms in DFW with the best care possible! 🧡 🌿 See us at


Wow… time flies!!! 😍

It’s hard to believe that for over a year, we’ve been spending our Thursdays in Frisco at the wonderful space Grounded Wellness has given us, so we can provide moms in Frisco with great Abhyanga treatments and more.

Come and see us today to get a great reset for your body, prenatal, postpartum, or otherwise!

We have a super fun announcement to make!🤩

Meet Cheryl Johnson!
Owner of

She wears many hats. She’s an Ayurvedic doula, she teaches + practices yoga, she teaches childbirth classes and is also a HypnoBirthing educator!

She is a wealth of knowledge and has the most beautiful spirit! We couldn’t be more excited that she will be at Grounded Wellness on Thursday’s starting in August, offering a Traditional Abhyanga treatment.

It’s a classic Ayurvedic treatment that anoints the body with warm herbal oil that helps to clarify, revitalize, relax, nourish & cleanse the mind & body. She works with energy points as well to help balance energy flow.

Cheryl was trained at Rasa Ayurveda Women’s Clinic in Kerala, India. She’s passionate about using her knowledge she gained during her training to help women.

Soon, you’ll be able to schedule with her on our online portal just like you do for chiropractic visits with Dr. Nicole & Dr. Margie or facials with .beauty.skincare_ , but for now if you are interested in scheduling with Cheryl, email her at: [email protected]. We will update you as soon as her online profile is up and live!

We can’t wait for you to meet Cheryl and see why we love her so much for yourself! 🥰


Doula meet-ups… they’re the BEST! 😍

Wild Child Birth Services

✨Monthly Doula Meetup✨

Once a month the OmBalance Collective gets together to collaborate, compare notes, and learn! I’m super appreciative of this time that our mentor pours into us and for the opportunity to bounce ideas off each other and get some much needed input and support!

It’s a pretty special thing when you find your village, and I’m so thankful for this part of mine ♥️


If you know a mom who’s been trying to find a yoga class fit for her, you know where to send her! 🤰 🧘‍♂️


Two words at OmBalance…

Hand. Made!! 🤲 🌿 🧡

Did you know that when you book us for Ayurvedic services, pretty much everything you get is hand made in house?
From the oils, to the food, down to the cotton belly wraps we cut, fold, and stamp!

We take pride in making sure you are receiving the best care possible, full love and intention.


In my happy place… and happy pose. 🥰 🧘‍♂️

Photos from OmBalance's post 11/02/2022

As a general rule…

It’s best to hire a doula not only with experience… but decades worth of passion to go with it. 🖤 🤍 To book Cheryl for your birth in the Fall or Winter, just visit us at!

Original 📸: Lawren Rose Photography


After the crucial moment when everyone else disappears… and mom does what she has to do… it’s nice to have a doula there when everything is said and done. 🧡 Photo by Erin Beth Birth Photography

Photos from OmBalance's post 10/31/2022

For our moms today who may be avoiding the typical sweets of the season… not to worry. The OmBalance ladies are whipping up plenty of delicious, nutritious alternatives to still allow you to “treat” yourself- and your growing baby!! 🧡 🧡 🧡


Oh… these?

These are the aprons you want to see when you’re a pregnant mom that needs great nutritional care… 🥰


It is SO important for moms to know: good nutrition doesn’t just improve your health in pregnancy, but your happiness too! ❤️


It’s a beautiful time of year to find the support you need to have your next baby. 🥰 🍁 Book a time to talk with OmBalance’s team of doulas, and let’s get you the care you’re looking for this Fall!


Soooo TRUE. 🧘‍♂️ ✨



Pumpkin hunting with mom. 🎃 🧡

Photos from OmBalance's post 10/20/2022

Tomorrow morning! Who will be joining us for our most popular class? 🧘‍♂️


New table ~

She’s a beauty! I went with a hydraulic table specifically for prenatal clients, mindfulness / hypnotherapy clients & because most of y’all are shorter than me. The table drops down to a regular chair height and I can lift to help me be better with my body mechanics. Win, win!

I purchased through Body Logic out of Mesquite. The process was seamless. Ryan went above and beyond. It’s a family business - love that! He and his father in delivered & set it up. Now, that’s first class service!

Ryan has no idea I’m including him on this post. Just wanted to share. When receiving great service, it’s always nice to share.

Of course, reach out if you have any questions about services.


Why do we encourage our moms to eat during labor? Because you’re going to need all the energy you can get! 💪


Have you ever wondered what it would look like to hire Ombalance for your postpartum nutritional needs?
Well, here’s a little sample menu of what our perfect daily offering looks like, featuring some of our all time favorites!

If this line up looks like something you need for your postpartum Sacred Window, message us today!


We’re in the midst of a fall season full of home births, maternal care, and many, many yoga sessions. 🍁 If some care from Cheryl is what you need, now is the season to get it!


