Yoginis ~
I'm excited to announce the adjusted prices at Tom Landry Fitness Center - MOMs Program.
Drop In - $15, 6 Classes - $85, 12 Classes - $140

These are amazing prices! Best in town. Membership is not required. Join us on Tuesdays 10am & Saturdays 10:30am for the studio yoga classes. And on Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:30pm for the water yoga classes.

SPECIAL NOTE : The August studio classes are canceled. Cheryl is taking a vacation. The water classes are NOT canceled. Be sure to come and splash in the pool with Harley & Nancy.
North of 635 Mamas...
Jessie has a class for you starting tomorrow! Check out the link to Insta post below. for all the nursing mamas out there 🤣
Thanks for a great class today, Cheryl!! You wore Declan out.
Hello, I work with an 80 year old vitamin company as a vitamin and supplement recommender. They specialize in Kosher certified vitamins, including Weight management and Kids vitamins. All made in USA and ingredients from Organic farms. For more details contact me via FB messenger or private message. - Regards Bindhu

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OmBalance is the collection of wellness services for those who seek a consc Yoga | Doula | Ayurveda

Operating as usual


Howdy, y’all. 😄 To whom it may concern I just wanted to say… thank you so much for all the sweet birthday wishes!!! Not only did I have a wonderful day meeting and serving the moms I hold so dear, but I also had a lovely time with friends celebrating at Odelay Tex-Mex and yes, I was in full “fiesta mode” as you can see. 🎉 To everyone that follows along with my journey, it is an honor to serve as your Doula, work alongside you as a birth worker, or simply enjoy your friendship. Know how much you all touch my heart every single day!!

~ AyurDoula Cheryl


Thanks to y’all, OmBalance keeps growing and GROWING! 🙏 What product or service would you like to see us add next?


Show of hands, mamas…

How many of you have experienced the relaxation of this particular style of Abhyanga, which includes an oil treatment for your head? ☺️ Next question then...

Who wants to after seeing this post? 🙋‍♀️

Always booking at

Mobile uploads 04/21/2022

Seeing how it’s and all, I thought I’d post a very sweet memory from a delivery worth celebrating. 🥂 Every single birth that I have the chance to support a mom through is so special, and you all truly deserve a glass raised in your honor. So, to all of our OmBalance moms… here’s to you!


It’s not a luxury, mom.

Balance is a necessity of any healthy pregnancy! 🧡 Stop believing the lie that taking care of yourself physically and mentally is a selfish pursuit. Take the time to recenter yourself in one of our sessions, and trust us: your sweet baby will thank you!

Bookings at


Soooooo EXCITED. All of y’all are invited! 😍

Join us and our partners a week from today for this wonderful market 🙌🙌🙌…

Urban Hippie + Beatnik
Indoor/Outdoor Market
Featuring: wellness, vintage, local and handmade

Join us Saturday, April 23rd from 12pm-4pm for a fun-filled event!

Indoor Market: The Bawr, Blue Feather Aerial Yoga,The Canary Community, Clairevista, Nourishing Birth Services, Oak Cliff Pilates, OmBalance (Yoga & Doula Services), Yoali Beauty & all the Urban Hippies!
Outdoor Market: Beatnik and other local vintage and handmade artisans.

FREE entry for the public and snacks and beverages will be available for purchase. Inside the market there will be complimentary Stretch Therapy samples from Intentional Wellness as well as chair massage. We will be playing black out bingo in the indoor market with a raffle of some awesome gifts and services from all of our friends listed below.



Ombalance 04/15/2022


For all my mamas who didn’t know…

We got a NEW website makeover! 🧡

Everything you need to know about our services is here to see, so come take a look around at 👀

So happy to have this resource!!

Ombalance Doula Services, Ayurvedic Treatments and Yoga


Becoming a doula by accident... 🧡

I looked back finally on any opportunity I’ve had to share my passion for Ayurveda, particularly with other birth workers!

If you want to hear the full story of how OmBalance came to be, go give this a listen!





