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We have some "SUPER" talented and creative team members. Check out the winners of our costume/pumpkin contests!
To celebrate Halloween, Cornea Associates of Texas was staffed with Superheroes (Our team is full of Superheroes every day, they just came dressed a little differently today)!
Hello Cornea Associates of Texas,

I went to another Ophthalmologist yesterday (10-JUN-2020) to see if he can fix the mess that Gregory Nettune made of my right eye.

Dr. Gregory R. Nettune, MD was negligent due to:
(a) Gregory Nettune removed the stitches too early;
(b) Gregory Nettune allowed right eye to leak fluid for 40 days (17JUL2019 to 27AUG2019); Gregory Nettune refused an earlier appointment when eye was leaking, and allowed the right eye to leak for 40 days before adding back stitches; it also allowed the pressure to fall to 7 mmHg (normal is 12 to 22 mmHg);
(c) Gregory Nettune added back stitches (at my expense), which severely warped the cornea (see images below);
Because of the negligent mistakes above, it resulted in now being legally blind in my right eye (worse than 20/200; very blurry and cloudy; see images below); and I also still have stitches in right eye;

I’m sure Gregory Nettune has helped many patients, but not in my case. When Gregory Nettune was confronted about allowing the right eye to leak for a month, he claimed no responsibility for it whatsoever. Also, had I not insisted on an appointment earlier than 90 days (but was only allowed an appointment in 34 days), the outcome could have been far worse.

04-OCT-2018: Dr. Gregory R. Nettune, MD performed cornea transplant (said 18 stitches would remain in right eye for 1 year).
17-APR-2019: Nettune removed 10 stitches (6 months earlier than expected). Vision worsened.
17-JUL-2019: Nettune removed last 8 stitches (3 months early). Vision worsened, the cornea came loose, eye leaked, & caused light flashes (for a total of 40 days), despite calling Dr. Nettune's office about the symptoms on 25-JUL-2019 (reported excessive fluid in eye and light flashes);
25-JUL-2019: I called Nettune's office & reported symptoms mentioned above. They said "don't worry". I still requested an appointment anyway, but was told that the soonest appointment was on 21-AUG (34 days after last 8 stitches removed);
21-AUG-2019: Nettune said cornea was loose. Eye pressure had fallen to 7mmHg (normal=12 to 22).
27-AUG-2019: Nettune performed 2nd surgery (added back 3 stitches). Eye had been leaking for 40 days. Vision worsened. Failure to address leaking sooner risked infection, complications, and I am now legally blind in right eye (very cloudy, blurry, and legally blind). I also had to pay for the 2nd surgery;
17-OCT-2019: vision is worse than the beginning before 04-OCT-2018; Hundreds of dollars spent on new glasses & contacts don't help; I cannot read anything with right eye, and I still have 3 stitches in my right eye.
11-JUN-2020: Right eye is still leaking, pressure has fallen to 11 mmHg, and is now in early stage of rejection (despite using 1 drop of Prednisolone each day as instructed); I am now legally blind in Right eye due to rejection;

Topography of cornea of right eye (i.e. very warped as of 15-OCt-2019):
It is such a privilege to work with this amazing group of physicians! Beyond thankful and blessed to be a part of such an amazing network of medical professionals that truly care about their patients and their well being and health!
I’ve called 4 times and left messages and never got a response to schedule an appt. I was recommended also by a patient of theirs.
Update to my previous post below. Practice manager, Jennifer Fleming and my surgeon, Dr Zaffos are working diligently to address my issues and to correct the organizational issues with problem escalation. I feel confident that the issues I encountered are beling corrected and that this organization is very concerned about patient care.

