Dallas In-home care service for senior citizens who want to remain in the comfort of their home versus a traditional nursing home environment.

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Monitoring meds Serving the Seniors of Dallas, Collin and Rockwall counties for over 20 years.

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Lobes of the brain 07/23/2021

Lobes of the brain

This is very interesting and insightful. The tests featured on the website are interesting alone.

Lobes of the brain The cerebral cortex of the brain has four lobes, each with distinct functions


Love this.

AGING GRACEFULLY IN HOME CARE FOR SENIORS updated their information in their About section. 07/07/2021

AGING GRACEFULLY IN HOME CARE FOR SENIORS updated their information in their About section.

AGING GRACEFULLY IN HOME CARE FOR SENIORS updated their information in their About section.

Photos from Why Don't You Share This?'s post 05/29/2021

Photos from Why Don't You Share This?'s post

[05/08/21]   One of My favorite things to do is hear, keep alive those old terms passed down from generation to generation.

SHARE your favorite
....................for example,😝 THAT'S THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK"
hypocrisy means “to criticize someone for a fault you also possess.” the phrase dates back to the early 1600s when most pots and kettles were fashioned from cast iron, a material that acquires streaks of black smoke when heated over a flame😆😅


Remember touch and a hug can mean so much to a Senior!!!

Remember touch and a hug can mean so much to a Senior!!!


I will find it one day! 📚

Take a FREE Joint Pain Health Risk Assessment. 04/11/2021

Take a FREE Joint Pain Health Risk Assessment.

Take a FREE Joint Pain Health Risk Assessment. Approximately 54 million adults have doctor-diagnosed arthritis. Learn if you're at risk now and take action to prevent future complications.

Just Keep Living Foundation – Committed to the health and well being of the youth in our communities 04/01/2021

Just Keep Living Foundation – Committed to the health and well being of the youth in our communities

Just Keep Living Foundation – Committed to the health and well being of the youth in our communities The just keep livin “We’re Texas” Relief Fund is focused on providing safety and critical resources to those affected by the devastating winter storms, and supporting volunteers in their efforts throughout the long-term recovery process.

Anxiety disorders - Symptoms and causes 02/23/2021

Anxiety disorders - Symptoms and causes

Anxiety disorders - Symptoms and causes Learn the symptoms of this mental health condition, and ways to manage worry and fear that interfere with your daily activities.

[02/22/21]   Continue to check on your neighbors and Elderly friends and family we have had a rough year and a kind word can brighten anyone’s day!

[02/22/21]   Please call us if you need guidance during this difficult time.

[02/22/21]   Continue to pray for the people who have suffered so many hardships the past 11 months 01/16/2021

Here’s How Fast COVID-19 Can Spread in a Household Recent research shows that COVID 19 spreads faster and more widely than previously reported. When one person is sick, the rest of their household has more than a 50 percent chance of getting the disease as well.


[12/30/20]   Several drug chains and other companies offer senior discounts.

RiteAid: They have a Wellness 65+ program for seniors – it includes free consultations, and discounts up to 20% on Wednesdays.

Walgreens: They tie senior discounts in with their myWalgreens program. It's free to join, so it's definitely worth checking out.

RxFreeCard: This pharmacy discount card offers discounts on almost all medications (even pet medications!)

Atera Spas: Who doesn't want a relaxing spa in their home? Atera offers healthy senior discounts – check them out if you are looking for a spa.

AARP prescription savings: If you haven't already, just join AARP, ok? Even just for the prescription discounts. You can save up to 61% on FDA-approved prescriptions.

[12/30/20]   The most popular cell carriers offer special discounts to senior citizens. Here's what we found:

AT&T: They have a special "Senior National Plan" for those 65+. At this writing, it comes with 200 Anytime Minutes, Mobile to Mobile Minutes, and 500 Night and Weekend minutes, without roaming charges. The price? $29.99 a month! They also have a 55+ plan for those who want to use their phone more.

Sprint/T-Mobile: Offers an "Essentials Unlimited 55+" plan, as well as other senior plans.

Verizon Wireless: Verizon Wireless offers a special nationwide unlimited talk and text plan to customers 55 and older. It's $60 a month for one line, which is pretty sweet for unlimited 4G.

Consumer Cellular: Consumer Cellular offers AARP members who are 50 or older a 5% discount, and other exclusive savings. You also get discounts on accessories.

[12/23/20]   I’m dreaming of a
Christmas.. ( fill in the blank


Dallas County Agency on Aging assistance programs

HELP FOR SENIORS WITH PAYING BILLS in Dallas The Agency on Aging in Dallas County helps senior citizens. Home repairs, free meals or food, and counseling on financial support is arranged. 11/16/2020

What Is Macular Degeneration?