Seriously… this photo says it ALL! 🙌

Beautiful words by @dallas.birth who we had the honor of working with for this sweet family.

✨First Touch✨

You have waited for months.
You have envisioned what that first moment would feel like, what it would be like, how you would respond.
You have wondered what your baby would look like, how their skin would feel, feeling their heartbeat against your chest.

So much anticipation.

And finally, that moment arrives.

There are no words to fully capture all of the emotions.

Your heart is full. 💗💗💗

So much love for this tiny human.

Congratulations to this beautiful new family.

Midwife: Becky Hines LM, CPM
Assistant Midwife: Nikki Knowles LM, CPM
Doulas: Vanessa Knagg @dfwbirthresource
Cheryl Johnson
Photographer: Alyssa Rae Photography



We don’t know who needs to see this… but you do. Please SHARE it with them! 🧡 👇

A recent client of ours has just given birth to her beautiful baby girl. Going into the delivery process, she was one of the mothers that enrolled in our Hypnobirthing course, in hopes of minimizing her anxiety during labor andmaximizing her birth experience. This is her story…

“My experience with hypnobirthing was nothing short of incredible. The power of the mind to overcome fear and pain was something I wasn’t sure was possible until I went through it. There were moments of deep relaxation when I could hardly tell I was having contractions, even at 9 cm dilated. I listened to my body and knew instinctively when it was time for the birthing phase and 4 birth breaths later, she was here… With my first child, I had a preterm delivery due to high BP and was completely unprepared. I had a ton of interventions and more post-delivery complications than I could have imagined. This delivery was night and day different. The time I took to prepare my mind was instrumental in achieving the outcome I had hoped for. Thank you (OmBalance) for doing what you do and teaching hypnobirthing. I’ll surely be telling every expectant momma I know about it!”

This mama is not the only mother in our care who has had this life-changing experience by taking this course. If you have also experienced the incredible power of HypnoBirthing, please- share Charlotte's story with the women in your life who are interested in taking this path. On top of that, share your own story in the comments below! We truly can’t wait to hear it… 

~ Love, Cheryl at OmBalance 🙏


Our private students at OmBalance Yoga remind us every day: a life spent practicing balance is truly beautiful! 🧘‍♂️ 🖤 🤍

Begin lessons at


Anytime a mother is able to achieve a successful VBAC, that is something worth stopping and celebrating!! 🎉🎉🎉 We are so proud of this mama, and couldn’t be more honored to have served as her Doula throughout this entire experience. 

She was SO strong y’all!! 💪

🎉 VBA2C! 🎉 Congratulations to this Barefoot Mom who did absolutely everything to prepare herself for a vaginal birth after having two prior C-sections. She carefully picked her birth team, prepared her mind & body, educated herself & crafted her birth plan and choices. When It became best to add some additional birth team members at Baylor University Medical Center to achieve our goals, mom adjusted gracefully & powerfully pushed out her baby with her husband, midwife, doula by her side. And not a dry eye in the house. 💗
Midwife: Cori Lively @barefootmidwifery
Assistant Midwife: Kristy Hammack @thebirthhousewylie
Doula: Cheryl Johnson @ombalance_doula
Chiropractor: Dr. Nicole @groundedwellness
Acupuncturist: Dr. Pearl Russell @pearlacupuncture


How many moms here would like to spend their afternoon like this? ☺️ Spoiler alert...

YOU CAN! Get your postpartum Abhyanga treatment booked at

Photos from Alyssa Rae Photography's post 04/01/2022

“The woman’s body is phenomenal and so powerful. How we are created to be the first homes for our babies. How truly special that is.” Wow, Alyssa Rae. So well said!! 🙌

It was such a joy to be a part of this with you, this sweet family, and this amazing team of fellow birth workers. Everyone show some love to this lovely photographer, and for the birth of brand-new baby Caroline!! ❤️


Every Friday, whether you’re over Zoom or in person… no mom should have to Yoga alone!