My cataract surgeries appeared to be going well, then disaster. I can only see out of the bottom of the lenses. Looking up causes double vision with objects stacked one above the other. This is causing headaches, nausea, disorientation, and disrupting my ability to work.
I have not been able to get any help from this organization. As far as I can tell my surgeon, Dr Zaffos, has not even been informed. When I was finally sent to an associate, Dr Nettune, he began by asking what Zaffos had to say. I have no idea because I can't seem to talk to him. Then Nettune, with obvious irritation, said he doesn't know me, he has no idea why my eyes are doing this but it appears my eyes are 'out of alignment' so I need to see a specialist in strabismus because he doesn't have the tools to assess the alignment. His only referral can't see me for 4 weeks, which he said was fine, then he had them set an appointment with Zaffos in a week. Meanwhile, good luck? I am appalled at the lack of concern about how debilitating this is for my life.
God help you if anything goes wrong with this group. They are geared to fill surgeries, not follow up on problems.
After 31 years on my drivers license, restriction code A is finally removed. Thank you Dr McCall and Cornea Assoc team!
Dr Boman performed my LASIK surgery and it was a success! The staff was wonderful and my experience was great. I recommend them for LASIK surgery.
It's been over a year since I had my LASIK at CAT and I can't tell you how happy I am with it! I'm able to do so much more without the frustration of glasses and contacts. Spending time at the pool, on the lake and at the beach this summer has been the best feeling in the world! I only wish I would've done it sooner!! Thank you again!
Today is my 1 year anniversary of my cataract surgery. Thank you Dr. Beebe and staff for a great year of wonderful, clear eye sight!
This is specifically for Dr. McCall and staff...I can see! Awesome clear lens this morning. Nice to see things once again sharp and clear. Many thanks! Vicky Herr`
I had my second and last cataract removed today ( I decided my third eye had already had clear enough vision, at least on a transcendental level). So, in the last two weeks here is my assessment of this ocular journey:
* I went from 20/400 uncorrected vision to 20/30 uncorrected vision.
* I will be able to drive at night and see separate, individual tail lights.
*No more of those pesky clip-on sun glasses! I have already bought several pairs of 'for-real' shades.
*Now when I go to the beach (because I go to the beach so often you know) and get into the water I'll still be able to gaze at the sweet things cavorting in the water without just seeing blurry human apparitions (and hopefully not get accused of sexual gazing).
* I have been near-sighted all my life (wearing glasses since 1st grade), now I am far-sighted...gonna take some getting used to.
* I can drive and do other things farther than three feet away, but for closer work and reading I'll need glasses. I could have opted for the high dollar replacement lenses, but I'm cheap and figure reading glasses is no biggy.
* Having reading glasses at arm's reach when you need them is a habit that will take a while to get used to.

I wish to thank the professional staff at the Texas Eye Institute of Texas for helping me keep calm and not letting me run out of the pre-op room screaming like a little girl. And of course Dr. Jamie Alexander at Cornea Associates of Texas (and her very friendly surgical staff) for her excellent surgical skills and helping me through this somewhat anxious time! And my better half Debbie for toting me around here and there during this process!!

Comprised of some of the Dallas / Fort Worth region's leading cornea specialists and LASIK surgeons, Cornea Associates of Texas is dedicated to achieving exceptional laser eye surgery results and providing first-rate customer service.

The Dallas Lasik surgeons of Cornea Associates of Texas offer eye care treatments including: Lasik surgery, cornea transplant, cataract surgery and more! Comprised of some of the Dallas region's leading cornea specialists and LASIK surgeons, Cornea Associates of Texas is dedicated to achieving exceptional laser eye surgery results, providing first-rate customer service, staying abreast of the late

Operating as usual

Photos from Cornea Associates of Texas's post 04/18/2022

We hope everyone is having a Happy Easter with their family and friends! To celebrate Easter, our teams had an Egg hunt this week and a Cornea Egg Decorating contest! Check out our super-creative winners!


Our Cornea Associates of Texas offices will be closed, Friday, April 15th in observance of Good Friday and to allow time for our staff to spend with their families for the holiday weekend. If you have an ocular emergency, please call 214-692-0146 and follow the prompts to reach the technician on-call. We will re-open our offices on Monday, April 18th at 8:30am. Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Easter!

Photos from Cornea Associates of Texas's post 04/14/2022

Cornea Associates of Texas would like to recognize some of our outstanding team members from the 1st quarter of 2022. Wow! Hard to believe we are already in the 2nd quarter of 2022. We thought our entire team deserved a celebration so we went to Bowl & Barrel to have some fun! We celebrated a 15 year anniversary at Cornea as well.

Photos from Cornea Associates of Texas's post 04/05/2022

This week we would like to spotlight Adriana, one of our insurance coordinators in our Dallas office. Adriana recently celebrated her 15 year anniversary with Cornea Associates of Texas!

Adriana shared with us, "Wow 15 Years!! I can’t believe it’s been 15 since I first came on board. It seems so long ago, yet it feels like time has gone by so quickly." I feel lucky to work in a practice with a group of physicians who are so compassionate and caring, not only for their patients, but also their staff."

"When I started, Cornea Associates of Texas was a practice of 4 doctors and 2 offices, it has now grown to 3 offices and 7 amazing physicians whom I cannot say enough great things about.Over the course of 15 years here at Cornea I have learned so much and I have made friendships with coworkers that will last a life time. I am looking forward to another 15 more years!"