Ladies, mamas, babies, oh my! 😍

Everyone is welcome to join us on Friday for our 10 AM yoga class at the Yoga Mart. Will we be seeing you (and maybe your mini-me) tomorrow? Sign up at


Self-explanatory but… a good reminder. 🥰


Meet the best doula team in DFW. 🖤🤍🧡

Photo by: Wild Child Birth Services


We are here to serve you, DFW. 😘

Come get to know Cheryl and the rest of our collective at!

Photos from OmBalance's post 10/07/2022

One of our favorite practices to bring mom back into balance in her body... 🥰 Have you had an session before?


Which gal pal or fellow mom would you LOVE to have with you in yoga class? 🧘‍♀️

Timeline photos 10/05/2022

We love supporting mom during labor…but we also love supporting the loved ones who are there with her. 🥰 Thank you to the dads, aunts, and grandmas who come alongside our birth teams to keep mom feeling safe, capable, and strong as they deliver!

(Photo by Alyssa Rae 📸)


In case you weren’t aware, you don’t have to live in Dallas proper to receive care from the OmBalance team! 🤰 We happily and proudly serve mamas from all over the metroplex, no matter how small your city or what side of DFW you hail from. For more info about our services, or to set up a meeting with Cheryl, pay us a visit at We love serving ladies from all across our community!


In case you’re wondering what we will be up to tomorrow morning... 🥰 Any other DFW moms or ladies care to join us for our 10 AM yoga class? Sign up at


What a wonderful, well-thought-out piece from a lady I deeply love and respect. 🥰 Every mama in DFW, please read + share!

Let’s flip the narrative. When we compare two low risk women with healthy pregnancies side by side, the location of birth makes the difference in the number of interventions and risks they have.

When a woman has a midwife and plans to birth in the community setting (home or birth center) she is much less likely to:

1) be induced. Induction is the most common factor in primary cesareans.
2) have continuous monitoring which has been shown to increase cesareans without improving the condition of the baby.
3) have an IV which affects the mothers mobility and results in more use of pain medications.
4) have unnecessary vaginal exams which increase infection and also increase the likelihood that their labor will be augmented with synthetic hormones which have consequences.

Even the emotional shift that happens when a healthy woman walks into a hospital and has to wear a mask and gown can alter her hormones making it more likely to get synthetic hormones.

Birth in the community setting is built on the midwifery model of care. We don’t use hormones or artificial means to start labor. Women move without restriction. Nourishment is encouraged. And the cesarean rate is a small fraction of what it would be for the same woman in a different setting.


If you want to know if yoga really does heal your mind and body… just ask ANY mom you know! 🤰 🧡 🧘‍♂️


A friend to moms & dads alike. 🥰

Being a doula means making sure everyone that wants and needs to be there for mom is cared for- including you, dads! Thanks for desiring to be there for your partner, and we can’t wait to partner with both of you at your next birth. (Booking for doula services at 🤰)

Mobile uploads 09/23/2022

For those who may be asking …

What does it mean to be an AyurDoula?”

I can’t recommend this podcast with my friend Bethany Stricker enough. 🧡 I get to tell my whole story, and why Ayurveda is so important to the way I care for moms! Give it a listen, won’t you?

My Interview with Bethany:


Maternal care takes, well, a caring touch. 🥰

We are happy to provide a variety of services to DFW ladies and mamas, including our rejuvenating Abhyanga bodywork! If this interests you (or a gal that you know) reach out to Cheryl today, or find more info at

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In case you weren’t aware, you don’t have to live in Dallas proper to receive care from the OmBalance team! 🤰 We happily...
In case you’re wondering what we will be up to tomorrow morning... 🥰 Any other DFW moms or ladies care to join us for ou...
#AyurDoula Cheryl (now with the help of her new team members) has been doing work that she loves for over two decades, f...
We love the services we get to provide…The women we get to provide them for…And the new team members who are doing such ...
Our latest little nugget of truth about pregnancy over on Instagram… 😅 There’s more where that came from, plus a solid h...
A little sneak peek… 👀 Who’s ready to see our newest appointment space courtesy of our friends at Grounded Wellness? 😍 ...
The most unique, personal, and holistic care a DFW mom could ask for… 🌿 Ask us about all of our Ayurvedic products and s...
I often get the question, “how did you become a doula?” 🤔 Well, like I once told my friend Bethany Stricker, some people...
It’s not a luxury, mom.Balance is a necessity of any healthy pregnancy! 🧡 Stop believing the lie that taking care of you...
Every Friday, whether you’re over Zoom or in person… no mom should have to Yoga alone!Sign up today at
Everything both mom and baby need, from the start of pregnancy to the first days out of the womb… this team has covered....
Ladies!Sometimes the best thing you can do for your own Valentine’s Day… is give your partner a little bit of a hint. 😉 ...




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