Sign up today at 🧘‍♂️

Timeline photos 03/25/2022

This was such a sweet birth to be a part of. Here is a beautiful shot from it by my good friend Lawren Rose AND… an important tip about the postpartum period as well. 📸 💜

The more you know, right?

The first 2-3 hours after birth 💜​​​​​​​​
Did you know out of hospital birthing families often use depends (adult diapers) during their postpartum stage? This was not something I knew of when I had my daughter 6.5 years ago! All the families I know who have used them said they were life savers for their heavy postpartum flow and overall comfort.

Birth and Wellness Center of Arlington


Two Ayurveda-loving sisters, one fun-loving dog, and a beautiful day to create care products for our clients. What could be better than that? ☀️🧡 🌿


Trying to get work done in the OmBalance studio today but… a certain someone is making it a bit difficult. 🥰 I mean, just look at those sweet puppy dog eyes!


New yogis or old, this page is the place for you to geek out about the amazing art of yoga. 🧘‍♂️ Learn about all of our yoga services at You're welcome here!

Instagram Photos 03/11/2022

As always Lawren Rose… just beautiful. 🥰


Here’s something wild: my lovely sister Cyndi has now been with the OmBalance team nearly five months- almost half a year already! 😱 How are y’all enjoying her services as a newborn specialist for postpartum mamas? Let her know how happy you are to have her with us, and let’s see what the rest of the year holds with her talents on the team…

The apron is on… now it’s official.

Y’all please help me in welcoming the lovely Cyndi Johnson Denman to the OmBalance team. Already, she fits right in! 🧡 🌿


Remember, ladies: you are powerful, uniquely talented, and yes, well worth celebrating. 🙌 Happy International Women’s Day!

Photos from OmBalance's post 03/07/2022

Boy, are we blessed.

For years now, OmBalance has continuously crossed paths with some extremely talented birth photographers, each with their own distinct style and eye for light and color. 📸

If you are looking for someone to beautifully capture your baby’s birth, any of these ladies would be a top-tier choice to achieve it. Check out all of their work, and look forward to seeing even more of it on our own feed!

Kathryn J Birth Stories
Erin Beth Birth Photography
Lawren Rose Photography


A new HypnoBirthing class begins today!

This is one of our favorite resources to provide to new moms, and it never ceases to amaze us how fast the class fills up. If you plan on having a new baby later in 2022, keep a lookout for news on our next class opening- or message us directly to find out how to be put on a waiting list. We want every mother to have the chance to walk through this fantastic course! 🧡


This just in: our private yoga classes now come with an extra level of student support- courtesy of one “Lex the yoga dog.” 🥰 🐾


Why have your Abhyanga treatment alone… when you can have the best company in the world right there with you? 🥰 Precious!


A message we wanted to share with FB as well. 😊 Keep preaching on the power of : it’s making a difference! 🙏

“In the past week, more people than ever have started following along with our Ayurvedic adventures- and we couldn’t be more grateful! 🧡 Thank you all for continuing to spread the word about the special brand of maternal and newborn care we offer in the DFW area. It’s a huge help to our team, and we look forward to reaching more and more families like yours in 2022.”


When you wake up to suddenly having 100 new Instagram followers…

What did we do?? 😅


We’re definitely starting off our week with the right feet. 😊 🦶 How are all of our DFW mamas doing on this sunny Monday?

The Birth of Joselyn 02/26/2022

The Birth of Joselyn

Expecting mamas in DFW…

If you want to see just how beautiful a home birth can be, watch the story of Joselyn’s birth, captured by the talented Erin Beth. 📸

It was an honor to be this baby’s doula!

The Birth of Joselyn Home Standing BirthSuch a perfect Saturday filled with love and family as a new little one was welcomed to the world.Music by EmorieLicensed through Soundstripe


The only thing more relaxing and life-giving than an Abhyanga session… is one with your newborn by your side. 🥰 New moms, book a time slot and we’ll bring the session to you!

Make an Appointment |

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