" Things I enjoy outside Cornea are my kids, family and dancing. I am passionate about my Mexican culture and its beautiful traditional dances.
Cooking, Painting, Crafting, and did I say dancing? "

Adriana has been reliable and loyal to Cornea for the last 15 years. Adriana is pleasant and joyful to work with and she has a smile that will brighten the room! She is a great team player and will tackle any task given to her to conquer. Cornea looks forward to the next 15 years with you as part of our team.


Today is National Doctors' Day . Special recognition going out to our Cornea Doctors! Thank you for the top notch care you provide our patients and for the "Top 100" Workplace you provide our Team! We love our Cornea Doctors!

Thanks and recognition also goes out to the community of DFW Doctors who faithfully care for all patients throughout the metroplex.

If you would like to learn more about our physician team:

Photos from Cornea Associates of Texas's post 03/23/2022

This week Cornea Associates of Texas would like to spotlight Shawn, one of our technicians. Shawn recently celebrated her 1 year anniversary with Cornea.

Shawn shared with us, "Wow!! Has it been a year already?? Time sure does fly!! When I came to CAT, it was because I heard from a friend what a great place it was to work. From the doctors, coworkers, management, and the environment, it truly is a great place to work. I’ve been challenged and I’ve learned so much. You won’t find better doctors; and I’m honored to have the opportunity to learn from each one."

" I have 2 kids and 2 grandbabies who are my pride and joy. I love going to the movies and seeing new places, although not much of that going on now with the pandemic and also babies in the house, but one day….. I look forward to what the future holds!!"

Shawn is very patient, kind, and a hard worker. She takes great care of our physicians and patients. Her calm and caring demeanor enables her to handle some of the most tough situations with ease. She is a joy to work with, an awesome team player, and our team would not be the same without her. Congratulations Shawn!

Photos from Cornea Associates of Texas's post 03/18/2022

Yesterday was a fun day at Cornea Associates of Texas! We wanted to bring our staff the Luck O’ the Irish. Some were luckier than others but all found a little pot of gold! Each of you are appreciated for ALL you do at Cornea. We couldn’t care for our patients the way we do without you!

Photos from Cornea Associates of Texas's post 03/16/2022

Today some of our team members gave blood while the Carter BloodCare mobile unit was at our Dallas location. Thanks to all of you who gave a "Pint of Hope" today! If you would like to give a "Pint of Hope" click on this link to learn more.

Photos from Cornea Associates of Texas's post 03/10/2022

Cornea Associates of Texas would like to spotlight Shirley, one of our insurance coordinators, who celebrated her 20 year anniversary with CAT recently.

Shirley shared with us, "I am thankful for a chance to work for a great company. I never would have thought by answering the phone at home "Dr. So, and So's office, how can I help you?" showed dedication. I was asked to come in for an interview. From the moment I walked through the front door, I was greeted by my future sister and she knew who I was. I was so impressed, I did not go to any other interviews. I was positive I was going to be working at Cornea but it never occurred to me I would be here 20 years. I started at check-in and then moved to the insurance department. I have been in the insurance department most of my career with Cornea. I know this will be the place I retire from one day. I always say I work for the best company ever."

"Outside of the office, I spend time with my loved ones and love to adventure to different places even if it is a day trip. I am always looking for new places to visit."

Shirley, thank you for 20 years of loyal and dedicated service to Cornea Associates of Texas. It has been a delight to work alongside of you! We look forward to many more years of working together.!


It's a great way to end our week when we receive positive feedback from our patients at Cornea Associates of Texas!

Recently a patient shared, "When I arrived at Dr. Potts' office, I was rather desperate, as he was the fourth doctor that I had seen about my eye problem. When Dr. Potts came into the room, he was very warm, kind, and knowledgeable. He told me that he felt sure that he could get me back into my contacts and I didn't have to have cataract surgery until I was ready. I was very happy to hear that information. I liked Dr. Potts very much and I look forward to working with him to solve my eye problems."

This patient was seen again this week in our Plano office and she just called to let us know she has been wearing her contacts since her visit this week with Dr. Potts. The patient shared with us, "I am so ecstatic about wearing my contacts again and grateful for Dr. Potts making that possible!"

Dr. Potts attended Texas A&M university college of medicine where he earned his medical degree along with his PhD in microvascular physiology. His ophthalmology training was completed at Scott and White Eye Institute in central Texas with subspecialty training at Devers Eye Institute in Portland, Oregon. If you would like to learn more about Dr. Potts click on the link below.