Vision and Regular Eye appointments for seniors are important to combat common or age-related diseases Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a problem with your retina. It happens when a part of the retina called the macula is damaged.

[11/09/20]   Call or text us today for more information (972) 222-1500


How to Beat Loneliness During COVID-19 | Community Health Network If you’re feeling stressed out, sad and lonely because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re not alone. We’re all feeling the effects of social isolation, especially when stay-at-home orders were in effect in Indiana. Isolation can have lasting negative effects on your mental health, but there is g... 10/22/2020

Danny Gokey - Love God Love People (Lyric Video) ft. Michael W. Smith

Keep it Simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Official Lyric Video for “Love God Love People" by Danny Gokey Listen to the radio version NOW: Get the song here: http... 09/20/2020

Improving Your Sleep During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The importance of a good nights sleep is imperative to your health and your interaction the next day. Sleep patterns for many are changing during coronavirus. Here’s advice from experts on getting healthy sleep, and solultions to common problems.

[09/13/20]   At home with seniors..... Keep elders involved
giving homebound older adults a project they can work on. “Think about going through and organizing old photos and memorabilia together, and enjoy the stories and happy memories they inspire. It can be a good time for an elder to demonstrate cooking a favorite family recipe or share favorite songs or movies with other people in the household.”

HIRING,... Friends as many of you know I own Aging Gracefully In-Home Care for Seniors. This July will be my 21st year serving the seniors of Dallas and the surrounding areas. Families prefer one on one care at home vs a nursing facility due to the fear of COVID19.
I am hiring and have immediate openings. I prefer to hire based on a referral. Therefore if you or a friend, family member experienced in elder care, nurses aid or CNA who HAS BEEN SHELTERING IN PLACE ..PLEASE CALL OR TEXT for more information also if you go to my FB page there is an application to start the process
Thank you

[07/27/20]   The mental health issues related to our lockdown and the pandemic are especially hard for people with depression. The wonderful charity MIND has a 24 hour helpline: 800-123-3393. 07/17/2020

COVID-19 poses particular challenges for nursing homes Geriatric nurse practitioner Alice Bonner discusses the special considerations that arise for older adults living in long-term care facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic


How to Talk to Someone With Dementia

EXCELLENT ADVICE. If you have a loved one who has dementia, memory loss, even Alzheimers, this is a wonderful —descriptive video of symptoms and ways to respond.

Presenter: Diane Waugh, BSN, RN, CDP Essential tips for communicating for someone with dementia. Nationally renowned presenter Diane Waugh shares her own exp... 06/05/2020

The Worst States To Retire in, Ranked Livestly is the latest in lifestyle, recipes, entertainment and feel good trending news. 04/28/2020

Signs and Symptoms of PTSD - Black Bear Lodge Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) includes a cluster of symptoms that begin and persist after a person has survived – or in some cases witnessed – a severely traumatic or life-threatening event. Because trauma puts us on high-alert, it can lead to neurochemical changes. In some cases, memori...

Our Story

Aging Gracefully In-Home Care for seniors came into existence from a deep heartfelt love for senior citizens. Shannon Fothergill, current administrator of Aging Gracefully, began working with seniors in 1998 when she joined her sister as part owner of Bridge to Independence In-Home Care for seniors. Shannon had graduated two years earlier with a Bachelor of Social Work and had worked at Senior Citizens of Greater Dallas (now The Senior Source) and at Golden Acres Dallas Home for the Jewish aged.

Ms. Fothergill continued working with the geriatric community as a Medical Social Worker at Doctors Hospital in Dallas for three years. Shannon had a passion that had been embedded in her since she had been brought up around grandparents both maternal and paternal and even had the privilege of knowing her great-grandparents.

As a child, Shannon and her sister had spent summers passing out flyers in the local area offering to provide housekeeping, laundry service, and errand running to seniors in need.

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• Light housekeeping
• Meals/Shopping
• Transportation
• Laundry
• Monitoring medications
• Bathing/grooming
• Incontinent care
• Transferring
• Companionship
• Grocery shopping
• Drs appointments
• Respite care


General information

Our service provides in home care assistants and home care aides to older adults in the Dallas area. We offer senior citizens an alternative to traditional nursing home care by providing in home companions, caregivers and nurses aides to the elderly residents of the Dallas Metropolitan. Our Goal is to provide superior care by trained, screened, bonded, professionals in the comfort of the home.