Photos from Cornea Associates of Texas's post 02/24/2022

Cornea Associates would like to spotlight, Sarah, one of our technicians! Sarah recently celebrated her 1 year anniversary with Cornea Associates.
Sarah shared with us, " I cannot believe I have been with Cornea Associates for one year! I have learned so much and endured many challenges. At first it was hard making the transition from Optometry to Ophthalmology. I continue to learn a great deal from my coworkers and wonderful doctors I work with. One year ago, I accepted a position at a place where I’ve longed to work for. Working for Cornea Associates has humbled and has taught me to be a better technician and person. I am so grateful and thrilled to continue my journey. What a great place to be!"

"Outside of work, I love being with my family, playing card or board games, spending time with my cat, Kurt. I love to read, try new restaurants and watch scary/suspenseful movies."

Sarah has quickly become an invaluable member of our team at Cornea. She is a dedicated hard worker who takes great care of our patients. She is a quick learner and does whatever is needed to help her team. She is smart, kind and always has a cheerful demeanor.

Congratulations Sarah!


It is always rewarding when we receive such positive feedback from our patients like these wonderful words about Dr. Alexander and her staff.

"Cornea Associates of Texas is a highly organized, welcoming practice! The associates who answer the phones are the most important voices, because they are the first ones heard by new patients. Every person with whom I spoke, beginning in October, was friendly and informed. You train and equip your staff well. The environment at the Dallas and Plano offices is welcoming. Each person is friendly and efficient. Kudos to your patient check-in and check-out staff. "

"The logistics of getting patients through the examination process is very impressive, the level of organization is absolutely superior, and the skill and friendliness of every associate who performs any of the vision testing is exemplary. "

"Ashley Key was my Surgical Coordinator. My experience with her was perfect. I left with every single thing I needed to know in writing; highlighted and numbered. Even the pharmacy had contacted me before I arrived home!"

"I am very lucky to have selected Dr. Alexander. Her professionalism, coupled with her friendliness, gift for explaining in detail the surgical procedure, and willingness to answer questions, engenders an enormous amount of trust and respect. I cannot think of a higher compliment to pay to Dr. Alexander."

Dr. Alexander earned her medical degree at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and received her ophthalmology training from the prestigious Jules Stein Eye Institute at UCLA. To learn more about Dr. Alexander please click on the link below:

Photos from Cornea Associates of Texas's post 02/16/2022

We would like to spotlight Kassy, one of our technicians, this week. Kassy recently celebrated her 1 year anniversary with Cornea Associates of Texas.

Kassy shared, "Working with Cornea Associates is truly a dream come true. I have met some wonderful eye doctors in my past, but it's a standard that is blown away by CAT. Our patients frequently ask me who my favorite doctor is, and I'm never able to answer. All of our physicians are some of the most kind, compassionate, and dedicated people that I have ever met. I'm grateful to call Cornea, a home away from home, and look forward to many more anniversaries to come. Some of my hobbies outside of work are reading, collecting records, cycling and finding new hiking trails with my fiancé."

CAT is blessed that Kassy chose us to be her work family. She has a pleasant demeanor and takes great care of each patient she encounters. She is fun, smart, a quick learner, and isn't afraid to jump in and learn something new. Her positive attitude and laugh are contagious.

Congratulations Kassy!

Photos from Cornea Associates of Texas's post 02/14/2022

A recap of Valentine's Day at Cornea Associates of Texas! We wanted to show our staff some love today! We had lunch and sweet treats for our staff at all 3 locations.


We love what we do at Cornea Associates of Texas! We love all of our patients! Wishing you all a Happy Valentine's Day!


The greatest compliment we can receive is one of our patients sharing their experience at our practice on one of our social media sites. We received this 5-star review from one of our patients this week. We love what we do!

"My eye surgeon, Dr. Beebe has been terrific. The staff is also wonderful. Always friendly and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Beebe and Cornea Associates of Texas."

Dr. Beebe is available to see patients in our Dallas and Plano offices. To learn more about Dr. Beebe click here:

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Led by Henry Gelender, MD, Cornea Associates of Texas offers LASIK surgery, cornea disease treatment, corneal transplant, cataract surgery and more! Comprised of some of the Fort Worth region's leading cornea specialists and LASIK surgeons, Cornea Associates of Texas is dedicated to achieving exceptional laser eye surgery results, providing first-rate customer service, staying abreast of the latest technological and surgical developments, and offering outstanding pre- and post- laser eye surgery care to patients at our Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas locations. For a free laser eye surgery consultation, contact our practice today.

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